Elementi di Cucina launches a new line of modern and classic induction cookers

Elementi di Cucina launches a new line of modern and classic induction cookers, with and without extraction, under the name NovaCucina. This line combines unique features to provide users with the best cooking experience. They are available in classic, modern and standard variants, in 5 colours, including the trend colour.

The NovaCucina line of induction cookers are available in no less than five different color options: high-gloss black, matte black, white, stainless steel and the trend color pine green. Each color gives the cooker a unique look and allows users to choose the cooker that perfectly matches the style of their kitchen.

With the unique Dual Control knob and touch control for the induction cooking area, users offer optimum ease of use. This function gives the user the option to control the induction zones both with a robust knob and with touch controls on the glass.

The 89 liter ovens in the NovaCucina cookers are equipped as standard with luxury functions such as telescopic guides, core temperature measurement, rotisserie and Smart Touch oven controls, making cooking a breeze. With an A+ energy rating, the ovens are energy efficient, saving you money while you prepare your favorite dishes.

All NovaCucina cookers from Elementi di Cucina are produced locally in the Netherlands, which ensures high quality and durability. The cookers have the largest cooking surface and provide ample space for preparing meals, making them perfect for both home and professional chefs.

The cookers are expected to be available from Q3 / Q4 this year

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