Cool cooling

Simfer fridge or freezer

One product, two functions! Fridge or Freeze. Switch between -24 °C / -18 °C and +4 °C with an electronic thermostat easily.

The electronic touch control panel on the door also allows you to easily adjust the temperature whenever you want and saves energy.

Fhiaba integrated

…. 80 different models 45/60/75 and 90 cm. The largest range of fully integrated refrigerators, freezers and wine cabinets! Request a brochure

True Residential Refrigerator

A wildly popular design choice, Juniper is also one of the most beautifully named hues around. It recalls the lush berry of the Juniper tree, and in other iterations as the essence of a spirit—gin that is—it offers just as much pleasure on the palate as it does on the eyes 💙

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Fhiaba country series, available in any RAL colour.

JennAir panel able refrigerator

JennAir® Column Refrigeration is panel-ready and accepts RISE™ & NOIR™ Design stainless steel panels, custom CUTS by JennAir leather panels, or third-party custom wooden panels

Marvel undercounter

Marvel undercounter freezers feature full-extension baskets on easy-glide mounts optimized to hold heavy frozen foods, making food storage and prep even easier.

Thor undercounter

Thor released a captivating pair of undercounter cooling products. Made with stainless steel for a professional, modern design, the 24-In. Beverage Refrigerator and 15-In. Ice Maker boast precise cooling technology and plenty of storage capacity to ensure cool beverages and ice are on-hand in kitchens, wet bars, home theaters and game rooms.
In the beverage refrigerator, a precise electronic temperature control with LED digital display that sets temperature between 34 to 44 degrees Fahrenheit and a no-frost cooling system with fan circulation keeps temperatures steady. Two adjustable racks give the unit maximum storage capacity to hold up to 140 standard 12-ounce beverage cans. Double-layered glass doors and a white LED back-lit interior wall provide a professional design and beautiful illumination to easily view all beverages.
The Energy Star-, UL- and EEC-certified Thor Kitchen ice maker features a built-in drain pump that removes excess water and allows for more flexibility when choosing an installation location. The ice maker creates a steady supply of up to 50 pounds of cube-shaped ice every 24 hours and an automatic shut-off engages when the 25-pound ice bin is full. A striking blue LED interior light illuminates when the door is open, providing increased visibility and a dynamic design addition.