Elica and Fuji Industrial commemorate 20 years of collaboration
with an event at the Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo.
One of the longest running relationships between Italy and Japan,
that goes beyond business.

has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the , 24 November 2022 – Elica, world leading company in the production of
kitchen ventilation systems, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Ariafina. The
brand born in Japan as a result of the joint venture with Fuji Industrial, Japanese leader
in the production of kitchen hoods.
To mark the celebration, an event promoted by the Ermanno Casoli Foundation in
collaboration with the two companies will be held today at the Italian Culture Institute
in Tokyo, where “Iride”, a work of art by the Italian artist Gianluca Malgeri, made in
honor of this anniversary, will be presented. Once again it will demonstrate the
importance of art and culture that has led Elica to bring forth successful paths, even
beyond national borders.
The venue chosen to celebrate this important anniversary was not accidental: The
Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo is an institution committed to spread our country’s
history and culture, as well as to promote Italian creativity in Japan. The building where
the Institute is based, designed by Gae Aulenti, is one of the most significant symbols
of the strong relationship between the two nations. Moreover, the Ariafina joint
venture, combining the beauty of Italian design with the flawless functionality of
Japanese industrial tradition, is an excellent example of how two seemingly distant
worlds are able to communicate, also thanks to the universal language of art.

This collaboration dates back to the beginning of the 2000’s, a period in which Elica,
undergoing a moment of significant expansion, decided to broaden its horizons by
looking towards Japan: a highly industrialized country, where the cooperation with a
local partner was necessary to work there. Hence the decision of the joint-venture
with Fuji Industrial, indisputable leader in the Japanese kitchen hood sector with a
market share of over 50 percent Ariafina Co Ltd was established from the partnership between the two companies, with
the aim of operating in the high-end market segment: a top-level market niche that
did not exist in the Japanese hood sector at the time.
Over the years, Ariafina has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the
Japanese kitchen, which had always been small and barely visible in the house. Thus,
establishing itself today as a well-known brand able to combine the quality of Italian
design with the avant-garde of Japanese technology.

Bertazzoni hob with integrated extractor

The Bertazzoni range expands thanks to the new induction hob with an integrated hood and with four cooking areas. It is a functional appliance with innovative technologies, such as multi-slider control, which allows you to reach a higher level of precision, thanks to the independent and direct management of each part of the hob. The sophisticated design is further refined by its circular grid, with the brand’s iconic logo in brass to complete.

Novy Group announces appointment of new global CEO

Novy has announced the promotion of Francis Gistelinck from commercial director to chief executive officer for global operations. His new role officially commenced on 1st September 2022.

Based at the company’s HQ in Kuurne, Belgium, Gistelinck takes over from CEO, Carlos Wanzeele, who has stepped down from his eight-year tenure following the successful sale of the family-run business to Middleby Residential. Whilst in the role, Wanzeele doubled the company’s turnover from 45million to over 100million Euros.

Francis Gistelinck started work at the Novy Group in 2016. Together with Carlos Wanzeele, they developed a global growth expansion strategy for Novy, which included the appointment of Owain Harrison as country manager who set up the first ever Novy UK and Ireland subsidiary, launching in 2017. Since then, the Novy brand has firmly established itself as a leading name in luxury extraction and vented induction hobs, with a network of kitchen specialists throughout the UK. The company says that Gistelinck will be focusing on further growth the brand, including new innovations in product development, whilst building synergies for Novy’s distribution and operations within the Middleby Residential portfolio around the world.


AEG launch two new extractor hobs: the 6000 Bridge with eXTractor and the 8000 Bridge/FlexiBridge with eXTractor, designed to bring freedom to kitchen planning, as people upgrade and make the cooking space more sociable. Located in the middle of the hob, the extractor fan is activated once a cooking zone is used, powerfully removing vapor quietly and quickly at the source. It filters and recycles the air back into the room and the breeze function ensures a fume-free kitchen after the cooking has been completed, by continuing to refresh the air.

Elica results

Elica’s first-half 2022 results are something to be proud of. Despite the challenging situation and the market uncertainties,

Elica posted outstanding 1H results with revenue at EUR 290.2 million, up 7.7% on 1H 2021. This growth was driven by sales of own brands and Motors Division, led by an even stronger Q2, setting new revenue and margin records.

Infinity G1 Edition, the new Teka special edition line

Teka consolidates its commitment to design with the launch of Infinity | G1 Edition , its new line of household appliances. This range has been developed in collaboration with the Italian design studio Italdesign Giugiaro , which has inspired and manufactured innovative solutions throughout the world.

Among the appliances that make up Infinity | G1 Edition, there are the Gas on Glass plates with self-ignition technology. Also a state-of-the -art pyrolytic oven ; a vertical hood with the FreshAir system, which renews the air, getting rid of annoying odors and keeping the environment fresh; a compact oven with SurroundTemp multifunction that guarantees better heat distribution; and a ceramic-based integration microwave Infinity | G1 Edition is the most accurate portrait of what design means to us”, assures the Teka team. And it is that it is a special edition inspired by emerging trends in jewelry, exclusive vehicles and the latest technology in premium products.

Thus, the new line is equipped with technological features and benefits that provide precision and simplicity during its use . In addition, it stands out for its attractive and elegant aesthetics, in matte black with copper-colored details .

One of the purposes of the new line Infinity | G1 Edition is to demonstrate that design is one of the fundamental pillars of Teka. In this case, it combines Italdesign’s design with the firm’s interest in turning the kitchen into a setting for significant experiences .

In this sense, Teka’s Infinity Design concept arose as a response to the firm’s need to integrate design into its entire range of products and solutions for the kitchen. Therefore, it is based on a key idea: “Everyone deserves great design”.

However, this concept was born under the motto “Where cooking becomes art” and, without knowing it, it marked the beginning of a new stage for Teka. A phase based on four design principles : minimalism with performance, originality, authenticity and personality, and intuition and functionality.

Now, Teka’s goal for 2022 is focused on continuing to offer designs capable of creating unique experiences and products for consumers’ kitchens to view more see Teka in you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ori5n-93TBs

Falmec Elements collection

Elements collection by Falmec becomes part of a modular, multifunctional architecture that is totally integrated into the kitchen. The “Elements” concept is expressed in different solutions designed to adapt to the multiple needs and types of installations in the kitchen. The range includes three new models: Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall.

Monolith is an element with a precious design, placed on the worktop, designed to meet the various needs in the kitchen, in a refined way. The system consists of a 90 cm suction element and accessory container modules – which can be placed on the right or left – of 30, 60 or 90 cm, which allow a functional and personalized set-up.

Shelf looks like a real suction shelf. Thanks to the exclusive Multi-Air technology, the suction body is extremely thin and incorporated into a shelf structure of only 10 cm, equipped with a removable cover, to increase suction capacity. The “hood” element can be enriched with additional modules of 60 and 90 cm, which can be positioned to the right or left of the extractor body to configure different furnishing compositions by creating a hanging system, which opens up new open design spaces.

Finally, Air Wall vertically integrates the extraction in an exclusive backlit white tempered glass panel, transforming the back of the kitchen into a functional surface, which sucks in the fumes and at the same time illuminates the space with a pleasant ambient light. The magnetic system of the panel also allows you to add functional accessories, which are also magnetic – such as tablet supports, spice racks and shelves – which allow the user to place them anywhere on the surface

Faber launches the K-LINK technology

Faber’s K-LINK technology creates a smart connection between induction hob and hood through an integrated system that works with radio waves. Thanks to a simple gesture, hob and hood are connected and communicate with each other, allowing a continuous flow in the preparation of the recipes, without having to stop to set the power of the hood based on that of the hob. The system, always active because the radio signal is never interrupted (not even in the presence of dirt residues on the hob), guarantees the perfect functionality of the hood, at the same time avoiding the waste of energy and decreasing the excess of noise that can occur by setting the suction at an excessive level compared to the fumes produced. There are several models featuring this technology, such as the ceiling hoods Heaven 2.0, Heaven Glass 2.0 Flat, Heaven Light Pro and Heaven Air.