And Breathe,Air Treatment

The hoods of the Faber Air Treatment range are distinguished by the Air Quality Sensor, which allows user to monitor the air quality and automatically activate the extraction in the presence of pollutants and odours. Thanks to the app connected to the Cloud Faber, available on iOS and Android devices and downloadable on smartphones, it is possible to control the air quality in the home at any time, even remotely. Among the hoods equipped with this technology there is Faber K-Air, with an integrated 21-inch monitor which can be controlled directly via touch screen or via app. The Air Quality Sensor monitors the temperature, the percentage of humidity and the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the domestic environment, while the sensor automatically adjusts the extraction speed of the hood until restoring the best air quality. The app connected to the Faber Cloud allows user to stay constantly informed and detect in real time if the air conditions are unsafe, even remotely. The extraction phase can be set and monitored constantly, to restore the fresh air to the kitchen at all times. The touch screen is connected to the web and allows to play music and video recipes. Furthermore, K-Air is fully integrated with Amazon Alexa to turn the product on and off. The hood has LED lighting, dimmable and with the possibility of changing the light from cold to warm.