Elica to purchase Air Force

Elica SpA, leader of the Group that produces cooker hoods and extractor hobs, has entered into an agreement which provides for the purchase from Urbano Urbani, minority shareholder of the subsidiary Air Force SpA, of 40% of the latter’s share capital. This operation will allow Elica to take over Air Force SpA to 100% Air Force is a company of the Group that manufactures high quality cooker hoods and hobs, characterized by a high level of customization and uniqueness. The offer is aimed at a specific market niche and is able to satisfy the customer’s needs for product customization, moving away from the mass market.

Air Force SpA was established in 1997, its mission has always been the continuous innovation of extractor hoods and induction hobs. All through study and innovation, accompanied by the desire to launch a style, to propose a Made in Italy even more focused and advanced on the selection processes, where high quality is expressed with functionality and reliability, design and innovation.

Experience, design, flexibility and innovation made in Fabriano are the characteristics that fit perfectly into the development and growth of the Elica Group.

In numbers, the Air Force achieved a turnover of approximately 31.0 million euros in 2021 and an Ebitda of approximately 1.6 million euros with a cash balance of 5.4 million euros.

Elica, again awards for Ikona Maxxi Pure

Iconic, technologically advanced and essential for indoor air: Ikona Maxxi Pure , the first Elica hood that integrates an air purifier equipped with the Combo pure filter, a special combination of HEPA and carbon filters that captures particles up to 1 micron, is wins new international awards .

In fact, the product wins in first place the IF Design Award , the most important international design award that is annually conferred by the IF International Forum Design in the Kitchen Products category . Thanks to its recognizable pyramid-shaped lines and through pluses of high innovation and efficiency contained in the product, Ikona Maxxi Pure is positioned as platinum at the A’Design Award in the A ‘Home Appliances Design Award category .

Elica also obtained first place at the German Innovation Award in the Excellence in Business to Consumer category , reserved for those who propose solutions that are distinguished mainly by “user centricity” and the added value of the product. Its design, in fact, for a faster action, allows the activation of the “Boost” mode. By doing so, Ikona Maxxi Pure, in just 20 minutes, completely regenerates the air of a living space of 30m², equal to the size of a medium-large kitchen combined with the living area.

The Elica hood had already obtained, last February, two other prestigious awards: the Good Design Award 2021 , in the Kitchen and Appliances category, and the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 , in the Large Electrical Appliances category, for the criteria of functionality, ease of use. use, innovation, product benefits and design , representing a solution that perfectly meets the needs of contemporary living, where functionality and design combine to ensure comfort and well-being: it effectively eliminates odors, fumes and vapors produced by cooking while completely regenerating the air in the living area, neutralizing harmful agents and polluting particles.

V-Zug powersteam

CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam: the fastest Combi-Steamer

The CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam is a fully-fledged combi-steamer and a high-end microwave in one. It offers a variety of preparation methods in one device.

Our PowerSteam combi unit is the fastest combi steamer on the market. It can do everything that our proven models can. However, it steams and bakes at record speeds – while preserving food quality, colour, texture and flavor. The integrated inverter microwave can be used alone or in combination with the combi-steamer. A potato will be steamed 30% faster and any type of food will regenerate up to 40% faster. The big difference to baking and heating up in the microwave: the steam prevents the dish from drying out.  

Energy efficient and gentle on the food

In contrast to conventional microwaves, which feed in their power in a pulsating manner, the inverter microwave in the PowerSteam constantly delivers the required power. This allows precise, even and vitamin-preserving heating without local overheating. Sensitive foods such as chocolate or butter can be gently melted.  Thanks to the inverter technology and the associated better energy distribution, the three operating modes hot air, steam and microwave can be used at the same time without any problems. Thanks to the ingenious design, the microwaves are distributed precisely in the cooking space, where they ensure evenly heated food. Programs PowerSteam
Intelligent operating modes with power
The various operating modes of the CombiSteamer V6000 45M PowerSteam use the best of every heating technology. The microwave, which switches on automatically with the operating modes, provides the extra power.

power steaming

PowerSteam combines steam and microwave in one operating mode – this reduces the cooking time by up to 30%. Due to the short cooking time, the food retains its texture and taste – quality, vitamins and color are preserved.
Power hot air with steaming

The Power hot air mode with steaming accelerates preparation and ensures evenly heated results. The combination of hot air, microwave and steam makes dishes such as chicken or lasagne crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
power hot air

Whether it’s cake or oven-roasted vegetables: With Power hot air, dishes turn out up to 30% faster. The combination of hot air and microwave ensures a nice surface and a juicy core.

In the PowerRegenerate operating mode, hot air, microwave and steam save up to 40% of the time compared to conventional regeneration. Selected dishes or whole dishes are heated evenly in record time without drying out.

In the defrosting mode, options are available that are ideally tailored to the food in question. General defrosting, meat defrosting and bread defrosting can be selected individually – for even results without heating the food.

Siemens Red Dot Hood

The Red Dot Best of the Best Award was given to Siemens for its Integrated Design Hood. Jörn Ludwig, a designer from the team, shared his pride: “This project is a perfect example of successful teamwork: the close collaboration not only with the engineers but also between all brand designers resulted in an innovative built-in hood. The appliance combines ingenious German engineering to create more space for our consumers with a sleek and almost invisible industrial design: the hidden glass flap integrates the user interface in a remarkable easy and intuitive operation.”

AQ Sense Range of Hoods from Franke

The new AQ Sense Range of Hoods from Franke Home Solutions is a step forward in keeping the kitchen air quality safe and bringing smart technology into the home.

Thanks to its AQ Sense technology, the hoods are equipped with an air quality sensor that constantly monitors the air quality, temperature and humidity. The hood automatically activates when unsafe levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are detected, ensuring that the indoor air quality remains safe and healthy in your kitchen.

Everything can be controlled from your phone through the Franke App, and the AQ Sense Range is also compatible with Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, there is also a built-in browser, so recipes, music, videos and much more can be enjoyed while keeping the kitchen safe. A truly smart solution that every house