Samsung and Patagonia

Samsung and Patagonia worked together to design a washing machine cycle and filter that drastically reduce the release of microplastics during laundry while maintaining high cleaning performance. Patagonia, a brand known for its commitment to the environment and to sustainability, assisted Samsung in product testing and research, while the Korean manufacturer provided the technical expertise. The partnership aims to combat ocean pollution by preventing microplastics from entering the water stream during laundry.
The end result of the collaboration is the Less Microfiber Cycle and a new filter installed in a new range of appliances. The combined use of the special cycle and filter, according to Samsung, reduces the release of microplastics by 54% and blocks them from escaping into the water outlet.

The Less Microfiber Cycle can be installed as an update on compatible washing machines in Korea and the U.S. later this year. The Less Microfiber Filter will be available in select Samsung washing machines in Europe in the second half of 2023. The good news here is that users of other washing machine brands will also be able to purchase the filter separately and install it on their washers.


Candy in 2022 was the most important brand in Italy in the washing segment with a volume share of 12.4%. The company acquired by the Haier group in 2019 thus consolidates its position in the Italian home appliance market, in which it has been an iconic brand for over seventy years.

Samsung recalls over 600K washing machines after injury, fire complaints

Samsung USA recalls over 600K washing machines after injury, fire complaints Samsung is recalling about 663,500 top-load washing machine units due to a fire hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Thursday.

There have been 51 reports of washer incidents that involved smoking, melting, overheating or fires, according to Samsung, 10 of which caused property damage. Three customers reported smoke inhalation injuries.

Samsung says an issue within the control panel of the affected models could cause overheating or melting. Customers with Wi-Fi-enabled machines are advised to download Samsung’s over-the-air software update to remedy the problem.

Xeros and IFB launch washing machines in India that reduce water use by up to 50%

Xeros Technology has partnered with IFB Industries Limited, India’s largest domestic and
commercial washing machine manufacturer, to launch a washing machine which reduces the environmental impact of clothes laundering using Xeros’ patent-protected innovations.

IFB will launch the premium 11kg domestic washing machines in its Indian retail stores in
December 2022, following the successful launch of a 38kg Xeros commercial machine in 2021. The 11kg machine incorporates Xeros’ Care technology and is designed for use in large domestic households as well as small commercial operations. The machine uses up to 50% less water and 25% less chemistry than a conventional machine, and also reduces time by up to 25%.launch of this 11kg machine complements ongoing preparation for field trials in January 2023 of a new 9kg domestic washing machine designed for mass market adoption. IFB is expected to install trial machines in homes in Indian early in the new year and will then proceed with a nationwide launch in Q1 2023, subject to the field trials being successful.

The Xeros Care technology uses a combination of patented XDrum and XOrb technology and can be integrated at any scale to enhance domestic and commercial washing machines.

Using polymer spheres, XOrbs, allows for a significant reduction of water, chemistry, and energy, with the benefit of more gentle mechanical action to improve wash performance and better care for fabrics. The XOrbs are released through a closed-loop system, complimenting wash programmes to reduce the impact of laundry. At the end of the cycle, the XDrum collects the XOrbs back into the storage system.

Not only does the Xeros Care technology reduce environmental impact during washing, but it also helps clothes last longer. In our current throw away culture we buy 60% more clothing than we did 15 years ago but only keep things for half as long,v with a reported 73% of textiles ending up in landfills. Studies have found if we could extend the life of 1 in 5 garments by just 10%, an estimated 6.4 million tonnes of textiles would be diverted from landfills, potentially saving 3 million tonnes of CO2 and 150 million litres of water every year.Further developments from the Xeros and IFB partnership in both the domestic and commercial laundry markets are expected to be announced in 2023

LG to Unveil New Minimalist-Design Appliances at CES 2023Open share list

LG Electronics (LG) is set to introduce a new line of minimalist-design appliances, including a washer and dryer, at CES 2023. Taking a ‘back to basics’ approach, the new range focuses on the essence of each appliance, removing all unnecessary design elements to deliver a timeless, minimalist aesthetic. The distinctive, durable products also reflect LG’s strong commitment to sustainability, featuring recycled materials inside and out and requiring fewer parts and less energy to make than conventional appliances.

Refreshingly unadorned, LG’s minimalist appliances match with any kind of décor, color scheme or interior trend. The lineup’s achromatic color palette and lack of decorative embellishment offers a modern yet classic look that allows the products to blend in seamlessly with their surroundings. In addition to a clean, simple design language, LG’s appliances boast an elegantly clear control experience that users will find effortlessly easy to get to grips with.

Aligned with LG’s goal to continuously reduce environmental impact across all areas of operations, the stylish, new products have been designed with sustainability in mind. By lowering the number of components and printed elements used, LG’s minimalist-design appliances take less time, use fewer resources and require less energy to manufacture. Each model in the new range also features internal and external parts – and ships in packaging – made from recyclable materials.

The new range, which includes a refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven range and dishwasher, is also a part of LG’s innovative upgradable appliance lineup, meaning users can add new features to the products via the Upgrade Center in the LG ThinQ™ app.

“Sustainable, stylish and simple to use, our minimalist-design appliances deliver new customer value,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “We will continue to provide advanced, thoughtfully-designed solutions incorporating our innovative technologies and reflecting our commitment to environmental responsibility.”

Visitors to LG’s booth (#15501, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas) at CES 2023 from January 5-8 can experience all of the company’s latest innovations, including the new minimalist-design appliance lineup

CHiQ’s Washing Machine Business Grows

CHiQ rolled out its lineup of washing machines in Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Since then, the sales of several series of washing machines, including the impeller and drum models, have risen significantly. As a key component of the brand’s smart home strategy, the roll-out of its washing machines in major markets completes the availability of the full range of CHiQ home appliances outside of its home market in China, further strengthening its competitiveness.Cision PR Newswire UK provides press release distribution, targeting, monitoring, and marketing services
CHiQ’s Washing Machine Business Grows Rapidly with Strong Performance in Australia and Europe

08 Dec, 2022, 11:46 GMT

ZHONGSHAN, China, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In 2022, CHiQ rolled out its lineup of washing machines in Australia, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Since then, the sales of several series of washing machines, including the impeller and drum models, have risen significantly. As a key component of the brand’s smart home strategy, the roll-out of its washing machines in major markets completes the availability of the full range of CHiQ home appliances outside of its home market in China, further strengthening its competitiveness.

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Since the beginning of the year, CHiQ has continued to expand its strategic partnerships in key markets. In addition, by differentiating the product lineup from rival offerings with an ultra-thin design that snugly fits into any décor and intelligent one-key washing and control, CHiQ washing machines are already a mainstay on leading global commerce platforms and widely accepted by shoppers worldwide. In Australia, CHiQ washing machines are widely available both in physical chain stores and on e-commerce platforms, including Betta,AOL, The Good Guys, and JB Hifi. In Europe, where CHiQ has rolled out its washing machines in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Poland, the product lineup ranks among the top best-selling home appliance brands on the major e-commerce platform Amazon.

The rapid growth of CHiQ is driven by the company’s ongoing optimization of its investments in the washing machine ecosystem. CHiQ has built up a diversified product lineup of automatic and drum washing machines, alongside intelligent inverter units, by thoroughly studying user expectations and closely following market trends to accelerate technological innovation and product upgrades.

CHiQ drum washing machines are known for their ultra-thin and large inner diameter design supported by SPACE PRO technology. The CHiQ washing machine’s 487 mm-deep chamber allows for a space-saving ultra-thin body, addressing the challenges faced by large and heavy units that require a lot of room. With its slim and elegant design, the unit snugly fits into any décor. CHiQ’s impeller models demonstrate the brand’s competitiveness in core technologies, including intelligent one-key washing and control, a large inner diameter with plenty of room for the wash, and anti-winding for higher protection.

TCL to launch washing machine in Europe in 2023

TCL one of the dominant players in the global TV industry and a leading consumer electronics company, is also a key player in home appliances. While one of the major consumers’ priorities is to be energy efficient and reduce electricity bills, TCL is committed to provide them with low-energy home appliances. By innovating, TCL has improved these everyday products to make them more efficient and less impactful on the environment and people’s budgets.and cleanliness

With TCL washing machines, laundry is clean, soft, and well cared for. The steam program eliminates most common bacteria to guarantee the best hygienic protection. In the P3 Series, an anti-bacteria gasket is also integrated for a cleaner machine. It is coated with antibacterial material which can effectively inhibit the production of bacteria and mildew, keeping laundry clean and hygienic. While it boats a sleek and elegant design, the new TCL P3 Series is also equipped with an extra large 360mm Drum Opening that makes it so much easier to load and unload garments.For F3 and P3 Series, a unique hexagonal honeycomb design in combination with stronger S -shaped spray lifter provide the gentlest treatment for perfectly clean laundry with the minimum of wrinkles. Thanks to this feature, even your most delicate fabrics looking as good as new. Moreover, to ensure the care of the laundry, the drum is always clean by the high temperature and high spinning speed which eliminate bacteria and allergens of the washing machine. The high temperature naturally removes dirt, so consumers do not need to use additional cleaning products like chemicals. Thanks to these innovative features, TCL also ensures that its washing machines are used with sobriety.

Miele MOVE portal

Miele’s MOVE portal is available for all Miele laundry machines from the Little Giants and Benchmark generation, catering for load capacities of 6 to 20 kg (washing machines) or up to 44 kg (dryers). This platform for PCs and mobile devices allow professional users to get information quickly and easily on which washing machines are running, when the dryer has finished, how high the consumption is etc. Where necessary, relevant messages are sent direct to a smartphone or tablet, for instance informing users when a washing machine or dryer can be unloaded. The direct link to the Miele Professional webshop is helpful in terms of supply management, simplifying the re-ordering of consumables such as detergents. “Miele MOVE – the company explains – also allows the monitoring of the key process data which is essential in producing hygienically clean laundry, for example temperatures and times. Programme data is also quickly exported and saved. This, for instance, allows proof to be furnished that disinfection programmes were successfully completed. In addition, further economies can be pinpointed by archiving and evaluating operating data”. Besides, error messages are sent direct by the client, consent permitting, to a designated contact in Miele Service or to a certified Miele service agent, without having to pick up the phone. Thanks to the data transmitted, the cause is immediately visible to staff, facilitating a fast and targeted remedy – either in the form of a service visit by a trained technician with the necessary parts on board or self-help instructions over the phone. The use of the basic version of Miele MOVE is free of charge. A monthly fee is only levied from the fourth machine connected onwards. The platform is now active in numerous countries: further markets to follow

Consortium on Microplastics Release during Household Washing Processes

Microplastics have become a topic of considerable concern across many industries and sectors. With efforts scaling up at the international level to tackle the problem, the implementation of different regulations across Europe risks hampering the free movement of goods and jeopardising the Single Market. All of which calls for the adoption of a lifecycle-based approach to identify the most cost-effective solution to a global issue.

Concern about the potential impact of microplastics has gathered momentum during the past few years. The number of scientific investigations has increased, along with public interest and pressure on stakeholders. “Understanding the magnitude of the issue is key to ensure an effective solution,” explained Giulia Zilla, APPLiA’s Energy & Environment Policy Manager when interviewed by Radio24 on the role and contribution of the home appliance industry to this global problem. Whilst lengthy discussions are taking place on trying to identify solutions, it is essential to acknowledge the complexity of the issue. In this sense, the deployment of washing machine filters into European homes has been widely identified as a possible mitigation strategy to microfiber emissions. “While filters can contribute to halting the journey of microplastics before they reach the environment, a more comprehensive and long-term solution, reconsidering the very use of plastics, is needed,commented Zilla. Mandating the equipping of all household washing machines with a filter does not seem to represent a conclusive solution to tackle the microplastics issue, as fibres will always find their way into the environment, if present in textile products themselves.

Before setting any legislative requirements on washing machines, a number of technical considerations must be addressed. Among others, the filter can cause clogging of the machine but what is more, the burden of maintenance to keep the machine running would fall on consumers, from cleaning to replacement and disposal, in order to prevent the rinsing off of fibres in the sink. Even in the case of integrated filters, it would be very problematic to deal with the maintenance of the filter itself while ensuring the best performance of the machine.

As a key actor in the discussion, APPLiA is the coordinator of the Consortium on Microplastics Release during Household Washing Processes, bringing together over 20 signatory parties ranging from washing machines, detergent and filter manufacturers, to test institutes and facilities towards a standardised testing methodology assessing microplastics release during household washing cycle. These preliminary but rather concrete steps make clear the industry’s commitment to take part in the discussion and ultimately tackle microplastic pollution in Europe.

Giulia Zilla, APPLiA’s Energy & Environment Policy Manager, was invited to present the contribution of the home appliance sector in tackling the global microplastics challenge in an insightful discussion on Radio24’s Si può fare led by Laura Bettini.

Do you speak Italian? The recording is available at this link.

New household appliances by Changhong leverage latest technology

The range of products by Changhong includes 5G eco-friendly household appliances, as well as Mini LED TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Changhong is considered to be a specialist in the fields of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data and 5G segments, areas of expertise which inform the company’s production of smart household appliances.

Standout household appliances from Changhong include the Eva model air conditioner, apparently the first in the world that can support multiple languages as well as offline voice control. Changhong says the device “promises a better interactive experience with its support for eight languages alongside voice activation even in locales with no internet access.”

There is also the Dazzle UVC air conditioner, which uses a dual LED lamp, as well as a non-scale antiviral filter. Said filter works to disrupt bacteria, reportedly reaching 99.2% sterilisation. The air conditioner offers a high temperature of 58°C, in addition to self-cleaning and mould removal features.

The company’s updated Space Pro refrigerator is another key takeaway from the range. The Space Pro Refrigerator offers 3D double curved glass doors, along with GLS integrated technology. With a slick build that does not take up much floor space, the refrigerator also can reportedly activate the water molecules in the food that is stored in order preserve their freshness.

Along with its household appliances, Changhong also revealed its latest curved screen monitor and commercial display screens