Teka Barista CLC 835 coffee maker

Teka proposes its Barista CLC 835 coffee maker, capable of preparing a delicious cup of coffee like in the best coffee shops but without leaving home.

The Barista CLC 835 coffee maker has 19 bar pressure and a temperature selector, which allows you to infuse the water at constant heat. In this way, all the aroma of the coffee is extracted and a coffee with an intense flavor and a lot of body is obtained.

In addition, it is compatible with capsules from more than ten different brands, among which are the most popular on the market, as well as with ground coffee.

To make and taste the perfect Irish coffee, Barista incorporates a professional frother, made up of an adjustable steamer system that emulsifies the milk to the perfect point of foam and creaminess.

With the Barista CLC 835, coffee is prepared in a very simple way, you just have to select an option on the control panel, and the coffee maker does the rest. In addition, it is as easy to use as it is to clean, since the tanks for water, coffee residue and used capsules open easily to wash them and leave them ready again.

Compact 45cm design

Teka Barista CLC 835 fits in virtually any space, with a compact design available in white or black, which integrates perfectly into every kitchen.

In addition, the internal storage includes a hidden lower drawer and two side compartments to store cups, glasses and capsules.

Fulgor Milano to launch new products at KBIS

Fulgor Milano will be at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show 2023 (KBIS), that will be held in Las Vegas from January 31st to February 2nd. The Italian company will display its products in the West Building at Booth #W3727, where it also will unveil some new additions to ovens and cooktops lines.

The innovative products of the Professional line will also be on display, such as the new 48″ Induction 7+ ranges and range tops. Furthermore, Fulgor Milano will exhibit new refrigerators, freezers, and wine cellar columns that match perfectly with Fulgor Milano PRO cooking products, as well as being powerful, elegant and provide commercial-grade performance.

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics suffered a steep drop in sales of home appliances

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are working on special measures to cope with the steep drop in sales of home appliances.

Samsung Electronics has recently divided the Kitchen and Living Development Groups under the Development Team of the Home Electronics Division into five development groups — the Refrigerator, Cooking Equipment, Dishwasher, Clothing Care, and Vacuum Cleaner. The Software Development Group under the Development Team was also subdivided into five groups by product group.

In early 2022, Samsung Electronics sent six executives from the Video Display (VD) and Mobile Experience (MX) Division to the development team of the Home Appliances Division. It also established a next-generation home appliance research team at Samsung Research, a leading research and development organization.

Samsung Electronics has completely overhauled the Home Appliance Division because it recorded a loss of 318 billion won in the fourth quarter of 2022, analysts say.

LG Electronics, the No. 1 global consumer electronics company, is placing a big bet on the electric vehicle business. The company is expected to try to offset the sluggishness in the home appliance sector with sales growth in the electric vehicle business.

IBK Investment & Securities estimated that LG Electronics’ H&A Division’s operating profit plunged from 445.5 billion won in the first quarter of last year to 19.2 billion won in the fourth quarter of the same year. Stock market analysts forecast that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will enter a deficit tunnel in both TV and home appliance businesses in the first half of this year.

Unlike the Home Appliance Division, LG Electronics’ VS Division is estimated to have recorded operating profits from the second to fourth quarters of 2022 in a row, recording its first surplus on an annual basis. Its sales also reached 8 trillion won to 10 trillion won in 2022, which is estimated at 10 percent of LG Electronics’ total sales. Since the launch of the VS Business Division in 2013, the proportion of its sales in the automotive electronics domain has never exceeded 10 percent of its total sales. Industry insiders expect LG Electronics’ backlog of orders for electric vehicle business to reach more than 80 trillion won as of the end of 2022.

Samsung Launches Bespoke Dishwasher in Korea

Launched in Korea , the AI function on Samsung’s bespoke 14-place dishwasher provides customised cleaning, automatically detecting tableware contamination and adjusting water usage, temperature, spray strength and other essential functions accordingly.The new Samsung Bespoke dishwasher has the same external size as its predecessor but the capacity has been expanded. A larger amount of tableware could be washed with the new Bespoke dishwasher up to 14 pieces. It is equipped with a Max Flex 3-tier basket that allows the upper and middle baskets to move freely up or down. It thus offers efficient loading of various tableware types and sizes The new Bespoke dishwasher’s AI function provides AI-customized dishwashing. It can automatically detect tableware contamination and adjust water usage, temperature, spray strength, and other components. It also learns from the washing process to recommend frequently used washing patterns. Its interactive notification window provides maximum information to the user for optimal cleaning. The Bespoke dishwasher can also be linked with the SmartThings app to provide more cleaning options.The Samsung Bespoke dishwasher is the first dishwasher in Korea to receive the AI+ certification from the Korea Standards Association. It is also equipped with a 100ºC Hot Air Drying+ function for efficient drying of the utensils. It has three drying modes – Normal, Strong, and Max Select for hot air drying.

Fnac Darty

The group has unveiled its first estimates for the year 2022 and forecasts a slight decline in sales, of 1.2% compared to the previous year. In a context where purchasing power is fully affected by inflation, Fnac Darty relies more than ever on its Everyday strategic plan.
Fnac Darty forecasts 2022 sales down 1.2%, while maintaining its gross margin
January 20, 2023, by Sandra Nicoletti

The group has unveiled its first estimates for the year 2022 and forecasts a slight decline in sales, of 1.2% compared to the previous year. In a context where purchasing power is fully affected by inflation, Fnac Darty relies more than ever on its Everyday strategic plan.
Fnac Darty forecasts 2022 sales down 1.2%, while maintaining its gross margin
While the economic context has a direct impact on distribution, the Fnac Darty group is showing resilience and forecasts revenue of around 7,945 million euros for 2022, down 1.2% compared to the year previous. A drop in sales which results from a bad month of December (-55 million euros), but which does not affect the gross margin rate. This should indeed reach 30.2% in 2022, up +80 basis points in one year, supported by a positive product/service mix. “The estimated performance for 2022 demonstrates that the Fnac Darty group has demonstrated good resilience thanks to the commitment of its teams, despite a particularly difficult context for the distribution sector. The group has demonstrated its ability to adapt and has been able to develop its offer to deal with supply difficulties and control its costs in order to minimize the effects of inflation. Compared to 2019, our estimated revenue remains up sharply by +7% and our gross margin rate remains solid. This demonstrates the acuity of our strategic project which, by focusing strongly on customer experience and services, allows us to continue to create value and grow,” says Enrique Martinez.

The group remains mobilized in the execution of the Everyday plan
While current operating income is estimated at around €230 million, free operating cash flow is slightly negative, around -€30 million. A result below the forecasts announced in February 2021, when the Everyday strategic plan was launched. In this context, the Group considers it “unlikely” to achieve its cumulative free operating cash flow target of around €500 million over the 2021-2023 period and is therefore extending this target for 2021-2024. Finally, “the Group remains fully mobilized to pursue the execution of its strategic plan and continue to generate cash in order to ensure its development and a regular return to shareholders in accordance with what was announced during the Everyday strategic plan. This is why Fnac Darty is maintaining its ambition to generate free operating cash flow of at least 240 million euros on an annual basis from 2025,” reads the official press release.

Samsung and Patagonia

Samsung and Patagonia worked together to design a washing machine cycle and filter that drastically reduce the release of microplastics during laundry while maintaining high cleaning performance. Patagonia, a brand known for its commitment to the environment and to sustainability, assisted Samsung in product testing and research, while the Korean manufacturer provided the technical expertise. The partnership aims to combat ocean pollution by preventing microplastics from entering the water stream during laundry.
The end result of the collaboration is the Less Microfiber Cycle and a new filter installed in a new range of appliances. The combined use of the special cycle and filter, according to Samsung, reduces the release of microplastics by 54% and blocks them from escaping into the water outlet.

The Less Microfiber Cycle can be installed as an update on compatible washing machines in Korea and the U.S. later this year. The Less Microfiber Filter will be available in select Samsung washing machines in Europe in the second half of 2023. The good news here is that users of other washing machine brands will also be able to purchase the filter separately and install it on their washers.


Candy in 2022 was the most important brand in Italy in the washing segment with a volume share of 12.4%. The company acquired by the Haier group in 2019 thus consolidates its position in the Italian home appliance market, in which it has been an iconic brand for over seventy years.

Ufesa Duet air fryer

First established in 1975, OCU is the oldest consumer organisation in Spain. It now has more than 305,000 members Given its great demand, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed 21 models of air fryers of various brands and has determined that the Ufesa Duet consumes little energy and is one of the best value for money.

Weighing less than 3 kg and with a 2 l capacity, it is perfect for preparing recipes for one or two people; while it has 6 preset programs: fry, toast, roast, bake, reheat and keep warm.

Its 360° high-speed air circulation technology allows healthy cooking with crispy results. For greater ease of use, it has a timer of up to 60 minutes and a temperature control of up to 200 °C with digital control


They will lead sales and marketing strategies for the three brands Candy, Hoover and Haier

2023 for Haier Europe begins with two new names at the top of the commercial and marketing area. Sabrina Zara, former marketing director for Italy, is the new Haier sales director while Atena Manca, formerly Haier and IoT brand manager, will lead the marketing division as Marketing Leader Italy.

Both will report directly to Emiliano Garofalo, Italy country manager, and will be in charge of sales and marketing strategies, respectively, for the three brands Candy, Hoover and Haier with particular attention to the development of IoT ecosystems and the concept of ‘zero distance to consumer’.

The decision to focus on two managers already in the team – explains a note – underlines the commitment of the Italian branch in supporting the consolidation of internal growth paths.

China’s Hisense becomes Slovenia’s largest exporter

The production lines have been busy at the Hisense factory in the town of Velenje in northeast Slovenia, as the demand for its household appliances steadily grows in Europe.

Hisense, a Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer, holds a five percent share of the European market, but the company has set itself higher goals for the near future.Europe is a big market with a lot of potential,” Jianmin Han, the Chairman of Hisense Europe, tells CGTN. “Our target in three years, by 2025, is to achieve 10 percent of the market [share] in two segments, to really become a tier two brand in Europe.”

The Chinese home appliance giant established itself as Slovenia’s largest exporter, significantly surpassing the country’s other major exporters like Renault and a couple of local domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Not many expected these results in 2018, when Hisense acquired Slovenian producer Gorenje. Founded over 70 years ago in the former Yugoslavia, Gorenje produced and exported home appliances across Europe.

But five years ago, stiff competition forced the Slovenian government and the Gorenje shareholders to decide whether to integrate it into a bigger system or let it embark on a path of slow and inevitable demise.

They decided to invite China’s Hisense to buy Gorenje, in a bid to give the company and the community, a new lease of lifeIn 2021, its exports reached $2 billion, and even higher numbers are expected for 2022.

Hisense has secured thousands of jobs in Slovenia,