New Appliances From Statesman

October is shaping up to be a very exciting month for Statesman Kitchen Appliances, with 5 new models across laundry and cooking being added to the range, including a premium stainless steel finish freestanding cooker with catalytic liners and digital timer, as well as our first ever heat pump tumble dryer.
These new products come hot on the heels of the American side-by-side fridge freezer which was launched at a recent trade show in September, More information to follow

Grundig launches World’s 1st FiberCatcher® washing machine to help tackle plastic pollution

Grundig launches World’s 1st FiberCatcher® washing machine to help tackle plastic pollution

Beko plc was part of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) that met at a Houses of Parliament event hosted by Alberto Costa MP, Chair of the APPG.

The APPG has published a policy paper to look at the issues surrounding Microplastics and their harmful effect on the environment. The group was made up of MPs, manufacturers, charities and NGOs – and called on government to take several steps to reduce microplastics, including mandating appliance manufacturers to incorporate microfibre filters in washing machines.

Microplastic pollution is a growing problem, with little pieces of plastic shedding from clothing during the wash cycle and entering our water sources.

Helping to solve this issue is a new and innovative appliance from Grundig. The Grundig FiberCatcher® washing machine was highlighted as a great example of a product innovating in this space. Grundig FiberCatcher® is the World’s 1st washing machine with an integrated synthetic microfibre filter that catches up to 90% of synthetic fibres released only during synthetic wash cycles, helping to protect our waterways and oceans.

The Grundig FiberCatcher® washing machine has three programmes that catch synthetic microfibres in a special integrated filter, which when full, is returned to Grundig, to then be sent to a specialist company to be recycled.

Other organisations in attendance and making a difference were the Marine Conservation Society whose ‘Stop Ocean Threads’ campaign has driven awareness and action on microfibre pollution, and The WI (National Federation of Women’s Institutes). Not only are the WI the Secretariat to the APPG, but they have been working to protect and conserve our oceans from pollution since 1927. They also launched the ‘End Plastic Soup’ campaign in 2017 to focus specifically on the issue of microplastic fibre pollution


The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Microplastics has published its first report, calling for new rules which would require washing machine manufacturers to fit microfibre filters by 2025.  

Such mechanisms, which are to be required by law in France by 2023, have proven up to 90 per cent effective in stemming the flow of textile microfibre emissions.

Alberto Costa, the Conservative MP which assembled the APPG, told The Guardian: “This is a sensible, reasonable and cost-effective measure. The key to this [push from the new group] was getting manufacturers on board, and they agree this can be done with little expense to consumers.”

Hotpoint GentlePower Washing Machine: Gentleness makes a powerful difference

IMPECCABLE CLEANING WITH UP TO 65% ENERGY AND 59% Hotpoint has launched a brand new premium

range of washing machines that wash with gentleness and ensure you achieve powerful and impeccable cleaning results, while caring for your loved ones and the environment.


GentlePower Technology
the best washing performances and the maximum savings in water and energy.
Powerful results come with no compromise and you can take care of yourselves, your loved ones and your environment, at the same time.



GentlePower Technology is a water recirculation system which sprays water evenly onto your laundry from the nozzle on the top of the drum ensuring a through wash, meanwhile allowing complete optimization of water & energy.

*Tested on ECO 40-60 cycle with and without GentlePower and Load Detect


To provide maximum quiet at home, our reliable Direct Drive silent motor minimizes vibrations. GentlePower Washing Machine ensures maximum silence even during high washing and spinning phase, always delivering superior performance at low noise with an A class noise rating for the full range.


Built-in lateral side panels minimize vertical and horizontal swing, absorbing vibrations.


A special program working as silent as 60dBa, for the whole cycle – spinning phase included. Ideal for late evening or night washes.


Forget detergent refills and maximize the cleaning efficiency!

Autodose system ensures maximum efficiency for up to 30% detergent saving* at every cycle and up to 26 washes** without refill.

With the automatic dosing system you don’t have to worry anymore: the sensors detect and always dispense the ideal amount of detergent to get impeccable results in terms of time and resource saving.

*Using liquid detergent tank with a load amount of 5 kg (normative Cotton load according to IEC 60456 Standard),
and a detergent concentration of 4X (Mid 20
**Compared to reco dosage of most sold (concentrated) liquid detergents (Euromonitor, Germany 2019)





Worried about allergies or sentive skin?
Anti Allergy Cycle is specifically designed to easily remove major allergens such as pollen, mites and cat or dog hair, thanks to a high-temperature technology and extra rinses.

Discover the power of steam technologies which allow you to achieve ultimate cleaning results and peace of mind.

. STEAM HYGIENE: removes 99,9%* of bacteria.
. STEAM REFRESH: refresh clothes in 20 minutes without washing.
. STEAM FINISH: keeps laundry fresh inside the washing machine for up to 6 hours. Your clothes can be forgotten in the washing machine and still retain their fresh feel until you are ready to unload them,

*Tested by Allergy UK

Stop worrying about stains and enjoy your time to the fullest.
Anti Stain program can easily handle more than 100 stains* with no need to pre-treat, even at low temperatures!
Anti Stain automatically sets the right amount of water and the temperature level in order to let you save time and energy.

*Tested on cotton


Authentic design with a special attention to the environment:
GentlePower Washing Machine perfectly matches your interiors thanks to a beautiful contemporary look, made possible by perfectly refined details realized by expert craftmanship.
In addition, the large display ensures you the smoothest and most intuitive interaction while respecting the environment thanks to 87% of recyclable components.

TCL to launch washing machines Europe

TCL Washing machine P082: The
8-, 9- and 10-kg P082 washing machines will be launched in Europe in October, but the Nordic countries will have to wait a little longer. The series is characterized by TCL’s digital inverter motor, which determines the movement of the drum, reduces vibration and has a longer 10-year warranty. The Autodose function weighs the laundry and automatically calculates the correct amount of detergent for each program. All models have a steam function, and the washer and dryer (8 + 5 kg) also has an Air Refresh function, which gently removes odors and bacteria with the help of micro steam.

Bosch washing machines Which best buy

Congratulations to Bosch who’s Serie 4 washing machines WAN28281GB & WAN282X1GB are officially a Which? Best Buy! With eco-friendly features such as ActiveWater Plus, saving on water and SpeedPerfect, washing 65%* faster without compromising results, it’s not hard to see why it’s a winner. 

*Difference between the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C and the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C in combination with SpeedPerfect option. 

Recognition for Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator

Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator, was recognized in Good Housekeeping’s 2021 Cleaning Awards as the “Most Innovative Washing Machine.” It offers consumers the flexibility to customize their machine so they can wash how they want, without restrictions.

«Earning this recognition from a trusted outlet like Good Housekeeping – said Shawn Ashby, laundry brand manager at Whirlpool brand – is a huge honor, and we’re thrilled that the team of Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab experts, scientists and consumer testers appreciate the innovation in our appliances. The Cleaning Awards are meant to recognize the truly innovative and outstanding products that make caring for a home so much easier – and that is our goal at Whirlpool brand. We dedicate the time to ensure the washers and dryers we design will help our customers streamline laundry day and provide the best care to their families, and their clothing».

The Whirlpool® Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator is a removable center agitator post that can be easily swapped in or out of the machine depending on the type of items being washed. With two ways to wash, consumers have access to twice the washer in their home. The washer pairs to the Whirlpool® App via Bluetooth, so consumers can manage laundry day from anywhere – whether monitoring the cycle times while on the go or delegating next steps in the laundry process to family members. Whirlpool brand also added its Whirlpool® Load & GoTM Dispenser to the Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator, enabling consumers to skip the step of adding detergent to every load for up to 20 loads of laundr

Midea Laundry VDE Certification

On September 6th, the VDE certification award ceremony for the Midea Laundry Division was held in the Wuxi Little Swan Electric Co., Ltd. Distinguished guests from Midea Laundry Division and VDE INSTITUTE were invited to attend the ceremony.

Distinguished guests from VDE INSTITUTE included Mr. Hong Wei, Chief Representative of VDE China Representative Office; Mrs. Cang Yan, Chief Expert of VDE China; Mr. Dean Wen, General Manager of VDE Renewable Energy China; and Mr. Daniel Roehrs, General Manager of VDE China.

Image: Guests from Midea Laundry and VDE pose for photo at the awarding ceremony

The guests of Midea Laundry Division attending this ceremony included Mr. George Guo, General Manager of Overseas Marketing; Mr. Xu Pengcheng, Director of R&D Center; Mr. Wang Haifeng, Director of Domestic Product Development Center of R&D Center; Mr. Yan Shulin, Director Of Overseas Product Development Center of R&D Center, and Advanced Research of R&D Center Expert Mr. Gao Hongxi, etc..

Five professional VDE certifications were awarded at the ceremony site: VDE “New EU Energy Class A”; VDE “Low Noise and Less Vibration Certification”; VDE “Vibration Reduction Certification”; VDE “Hygiene Certification”; VDE “Test Data Acceptance Program Certification” for acoustic laboratory of advanced technology research institute of Midea laundry.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Daniel Roehrs, General Manager of VDE China, delivered a speech on behalf of VDE. He says that Midea, as one of the best international brands in home appliance industry, has lots of expectations for its energy efficiency development in the future; and VDE hopes to provide corresponding support to Midea Laundry. He points out that global climate change is the biggest challenge of the 21st century. Midea Laundry is the first and only Chinese brand whose products in the 7, 8, 9, 10 kilograms have all passed the VDE German new EU Energy Class A tests. He believes that in the future, VDE and Midea will have more solid cooperation.

Afterwards, Mr. Hong Wei, Chief Representative of the VDE China Representative Office, gave a detailed introduction on VDE “New EU Energy Class A”. He points out that since 1995, washing machine energy efficiency certification has quickly become the most indicative label and a major selling point in the European Market. In 2017, European new energy label directive and new standards start to upgrade the energy efficiency level and VDE energy expert team started cooperation with Midea Laundry in the same year. During this period, VDE and Midea Laundry jointly built a platform of VDE experts, which has more than a dozen experts covering safety, energy, washing performance, drying performance, hygiene, noise and vibration. The platform regularly conducts external tests and trainings.

At the same time, VDE CEO Sven Öhrke also sent a congratulatory message from Germany in the form of video.

After the speech, the award ceremony officially began. VDE “New EU Energy Class A”, VDE “Low Noise and Less Vibration Certification”, VDE “Vibration Reduction Certification”, VDE “Hygiene Certification”, VDE “Test Data Acceptance Program Certification” trophies and certificates were successively awarded at the scene.

At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xu Pengcheng, Director of the R&D Center, made a concluding speech. Mr. Xu says that Midea Laundry has cooperated with VDE for many years. VDE represents the highest level of global testing and certification. As Midea Laundry continues to deepen its globalization, it needs strong support from VDE, which requires Midea Laundry to design more environmentally friendly, healthy and green products. 

Under the general trend of world diversification and globalization, the globalization and internationalization of products has become an important topic. The obtaining of a number of VDE professional certifications by Midea washing machines, not only marks the recognition of the energy efficiency of Midea products by the international community, but also marks another step forward for Midea washing machines on the road to internationalization. In the future, Midea Laundry will continue to increase its investment in technological research, and is committed to designing more green, healthy, high-quality products that meet market needs.

Montpellier newmatching laundry models

Montpellier newmatching laundry models look great next to one another.

Designed to be paired up these two really are made for laundry day winners.

MW7141W 7kg Washing Machine (left) offers 15 programmes that can launder all types of clothes with ease. The handy LED wash phase indicator means that you can check the stage of your cycle. The 1400rpm spin speed helps keep drying time to a minimum.

The energy rating from1st March 2021 is D, in line with the Energy Label Reform.

Simple and easy in its functions, it’s designed to make your life easier so that you can simply set, and forget.

and MCD7W 7kg Condenser Tumble Dryer (left)Using its clever sensor technology, this tumble dryer detects when your clothes are dry and ends the cycle automatically even if it still has time remaining.
This means that your clothes are ready quicker, and you will save money on household energy bills.

With 15 programmes to choose from for a variety of different fabrics, it takes care of your clothes. Delicate drying uses gentle heat to look after your delicate clothes, such as knitted sweaters, so you can rest assured that you fabrics are dried with the best care. With a handy pause feature and a delay timer from 3-9 hours, you can set your drying cycle to suit you.

Reverse Action tumbling: The Montpellier MCD7W has a reverse action drum that rotates both clockwise and anti-clockwise to ensure even drying results across the entire load. It has an easy to remove water reservoir and lint filters, making looking after your tumble dryer easier than ever.

*Stacking kit available, so you can stack your tumble dryer above your washing machine.

Haier introduce I-Pro Series 5 laundry range

Haier introduces the I-Pro Series 5 for its laundry line and claims to deliver professional results at home. The range of washing machines and washer-dryers can accommodate up to 10 kg of compact cabinets with a drum width of 595 mm. Connect the I-Pro Series 5 to the hOn App to remotely control your device, display stain removal tips, access over 60 custom cycles, monitor consumption and maintenance, and manage your virtual wardrobe. The Lens Wash function allows you to scan the labels on your clothes to set the optimal wash cycle. Other Haier’s exclusive features include the i-Refresh program, which allows the washer and dryer to gently disinfect and wash the most delicate garments without washing them. Better cleaning with the best cleaning features like Haier’s antibacterial technology and intelligent dual spray system.