Miele reducing carbon footprint

Miele takes seriously the goal of reducing its carbon footprint by intervening at different levels on the entire production cycle. As an article in the South China Morning Post explains, the company has decided to purchase the steel necessary for its furnaces from the German steel mill Salzgitter whose production process, as verified by the certification body TUV Sud, reduces emissions by two thirds. of greenhouse gases both thanks to the use of arc furnaces and by using a greater share of scrap metal as raw material.

It is not clear to what extent this ‘green steel’ will be adopted in other productions, given the high cost and still very limited supply. Salzgitter is aiming to use ‘green’ hydrogen as an energy source, reducing the ecological impact of its product to 5% compared to conventional steel. In addition, Miele intends to increase the amount of recycled plastic used from 194 to 7,500 tons / year, especially for the production of vacuum cleaners.

The Gütersloh-based company has been offsetting the greenhouse gases generated by its plants since last year, financing reforestation projects in Mississippi, Uganda and Nicaragua, as well as solar energy plants in India and biogas in Nepal.

In 2021, honey sales rose by 7.5% to 4.8 billion euros and should easily exceed 5 billion in 2022 to reach 8 billion in 2030.

SMEG coffee masterclass

Smeg have hosted an exclusive coffee masterclass to showcase their expert coffee machine brand, La Pavoni, which can be found in many of the world’s finest coffee shops.
The La Pavoni Cellini is a semi-pro coffee maker designed for coffee enthusiasts, featuring a specification that delivers what the brand describes as “premium coffee, every time, with minimal effort and maximal expense”.

Central to this is its copper and insulated boiler, which helps to deliver improved thermal stability, as well as saving energy into the bargain.

It also features twin manometers that keep tabs on the pressure of the pump and the boiler.

Smeg’s range also features the La Pavoni Cilindro coffee grinder, which features a 600g Tritan hopper at the top where one can load in one’s preferred bean of choice.

The machine can grind a specific dose to order, meaning the user is going to get a fresh brew every time. Just like the Cellini espresso machine, the design, materials used and end result are all high-end and it sits beautifully alongside the coffee-brewing unit.

Taking things up a further notch or two is Smeg’s £1,349 (around €1,600) La Pavoni Esperto lever machine, which completes the new collection.

Samsung UK Royal warrant

Samsung Electronics UK obtained the renewal of its Royal Warrant and is now recognized as a Supplier of Consumer Electronics Products, which now covers a wider range of goods and appliances. As a recognized Royal Warrant Holder, Samsung is honored to have supplied the Royal Household with quality products having received its initial warrant in 2012, and with this renewed recognition is proud to be listed alongside globally-recognized companies.

Haier new products launched in Japan

On May 18, Haier Japan held a new product launch conference in Tokyo to release new mid-to-high-end products, including large-capacity three-door refrigerators, the industry’s smallest front-loading washing machine, and Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary limited-edition refrigerators and freezersthe press conference, the video of Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary brand was played first, which conveyed the Haier brand’s adherence to the user-centered philosophy. Later, Gan Xiuming, vice president of Haier Japan, gave an opening speech, and colleagues involved in new product planning and research and development introduced the new products released this time in detail.The planning of the new three-door refrigerator stems from the demand of Japanese users for large-capacity refrigerators in the post-epidemic era. To this end, Haier Japan has launched a large-capacity three-door refrigerator with a width of only 54cm, which matches the home scenarios with its slender appearance and solves the space limitation.The planning of the new front-loading washing machine comes from the fact that 34% of Japanese users in the survey prefer outdoor drying rather than washing and drying products. At the same time, the front-loading washing machine liberates the space above the washing machine, and has the smallest capacity in the same volume segment, which meets the needs of users to pay attention to space utilization; at the same time, it realizes the smallest volume of the same volume and the only detergent softener for single-wash products. Automatic dispensing, ultraviolet sterilization and warm water washing, the comprehensive strength leads the industryThe new U-series washing machine showed a new flexible design, the industry’s first external bath water pump, and special programs such as quick washing and suit washing; at the same time, sterilization washing programs are added to meet the health needs of users. Through a full range of differentiated products, the brand presence led by the new life has been further strengthened.The Haier series freezer, which has the largest share in the industry in Japan, also launched a 168L freezer equipped with two variable temperature zones. The differentiated soft freezing function can greatly save the user’s thawing time. At the same time, the appearance uses the 20th anniversary limited color Galaxy Gray to render a high-end and elegant home scenarios

3-in-1 appliance from Aqua Optima offers filtered water on-demand

Heading up the new collection, is the 3-in-1 Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Water Filter Dispenser, powered by Strix technology, which is a kettle, water cooler and water filter all in one.

Aqua Optima said it is the only plug and go water dispenser to deliver fast-flow filtered hot, boiling or chilled water at the touch of a button.

The appliance features 49 potential option combinations, which allow the user to select from seven temperature options and there are seven volume options ranging from 200ml to one-litre.

The “plug and go” tabletop appliance offers a great solution to those who do not have the space for a larger, manually plumbed alternative. However, despite its compact size, it still features a 3.8-litre capacity

The Aurora Instant Hot & Cold Water Filter Dispenser uses Aqua Optima’s Evolve+ advanced water filtration technology, which has been developed to significantly reduce unwanted substances found in tap water. Whilst filtering out contaminants such as limescale, microplastics, chlorine, heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides, it also reduces chlorine and limescale by up to 80%.

For consumers keen to make greener choices, the Aurora Instant Hot & Cold will be an appealing prospect as each filter, which is three times faster than the leading brand, lasts for 30 days or 100 litres of water, saving the equivalent of 200 single-use 500ml plastic bottles. With Brits, for example, estimated to waste 70 million litres of water a day, and a lot of energy, by over-filling kettles, the Aurora is good for the planet too, by only boiling the amount of water required by the user.

In addition, users in the UK and the Republic of Ireland can recycle the filters for free thanks to Aqua Optima’s partnership with TerraCycle.

The Aurora Instant Hot & Cold combines its advanced functionality with remarkably quiet operation and has been awarded the Quiet Mark, making it one of the quietest appliances in its category.

Graeme Rodgers, category manager at Aqua Optima, said: “We are very proud of this collection, particularly the Aurora Hot & Cold, as we think we’ve managed to design and create an appliance which combines a kettle, chiller, and filter jug into one small footprint appliance.

“It doesn’t require any plumbing, is simple to operate and gives the user the ultimate in controllability, with multiple temperature and capacity options. At a time when consumers are evaluating not only their environmental choices but their energy use from a cost perspective, the Aurora offers a perfect solution.”

STEEL world first

The STEEL Mistral is the first stove in the world, in which an oven, induction hob and cooktop extractor is combined. The brushless high-performance motor, has an extraction capacity of 700m3/per hour spread over four positions with a maximum noise level of only 63dB. As a result, cooking air is extracted very effectively and silently.FLEXzone induction technology can of course be operated by extremely solid solid steel control knobs, which are of course placed at the front of the stove. These are not only easy to operate the induction zones, but also provide more space on the induction hob.

The Mistral is standard equipped with carbon filters, suitable for plasma technology and air extraction directly to the outside.

The multifunctional convection oven has a net capacity of 91 liters and is equipped with the new and patented INNVENT ventilation technology. Two fans rotate in opposite directions, ensuring perfect hot air distribution over the entire surface on all levels.

The oven has a maximum temperature range of 315°C. The full color TFT screen is also electronically adjustable by means of control buttons and displays the core temperature of the dish if desired. The soft-close door hinges ensure a silent door closing.

Steel is an Italian company with a long family heritage. Situated in Carpi near Bologna and founded in 1999, it is owned and run by the Po family, who are the third generation to be involved in the production of range cooking equipment.

The original company was set up by Angelo Po in 1922 and his craftsmanship in stainless steel helped produce the first hand made stoves and later, the production of high quality appliances for restaurants.

Today Steel has come to the forefront of the manufacture of range cookers and hoods for the domestic market. Innovation and functionality are the byword for Steel’s aesthetic designs and professional approach to kitchen products.

As Steel has grown, so has the importance of their own brand names such as Genesi, Ascot and Sintesi and there is also a range of semi-professional barbecues and out-door cooking equipment.

Euronics focus on sustainability

CIH, the electrical buying group, which is part of Euronics, has launched a new campaign focusing on sustainability that will run throughout the year and form a foundation for the brand going forward.

The dramatic jump in energy prices in recent months is part of the rising cost of living for UK consumers who are also increasingly aware of climate change and the general health of the planet.

The Government has introduced extra legislation to ensure that the products that consumers purchase are as energy efficient as possible.

Euronics is well placed to offer advice on the right electrical appliances and how they can be used to best effect to minimise energy and water consumption

“There’s so much information out there on sustainability that it can be a little overwhelming,” said Steve Scogings, chairman of CIH.

“What sets Euronics apart is our agents. They are your local experts and are there to find the most energy efficient appliances to fit their lifestyle and help customers navigate a pathway to a more sustainable future.

“Our ‘Just Ask’ messaging encourages consumers to speak to their local agents and learn more about what can be done and which products will fit their lifestyle the best. We will be providing agents with all the information and collateral they need to support customers with these decisions.”

The aim of the sustainability campaign is to help consumers understand the technologies contribute towards sustainability, and how to use their appliances to maximise energy and water efficiency, as well as the recyclability and the lifecycle of individual solutions.

Euronics has a range of tools available to help consumers understand the latest technologies as well as guidance on legislation.

For instance, Youreko’s Energy Savings Tool will help people realise the benefits of buying an energy efficient appliance. There is support for laundry, dishwasherand refrigeration products.

The Euronics website provides an overview of some of the key technologies available in the latest products including sensor drying technology, auto dosing, heat pump technology and induction hobs. It also includes useful features such as a guide to the updated energy labels, making it clearer for people to understand when they are looking at individual products.


Shark Ninja Leading home technology company has signed up to take new office space at Battersea Power Station, following its expansion in Leeds last year

Engineering laboratories will take up 50% of the area, with further space dedicated to leading-edge testing facilities

This brings the total office space that has been pre-let inside the Grade II* listed Power Station, which opens to the public from September, to over 560,000 sq ft

SharkNinja and Battersea Power Station are pleased to announce that 25,000 square feet of new office space, Switch House Hall, inside the Grade II* listed Power Station has been taken by the global manufacturer of vacuums and home appliances.

The new office adds to SharkNinja’s existing footprint in the UK and forms a key part of the business’ continued expansion, with the workforce to consist entirely of product teams across largely engineering and design.

SharkNinja will start fitting out the space this Spring, with employees expected to move in this September when the Power Station also officially opens to the public. The office is expected to provide seating for 190 people, with 135 at launch.

The new London office will provide SharkNinja with significantly larger workshop facilities with sophisticated testing facilities for all categories. Alongside this, engineering laboratories will comprise around 50% of the site, with purpose-built facilities developed to suit the current needs of SharkNinja and to facilitate its ambitious growth plans.

With state-of-the-art development salons, kitchens and other facilities, the London teamwill drive forward the global development of products across all categories.

SharkNinja will join the 500,000 sq ft of office space taken by Apple and The Engine Room, a bespoke 40,000 sq ft co-working offer, by IWG.

The office forms part of SharkNinja’s objective of expanding its global footprint, with London-based employees developing more products that resonate in the European market.

SharkNinja’s Vice President and General Manager of London, Lauren McMullan said:

“SharkNinja’s continued growth is driven by the success of new product launches, alongside the dedication, commitment and skill of our fantastic global teams. We are continuing to invest in our workforce in order to spur further international expansion, and our latest acquisition of office space in the capital is reflective of our growth in recent years.”

“The state-of-the-art facilities in our new Battersea Power Station site will allow our staff to continue driving innovation for SharkNinja and we are excited to welcome everyone to the new office space which is focused on encouraging collaboration and productivity.”Shark is the UK’s best-selling vacuum cleaner brand, and Ninja is the UK’s bestselling multicooker brand, outselling all other brands in the UK. It is the continued growth of both brands which has allowed SharkNinja to increase its network and footprint across the UK.