Introducing the brand new Rayburn Ranger, fully-electric

Introducing the brand new Rayburn Ranger, a fully-electric Rayburn cooker providing flexible, energy-efficient cooking and stunning styling. 

The brand-new all electric Rayburn Ranger ® – with its gorgeous retro styling and the option of four beautifully bold and four contemporary neutral shades – is perfect for those looking to make a statement in the kitchen.

But its stylish good looks are only half the story. This cooker is also the most technically advanced Rayburn ever made.


The art of cooking revolves around control. That not only applies to creating the perfect balance of flavors, but also the precise heat to bring them to life. A mere matter of degrees can mean the difference between a beautifully-inbrowned grouper and a mushy mess. The Smart Gas Range from Hestan gives you precision control of your flame’s temperature – not just the size of flame. Set your flame’s heat to the exact degree you need and your Smart Gas range automatically maintains that perfect temperature – for perfect results every time.

Smart Gas controls your flame by temperature, not just size.

The Hestan Smart Gas AccuKnobTM not only gives you precision control down to the degree, it automatically adjusts to maintain that perfect temperature as you cook. No flare ups. No boil overs. No scorched surprises

STEEL world first

The STEEL Mistral is the first stove in the world, in which an oven, induction hob and cooktop extractor is combined. The brushless high-performance motor, has an extraction capacity of 700m3/per hour spread over four positions with a maximum noise level of only 63dB. As a result, cooking air is extracted very effectively and silently.FLEXzone induction technology can of course be operated by extremely solid solid steel control knobs, which are of course placed at the front of the stove. These are not only easy to operate the induction zones, but also provide more space on the induction hob.

The Mistral is standard equipped with carbon filters, suitable for plasma technology and air extraction directly to the outside.

The multifunctional convection oven has a net capacity of 91 liters and is equipped with the new and patented INNVENT ventilation technology. Two fans rotate in opposite directions, ensuring perfect hot air distribution over the entire surface on all levels.

The oven has a maximum temperature range of 315°C. The full color TFT screen is also electronically adjustable by means of control buttons and displays the core temperature of the dish if desired. The soft-close door hinges ensure a silent door closing.

Steel is an Italian company with a long family heritage. Situated in Carpi near Bologna and founded in 1999, it is owned and run by the Po family, who are the third generation to be involved in the production of range cooking equipment.

The original company was set up by Angelo Po in 1922 and his craftsmanship in stainless steel helped produce the first hand made stoves and later, the production of high quality appliances for restaurants.

Today Steel has come to the forefront of the manufacture of range cookers and hoods for the domestic market. Innovation and functionality are the byword for Steel’s aesthetic designs and professional approach to kitchen products.

As Steel has grown, so has the importance of their own brand names such as Genesi, Ascot and Sintesi and there is also a range of semi-professional barbecues and out-door cooking equipment.

Rangemaster Classic 90FX

The new Rangemaster Classic 90 FX has a wealth of features, including a large capacity multifunction oven with energy saving panel, vast flex cooker offers a generously sized 114-litre multifunction oven with easy-clean enamelled interiors. For smaller meals when the full oven is not required, the handy energy saving panel can be used to divide the oven cavity in half. With the panel in place, only the right-hand side of the cavity is heated, which not only saves energy, but also turns the left-hand side into a plate warming space. When not in use, the panel can be stored in the full-width drawer below the cookerible hob space and full width storage drawer.Complete with teppanyaki griddle as standard, the gas hob has five burners – including a powerful multi-ring burner – to suit all pan sizes, while the durable cast iron pan supports are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.
The new Classic FX 90 is available now. For more information, please visit

Fisher & Paykel unveils its first Freestanding Range Cooker with Induction Cooktop.

Fisher & Paykel’s first Freestanding Range Cooker with Induction cooktop and large capacity convection oven with induction hob.

Designed for perfect multi-shelf cooking, this 90cm Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Induction Cooker lets you cook several dishes at the same time with its spacious induction cooktop and large capacity, self-cleaning convection oven. With heritage styling and a black finish, this Cooker becomes the centrepiece of the kitchen. The AeroTech™ system circulates air evenly throughout the entire oven so dishes on the top shelf turn out just as perfect as food cooking on the bottom shelf.Easy to clean

The pyrolytic self-cleaning oven cycle breaks down food residue, the flat glass surface is easy to clean, and acid resistant graphite enamel means that oven-cleaning is no longer the arduous task that we tend to put off. The hob simply needs a gentle wipe to remove spillages and keep it looking as good as new and the pyrolytic self-clean oven cycle leaves only a light ash that can be removed easily with a damp cloth.

The New Generation 91cm Wolf Dual Fuel Range now in the UK

The New Generation 91cm Wolf Dual Fuel Range now in the UK comes packed full of features and enhancements of the previous model including:

  • The largest oven cavity in a Wolf oven with 155L of useable space
  • M-Series Dual Verticross Convection technology
  • Intuitive colour touch screen
  • Halo backlit control knobs
  • Larger screen on oven control knobs
  • Redesigned griddle with larger surface area
  • Gourmet Assisted cooking mode
  • LPG or Mains Gas ready

For more information on the New Generation Wolf Range Cookers