Hisense Europe is officially opening an innovation center in Velenje

Hisense Europe, the European part of the Chinese technology group Hisense, which also includes Gorenje, is officially opening an innovation center next week in Velenje. The grand opening of the center for research and development in the field of household appliances for the whole of Europe and for kitchen and premium appliances for the global market will take place on Monday. In the invitation to the event, Hisense Europe, which is based in Velenje, wrote that the development of technology and devices within the group will take place in Velenje, regardless of where the production of individual devices will take place and which market they will be intended for.

With the opening of the center, for which they have been preparing for a long time, “Hisense further strengthens the importance of Slovenia as its central European production and development location, which also brings new investments and jobs”, the corporation pointed out.

Hisense Europe has business units in 27 European countries, as well as three production and four research and development centers. In the group, the field of research and development was identified as one of the most important pillars of the company’s development. This is also why they have invested a lot of money for this purpose in recent years – last year there was talk of 50 million euros – and the group has also strengthened the recruitment of technological staff.

In addition to Velenj, the group has so far carried out research and development activities in Slovenia in Ljubljana and Maribor.

ASKO had a good year

It was a good year.
ASKO appliances have been noticed by both experts and consumers, and they have been granted various awards for design and innovative functions.

The world’s most prestigious design competition iF DESIGN has awarded two innovative ASKO products. The ASKO Elevate™ induction hob with integrated extraction and selected ASKO DW60 dishwasher models were granted an iF DESIGN AWARD 2022.

ASKO DW60 models also won The European Product Design Award™. The award was created to recognize the efforts of talented international product designers who aim to improve our daily lives with their practical, well-thought-out creations. EPDA rewards the strategic thinking and imagination which goes into making a great product.

ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet has been granted a Good Design Australia Gold Award. The prestigious award is the Australian highest design honour and has been recognising and rewarding excellence in cutting-edge design and breakthrough innovation since 1958.
ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet displays all the functional elegance that characterizes ASKO craftsmanship, care and technology.

Esquire.com and Goodhousekeeping.com crowned the ASKO Wine Climate Cabinet “Best Wine Cooler for Collectors”.

ASKO Craft combi-steam oven is a winner in a consumer test in Norway by Anbefaler.com. The test compared integrated steam ovens across different price categories, and the ASKO oven was crowned “Best integrated oven”. According to Anbefaler.com, “ASKO produces ovens of excellent quality, and a graphite black design fits into any kitchen”.

ASKO Logic Heat Pump Tumble Dryer has been awarded joint best tumble dryer of 2022 from Good Housekeeping. ASKO tumble dryers do more than just dry your clothes perfectly. You can use them to refresh clothes instead of washing them – either using air or steam.

ASKO washing machine W2086R.W was selected by the Foire de Paris jury and it was presented in the Grand Prix Innovation selection.
The ecological aspect of the appliance was especially appreciated by the jury, composed of specialized journalists and home equipment experts. They have chosen the ASKO appliance for its ecological features that “leads to interesting energy and detergent savings”.


Creative marketing strategy for premium Swedish home appliance brand ASKO, conceived by Trout Creative Thinking gives the globally established brand a local flavour. The strategy harnesses the power of brand endorsement through talent and media partnerships to create captivating content that draws the attention of Australian renovators, architects, and designers. The content campaigns aimed to increase awareness of the ASKO brand in Australia while showcasing key product launches for the brand including the Wine Climate Cabinet, the world’s first smart wine cabinet which was recently awarded Gold in the Australian Good Design Award.

While ASKO has been in Australia for 52 years, the brand partnered with Trout to design and implement a combination of strategic talent and media partnerships unlike anything ASKO has delivered in one of its largest global markets to date. The result is a campaign that strikes a unique balance of aligning to the ASKO brand globally yet making it relevant to the Australian market.

Asko Elements

The new Elements design range by ASKO.

Elements are pure. They can’t be divided. But when combined, they create something original and new. Elements by ASKO now comes in a unique combination of Pearl Grey with soft-grey painted glass, which features a subtle metallic sprinkle. The grey earthy tones create a soft, sophisticated ambiance, while the metallic sparkles add a rich, layered effect as they wait for the spotlights to bring them vividly to life.

Visit Asko at Salone del Mobile.Milano EuroCucina and discover new ASKO colour.

ASKO since 1950

The ASKO story is a good one. It started back in 1950 in Vara, Sweden with an innovative young man’s dream to build a washing machine for his mother to suit her every need. A unique, energy and water efficient machine that would reflect a farmer’s love for nature. One with superior cleaning performance and reliability that could heat water, spin and even had both durable and stainless steel drums.

Today, more than 60 years later, ASKO is a global brand which design and develop premium Kitchen, Laundry and Professional appliances. Asko machines meet the highest
demands on design, function, durability and environmental awareness. Asko manufacture products with extremely high quality https://www.asko.com