AEG appliances gain hygiene certification from Swissatest

AEG has gained certification for selected programmes across several of its appliances from leading test competence centre, Swissatest Testmaterialien AG.

The certification from Swissatest means consumers can have confidence that these programmes show an outstanding efficiency to remove bacteria and viruses. This certification applies to the following cycles on a number of AEG products including washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers, all of which will show the Swissatest logo:

For washing machines/washer dryers: The Anti Allergy/Anti Allergy Vapour programme removes more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses including Staphylococcus aureus, Enterococcus faecium;

For tumble-dryers: The Hygiene/Duvet cycle removes more than 99.9% of bacteria and viruses including Candida albicans and Escherichia coli; and

For dishwashers: The ExtraHygiene function removes more than 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses including Micrococcus luteus and MS2 bacteriophage.

Luke Harding, general manager at Electrolux, said: “We know there are a great number of people who are concerned about bacteria and virus spread, particularly in light of the past 18 months.

“We are therefore delighted to be able to offer certified programmes which can remove up to 99.9999% of certain bacteria and viruses. This collaboration with Swissatest supports our company goal of helping to shape living for the better. It should also hopefully give some peace of mind to our consumers.”

recent research undertaken by AEG, tackling germs was very much front of mind with consumers. The research found that one in five of all Europeans polled had increased the number of times they were doing the laundry due to COVID-19 – 14% of all Europeans cited ‘getting rid of germs’ as the main reason for washing clothes.

Iain Wareham, Electrolux’s head of product line care, said: “This is an incredibly important piece of work with absolute relevance in the times we are now living in. In order to achieve it, we involved people across the business including from R&D, product, marketing, fabric care and dish care.

“We are proud to have met the challenging test requirements set by Swissatest and delighted to be able to share the news with consumers.”

Christian Portmann, chief executive of Swissatest, said: “While it is not uncommon for programmes to target the removal of bacteria, the high performance against virus removal within AEG products is remarkable.

“This is the very first time, that we, as a scientific test institute and test material producer, are able to share our comprehensive view on washing processes with the end user, taking cleaning performance, sustainability and hygiene aspects into account

Electrolux wins four Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design

Electrolux wins four Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design
Electrolux has picked up four Red Dot Awards, the most sought-after seal of good design, for innovative laundry care products across Electrolux and AEG brands.  

“Red Dot Awards mean a lot in the world of product design,” says Simon Bradford, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux. “Once again, Electrolux has been recognized for innovation and delivering a great consumer experience.” 

The winners were chosen by an expert jury and the winning products will be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and online at

The winners are: 

Microplastic Filter

Made with at least 50% recycled plastic the Microplastic Filter helps capture up to 90% of microplastic fibers, larger than 45 microns, released by synthetic clothing and textiles when washing, preventing release into laundry waste water. The cartridge can collect microplastic fibers from several washing cycles and a red dot indicates when it needs to be emptied. It enables consumers to make a meaningful difference to the environment. 

UniversalDose drawer makes washing at lower temperature and quick cycle more efficient by mixing the detergent and water before the mixture reaches the fabrics. This delivers clean clothes at a lower temperature, with significant savings in water and energy. Visually, the UniversalDose drawer’s colors and iconography help consumers wash more sustainably whether they use pods, liquid, or powder.  

The new AEG 2022 Range 

The AEG 2022 won two awards, one for the design and consistency of the full range and one for the design alignment of the washer-dryer pair. With this product series and consistent AEG branding, Electrolux used a color combination and a left–to-right user interaction that delivers a great consumer experience, plus connectivity, with tailored programs customizable remotely through the AEG app. The brand identity across the range is maintained with a combination of design solutions in the doors, the knob, and the control panel

Kitchen Innovation Awards for AEG

Kitchen Innovation Awards were presented for the 16th time. Based on consumer surveys, kitchen appliances and equipment are recognized. The FlexiBridge XT® hob and the glass surface of the Matt Black range from AEG were convincing in several categories.

In product development, AEG consistently focuses on added value for consumers . The awards with the Kitchen Innovation Award underline this strong customer orientation . Because in the selection process – in addition to the pre-selection by a specialist and practice-oriented jury – the voice of the consumer counts . Every year, they honor product innovations with this award that particularly meet the needs of consumers. This year, AEG was pleased to receive two prestigious awards . In addition to the FlexiBridge XT® cooktop with integrated extractor , theinnovative glass surface of the Matt Black Range consumers.


FlexiBridge XT

“Consumers are increasingly demanding customizable solutions in the kitchen. Our FlexiBridge XT® hob with integrated extractor hood and flexible cooking zones is our answer to this need. It adapts to the wishes of the user – whether during the cooking process or during the planning of the kitchen,” explains Ronny Breitenfeld , Category Manager for hobs at AEG.

AEG describes: “The reliable removal of food odors thanks to automated extraction, the flexible connection of the cooking zones on both sides of the central extractor hood and its flush finish create a particularly attractive cooking experience. Both the expert jury and the consumers honored the advantages of the FlexiBridge XT with an award in the categories of functionality, ease of use, innovation, product benefits and design .”

Matt Black Range

AEG Matt Black Range presents itself with a surface finished with special glass. “When developing our glass surfaces, the needs and wishes of the users are our most important guide. Winning the Kitchen Innovation Award shows that we have succeeded in merging function, sustainability and design ,” says Ingrid Krüger , product manager for stoves and ovens at AEG.

The matt black glass surface of the premium devices is the result of a special surface treatment. A special etching process gives the glass its permanently matt appearance. By completely dispensing with chemical coatings, the matt glass surfaces are fully recyclable , do not wear out even with regular use and thus meet the high demands of sustainable design, as AEG describes it. “It is not only an eye-catcher in the modern kitchen, but also convinces with its special functionality: The matt texture of the glass surfaces has anti-fingerprint properties, is stain-resistant and easy to clean .” The Matt Black Range thus secured theAward in the categories of functionality, innovation, product benefits, design and material properties .

About the Kitchen Innovation Award

For 16 years, the Kitchen Innovation Award has been honoring product innovations in the kitchen sector that focus on the needs of consumers. Created by the LifeCare.Network initiative, the award promotes needs-based product innovations and highlights products that are particularly consumer-friendly. The winners will be determined in a multi-stage selection process . In a first step, a practice-oriented jury evaluates all submitted products with regard to the submission criteria. Consumers can then cast their votes for the products . The award is intended to provide consumers and retailers alike with clear and objective guidance when making a purchase

CamCook from Electrolux/AEG

Electrolux/AEG commitment to help consumers simplify and personalise their cooking journey is often enabled by innovative connected technologies, and CamCook® – our new food recognition feature for smartphones – is an industry first.

Using an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognise 20 predefined dishes and then send the optimal settings to the oven, the user can also build their own library of favourite dishes within the app.

CamCook® is now live in the MyAEG Kitchen and MyElectrolux Kitchen Apps in Europe.

AEG combi microwave unusable after update: device thinks it is a steam oven

Owners of a certain type of microwave oven AEG have had a device that no longer works for over two weeks. Due to a wrong software update, the microwave thinks it is a steam oven. 
It already went wrong on March 2. “An employee manually entered a wrong number somewhere, causing an incorrect update. As a result, all combi microwaves of this type no longer work in the Benelux,” says a spokesperson for the umbrella company Electrolux.

The combi microwave, the AEG KMK968000T, suddenly thinks it is a steam oven due to the wrong software update. Users get an error message when selecting a program, making the device unusable. The spokesperson cannot say how many combi microwaves are involved.

Electrolux has been trying to resolve the issue remotely for the past two weeks but has been unsuccessful. The ovens can no longer connect to Wi-Fi due to the wrong software update, so a new update cannot be performed.

The problem must therefore be solved on location, the spokesperson confirms. “We are currently in the process of informing our customers about this. We will call them to make an appointment, so that service technicians can come by to perform the update on site.”

The appointment is “of course” free, says the spokesperson. “It’s a very awkward situation and it’s annoying that it has to take so long

Preloved With AEG

AEG, are on a mission to help change fashions throwaway culture. By taking better care of our clothes and extending their lifecycle, AEG can reduce our impact on the environment and add new chapters to our stories in the clothes we love. Which is why AEG have partnered with pre-loved retailer One Scoop Store and fair fashion campaigner Venetia La Manna to curate a collection of 30 staple pieces to update your wardrobe this winter. Not only are they pre-owned, cutting out the use of the thousands of litres of water that’s required to make a brand-new garment, but they’ve also been washed with care in an AEG 9000 series washing machine before being shipped to their new home.

This winter Challenge The Expected and turn your fashion statement into a climate statement. Join us to support pre-loved fashion, so that we can create a more sustainable future, together.

To find out more

Electrolux’s partnership with BIMobject gives architects and designers the ability to transfer digital Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi models

Electrolux’s partnership with BIMobject gives architects and designers the ability to transfer digital Electrolux, AEG and Zanussi models, such as ovens, hobs, dishwashers and refrigerators, directly into their projects.

With the most comprehensive range of appliances on the platform, designers can find all the products they need, complete with installation drawings, full product specifications and 3D models, helping them plan their whole project in the most accurate and efficient manne

AEG LIVE event

AEG LIVE event we will showcase features & product benefits such as SteamBake, True Fan, Steam, Sous Vide & Induction by creating delicious and inspiring dishes that you could make at home.

Undecided on what level of steam you want or unsure if an induction hob is right for you? These sessions encourage you to seek the answers to any questions you may have and AEG product experts and staff at the event will guide you to the appliance or appliances which are right for your lifestyle and home.

Address: Unit 1, 280 Winwick Rd, Warrington WA2 8HJ

Event Date: 8/02/2020

Event Time:10am – 4pm

Tel: 01925 419814

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