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If you are a cooking enthusiast you probably already know which burners you use every day. But if you are not, there is still a very high probability that they are from one of the two companies in the SABAF group specialized in the development and production of domestic (SABAF) or professional (ARC) burners. In any case, a guarantee of performance and efficiency

The new Sabaf and Okida websites have been introduced with a fresh and modern look. These websites have been revamped and redesigned keeping in mind the user experience and improving the website’s functionality. Both websites have an intuitive and user-friendly layout that makes it easier to navigate and find the desired information.

The new Sabaf website has been designed with a modern touch and is very easy to use. The website is divided into 4 major sections that include the company, products, news, and contact us. The website displays the company’s profile and what they offer to their customers. The product section displays various categories of gas burners like fast cooking, low consumption, and eco-friendly. The website’s news section keeps the visitors updated about the latest advancements and innovations done by the company globally. Additionally, the new Sabaf website has multilingual support for their international customers making it easier for customers worldwide to understand and navigate through the website.

Similarly, the new Okida website has a user-friendly and responsive layout that allows the visitors to explore their products and services efficiently. The website displays various categories of Okida’s products like monitors, PC distributions, and accessories. The products section has detailed information about each product, including specifications and images. Okida’s website also has software and driver downloads to help users update and optimize their products. Overall, the new Okida website is structured and provides customers with a comprehensive overview of the products and services offered.

In conclusion, the new Sabaf and Okida websites have been updated with a fresh and attractive layout that is easy to use and navigate. These websites aim to provide the best user experience for people looking for their respective products and services. The updated websites provide a comprehensive overview of the companies and their products, all of which are readily available to customers. As a result, Sabaf and Okida have successfully served their customers by providing functional and well-designed websites.

Huzhou Nanyang Electric-Motor Co., Ltd

Huzhou Nanyang Electric-Motor Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, located in Nanxun, Zhejiang. It is a modern enterprise group specializing in developing, manufacturing and marketing motors of household appliances and new energy vehicles. Nanyang has 5 branches : Nanyang Motor、Tianyang Enameled Wire、Muyang Precision Mechanics Manufacturing、Keyang New Energy and Tai Nanyang Manufacturing.

Yongchang appliance motor manufacturer

Yongchang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 12 million units Yongchang Holdings Group Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 12 million units