Haier investment in Turkey

The past weekend was very unique for Haier Europe. They have celebrated the expansion of the company’s largest European production and xport center in Turkey with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many national and local stakeholders.
With an overall €85 million investment and 1,600 jobs creation, we’ve opened the new tumble dryer platform which will further be enriched by the dishwasher factory that will be operational in 2022.

Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, 

Following the strong growth in 2020, Haier refrigerators have led the industry in Western Europe.

According to the data, from Jan. to Sept. 2021, despite the challenge of the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, becoming the industry’s number one brand in terms of growth rate.


Among the fast-growing categories, Haier multi-door refrigerator market share achieved number one with the API of 143. 

The breakthroughs are inseparable from the premium brand building and innovative products tailored to the specific demands of local consumers. In response to the needs of European users for large-volume, healthy preservation during the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Cooling Overseas has launched large-capacity, full-space preservation refrigerators. The cold storage room with separate dry and wet storage compartments and the freezer room with constant temperature and humidity provide users with healthy fresh storage solutions. 图片

The increase of market share is also indispensable from the layout the scenario solutions. Especially in Sept.,Haier Europe introduced the various scenarios to local users at Milan Design Week.

With its leading products and advantages on scenarios solutions, Haier Smart Home continues to fulfill the requirements of global consumers in the globalization process.


Electrolux has inaugurated in Susegana (TV), “Genesi”, the most automated factory of the Group in the world that will produce built-in refrigerators. It required an investment of over 130 million euros and 134 new permanent hires, covers an area of ​​42,000 square meters, and hosts 1.2 km of assembly lines, equipped with over 6,000 sensors and 116 robots.

Advanced automation, digitization, innovation through new modularized product platforms, and important progress for operators, aimed at enhancing their skills and further raising the safety bar: these are the objectives that have guided the Electrolux Group in the implementation of its factory in most automated in the world, Genesi, which was inaugurated today in Susegana (TV).

Announced in July 2019, the project of the Genesi plant in which built-in refrigerators are produced using the most modern Industry 4.0 logic, represents the realization of an investment of over 130 million euros, of which over 95% made within the system Italian production: 1,200 meters of production lines, 116 robots and an automation level of 49, the highest in the world within the Electrolux Group. This change necessitated an important training plan for personnel working with the new systems and technologies, with over 7,000 hours of training on 36 different topics. Added to this is the inclusion of highly specialized profiles which have led, from 2019 to today, to over 130 permanent hires, including experts in connectivity, robotics,

Massimiliano Ranieri, Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Business Area Europe of Electrolux

“Genesi is part of a transformation program that the company has undertaken globally and of its Digital Transformation strategy. This new plant represents the window on the future of our innovative and sustainable way of producing, of responding to the demands of consumers and the market, and of enabling working synergies between people and machines designed to facilitate their work “, declares Massimiliano Ranieri. , Chief Executive Officer of Electrolux Italia and Chief Operations Officer of the Electrolux Business Area Europe. “I am particularly proud to be here in Susegana to inaugurate Genesi which, with its automation level of 49, the highest in the world for Electrolux,

The active workers online, between 60 and 100 depending on the product being processed, will operate in a completely new way, aimed at optimizing technical times and preventing errors or accidents, using the tools of industry 4.0: from tablets, smartwatches, touch screens and artificial vision systems. Furthermore, through more than 20 km of network cables, a central computer – DOME, Digital Operations Manufacturing Execution, a project of the Electrolux Group for the digitization of factories – collects and coordinates in real time the millions of data that come from automations and factory systems; data that support people in their daily work, allowing to intercept possible quality defects in advance and making available the ‘evolutionary history’ of each single product. Great attention was also paid to the well-being of the workers: the manual positions, designed according to the best international standards in the field of ergonomics, will be customizable according to the physical characteristics of each of them.The built-in appliances that will roll out of the new production lines of the Susegana plant will further strengthen Electrolux’s competitiveness in the refrigeration sector. The presence of 42 automatic quality measurement systems and that of over 6,000 sensors, together with various new technologies, will in fact guarantee a product capable of emitting up to 20% less CO2 and responding to all consumer needs: maximum performance , great attention to energy consumption and sustainability, optimal food conservation and waste reduction.

SEB trains repairers who extend the life of small household appliances

The heavy weight of the small household appliance launched a repair workshop with an insertion organization.

Porte de la Chapelle in Paris, the leader of small household appliances SEB has just inaugurated a place of a new kind, called RepareSeb. Open to the public, this 900 m 2 “workshop-boutique” is dedicated to repairing and reconditioning products, with a view to reselling or renting them (fondue or raclette set, heating robot, etc.). Launched in early 2021 with Groupe Ares – the leading player in integration through economic activity in Île-de-France – the site employs around ten people trained in the profession of repairer with a view to accessing stable employment after fifteen months.

The objective is to reach around thirty employees in professional integration each year. “RepareSeb is at the crossroads of the solidarity economy (with the resale of second-hand products), the social economy (by allowing professional reintegration) and the economy, because we want this social joint venture to be profitable ” , explains Thierry de La Tour d’Artaise, CEO of SEB. In France, SEB can count on 200 repairers, independents who have their own shop.Not enough. “There is a lack of repairers, admits the manager. Boulanger and Darty are interested in managing the second life of the products, with RepareSeb. ” SEB has invested less than 1 million euros in the project, where its own technicians work. The city of Paris has contributed 350,000 euros and the region for 121,000 euros. “The repair economy must be embodied in places serving Parisians ,” supports Florentin Letissier, city deputy, in charge of the circular economy. This is why the city got involved in the project. ” If this first test is successful, other RepareSebs should open in France

Arçelik Advanced manufacturing

The World Economic Forum (WEF) included Arçelik’s Eskişehir refrigerator plant into its “Global Lighthouse Network,” which recognizes leaders in utilizing Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies. It has joined the ranks of the world’s most advanced manufacturing plants, following in the footsteps of Arçelik’s washing machine plant in Ulmi, Romania, and Ford Otosan Kocaeli Plant, both of which were named “Global Lighthouses” in 2018.

Since 2018, the Global Lighthouse Network list has admitted just 90 manufacturing plants to date and these have been selected among more than a thousand candidates. «At Koç Group – said Koç Holding CEO Levent Çakıroğlu – we are focused on increasing our competitiveness, improving our technology and innovation capabilities while managing our business through a global lens. We see digital transformation as a key component of our cultural transformation program».

Çakıroğlu also underlined the significant investments made in digitalization. «Today – he said – our Arçelik Eskişehir Refrigerator Plant – the biggest large-volume refrigerator production facility in Europe, which started production in 1975 – has been selected by the World Economic Forum as one of the world’s leading Industry 4.0 plants. This prestigious global recognition is much deserved thanks to investments in digitalization, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robot and sensor technologies and other exemplary technological practices. I’d like to thank all of my colleagues for helping achieve such a significant success that made us proud

BSH Achieve circulareconomy

In order to really achieve a circulareconomy, Bosch have recently developed a new materials and substances strategy. But what exactly does that mean? And what are our current goals? This and much more about BSH’s commitment to sustainability and consumercentricity

Curious to learn more? Check out Bosch siemens Material & Substance Strategy Blog Post: https://stories.bsh-group.com/en_DE/article/improving-quality-of-life-for-earth-44786

Teka award winning

Teka continues to win awards for the design of its products. The SteakMaster oven stands out as the number one winner of the highest award in the professional categories of the European Product Design Award. For its part, the gas + induction hybrid hob as the winner of the “Top Design” category; and finally, Gas on Glass, the Universe sinks and the Vario Pro series with honorable mentions.

SteakMaster or how to cook a perfect ribeye at home

It is the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect ribeye like a professional cook. With an exclusive grill designed to reach a temperature of up to 700º on its entire surface and the use of the special cast iron grill of the oven, it allows the meat to obtain a caramelizing effect with a crunchy texture. In addition, it incorporates 20 exclusive automatic programs that guide the temperature and cooking time, for different recipes depending on the type of meat, cut and finish.

The best of both worlds with hybrid boards

This hob combines the speed of induction and the tradition of gas, with the two systems working together. In the induction part, in addition to having 3 direct functions (simmering, melting and keeping warm), the plates with MultiSlider allow to independently and directly control each cooking zone with a high level of precision. With a simple swipe of your finger, you select the temperature you need.

And in the gas part: 9 different powers for multiple types of cooking. From position 1, which is used to maintain the temperature of the food; up to position 8 and 9 for frying.

Universe sinks: greatness in the small details

This series stands out for its variety, functionality and the beauty of its surface. It offers a wide range of compositions, sizes and finishes, and its Lifetime Warranty seal ensures durability for a lifetime.

VarioPro series, integration and versatility

The modular range that is custom designed, with modular 30 cm plates and hood with flexible and minimalist design for seamless integration.

For its part and dedicated to lovers of traditional cuisine, Gas on Glass hobs with the ExactFlame system, with which it is no longer necessary to worry about whether the intensity of the flame is correct. Since it is possible to control the intensity of the fire in the simplest and most precise way by choosing the power range between 1 and 9. In addition, these plates have self-ignition and detect if the flame has been extinguished, automatically closing the duct to avoid possible accidents .


The UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Microplastics has published its first report, calling for new rules which would require washing machine manufacturers to fit microfibre filters by 2025.  

Such mechanisms, which are to be required by law in France by 2023, have proven up to 90 per cent effective in stemming the flow of textile microfibre emissions.

Alberto Costa, the Conservative MP which assembled the APPG, told The Guardian: “This is a sensible, reasonable and cost-effective measure. The key to this [push from the new group] was getting manufacturers on board, and they agree this can be done with little expense to consumers.”

Hisense Europe group

In 2020, Hisense Europe group generated under two billion euros in sales revenue, of which more than 97% was in the household appliances sector. One billion of the mentioned sales revenues was generated in the markets of Western Europe market, more than 800 million euros in Eastern Europe and the remaining part in the rest of the world. Production company Gorenje generated 1.19 billion euro in sales revenue last year, which is a 42.3% increase compared to 2019.

2020 was the first year of operation within the newly established Hisense Europe Group, which includes all the company production, service, sales companies and subsidiaries in Europe and geographically covers Europe and the CIS region (Central and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the countries of the former Soviet Union). The corporate structure has been simplified, which enables more efficient business management, and business results have significantly improved since the second half of 2020.
«Last year – the comapny explains -was extremely demanding for production. From March to May, when the coronavirus epidemic swept across Europe, orders fell sharply (by as much as 65%), while three to four weeks of production shutdowns at all production sites led to extremely low levels of production and capacity utilization. With timely measures in response to the outbreak of the pandemic and the adjustment of sales strategies, we managed to create new opportunities and quickly increase sales and business volume. We were in close contact with our customers at all times and kept them informed on a daily basis about the state of supply chains in Europe and China».

«Moreover – the company goes on – Slovenia becomes Hisense’s global R&D center for kitchen appliances. Last year, Hisense Europe group invested 42 million euro in research and development activities, of which almost 12 million euro in new product development. By investing in R&D, we are improving the competitiveness of our products to support growth and structural improvement in sales. We increased the number of R&D employees to close to 400. In June 2020, we established Hisense’s global R&D center for the development of kitchen appliances in Velenje, which we are still staffing and employing engineers, graduate engineers and masters in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer science

Samsung ties up with Seoul National University to develop key components for home

Samsung Electronics will collaborate with Seoul National University to develop key components that will be applied to future home appliances. Through the partnership, Samsung will secure technologies for improved energy efficiency, low vibration, low noise, and enhanced durability of compressors and motors.

Samsung said in a statement on September 10 that it signed a memorandum of understanding with Seoul National University to jointly develop next-generation technologies for compressors and motors. They will form a research team specialized in various fields such as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and material engineering.

Compressors and motors are key parts of white goods mainly used in the kitchen and the laundry. The durability and performance of the moving parts are key marketing points promoted by many global consumer electronics makers. To attract more customers, Samsung started providing lifetime warranty services for appliances that house digital inverter compressors and motors in 2021. Samsung said it will strengthen the quality of key components to provide differentiated services to consumers.