Elica and Fuji Industrial commemorate 20 years of collaboration
with an event at the Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo.
One of the longest running relationships between Italy and Japan,
that goes beyond business.

has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the , 24 November 2022 – Elica, world leading company in the production of
kitchen ventilation systems, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Ariafina. The
brand born in Japan as a result of the joint venture with Fuji Industrial, Japanese leader
in the production of kitchen hoods.
To mark the celebration, an event promoted by the Ermanno Casoli Foundation in
collaboration with the two companies will be held today at the Italian Culture Institute
in Tokyo, where “Iride”, a work of art by the Italian artist Gianluca Malgeri, made in
honor of this anniversary, will be presented. Once again it will demonstrate the
importance of art and culture that has led Elica to bring forth successful paths, even
beyond national borders.
The venue chosen to celebrate this important anniversary was not accidental: The
Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo is an institution committed to spread our country’s
history and culture, as well as to promote Italian creativity in Japan. The building where
the Institute is based, designed by Gae Aulenti, is one of the most significant symbols
of the strong relationship between the two nations. Moreover, the Ariafina joint
venture, combining the beauty of Italian design with the flawless functionality of
Japanese industrial tradition, is an excellent example of how two seemingly distant
worlds are able to communicate, also thanks to the universal language of art.

This collaboration dates back to the beginning of the 2000’s, a period in which Elica,
undergoing a moment of significant expansion, decided to broaden its horizons by
looking towards Japan: a highly industrialized country, where the cooperation with a
local partner was necessary to work there. Hence the decision of the joint-venture
with Fuji Industrial, indisputable leader in the Japanese kitchen hood sector with a
market share of over 50 percent Ariafina Co Ltd was established from the partnership between the two companies, with
the aim of operating in the high-end market segment: a top-level market niche that
did not exist in the Japanese hood sector at the time.
Over the years, Ariafina has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the
Japanese kitchen, which had always been small and barely visible in the house. Thus,
establishing itself today as a well-known brand able to combine the quality of Italian
design with the avant-garde of Japanese technology.


Creative marketing strategy for premium Swedish home appliance brand ASKO, conceived by Trout Creative Thinking gives the globally established brand a local flavour. The strategy harnesses the power of brand endorsement through talent and media partnerships to create captivating content that draws the attention of Australian renovators, architects, and designers. The content campaigns aimed to increase awareness of the ASKO brand in Australia while showcasing key product launches for the brand including the Wine Climate Cabinet, the world’s first smart wine cabinet which was recently awarded Gold in the Australian Good Design Award.

While ASKO has been in Australia for 52 years, the brand partnered with Trout to design and implement a combination of strategic talent and media partnerships unlike anything ASKO has delivered in one of its largest global markets to date. The result is a campaign that strikes a unique balance of aligning to the ASKO brand globally yet making it relevant to the Australian market.

Beko to target Thailand

Beko is planning aggressive moves in 2022-23, with the goal of increasing brand awareness and achieving sales of 2 billion baht by next year

Beko Thai’s commercial director, Pornchai Trakultechadej, said in an interview the decision was made after the company discovered that less than one in 10 Thai people can still pronounce the proper name of Beko, despite the brand being in the country for seven years.

Some people recognised the brand, but not enough to switch to Beko, he noted.

He revealed that the company plans to double its marketing investment in the Thai market next year, with 85% of the budget, or approximately 200 million baht, going towards digital campaigns focusing on home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, and air-conditioners.

Hisense presents its new Chill Fridge

Hisense has launched the new and innovative Chill Fridge compact range of refrigerators, specially designed to save space in the home, available in black, white, silver and ruby.

Thanks to its compact and elegant design, the RR106D4CRF mini refrigerator model is perfect to be installed in those areas of the house where there is little space available, such as a bedroom, a living room, an office, a games room or a garage.

In addition, it has a reversible door that allows it to be opened to the right or to the left and with a non-slip cover on the top that allows bottles, glasses or any other object to be safely placed on it.

One of the main properties is its large storage capacity. They have XXL French doors to easily store taller bottles or containers, a drawer specifically designed to store fruit and vegetables, or a multifunction drawer to store the most delicate products. It also has safety shelves that provide great stability and hold the weight very well, LED light, and very precise temperature control to always obtain the right level of cooling that is needed. It also has a three-star freezer area

Teka MasterSense Air, hood and induction hob

Teka launches MasterSense Air, an innovative product that combines induction with built-in extraction.

The MasterSense Air plate has direct access and intelligent cooking functions, since thanks to its automatic system and temperature sensors, the user only has to choose a cooking function and the plate will automatically reach and maintain the necessary temperature for cooking. the selected recipe. In addition, the hood will also start up automatically and will adapt its operation to the power required at all times.

With the new MultiSlider touch control, independent and direct control of each part of the plate is achieved, simply by sliding your finger and pressing on the power that is needed.

To make cooking more practical, the flexible zone of MasterSense Air is designed to use all corners of the cooking area with pans of different shapes: grill, teppanyaki or rectangular pots.

Thanks to the automatic extraction function, MasterSense Air adjusts the suction level taking into account the cooking power and the number of cooking zones that are being used.

The Fresh Air function that the hood incorporates renews the air for 24 hours in 10-minute cycles with 50-minute breaks. Also, as it is a hood integrated into the plate, the extraction is direct.

Design, elegance and efficiency

The elegant design of the ceramic hob integration brings harmony and smooth lines to the kitchen. MasterSense Air stands out for its versatility, since it is possible to choose between external extraction, which removes kitchen odors, or recirculation, which sucks in odors and returns fresh air,

It incorporates the brushless EcoPower motor and is very quiet: only 66 dBA and 627 m3/h. At the same time, MasterSense Air is classified with the A+ energy efficiency label.

Finally, highlight its ease of cleaning: it has easy access to the filters, which can be cleaned in the dishwasher at 60º, as well as filter maintenance indicators.

Distinctions by Russell Hobbs

New from Russell Hobbs the Distinctions collection consisting of a kettle, a toaster and a coffee maker, available in 3 colours: black, ocean blue and titanium.

A commitment to retro and quality design

The Distinctions kettle features a 1.5L capacity and rapid boil zone indicators that allow you to boil only the amount of water you need. It has a perfect pouring spout and an ergonomic handle and also incorporates lighting on the power switch during boiling.

The Distinctions 2-Slice Toaster has been created with longer slots to fit bread slices up to 170mm, while also ensuring thicker slices and buns up to 28mm are toasted. Offers adjustable browning control, lift-and-view, extra-raise, defrost, reheat, and cancel functions. To highlight its illuminated countdown timer that makes it possible to know how much is left for the toast to be ready, depending on the selected toasting setting.

The collection is completed with the Distinctions coffee maker, which has automatic dispensing for one or two services with a manual option to customize the coffee. Its thermoblock heater allows you to optimally control the temperature and quickly switch between preparation and steam. It includes a 15-bar pressure pump and a rotating steam wand to steam or heat milk. It is suitable with a single, double filter holder or with ESE capsules and its innovative illuminated panel allows you to check the state of preparation or heating of the coffee.

The three products are made of brushed stainless steel and incorporate painted and polished details

Gree Electric Appliance

Gree Electric Appliances, Gree Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Factory of Zhuhai, China has been listed among the six most innovative companies of 2022.

The factory has developed a collaborative management system (CMS) with the Zhuhai headquarters in production, processing and other sectors through the Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP) and Product Life Management System (PLM), said a press release.

The company has implemented self-developed automation equipment and workshop execution systems as well as supervisory control and data acquisition systems to build an intelligent decision-making platform.

It has yielded a 25% increase in production capacity, a 12% increase in energy utilisation ratio, and a 19% reduction in production and operation costs.

In addition, the company won the “Intelligent Manufacturing Exhibition” award from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China.

WMF Perfection

WMF, Germany company and a brand of Groupe SEB, has recently launched WMF Perfection, its new fully automatic coffee machine. This innovation, combines sophisticated design, French manufacturing, ultra-customized options and a very high coffee quality.

Made in France in the Mayenne factory, with quality and durable materials (Cromargan surface®, stainless steel 18/10 marketed by WMF since 1930), the device has an elegant and sober design. WMF Perfection not only makes a name for itself with its functionality but also with its elegance. Its LED mood lighting puts it in the spotlight. In addition, WMF Perfection is designed to be easily disassembled and reassembled and carries the commitment “15 years repairable at the right price“.

Moreover, thanks to the large touch screen and the front access, its use is very intuitive. There is no need to move the machine to fill the water tank or to remove the coffee grounds container, everything is accessible from the front of the machine. It has alerts to facilitate handling and the self-cleaning circuits have received the “Hygiene” label from TUV Rheinland, an internationally recognized German organization.

Samsung bespoke appliance

Samsung Electronics is striving to meet consumers’ needs in line with its evolving lifestyle. Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke home appliances allow users to choose more personalized designs and function.
To display the unique features and accomplishments of the Bespoke product series, Samsung Newsroom is highlighting the ways Bespoke appliances are being showcased and celebrated in countries around the world. From unique and breathtaking new designs to innovative and expanded functionalities, Samsung Bespoke appliances are taking the world by storm.
New Ways To Customize Your Home in Singapore

Bespoke appliances in Singapore are blending whimsical designs to offer customers a unique and playful concept for their homes. In celebration of the widespread love for Disney characters, Samsung introduced its Bespoke Disney Collection in August of this year. The collection features Samsung appliances with designs of some of Disney’s most well-loved characters, giving Singapore consumers the ability to add a touch of childhood wonder and nostalgia to their home’s design.

In celebration of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Samsung teamed up with two Indonesian illustrators, Kathrin Honesta and Rachel Ajeng, to showcase limited-edition designs on the Bespoke refrigerator and AirDresser. Consumers can choose from three designs: “Butterfly Garden” or “Timun Mas” by Kathrin Honesta or “Reimagine Indonesia” by Rachel Ajeng. The designs highlight Indonesia’s ethnic and cultural diversity, allowing Indonesian consumers to enjoy artistic pieces in their homes while also taking pride in their Indonesian roots.Within the U.S., Lowe’s and Samsung teamed up to launch a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, offering shoppers another way to customize their spaces and express their unique personal styles. The panels, which can be mixed and matched with Samsung Bespoke’s portfolio of panel colors and finishes, are exclusively available at Lowe’s while supplies last

Also in Korea, Samsung announced the winner of #BESPOKERendezvous, a Bespoke refrigerator design contest. Of the 1,114 works that were submitted, about 28,000 people voted online to select the top ten finalists. Samsung held an onsite #BESPOKERendezvous party and award ceremony where Cho Kyung-min’s water-inspired design, “Floating Rings was the winner

In Poland, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with a design from French artist Thibaud Hérem was auctioned off at the DESA Unicum, a leading auction house in the country and the eighth-largest auction house in Europe. The auction included various unusual art objects, including furniture, sculptures and home accessories. For the first time in the country, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator featuring an image of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, a building of great importance to French art and culture, was awarded to the winning bidder and considered a piece of applied art. The proceeds earned from the refrigerator will be donated to Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw Association to build a new collection for the museum and the “Self-Portraits XXI,” a project that supports contemporary Polish artists.

Bespoke — A Global Sensation
All across the globe, Samsung delivers Bespoke appliances that both meet users’ evolving needs and provide stylish, customizable design options that suit the tastes of its customers in every country. As it continues to expand the capabilities of home appliances, Samsung will work to ensure that its Bespoke Home lineup is reliable, high-quality, innovative and — above all — centered on the user. For more worldwide news about Bespoke, stay tuned

Miele heat-pump dryer

Miele heat-pump dryer save more than € 1,200* in energy costs over ten years

Hanging laundry out to dry in a heated room is not a good idea in winter – and not sustainable, either. After all, evaporating the moisture in laundry results not only in mould indoors but also in increased heating costs. Removing moisture from laundry followed by the need for airing rooms requires additional energy input. A proven and, on balance, more climate-friendly alternative during the cold season is an energy-efficient heat-pump dryer which not only uses energy sparingly but is also fast and convenient and leaves laundry soft and bouncy.

Drying laundry involves evaporating moisture, a process which requires a lot of energy. A heat-pump tumble dryer therefore represents a milestone in the quest for sustainability in laundry care as this approach recuperates the energy from the moist, warm drying air of the laundry in the drum and reintroduces it to the process via a heat pump. This, in turn, significantly reduces the energy needed to heat up more air. As a result, top Miele models equipped with a heat pump today overshoot the A+++ rating for energy efficiency by a margin of 10%, whilst conventional condenser and vented dryers only achieve, at best, a B rating. Consequently, a highly efficient heat-pump dryer from Miele cuts energy costs over a 10-year period by more than € 1,200* – compared with Miele condenser dryers without a heat pump. For this reason, these less efficient versions were entirely removed from the programme range last year.

And, what’s more, Germany’s consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest has confirmed once again that Miele dryers are particularly energy-efficient. The Miele TEF 775 WP was the sole winner in the September 2022 issue of their ‘test’ magazine, saving up to € 174** in electricity costs over ten years. The other Miele models in the test were also the only ones to be awarded a ‘Very good’ (1.5) for their environmental properties. Moreover, the Miele dryers were the only models tested to achieve an A rating for condensation efficiency, with more than 90% of the water evaporated being recaptured. This means that heat-pump dryers from Miele are particularly tightly sealed and therefore release only extremely small amounts of moisture into the room and hence very effectively avoid problems with mould over their long life cycle.

But it is not only energy efficiency which ensures sustainability: the use of materials which go easy on resources and a long life cycle are also important contributing factors. A significant contribution to this is made by the floor module, which was developed from scratch and whose plastic is enriched with nitrogen in an innovative manufacturing process. This saves 30 percent of material – while at the same time improving stability. In addition, the climate-friendly refrigerant R290 is used. Both the new base module and R290 are also used in almost all Miele dryer models.

As the only manufacturer in its line of business, Miele tests its dryers for a life cycle of 20 years. To test this life expectancy under representative, real-life conditions, Miele performs a battery of challenging and strenuous endurance tests to simulate 5 cycles per week or a total of 5000 programme cycles.

‘DryCare 40’ gently dries even delicate fabrics

The DryCare 40 option ensures that all items of clothing washable at 40°C can be tumble-dried without the least worry – even if textiles are not approved for machine drying according to the wash-care label. This is facilitated by reducing the air temperature during the drying process to ensure that delicate fabrics are dried so gently that damage can reliably be ruled out. DryCare 40 can be selected in a whole series of programmes such as Cottons, Minimum Iron and Shirts. This subjects fibres to no more strain than necessary and guarantees that garments keep their shape and remain soft to the touch.

Further convenience is offered by the SilenceDrum, which is only available from Miele: Buttons and zips are known to be a source of annoying noises. Thanks to a special design in which the drum is partially lined on the outside with insulating felt strips, such noises are noticeably reduced by the SilenceDrum.

Unnecessary washing can be avoided by the PowerFresh feature. Garments which, for example, have been sitting around in a cupboard for a long time can be freshened up to remove any odours they may have absorbed. This approach involves the inclusion of a moisturising phase before drying commences. Steam makes for better heat transfer to the load, thereby releasing and removing odour molecules more efficiently. The PowerFresh extra unfolds its full potential in combination with the DryFresh flacon, which additionally neutralises odours and leaves behind an unobtrusive, fresh fragrance.

*Consumption according to energy label: TDA150 C: 494 kWh/year, TWF760 WP: 161 kWh/year, TCA230 WP: 208 kWh/year. / Energy costs for the next 10 years calculated with an average price of 43 cent per kWh: TDA150 C: 2.124,20 €, TWF760 WP: 1.431,90 €, TCA230 WP: 1.229,80 €.