V-Zug new wine cooler

Among its new products 2022-23, V-Zug presents the WineCooler V4000 90, characterized by classic design and lifestyle-oriented features. It is a built-in model offering space for up to 38 bottles and ensuring professional cooling and a perfect serving temperature at all times. The minimalist design featuring a dark interior and flexible racks made of sustainable Swiss beech wood takes cooling wine bottles in the kitchen to a whole new level.

The glass door without handles opens with the lightest touch thanks to the TouchOpen design. Not only can the racks be pulled out to select a wine bottle, but they can also be guided into an angled presentation position. This gives the choice of stacking as many bottles as possible or showcasing individual bottles and their labels. The flexible racks mean you can even return open bottles and decanted wines to the cooler to maintain the optimum temperature.

The WineCooler V4000 90 follows the Excellence Line design. With its elegant front in Black or Platinum mirror glass, it can be seamlessly combined with V-ZUG ovens, steamers or a fully automatic built-in coffee machine and harmoniously integrated into any kitchen.

Carla De Luca, Sustainable Procurement, on how we’re helping our suppliers become more sustainable Electrolux

Carla De Luca, Sustainable Procurement, on how we’re helping our suppliers become more sustainable
December 1, 2022
As a sustainability leader, Electrolux Group aims to reach net-zero emissions across the value chain by 2050. To make this happen, it is vital our suppliers are on board. Carla De Luca, Sustainable Procurement Senior Program Manager at Electrolux, explains how we’re working with them to improve their environmental performance.

Tell us a bit about your role.

I’m a sustainability leader, focused on responsible and environmentally-conscious business practices and decision making. My role was created four years ago to create a center of excellence within purchasing at Electrolux and I work with our top 300 suppliers to improve their environmental performance.

How does your team work with sustainability?

We have had a responsible sourcing program for over 15 years at Electrolux with some awesome activities. But what we’ve done over the last three years is to strengthen the environmental assessment of our suppliers. This has created a more holistic approach to supplier relationship management and sustainable procurement that ensures we take better informed decisions to make our sustainability goals a reality. 

Why is sustainability so important in purchasing? 

With supply chain emissions being on average 12 times higher than operational emissions, we recognize that working with suppliers is vital to reducing our overall carbon footprint to reach our 2050 goal.  

We have to work closely with both our purchasing teams and our suppliers in order to achieve our sustainability objectives. In fact, I see our supply chain as an extension of our own business and we are ultimately asking our suppliers to work with their business in the same way as we run our own operations. We have committed suppliers, but they sometimes need our help and support to improve their sustainability performance. 

How do you promote sustainability among suppliers? 

Our initial priority was to get our suppliers to start measuring their carbon footprint and to set their emissions reduction targets. This was a huge task but essential in enabling them to reduce their emissions. 

We also worked to change the misconception that sustainability increases cost – to introduce a “value-based approach”. In our supplier training sessions, we raise awareness that sustainability can leverage cost reductions, for example through energy and resource efficiency. Our value-based approach to purchasing takes a much broader perspective on value than just cost, which is good for business and a more sustainable world. 

How have our supply chain partners responded? 

I’m really proud of our suppliers who I have spent a lot of time engaging with to make sure they are on board with our sustainability approach. We actually receive messages of thanks from suppliers, and they really see Electrolux as a change agent that contributes toward their shift to becoming more sustainable. 

What are the success factors that make Electrolux a world leader in sustainable procurement?

Besides our holistic and value-based approach to sustainability, I would say it’s our dedication to supplier engagement and collaboration.

In 2022, we are the only CDP member company in the world with a 100% supplier response rate (among 250+ customers with over 150 suppliers engaged). As companies have an average response rate of 65-70%, we have a clear advantage when we engage with our supply chain.

We also collaborate and share best practice. For example, we are planning to roll out our Green Spirit program, which is our internal initiative to reduce environmental impact in our own operations, to some of our suppliers. At Electrolux, we have so much expertise and experience and we want to help bring our suppliers along on our sustainability journey

Electrolux redundancies

Electrolux announces redundancies: there will be 76 in Porcia and 25 in Susegana. Not renewed 300 expiring workers
The union: only voluntary and incentivized exits. In Italy the total number is 222 cuts. Redundancy fund risk in 2023
There are 222 redundancies announced by Electrolux for Italy during a meeting with the trade unions. The most substantial personnel cuts will be absorbed by the Porcia plants which will see the exit of 40 employees and 36 workers (10 of whom in the spare parts warehouse), and Forlì which will instead see a cut of 19 employees and 77 workers. Redundancies for 25 employees in Susegana while the cuts will affect 10 employees in Solaro in the province of Milan. The site is also the protagonist of an investment process which in the next few years will see the company spending around 102 million euros to modernize the production lines. In Cerreto there will be 5 outgoing employees while in Assago there will be two redundancies.

The operation aims to be concluded within the first quarter of 2023 and provides for the use of the incentived Naspi instrument. The negotiation will continue in the individual plants.

Teka AirFry built-in oven

Teka presents the new black glass design of the AirFry oven. The brand’s ovens with automatic AirFry function are perfect for cooking in a healthy way, without the need to use oil. Foods cooked with air are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a better texture and flavor.

Also noteworthy is its large XXL capacity, its automatic cooking functions, its SurroundTemp multifunction system that guarantees better heat distribution and its Touch Control touch programmer.

The AirFry oven is distinguished by incorporating a special perforated tray: the FryMaster Box, which allows perfect air circulation with which food is cooked evenly without having to turn it over. In addition, it includes another deeper enamel tray and a grill.

With the SurroundTemp multifunction system, which these pyrolytic ovens incorporate, a better heat distribution is guaranteed, achieving a uniform cooking effect in each preparation.

Guaranteed cleaning and savings

The oven models that incorporate DualClean ensure fast and efficient cleaning and combine pyrolysis with the automatic system with HydroClean® Pro technology, which through steam allows grease and dirt adhered to the oven walls to be easily removed. with a damp cloth. Likewise, the three trays included in the oven are suitable for the dishwasher.

This range of ovens has the A+ energy classification, with which it is possible to save more than 20% on the electricity bill (compared to other Teka models).

Elica design award


Elica wins ‘Archiproducts Design Awards 2022’ in the “Kitchen” category with LHOV. An award that recognises excellence in the creativity, research and innovation of the new Elica product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven.

LHOV is Elica’s brand-new product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven in one.
A single unit that maintains and enhances the smooth lines of your kitchen, equipped with an extraction system that eliminates vapours and odours; not only from the hob but from the oven as well.

Introducing the brand new Rayburn Ranger, fully-electric

Introducing the brand new Rayburn Ranger, a fully-electric Rayburn cooker providing flexible, energy-efficient cooking and stunning styling. 

The brand-new all electric Rayburn Ranger ® – with its gorgeous retro styling and the option of four beautifully bold and four contemporary neutral shades – is perfect for those looking to make a statement in the kitchen.

But its stylish good looks are only half the story. This cooker is also the most technically advanced Rayburn ever made.

Vestel to Launch Vestfrost in Czech Republic

The Turkish manufacturer has been active on the European market for many years and presents itself every year at the IFA fair, where this year it showed new products under various brands it owns or has a license for. This includes, for example, Sharp in the household appliances category, Daewoo with a wider portfolio including televisions and appliances, and the well-known Vestfrost brand. It is already physically presented in some branches of the Electro World chain and now also in the new Alza.cz showroom and sales point in Prague’s Čakovice. Representatives of the retro series can be seen on site, including a robust 90 cm wide stove or refrigerator from the so-called Art Collection. We expect that Vestel will continue to increase its activities not only in the Czech Republic in 2023.

Bertazzoni Design award

The new induction hob with integrated hood P804ICH2M37NT by Bertazzoni received the Archiproducts Design Award 2022. The ADA award aims to reward research and innovation, especially when able to emphasize the emotional and functional power of a project. In particular, the Archiproducts Design Awards reward those products which, by means of new materials, shapes or functions, are able to revolutionize and improve the quality of life today and tomorrow.

«Bertazzoni applied its engineering know-how to develop a new induction technology with integrated ventilation. The result is a new generation of household appliances. The P804ICH2M37NT induction hob with integrated hood combines two appliances in one product. An extraordinary synthesis between cooking and aspiration enclosed in the iconic Bertazzoni design» – the company explained.

The integrated hood, available in suction or filtering mode, is equipped with 10 speed selections and automatic control. The suction system is 100% safe against water leaks. It is possible to regenerate the carbon filters in the oven for long-lasting use. The model is equipped with automatic operation, that allows the hood to automatically adjust the speed according to the power chosen for cooking.

Neff Collection Showroom opens in Rome

Neff opens in the heart of the Rome a new flagship store developed on two floors and signed by Alessandro Dal Monte and Chiara Pischiutti of Loop Design On the ground floor, characterized by large windows that allow for the creation of natural lighting, there is the “Bistrot” area with a large active island kitchen and the “Social Table” , a symbolic element of the Neff brand. On display all the premium appliances by Neff: from the iconic Slide&Hide® ovens with the exclusive retractable door to the induction hobs with integrated hood , from the Glass Draft design hood to the brand new range of wine cellars , from dishwashers to built-in refrigerators and free placement. Downstairs, a large training areadedicated to customers and resellers, to get to know and try out Neff appliances and related features. The showroom is characterized by an elegant and welcoming style, where there is no shortage of well-finished elements and details that recall the world, the style and the founding values of the company, such as authenticity, sharing and the link with the territory.

For the showroom inauguration events, Sarah Cicolini , chef and owner of the contemporary trattoria “SantoPalato” and Paolo Ciavarro took on a challenge in the kitchen in the name of the best Roman culinary tradition with the help of Neff appliances, while the DJ Alessio Bertallot offered guests the best of the music he selected for the “Neff Sounds Good” project in a dedicated DJ set. This opening follows the experience of the similar brand store in Milan , located in via Lazzaretto 3, opened in 2018 in the central Porta Venezia district.

“ We are proud to inaugurate this new space entirely dedicated to Neff in the heart of Rome. This is a very important stage for the development of the brand in our country: through the Neff Collection Showroom we intend to establish ourselves further in the area and bring the brand closer to final consumers, who are passionate about cooking and beyond, so that they can live real experiences in contact with the brand, touching the uniqueness of our appliances with your own hands ” says Sarah Evi, Neff Brand Communication Manager .