Miele Best Brand Australia

Miele Australia is the outright “Best Brand” winner for front-loader washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners. These are the results of the consumer organization CHOICE.
For this, a total of 200 dishwashers and 87 front-loaders were tested. For the vacuum cleaner test 85 cylinder and upright vacuums were reviewed. Based on the test results and feedback from customers on satisfaction and reliability, the best among them were identified.
Choice https://bit.ly/3GdGMQI

Mill heaters

Mill is a Norwegian brand with global ambitions. With this brand strategy they would like to convey the feeling of Scandinavian home comfort that so many aspire with appliances to elegantly integrate into the modern home, .There vision is to create a feeling of “It is good to be home”.

Mill new global website: millnorway.com

Best cooker hoods IQ blower system

Best, designer of luxury range hoods, has introduced the Best iQ Blower System™, an intuitive range hood blower system that guarantees peak operating performance after installation. This innovative system has the intelligence to know when the duct system is severely restricted. If airflow is impeded, an Led light flashes to notify the installer for corrective action. This instant notification means more satisfied clients for designers.

The company also explains that the Best iQ Blower System is up to two times quieter than other high-performance range hoods and removes smoke and odors up to 30 percent faster. This system is also up to 22 times more energy-efficient than comparable high-performance range hoods, providing energy efficiency along with the performance consumers expect from Best. This improved functionality is due to the system’s advanced digital motor technology, along with a smooth flow blower and filter design that ensure quiet performance.

The advanced technology of the Best iQ Blower System provides effective, nearly silent normal operation while assuring peak performance for each installation – says Brian Wellnitz, Senior Group Product Manager, kitchen ventilation, Best – This product with the iQ Blower System satisfies the needs of designers in search of the highest-quality, Italian-designed range hoods with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Haier investment in Turkey

The past weekend was very unique for Haier Europe. They have celebrated the expansion of the company’s largest European production and xport center in Turkey with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many national and local stakeholders.
With an overall €85 million investment and 1,600 jobs creation, we’ve opened the new tumble dryer platform which will further be enriched by the dishwasher factory that will be operational in 2022.

Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, 

Following the strong growth in 2020, Haier refrigerators have led the industry in Western Europe.

According to the data, from Jan. to Sept. 2021, despite the challenge of the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, becoming the industry’s number one brand in terms of growth rate.


Among the fast-growing categories, Haier multi-door refrigerator market share achieved number one with the API of 143. 

The breakthroughs are inseparable from the premium brand building and innovative products tailored to the specific demands of local consumers. In response to the needs of European users for large-volume, healthy preservation during the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Cooling Overseas has launched large-capacity, full-space preservation refrigerators. The cold storage room with separate dry and wet storage compartments and the freezer room with constant temperature and humidity provide users with healthy fresh storage solutions. 图片

The increase of market share is also indispensable from the layout the scenario solutions. Especially in Sept.,Haier Europe introduced the various scenarios to local users at Milan Design Week.

With its leading products and advantages on scenarios solutions, Haier Smart Home continues to fulfill the requirements of global consumers in the globalization process.

Dyson opens its first Australian store

Australia’s first Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre has opened its doors at Castle Hill in Sydney’s northwest and marks the first space of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Dyson has expanded its local customer service team with seven new roles at the new 400 square metre Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre who will provide technical support, servicing and maintenance tips.

From styling tips and air purification guidance to cleaning demonstrations, Dyson Experts will help current and potential owners to better understand Dyson technologies.

“We are continually prioritising the experience of our owners with pioneering technologies. We are now bringing that same philosophy to how we sell and repair by delivering the best possible service and investing in a growing onshore team of 228 local customer service experts,” Dyson Australia and New Zealand managing director, Glenn Andrew said.

“We know that people increasingly want to buy from Dyson direct so we developed our Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre with Dyson experts to provide advice, help and guidance using live demonstrations and educational experiences.”

Smeg launches new award-winning hand mixer & coffee maker

Smeg has announced the launch of its latest kitchen gadget, the HMF01 hand mixer, which features the brand’s iconic 1950’s retro styling and a compact design.

Despite its small size, the hand mixer runs at a powerful 250W and offers plenty of functionality, including nine different speed variations and a turbo function, plus it includes three attachments: wire whisks, beaters and dough hooks, plus a cloth storage bag for their safe keeping.

Its operation is simple yet smart, says Smeg, with just three buttons located on the handle: an on/off switch and two accompanying buttons – “plus” and “minus” – to increase and decrease the speed.

The mixer also features a backlit LED screen that displays the chosen speed as well as a handy timer, showing both minutes and seconds, for ease and accuracy when whipping up new recipes and closely following instructions.

The hand mixer comes in Smeg’s traditional colourways including Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Pink, Cream, Red, Black and White so users can mix and match with other Smeg appliances, both small and large. It has also received an international Good Design award 2021, Smeg says.

BCC02 Bean to Cup coffee machine

Also new from Smeg is the BCC02 Bean to Cup coffee machine. Like the mixer, it features the 1950’s retro styling but with a contemporary and sleeker finish, thanks to a stylish brushed aluminium and soft touch matte exterior Smeg says.  In addition the manufacturer says the controls have been ergonomically integrated into the design for a smooth finish.

The coffee machine is compact but has a range of features which promise to grind and brew a cup of coffee to perfection from start to finish with the touch of a button. It features intuitive soft touch control and users can choose from an array of coffee styles and grinding levels.

According to Smeg, the BCC02 allows users to experimentand discover the optimum coffee experience for them. Offering a primary and secondary menu function, the BCC02 will pour ristretto coffee, espresso, americano, and as well as hot water.

In addition, different strengths and levels can also be selected via the touch menu. For those who prefer lattes, macchiatos or cappuccinos, frothy milk can be produced at the touch of a button and the machine will grind coffee to the perfect texture, depending on your beverage of choice, Smeg says.

The BCC02 features a one touch menu which grinds and prepares coffee beans almost instantly, while a Thermoblock system quickly heats water, so users can enjoy their personalised beverage in a matter of seconds. It has a 1.4 litre capacity which equals six cups of coffee, and the adjustable cup holder and nozzle height means users can use any mug they choose.

Other useful features include a descaling alarm which alerts the user to when the machine needs to be descaled and users can adjust the machine’s settings based on the area’s water hardness, helping to promote the longevity of the coffee machine.

The BCC02 is available now in Matte Black, Matte Red, Matte Taupe and Matte White. Like the mixer, it has also won a 2021 Good Design Award.


Electrolux has inaugurated in Susegana (TV), “Genesi”, the most automated factory of the Group in the world that will produce built-in refrigerators. It required an investment of over 130 million euros and 134 new permanent hires, covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters, and hosts 1.2 km of assembly lines, equipped with over 6,000 sensors and 116 robots.

Advanced automation, digitization, innovation through new modularized product platforms, and important progress for operators, aimed at enhancing their skills and further raising the safety bar: these are the objectives that have guided the Electrolux Group in the implementation of its factory in most automated in the world, Genesi, which was inaugurated today in Susegana (TV).

Announced in July 2019, the project of the Genesi plant in which built-in refrigerators are produced using the most modern Industry 4.0 logic, represents the realization of an investment of over 130 million euros, of which over 95% made within the system Italian production: 1,200 meters of production lines, 116 robots and an automation level of 49, the highest in the world within the Electrolux Group. This change necessitated an important training plan for personnel working with the new systems and technologies, with over 7,000 hours of training on 36 different topics. Added to this is the inclusion of highly specialized profiles which have led, from 2019 to today, to over 130 permanent hires, including experts in connectivity, robotics,

Massimiliano Ranieri, Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Business Area Europe of Electrolux

“Genesi is part of a transformation program that the company has undertaken globally and of its Digital Transformation strategy. This new plant represents the window on the future of our innovative and sustainable way of producing, of responding to the demands of consumers and the market, and of enabling working synergies between people and machines designed to facilitate their work “, declares Massimiliano Ranieri. , Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Electrolux Business Area Europe. “I am particularly proud to be here in Susegana to inaugurate Genesi which, with its automation level of 49, the highest in the world for Electrolux,

The active workers online, between 60 and 100 depending on the product being processed, will operate in a completely new way, aimed at optimizing technical times and preventing errors or accidents, using the tools of industry 4.0: from tablets, smartwatches, touch screens and artificial vision systems. Furthermore, through more than 20 km of network cables, a central computer – DOME, Digital Operations Manufacturing Execution, a project of the Electrolux Group for the digitization of factories – collects and coordinates in real time the millions of data that come from automations and factory systems; data that support people in their daily work, allowing to intercept possible quality defects in advance and making available the ‘evolutionary history’ of each single product. Great attention was also paid to the well-being of the workers: the manual positions, designed according to the best international standards in the field of ergonomics, will be customizable according to the physical characteristics of each of them.The built-in appliances that will roll out of the new production lines of the Susegana plant will further strengthen Electrolux’s competitiveness in the refrigeration sector. The presence of 42 automatic quality measurement systems and that of over 6,000 sensors, together with various new technologies, will in fact guarantee a product capable of emitting up to 20% less CO2 and responding to all consumer needs: maximum performance , great attention to energy consumption and sustainability, optimal food conservation and waste reduction.