AEG washing machine

AEG completely renews the washing and drying ranges. Redesigned in terms of design, technologies and connectivity, the new washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers received the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards for the functional and aesthetic quality achieved. Four series, distinguished by their main characteristics. The new models equipped with connection, on the market from April 2023, are in fact designed to be able to learn from the user’s habits and offer a personalized experience at each wash thanks to the My AEG Care app .

Implemented with new functions and improved in terms of information, the application sends ad hoc notifications that can be viewed on the display of the appliances: if the suggestion is accepted, the machine downloads and incorporates the new settings, to adapt to everyone’s needs. Plus, by pairing the My AEG Care app with Google , just use your voice to adjust the temperature, turn on, pause or turn off. Not only. pressing the SyncDry button on the dryer, the latter and the washing machine are automatically connected to each other. Once the washing program has been selected, the special function establishes the most suitable drying cycle based on the weight of the washing machine load, setting the execution timer. Finally, for maximum customization, it is possible to save up to three favorite programs directly on the control panel, so as to always have them at hand.

Teka MasterSense induction hob

Teka launches its series of MasterSense induction hobs.

The DirectSense model is the only one on the market that offers the possibility of cooking rice from start to finish, just by pressing a button. Simply put the rice and water in the container and select the RiceCooking function. When the rice is ready, the plate will turn off automatically thanks to the temperature and time control.

The MasterSense series stands out for its versatility, since it offers different models and sizes that adapt perfectly to each kitchen. In addition, these plates make it possible to cook a dish from start to finish, thanks to their temperature sensors.

In addition, these plates incorporate a wide variety of direct access functions such as: grill, griddle, fry, boil, slow fire, melt, confit or rice. By selecting one of these functions, the hob itself determines the ideal temperature thanks to its revolutionary smart sensor technology.

FullFlex Induction

Within the MasterSense series, we can find the FullFlex induction hobs, which provide maximum flexibility by being able to use the entire surface at the same time as a single burner, cooking with up to a 420 mm pot.

Flex Zone

The MasterSense series also has so-called Flex zones, which provide extra flexibility. The Flex zone is a rectangular zone that can be fully activated, allowing us to cook with rectangular containers such as grills or teppanyakis. In addition, it is distinguished by the SlideCooking function, which changes the power automatically by simply sliding the container on the plate. You can cook with high heat in the front, medium in the middle, and keep recipes warm in the back.

XXL Zone

The MasterSense series also has plates with XXL zone, a cooking area with a surface area of 320 mm added to the induction plate, on which to cook with large containers.

Durability and high quality

Teka is committed to quality and resistance and reflects this through its manufacturing materials. The plates are made of Schott ceramic glass, the market leader

Bosch awarded for its smart home

Bosch was named “Connected Home Company of the Year” in the 6th annual IoT Breakthrough Awards program conducted by IoT Breakthrough, a market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global Internet-of-Things (IoT) market today. The German brand offers a range of home appliances across its product categories to be remotely controlled and monitored with a single app. Many of these innovations are integrated with the Home Connect smart platform, allowing consumers to remotely monitor and control their major appliance from a smart device.

«While we seek to bring excitement into the home, Bosch has a firm belief that appliances and technology should first offer true value in simplifying everyday life, rather than innovating something just for the sake of innovation – said Bosch Senior Brand Manager, Diana Lunzer-. We believe that connectivity should begin with a superior appliance, automating the mundane while still allowing users to enjoy kitchen and household activities without the gimmicks.»

The Home Connect app works with Bosch ovens, cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, dishwashers, coffee machines, and laundry pairs. The one-stop app allows users to intelligently manage and organize household tasks while controlling functionality, receiving alerts, and automating certain processes with each appliance.

Arçelik Responds to Earth’s Crisis Call in IFA Keynote with Urgent Appeal for Climate Action

Arçelik, the global household appliances manufacturer and parent company of 12 leading home appliance brands, including two of Europe’s well known brands, Beko and Grundig, keynoted at IFA 2022 calling for sector-wide action to tackle climate change.

In his keynote speech, Mr Bulgurlu spoke of the challenge facing the corporate world, highlighting that rising business innovation has led to more consumption, thus contributing to environmental stress. Mr Bulgurlu believes that getting this balance right is the purpose of innovation, to create tailored technological solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. The clean energy transition, the development of regulated, transparent carbon markets, and the phasing out of coal by 2050 were all stressed as essential climate actions the world needs to take if it is to stand any chance of keeping the 1.5C goal alive.

Arçelik’s CEO spoke proudly of the corporation’s steely focus on hitting many ambitious climate targets, imploring that the 2050 target date for Net Zero is not an abstract international exercise, but about the lives of every living species on the planet.

Protecting water supply has never been more urgent in a warming world

The event also saw Arçelik launch a new technology designed to tackle household water waste. The new cutting edge SaveWater technology in dishwasher and tumble dryer-washing machine couple, unveiled exclusively for the first time at IFA Berlin, has been crafted to provide perfect cleaning, while helping households use water more efficiently. The enhanced dishwasher technology saves the last rinsing water in the cycle to be used in the beginning of the next wash. While the SaveWater technology in the tumble dryer-washing machine couple saves up to 5.2 litres of water per load, the dishwasher uses only 6.9 litres of water to wash a full load with 16 place settings capacity, saving 2.6 litres of water every wash whilst offering the lowest water consumption in the Beko range. Developed with water efficiency at heart, the new SaveWater line by Beko gives back a total of up to 7.8 litres of water at every cycle, to you and the world*.

In addition to championing resource efficient innovations, Arçelik also leverages the latest technologies across its own production operations to identify water risks and increase efficiency. Over the past 12 years, Arçelik has saved 2.17 million cubic metres of water, equivalent to the daily water consumption of approximately 2.7 million Turkish households.

Additionally, Arçelik collaborates with both global and local partners, to engage communities and promote sustainable water management. This year, Arçelik is proud to commence its partnership with, to fund water access projects in Kenya to empower local communities and make a lasting impact to provide water and sanitation solutions.

Hakan Bulgurlu, Chief Executive Officer, Arçelik, said: “Our planet is in a state of climate emergency. Humanity stands at a crossroads in the history of our planet that will define us as a generation of doers or naysayers. At a time like this, sustainability should be a mandatory business model and not merely a cost driver.

“All of us in this industry need to prioritise innovation and commit to inventing technologies that make a real difference to energy, water, and environmental issues.

“At Arçelik we want to use our global status and resources to drive the international agenda for climate protection, greater product efficiencies, and durability to help us all get richer, without making our planet far poorer. The SaveWater product line demonstrates our ambition to be the world’s most sustainable brand and embrace innovative technologies that will benefit people across the world.

“It’s time to step up to the challenge, the reward for our collective climate action will be our security as a viable industry operating in stable markets

where people are free to grow their businesses, their families, and their communities without the risk of climate catastrophe looming large on the horizon.”

Arçelik is constantly innovating to meet the challenges of the 21st century, from resource efficiency to waste management and recycling. This also includes its approach to environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives. In 2021, Arçelik used 324 tons of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and 40 tons of molded pulp instead of EPS in the cooker, hood, small domestic appliances, and consumer electronics categories. Arçelik is the first home appliance manufacturer worldwide to offer a major domestic appliances line-up with EPS-free packaging.

These far-reaching commitments and actions have earned Arçelik important industry accolades, including being listed as the first and only Turkish manufacturer in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the third year in a row and acknowledged by the FTSE4Good and BIST Indexes

Simfer at IFA

Simfer announce they will be at IFA 2022.

Meet them at Hall: 5.1 Booth: 102

Simfer is a Turkish white appliances producer. Simfer, founded as a family-owned company began operations in 1977 with Turkey’s first integrated production of a solid fuel stove. It has started to produce cooker group products and expanded its product range after its 20 years establishment. It has carried out activities to facilitate the life of the consumer with many various and practical product categories such as built-in ovens, built-in hobs, cooker hoods, built-in microwave. Simfer, which produces home appliances and white goods products, continues to develop its patented products with significant investments in facilities and R&D. It launched its cooler factory in 2015 due to adding the cooler to its product range and has a total manufacturing area of 215,000 m2 with 3 separate production facilities. Simfer exports to more than 150 countries as being one of Turkey’s leading home appliance manufacturers

Samsung UK Royal warrant

Samsung Electronics UK obtained the renewal of its Royal Warrant and is now recognized as a Supplier of Consumer Electronics Products, which now covers a wider range of goods and appliances. As a recognized Royal Warrant Holder, Samsung is honored to have supplied the Royal Household with quality products having received its initial warrant in 2012, and with this renewed recognition is proud to be listed alongside globally-recognized companies.

STEEL world first

The STEEL Mistral is the first stove in the world, in which an oven, induction hob and cooktop extractor is combined. The brushless high-performance motor, has an extraction capacity of 700m3/per hour spread over four positions with a maximum noise level of only 63dB. As a result, cooking air is extracted very effectively and silently.FLEXzone induction technology can of course be operated by extremely solid solid steel control knobs, which are of course placed at the front of the stove. These are not only easy to operate the induction zones, but also provide more space on the induction hob.

The Mistral is standard equipped with carbon filters, suitable for plasma technology and air extraction directly to the outside.

The multifunctional convection oven has a net capacity of 91 liters and is equipped with the new and patented INNVENT ventilation technology. Two fans rotate in opposite directions, ensuring perfect hot air distribution over the entire surface on all levels.

The oven has a maximum temperature range of 315°C. The full color TFT screen is also electronically adjustable by means of control buttons and displays the core temperature of the dish if desired. The soft-close door hinges ensure a silent door closing.

Steel is an Italian company with a long family heritage. Situated in Carpi near Bologna and founded in 1999, it is owned and run by the Po family, who are the third generation to be involved in the production of range cooking equipment.

The original company was set up by Angelo Po in 1922 and his craftsmanship in stainless steel helped produce the first hand made stoves and later, the production of high quality appliances for restaurants.

Today Steel has come to the forefront of the manufacture of range cookers and hoods for the domestic market. Innovation and functionality are the byword for Steel’s aesthetic designs and professional approach to kitchen products.

As Steel has grown, so has the importance of their own brand names such as Genesi, Ascot and Sintesi and there is also a range of semi-professional barbecues and out-door cooking equipment.

Asko award winning

ASKO is iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 double winner.
The world’s most prestigious design competition iF DESIGN  has awarded two innovative ASKO products. The ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction and selected ASKO DW60 dishwasher models were chosen from around 11,000 entries and granted an iF DESIGN AWARD 2022 by a final jury of 75 design experts from 23 nations. The awards were given on the basis of five criteria: Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation and Impact. They are tribute to the ASKO’s human-centric, minimalist approach of designing useful, reliable, long-lasting products.ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction works according to the downdraft principle with a unique tower which brings the extraction surface closer to the pans, resulting in a high extraction performance, which takes away cooking vapor effectively and silently. It also has the iF DESIGN AWARD 2021 winning Celsius°Cooking™ technology with intuitive user interface, pans with temperature sensors, a probe and an app. The components communicate with each other wirelessly, to control temperatures and timings precisely to create dishes that are both tasty and healthy, and a way to exciting new culinary adventures.
By removing the extractor from the wall or ceiling, the kitchen is viewed from a completely new perspective: A blank canvas where anything is possible. 

The ASKO DW60 dishwashers were designed and rigorously tested to thedesigned and rigorously tested to the equivalent of 20 years’ worth of regular use. They come with several smart, sustainable features and perform to the highest hygiene standards by eliminating 99.99999 % of bacteria, fungi, viruses and more. This makes the ASKO DW60 dishwashers the world’s most reliable and responsible dishwashers, and a benchmark when it comes to hygiene and sustainability. They have the world’s tallest loading height and the biggest load capacity on the market.
“The ASKO Design Centre is very pleased at being recognized by the IF jury for all the hard work we put into this project. It proves that Scandinavian design, has been, and still is highly appreciated on the international design scene. The people working at ASKO design Centre are sure ASKO DW60 platform will be appreciated by consumers worldwide for many years,” Jon Carlehed commented on the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.
Vincent Hofstee added: “We are delighted that we have received iFon the iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.
Vincent Hofstee added: “We are delighted that we have received iF Awards for the third year in a row. A sign of our continuous effort to realize innovative products in a great design. Big congratulations to the design team and to all other departments and colleagues involved.”