Seb group doubles the production area of the Krampouz site

Groupe SEB announces an investment of more than 5 million euros in 2022 to carry out the extension works of the Krampouz factory, in Pluguffan in Finistère. The expansion of the site, which will reach 10,000 m², will accommodate new machines and a modernized industrial tool.

The Krampouz factory in Pluguffan (29) doubles its production area. DR
With 100,000 products manufactured per year and a turnover of +32% compared to the previous year, the Krampouz factory in Finistère has reached the physical limits of its deployment. The expansion of the Pluguffan plant, where the group has been established since 2009, has become necessary.

Majority shareholder since 2019, the Seb group is therefore investing more than 5 million euros to extend and modernize the production area. ” This expansion is part of Groupe SEB’s desire to maintain and promote industrial know-how in France. Labeled Living Heritage Company since 2017, all appliances bearing the Krampouz stamp are designed and manufactured in Pluguffan, in Finistère ” , specifies the shareholder.

Launched in March 2022, the work, carried out by local companies, will be finalized during the summer of 2023. The various areas, industry and logistics, will be operational at the end of 2022. “The expansion of the site will make it possible to accommodate new machines and a modernized industrial tool, but also to extend the research and test laboratory. The site will also accommodate new spaces making the well-being of employees an essential component of this project”, specifies the press release.

The surface will increase by nearly 50% compared to the current premises and will approach 10,000 m². It will also increase the factory’s production capacity for all Krampouz cooking appliances, whether for professionals or the general public. In 2022, Groupe Seb is indeed initiating the renewal of the historic range of professional crepe makers.

Founded in 1945 by Jean-Marie Bosser, an electrician, the Krampouz brand has since established itself throughout the world, where it is present in 160 countries. Faithful to its cradle, Finistère, the company now employs 100 people and works with the ESAT of Ty Varlen located in Landudec for subcontracting activities, in particular the packaging of accessories

A world leader in small household equipment, Groupe SEB is present in nearly 150 countries. Over the years, it has built strong positions around the world through a product offering that is at once global and local, showcased by an exceptional brand portfolio.Groupe SEB include All-Clad, IMUSA , Krups, Moulinex, Rowenta, Tefal (including OBH Nordica) and WMF Group.

Euronics focus on sustainability

CIH, the electrical buying group, which is part of Euronics, has launched a new campaign focusing on sustainability that will run throughout the year and form a foundation for the brand going forward.

The dramatic jump in energy prices in recent months is part of the rising cost of living for UK consumers who are also increasingly aware of climate change and the general health of the planet.

The Government has introduced extra legislation to ensure that the products that consumers purchase are as energy efficient as possible.

Euronics is well placed to offer advice on the right electrical appliances and how they can be used to best effect to minimise energy and water consumption

“There’s so much information out there on sustainability that it can be a little overwhelming,” said Steve Scogings, chairman of CIH.

“What sets Euronics apart is our agents. They are your local experts and are there to find the most energy efficient appliances to fit their lifestyle and help customers navigate a pathway to a more sustainable future.

“Our ‘Just Ask’ messaging encourages consumers to speak to their local agents and learn more about what can be done and which products will fit their lifestyle the best. We will be providing agents with all the information and collateral they need to support customers with these decisions.”

The aim of the sustainability campaign is to help consumers understand the technologies contribute towards sustainability, and how to use their appliances to maximise energy and water efficiency, as well as the recyclability and the lifecycle of individual solutions.

Euronics has a range of tools available to help consumers understand the latest technologies as well as guidance on legislation.

For instance, Youreko’s Energy Savings Tool will help people realise the benefits of buying an energy efficient appliance. There is support for laundry, dishwasherand refrigeration products.

The Euronics website provides an overview of some of the key technologies available in the latest products including sensor drying technology, auto dosing, heat pump technology and induction hobs. It also includes useful features such as a guide to the updated energy labels, making it clearer for people to understand when they are looking at individual products.

V-ZUG new CombiSteamer

V-ZUG new CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam combines a fully functional combi-steam cooker with a high-end microwave, offering a multitude of different cooking methods in a single appliance. A high performer, it can steam potatoes 30% more quickly and regenerate any type of food up to 40% more quickly. If you would like to learn more, please visit V-ZUG @Wigmore Street London.

Haier Large Refrigerated Double Temperature Freezer Launched

Haier 70% large volume dual-temperature freezer was launched in Pakistan, first of the kind.

the hot weather and long summers of Pakistan, the temperature at noon can even exceed 50°C. People have a great demand for ice.

The new duel temperature product got a 70% freezer volume, 75% extra than other products of the category. The high-efficient compressor used in the new product can increase the refrigeration speed by 30%, to lock the nutrition of the ingredients with the refrigeration The lowest temperature can reach -28 ℃

The launch conference was held in Karachi, attended by more than 80 core customers and media. While the new product earned more than 12 million exposures on Haier’s official website, social media and search engines.

Haier, as the TOP1 brand for 6 consecutive years in household appliances industry in Pakistan. Haier continues to create smart and healthy life for Pakistani users.

De Longhi financial

The Board of Directors of De’ Longhi SpA approved today the consolidated results of the first
quarter of 2022: We are very satisfied with the results of this first quarter, even more significant in light of the difficult comparison with last year. Our group is responding with determination to the numerous challenges posed by a complex and evolving macroeconomic and geopolitical scenario, however, we remain convinced that the strategy of focusing on the core categories, of geographical development and of constant investment in products and our brands, remains the winning strategy for the creation of value in the long term” commented CEO, Massimo Garavaglia.

revenues up 8.4% to € 735.5 million (+ 5.5% on a like-for-like basis1); an adjusted2 Ebitda of € 100.1 million, equal to 13.6% of revenues, comparing with 18.9%
of Q1-2021 (but improving vs. the 10.7% of 2020);
an Ebit of € 69.1 million, equal to 9.4% of revenues compared to 14.9% of the previous
year 3;
a net profit of € 50.6 million, equal to 6.9% of revenues;
a positive net financial position of € 274.6 million, resulting from the contribution of the
12 months free cash flow (before dividends and acquisitions) of € 170.7 million.

High-speed hairdryer unveiled by Laifen

The Laifen Swift hairdryer features a typical vortex-style jet architecture with a brushless motor that spins at 110,000 RPM at airspeeds of 22m/s – more than six times the air pressure of traditional hairdryers.

To prevent severe heat, each heat setting is also thermo-controlled and checked 100 times every second.

The engine has a 1,000-hour life cycle and should last about 15 years, Laifen explains. This, according to the company, is four times the normal lifespan of a brush motor, which is around 250 hours.

The hairdryer includes clever heat controls, meaning the thermal sensor changes the temperature of the air it blows out 30 times per second to prevent overheating and damage to hair

Depending on the mode, an LED ring surrounds the outside of the hairdryer. Blue light indicates cool air, the orange light indicates warm air, and a red light indicates maximum heat, which is ideal for quick drying and styling.

The air filter is located on the handle of the hairdryer and is magnetically attached, making it extremely easy to remove fluff and dust. Because of its positioning and tiny air filter pores, this also prevents hair from being sucked into the hairdryer.

The handle has two buttons: one for turning it on and toggling between the two-speed settings, and the other for switching between cool, warm, and hot modes. A nozzle that magnetically mounts to the front of the hairdryer is included for more focused airflow.


Shark Ninja Leading home technology company has signed up to take new office space at Battersea Power Station, following its expansion in Leeds last year

Engineering laboratories will take up 50% of the area, with further space dedicated to leading-edge testing facilities

This brings the total office space that has been pre-let inside the Grade II* listed Power Station, which opens to the public from September, to over 560,000 sq ft

SharkNinja and Battersea Power Station are pleased to announce that 25,000 square feet of new office space, Switch House Hall, inside the Grade II* listed Power Station has been taken by the global manufacturer of vacuums and home appliances.

The new office adds to SharkNinja’s existing footprint in the UK and forms a key part of the business’ continued expansion, with the workforce to consist entirely of product teams across largely engineering and design.

SharkNinja will start fitting out the space this Spring, with employees expected to move in this September when the Power Station also officially opens to the public. The office is expected to provide seating for 190 people, with 135 at launch.

The new London office will provide SharkNinja with significantly larger workshop facilities with sophisticated testing facilities for all categories. Alongside this, engineering laboratories will comprise around 50% of the site, with purpose-built facilities developed to suit the current needs of SharkNinja and to facilitate its ambitious growth plans.

With state-of-the-art development salons, kitchens and other facilities, the London teamwill drive forward the global development of products across all categories.

SharkNinja will join the 500,000 sq ft of office space taken by Apple and The Engine Room, a bespoke 40,000 sq ft co-working offer, by IWG.

The office forms part of SharkNinja’s objective of expanding its global footprint, with London-based employees developing more products that resonate in the European market.

SharkNinja’s Vice President and General Manager of London, Lauren McMullan said:

“SharkNinja’s continued growth is driven by the success of new product launches, alongside the dedication, commitment and skill of our fantastic global teams. We are continuing to invest in our workforce in order to spur further international expansion, and our latest acquisition of office space in the capital is reflective of our growth in recent years.”

“The state-of-the-art facilities in our new Battersea Power Station site will allow our staff to continue driving innovation for SharkNinja and we are excited to welcome everyone to the new office space which is focused on encouraging collaboration and productivity.”Shark is the UK’s best-selling vacuum cleaner brand, and Ninja is the UK’s bestselling multicooker brand, outselling all other brands in the UK. It is the continued growth of both brands which has allowed SharkNinja to increase its network and footprint across the UK.