AEG washing machine

AEG completely renews the washing and drying ranges. Redesigned in terms of design, technologies and connectivity, the new washing machines, washer-dryers and dryers received the 2022 Red Dot Design Awards for the functional and aesthetic quality achieved. Four series, distinguished by their main characteristics. The new models equipped with connection, on the market from April 2023, are in fact designed to be able to learn from the user’s habits and offer a personalized experience at each wash thanks to the My AEG Care app .

Implemented with new functions and improved in terms of information, the application sends ad hoc notifications that can be viewed on the display of the appliances: if the suggestion is accepted, the machine downloads and incorporates the new settings, to adapt to everyone’s needs. Plus, by pairing the My AEG Care app with Google , just use your voice to adjust the temperature, turn on, pause or turn off. Not only. pressing the SyncDry button on the dryer, the latter and the washing machine are automatically connected to each other. Once the washing program has been selected, the special function establishes the most suitable drying cycle based on the weight of the washing machine load, setting the execution timer. Finally, for maximum customization, it is possible to save up to three favorite programs directly on the control panel, so as to always have them at hand.

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