Wine Store

ASKO’s new addition to its Wine Cabinet collection.

Push to open function Optimum humidity levels Virtually vibration-free compressors Controllable temperature zones Activated charcoal-filtered airWCN25842G under-counter wine cabinet can hold up to 38 bottles, and includes two separated temperatures zones making it perfect for storage and serving
The handle-free design and plinth-like ventilation grill allow it to effortlessly blend in under kitchen counters.

Pando Wine coolers

Pando expands its range of wine cellars with the new undercounter models PVMB 40-28 with handle and PVMBP HD 40-28 with “push-to-open”, both opening to the right or left, 40 cm wide and with capacity for 28 bottles.

Pando wine cellars have a clean and careful design with black glass finishes, various options for opening the door, such as: with a handle or with “push-to-open”, both opening to the right or left. In addition, they have a triple glass that makes the wine cellar a safe option to keep the cold; digital display, ideal for regulating the temperature, both in Cº and Fº, turning on or off the sleep mode; open or operating door alert systems, among others; and a practical “soft-close” door closer, with a heavy-duty hinge that allows the door to close softly.

Dacor Wine dispenser

Dacor Wine dispenser Preserve and store up to four bottles of wine with two customizable temperature zones (reds and whites can be chilled at their recommended temps). Bottles stay fresh for up to 60 days

Marvel Wine Coolers

Marvel Wine Refrigerators preserve the integrity of your wine collection. Our detailed design specifications target crucial properties of proper wine storage like precise temperature stability, vibration neutralization, UV light resistance and other safeguards. We take pride in protecting your bottles until you’re ready to uncork and enjoy.