Appliances become trillion euro market

Appliances market size will grow reach over a trillion euros ($1.096 trillion) by the year 2030, according to a study by Precedence Research. But what are the key drivers for this market growth in the years to come?
A number of Technological advancements have been identified in the study as key reasons why the global household appliances market is expected to grow so much in the next seven years. Precedence Research cites the proliferation of digital technologies, as well as heightened investment from industry leaders in developing innovative appliances and services, as drivers for market growth.

New technologies emerging in the household appliance industry, such as robotics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and the internet of things, were listed as more causes for the market growing to over a trillion euros by 2030.

Developments within e-commerce, predicted to be the fastest-growing segment for household appliances, were also cited as drivers for market growth. E-commerce channels are seen to be enjoying an increase in sales of household appliances, due to the growing influence of e-commerce platforms, as well as wider availability of smartphones and the internet.

Refrigerators were noted as being the most in-demand household appliance, as well as the main driver of growth in terms of market segments. The report suggests that in the coming years, demand for refrigerators will partly be driven by the availability of different types of product, based on size, door and additional functions.

Precedence Research states that the Asia Pacific region is the most dominant in terms of household appliance revenue, with the area being the base for industry leaders such as LG, Panasonic and Samsun

Whirlpool shares

Whirlpool shares gained more than 1.9% in extended trading after the appliance maker shared strong guidance for the year. Fourth-quarter revenue came in at $4.92 billion, slightly behind the $5.07 billion expected by analysts, according to FactSet. The home appliances company also announced its chief operating officer would transition to an advisory role and then leave the company.

Bertazzoni hob with integrated extractor

The Bertazzoni range expands thanks to the new induction hob with an integrated hood and with four cooking areas. It is a functional appliance with innovative technologies, such as multi-slider control, which allows you to reach a higher level of precision, thanks to the independent and direct management of each part of the hob. The sophisticated design is further refined by its circular grid, with the brand’s iconic logo in brass to complete.

Hisense new washer range

Hisense bhas launched new models of washing machines from the PureStream line. With the focus on shortening washing cycles, specific programs and energy efficiency, most of the models have the A energy rating.

The new Hisense washing machines have been manufactured following the highest washing and hygiene standards. Designed for large families and with a minimum load of 7 kg, a wide range of programs and functions. The most prominent is the quick wash, which shortens the wash time of any of the programs. The Power Wash program, designed for a light load of not heavily soiled clothes, lasts less than an hour, but activating the quick wash only lasts 32 minutes.

Another interesting feature is the steam function, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Available in a selection of Hisense washing machines, this program washes clothes at 60º and, after the wash cycle, completes the cleaning with 20 minutes of steam. These washers soften clothes and leave them wrinkle free. Some models include an Anti-Crease function.

Different programs for different fabrics

Hisense has paid special attention to creating specific programs for each type of fabric, such as jeans, wool, down, baby and pet clothes. Other programs have been improved and updated, such as wool, perfect for wool, silk and other delicate fabrics.

All models incorporate the Pause and Add function, which allows you to stop the cycle and add or remove garments from the drum. Thanks to Inverter technology, these washing machines are quiet and highly efficient, while offering better results and saving energy.

Electrolux has warned of a steep drop in demand for its home appliances

Sweden’s Electrolux on Monday announced plans to cut costs and warned its profit would drop as high inflation and low consumer confidence squeezed demand for its home appliances, while large investments in North America had yet to pay off.

Demand for appliances in Europe and the United States decreased at a significantly accelerated pace in the third quarter, with high retailer inventories and supply chain imbalances increasing costs and inefficiencies, Electrolux said.

Third quarter earnings for the group are expected to decline significantly compared to the second quarter 2022 also excluding the one-time cost to exit the Russia market,” the group said in a statement.

Arçelik Responds to Earth’s Crisis Call in IFA Keynote with Urgent Appeal for Climate Action

Arçelik, the global household appliances manufacturer and parent company of 12 leading home appliance brands, including two of Europe’s well known brands, Beko and Grundig, keynoted at IFA 2022 calling for sector-wide action to tackle climate change.

In his keynote speech, Mr Bulgurlu spoke of the challenge facing the corporate world, highlighting that rising business innovation has led to more consumption, thus contributing to environmental stress. Mr Bulgurlu believes that getting this balance right is the purpose of innovation, to create tailored technological solutions to the world’s environmental challenges. The clean energy transition, the development of regulated, transparent carbon markets, and the phasing out of coal by 2050 were all stressed as essential climate actions the world needs to take if it is to stand any chance of keeping the 1.5C goal alive.

Arçelik’s CEO spoke proudly of the corporation’s steely focus on hitting many ambitious climate targets, imploring that the 2050 target date for Net Zero is not an abstract international exercise, but about the lives of every living species on the planet.

Protecting water supply has never been more urgent in a warming world

The event also saw Arçelik launch a new technology designed to tackle household water waste. The new cutting edge SaveWater technology in dishwasher and tumble dryer-washing machine couple, unveiled exclusively for the first time at IFA Berlin, has been crafted to provide perfect cleaning, while helping households use water more efficiently. The enhanced dishwasher technology saves the last rinsing water in the cycle to be used in the beginning of the next wash. While the SaveWater technology in the tumble dryer-washing machine couple saves up to 5.2 litres of water per load, the dishwasher uses only 6.9 litres of water to wash a full load with 16 place settings capacity, saving 2.6 litres of water every wash whilst offering the lowest water consumption in the Beko range. Developed with water efficiency at heart, the new SaveWater line by Beko gives back a total of up to 7.8 litres of water at every cycle, to you and the world*.

In addition to championing resource efficient innovations, Arçelik also leverages the latest technologies across its own production operations to identify water risks and increase efficiency. Over the past 12 years, Arçelik has saved 2.17 million cubic metres of water, equivalent to the daily water consumption of approximately 2.7 million Turkish households.

Additionally, Arçelik collaborates with both global and local partners, to engage communities and promote sustainable water management. This year, Arçelik is proud to commence its partnership with, to fund water access projects in Kenya to empower local communities and make a lasting impact to provide water and sanitation solutions.

Hakan Bulgurlu, Chief Executive Officer, Arçelik, said: “Our planet is in a state of climate emergency. Humanity stands at a crossroads in the history of our planet that will define us as a generation of doers or naysayers. At a time like this, sustainability should be a mandatory business model and not merely a cost driver.

“All of us in this industry need to prioritise innovation and commit to inventing technologies that make a real difference to energy, water, and environmental issues.

“At Arçelik we want to use our global status and resources to drive the international agenda for climate protection, greater product efficiencies, and durability to help us all get richer, without making our planet far poorer. The SaveWater product line demonstrates our ambition to be the world’s most sustainable brand and embrace innovative technologies that will benefit people across the world.

“It’s time to step up to the challenge, the reward for our collective climate action will be our security as a viable industry operating in stable markets

where people are free to grow their businesses, their families, and their communities without the risk of climate catastrophe looming large on the horizon.”

Arçelik is constantly innovating to meet the challenges of the 21st century, from resource efficiency to waste management and recycling. This also includes its approach to environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives. In 2021, Arçelik used 324 tons of 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard and 40 tons of molded pulp instead of EPS in the cooker, hood, small domestic appliances, and consumer electronics categories. Arçelik is the first home appliance manufacturer worldwide to offer a major domestic appliances line-up with EPS-free packaging.

These far-reaching commitments and actions have earned Arçelik important industry accolades, including being listed as the first and only Turkish manufacturer in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the third year in a row and acknowledged by the FTSE4Good and BIST Indexes

Electrolux has decided to exit Russia

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the following sanctions have made it impossible for Electrolux to continue its business in the country. The decision to divest the Russian business to local management is intended to enable a responsible and controlled exit. The divested company will continue to service appliances previously sold by Electrolux in Russia. Electrolux has no production in Russia and will not supply any appliances to the divested company.

The final operating income and cash flow effects will be determined by the balance sheet and exchange rate on the transaction day.

In 2021 Electrolux sales in Russia accounted for 4% of Business Area Europe sales and for 1.6% of Group sales.


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“That’s our door into the digital future and we are going to storm it!” says Johannes Ochsner, BSH Smart Cooking Lead Program Manager, who shares his outlook of a new and seamless kitchen of the future.

To find out which appliances and digital innovations Bosch have in store for the #smartkitchen, stay tuned and check out BSH brands’ IFA presentations in Berlin!

Electrolux: investments in Italy are “under review”

Electrolux announced it to the unions: The plan of at least 70 million euros planned for the Italian plants, in particular that of Solaro (dishwasher) “is under review”. The plan was announced in July by head of HT Ruben Campagner and included 600 new jobs The Swedish multinational, which in Italy has about 5,000 employees between Porcia (washing), Susegana (cooling), Forlì (ovens and hobs), Solaro (dishwashers) and Cerreto d’Esi (hoods), should have met the trade unions at the summit of national coordination on 31 August to discuss the operating methods of the announced investment in Solaro for the new dishwasher facility.

Kaiser appliances showing off at IFA2022

Luxury appliance brand, Kaiser will be showcasing its distinctive collection of appliances at the renowned IFA exhibition in Berlin. Taking place between 2nd – 6th September 2022, this year’s IFA is set to be packed full of the latest innovations and is an opportunity for retailers to see the best technology, and finest designs, in home appliances.

Kaiser was introduced to the UK market in January 2022. IFA provides a great opportunity for UK independent kitchen specialists to familiarise themselves with the brand and meet the team for the very first time. With ranges boasting handles finished in antique brass, and even leather, Kaiser appliances are designed to make a statement in the home. In addition to their unique attributes, the latest appliances available from Kaiser benefit from innovative technologies and robust German engineering to ensure exceptional functionality and longevity.

Visitors to the Kaiser stand at IFA will have the opportunity to see the classical-style appliances that form the award-winning Art Deco and Empire ranges, as well as the contemporary Avantgarde Pro and Grand Chef ranges. The Art Deco collection perfectly captures a neoclassical style, complementing the most luxurious homes for consumers with a well-defined taste for vintage styling, while the Empire range boasts a rustic design and robust German engineering. By contrast, the Avantgarde Pro range is designed for the professional home chef whose priorities are durability and functionality. Finally, the Grand Chef range is at the forefront of modern appliance technology, including a built-in oven complete with air-fryer technology to release the consumer’s inner chef.