Bosch appliances Which winners

Bosch is named which best large kitchen appliance brand for the first time since 2014, rounding off a golden year for the manufacturer. 14 of the 18 Bosch appliances Which tested over the past 12 months are Best Buys, including top-scoring models in fridge reviews, washer-dryer reviews and washing machine reviews. Bosch also has more Eco Buys – our environmentally-friendly appliance recommendation – than any other brand. This proves you don’t need to spend over the odds if you want a sustainable kitchen appliance.

Bosch GlassProtect

Bosch presents GlassProtect, the induction cooktop with a special coating developed by their partner Schott that’s especially resistant to unsightly scratches caused by sand or sponges. Abrasive sponges often used to remove dried-on food from the cooktop can also behind scratches, as well as fine grains of sand can do. In addition, all types of metal objects pose a threat to the flawless surface of every glass-ceramic cooktop.

Not even GlassProtect can prevent all scratches, but it can prevent most of them. The special coating developed by the glass manufacturer Schott is approximately 95 percent more resistant to scratches caused by sand and about 70 percent more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges than conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating.

The appliance with the GlassProtect surface is being presented as part of the Bosch carbon black product family in two versions: one model with the timeless ComfortProfile and one flush-mounted model for installation into the countertop. Both models are 80 centimetres wide and have a multi-purpose FlexInduction zone and three standard cooking zones.

DirectSelect Premium operation epitomizes modern operating standards. And with the Home Connect app, the extractor hood can be conveniently controlled via the cooktop, so there’s no more going back and forth while cooking. Moreover, the PerfectFry frying sensor ensures healthy frying thanks to its reliable temperature control that preserves vitamins and is gentle on cookware.

Bosch SmartGrow

BSH announce that our Bosch’s SmartGrow Life is available for purchase in several countries across the EU! 💚

From the design, development, and all the way to the packaging team, Bosch brought a product to life that beautifully and sustainably allows you to grow herbs, salads, and edible flowers indoors all year round! 🌱

Made in Europe, By Bosch

Bosch SmartGrow indoor garden

Like a garden, only smarter.

  • Grow 50+ different herbs, salads, edible flowers, microgreens and fruits
  • Harvest fresh herbs all year round
  • Enjoy 100% natural taste – free from genetic engineering and pesticides
  • Experience a perfect harvest thanks to the intelligent hydroponic system
  • Without a green thumb

Bosch washing machines Which best buy

Congratulations to Bosch who’s Serie 4 washing machines WAN28281GB & WAN282X1GB are officially a Which? Best Buy! With eco-friendly features such as ActiveWater Plus, saving on water and SpeedPerfect, washing 65%* faster without compromising results, it’s not hard to see why it’s a winner. 

*Difference between the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C and the duration of Easy Care Programme 40°C in combination with SpeedPerfect option. 

New Bosch induction hob with integrated hood

The new Bosch induction hob Series 4 PIE631B15E with integrated hood can be installed practically in any kitchen. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, with TouchSelect it is possible to select the cooking zones and set the desired power level, directly and quickly. Furthermore, the Quick Start and Restart functions make cooking even easier: when the induction hob is switched on it automatically selects the area where the pot has been positioned and, before being switched off, it memorizes the cooking settings which will then be restarted. Other pluses of the product are: PowerBoost, Count-down timer to switch off the cooking zones at the end of the set time, AutoOn function (the ventilation system switches on automatically, with 3 electronically controlled power levels). Finally, the hob has the CombiZone function to combine two cooking zones into one.

Bosch Cookit

The Cookit offers timesaving solutions for cooking fresh food daily. Now, it is even easier with the “My Recipe” feature that lets consumers create and save their own favorite recipes with step-by-step instructions. A big thanks to all the consumers for their valuable feedback! 🤩

Preview this new feature and get a delicious goulash recipe 🥘 😋

New Bosch Built in ovens

The new Bosch Series 6 ovens presents the Hotair 3D technology, which activates both the fan and the circular electric heating element located on the rear wall of the oven. Working in synergy, the fan quickly and evenly distributes the heat produced by the heating element which, expanding throughout the oven cavity, heats the cavity at 360° with a three-dimensional effect. “In this way – the company says – it is possible to cook different dishes on different levels, without any mixing of flavours and aromas, achieving perfect cooking results every time: whether it is a question of cooking a dish from the beginning, or regenerating, using the special function, dishes that have already been prepared or prepared the day before”. The new Bosch 6 Series ovens with steam pulses have a 220 ml removable water tank that can be easily refilled. The intensity of the steam pulses can be set manually, as required, or automatically. “Those who are new to the kitchen or want to simplify their daily cooking routine can let themselves be guided by the AutoPilot function – the company adds -. Thanks to the 30 pre-set automatic programmes, all you have to do is put the food in the oven, enter the weight, press Start and let AutoPilot do the rest: from choosing the most suitable function, with or without steam, to the temperature and duration, right through to turning the oven off when it is cooked”.

Bosch new dishwasher range

Bosch presented its new collection of dishwashers, which includes built-in and freestanding models. The numerous washing programs, designed for every need, together with the EcoSilence Drive brushless motor and new functions, guarantee an efficient use of water and energy. In addition, the models have the PerfectDry system with Zeolite, a mineral that absorbs the moisture to transform it into heat and lasts for the entire life of the product, regenerating itself during each cycle. This technology is completed with the 3D air flow, able to evenly distribute the heat generated by the Zeolite inside the dishwasher. Other pluses of the new dishwashers are: the Extra Clean Zone for intensive washing and the third Extra Space basket. Finally, the dishwashers can be connected via Wi-Fi to the Home Connect App to easily control and manage the functions directly from a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch and have some additional functions, available only via the app. Among the functions that can be managed remotely, there are: Favorite, Silence on Demand (to reduce the noise level), Easy Start (which guides user in choosing the most suitable washing program for the type of dishes loaded) etc. Thanks to the connection to the most popular voice assistants, it is possible to manage the dishwasher with voice control.

BSH and Plum work together

BSH and Plum entered into a strategic partnership to explore potential smart appliances for the kitchen. “BSH has a long history of redefining the kitchen through innovation and a focus on consumer centricity, so we are thrilled to enter into this partnership with Plum to explore providing industry-leading technology, quality craftsmanship, and our combined vision of bringing the modern kitchen to life”, said Christofer von Nagel, CEO of BSH Home Appliances Corporation. As BSH explains, Plum makes wine chillers and dispenser Plum created the first fully,-automated system to preserve, chill and serve wine by the glass, along with a large portfolio of technology and intellectual property including industry-leading technology around preserving and dispensing liquids. Plum has also developed a suite of software for appliances including embedded software designed specifically for interactive appliance touchscreens with over-the-air update capability, remote diagnostics and resolution, and image recognition.