Teka MasterSense induction hob

Teka launches its series of MasterSense induction hobs.

The DirectSense model is the only one on the market that offers the possibility of cooking rice from start to finish, just by pressing a button. Simply put the rice and water in the container and select the RiceCooking function. When the rice is ready, the plate will turn off automatically thanks to the temperature and time control.

The MasterSense series stands out for its versatility, since it offers different models and sizes that adapt perfectly to each kitchen. In addition, these plates make it possible to cook a dish from start to finish, thanks to their temperature sensors.

In addition, these plates incorporate a wide variety of direct access functions such as: grill, griddle, fry, boil, slow fire, melt, confit or rice. By selecting one of these functions, the hob itself determines the ideal temperature thanks to its revolutionary smart sensor technology.

FullFlex Induction

Within the MasterSense series, we can find the FullFlex induction hobs, which provide maximum flexibility by being able to use the entire surface at the same time as a single burner, cooking with up to a 420 mm pot.

Flex Zone

The MasterSense series also has so-called Flex zones, which provide extra flexibility. The Flex zone is a rectangular zone that can be fully activated, allowing us to cook with rectangular containers such as grills or teppanyakis. In addition, it is distinguished by the SlideCooking function, which changes the power automatically by simply sliding the container on the plate. You can cook with high heat in the front, medium in the middle, and keep recipes warm in the back.

XXL Zone

The MasterSense series also has plates with XXL zone, a cooking area with a surface area of 320 mm added to the induction plate, on which to cook with large containers.

Durability and high quality

Teka is committed to quality and resistance and reflects this through its manufacturing materials. The plates are made of Schott ceramic glass, the market leader

Infinity G1 Edition, the new Teka special edition line

Teka consolidates its commitment to design with the launch of Infinity | G1 Edition , its new line of household appliances. This range has been developed in collaboration with the Italian design studio Italdesign Giugiaro , which has inspired and manufactured innovative solutions throughout the world.

Among the appliances that make up Infinity | G1 Edition, there are the Gas on Glass plates with self-ignition technology. Also a state-of-the -art pyrolytic oven ; a vertical hood with the FreshAir system, which renews the air, getting rid of annoying odors and keeping the environment fresh; a compact oven with SurroundTemp multifunction that guarantees better heat distribution; and a ceramic-based integration microwave Infinity | G1 Edition is the most accurate portrait of what design means to us”, assures the Teka team. And it is that it is a special edition inspired by emerging trends in jewelry, exclusive vehicles and the latest technology in premium products.

Thus, the new line is equipped with technological features and benefits that provide precision and simplicity during its use . In addition, it stands out for its attractive and elegant aesthetics, in matte black with copper-colored details .

One of the purposes of the new line Infinity | G1 Edition is to demonstrate that design is one of the fundamental pillars of Teka. In this case, it combines Italdesign’s design with the firm’s interest in turning the kitchen into a setting for significant experiences .

In this sense, Teka’s Infinity Design concept arose as a response to the firm’s need to integrate design into its entire range of products and solutions for the kitchen. Therefore, it is based on a key idea: “Everyone deserves great design”.

However, this concept was born under the motto “Where cooking becomes art” and, without knowing it, it marked the beginning of a new stage for Teka. A phase based on four design principles : minimalism with performance, originality, authenticity and personality, and intuition and functionality.

Now, Teka’s goal for 2022 is focused on continuing to offer designs capable of creating unique experiences and products for consumers’ kitchens to view more see Teka in you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ori5n-93TBs

Teka steakmaster

Multifunction Pyrolytic oven with special Grill and Cast iron grid for Steaks Exclusive SteakGrill technology (700º) to prepare meat as in a barbecue
Cook Steak, Entrecote, Rib eye steak or grilled hamburgers in just a few minutes All you need to get the perfect steak
Discover SteakMaster, the first and only oven that gives you a restaurant-quality steak at home. Thanks to the innovative and exclusive technology developed by Teka alongside Michellin Chefs, that guarantees the best results in each preparation. Welcome, steak lovers.
Special cast iron grid to prepare grilled meats
20 Special automatic meat programs
DualClean Pyrolysis + Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System
Included Accessories: 210mm Arcos®️ professional knife and special grill glove with an exterior silicone design

TEKA Airfry built-in ovens

Crispy fry recipes are much healthier now with 😋 TEKA AirFry!

✅ AirFry allows you to cook frying recipes in a healthier way using very little fat.
✅The special FryMaster Box has a special perforated tray so you don’t have to turn it around when cooking your food.
✅SurroundTemp technology distributes heat evenly, so your recipes are homogeneous and evenly cooked.

HydroClean® PRO cleaning systemMultifunction SurroundTemp9 Cooking functionsCapacity, gross / net: 71/70 litersFryMaster Box, specially designed tray for frying


AirFry FunctionJust leave your food and open your oven and enjoy your meal.Crispy results in your oven with the new AirFry function. Quickly and easily prepare frozen or pre-cooked potatoes, chicken wings or nuggets. Your fresh vegetables will be juicy and crunchy with just a few drops of oil. Easily access the Air Fry function on your oven panel and enjoy great food in a cleaner, safer way.

FryMaster BoxDo not turn the food over!The Teka AirFry Oven has a special perforated tray that provides excellent air circulation, so that the food is cooked evenly and without turning it over.

XXL CapacityCook a variety of recipes for the whole familyCompared to other Teka models, you can prepare 30% more meals than a conventional oven thanks to its 71-liter capacity.

It combines efficiency and technology. Don’t worry about the energy you expend while cooking. Teka’s AirFry Oven will save you more than 20% on your monthly electricity bill with A+ energy

Teka takes the pizza 🍕

The new MaestroPizza oven from Teka makes the hearts of pizza lovers beat faster. At 340° C, the oven reaches the perfect cooking temperature for Neapolitan pizzas. The MaestroPizza is super fast, it prepares a pizza in just three minutes (preheating is necessary). This means that 10 pizzas can be prepared in just 30 minutes.The MaestroPizza oven is not only a world first due to its high temperatures and baking speed, but also a state-of-the-art multifunctional oven that can be used to prepare all kinds of recipes. In addition, it features the innovative SurroundTemp system – an extra resistance that circulates and distributes heat evenly to prepare delicious dishes.

Another plus is the double cleaning system: the Pyrolysis cleaning system provides a deep cleaning and turns grease into ash, while the HydroClean cleaning function is the perfect tool for daily cleaning. The Teka MaestroPizza oven has an energy efficiency class of A+.

Teka award winning

Teka continues to win awards for the design of its products. The SteakMaster oven stands out as the number one winner of the highest award in the professional categories of the European Product Design Award. For its part, the gas + induction hybrid hob as the winner of the “Top Design” category; and finally, Gas on Glass, the Universe sinks and the Vario Pro series with honorable mentions.

SteakMaster or how to cook a perfect ribeye at home

It is the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect ribeye like a professional cook. With an exclusive grill designed to reach a temperature of up to 700º on its entire surface and the use of the special cast iron grill of the oven, it allows the meat to obtain a caramelizing effect with a crunchy texture. In addition, it incorporates 20 exclusive automatic programs that guide the temperature and cooking time, for different recipes depending on the type of meat, cut and finish.

The best of both worlds with hybrid boards

This hob combines the speed of induction and the tradition of gas, with the two systems working together. In the induction part, in addition to having 3 direct functions (simmering, melting and keeping warm), the plates with MultiSlider allow to independently and directly control each cooking zone with a high level of precision. With a simple swipe of your finger, you select the temperature you need.

And in the gas part: 9 different powers for multiple types of cooking. From position 1, which is used to maintain the temperature of the food; up to position 8 and 9 for frying.

Universe sinks: greatness in the small details

This series stands out for its variety, functionality and the beauty of its surface. It offers a wide range of compositions, sizes and finishes, and its Lifetime Warranty seal ensures durability for a lifetime.

VarioPro series, integration and versatility

The modular range that is custom designed, with modular 30 cm plates and hood with flexible and minimalist design for seamless integration.

For its part and dedicated to lovers of traditional cuisine, Gas on Glass hobs with the ExactFlame system, with which it is no longer necessary to worry about whether the intensity of the flame is correct. Since it is possible to control the intensity of the fire in the simplest and most precise way by choosing the power range between 1 and 9. In addition, these plates have self-ignition and detect if the flame has been extinguished, automatically closing the duct to avoid possible accidents .

Teka presents its new Combi Maestro refrigerators with IonClean technology to fight bacteria

Teka today announced the launch of its new line of Combi Maestro glass refrigerators, available in two different black and white finishes to suit all types of homes.

This is a new version of its range of Maestro equipment which now presents itself with a new glass door finish that incorporates the latest technologies and new features of the range in terms of refrigeration and hygiene systems.

The refrigerator is of the combi type, with the freezer at the bottom and a total height of 192 cm, a width of 70 cm and a net capacity of 461 liters. It has the LongLife No Frost system which keeps food fresh longer, as well as two independent cold circuits to prevent the mixture of odors and the formation of ice and frost.

With IonClean technology

IonClean technology has also been integrated, which, thanks to the generation of negative ions, is able to reduce the proliferation of microorganisms inside the refrigerator, thus sterilizing the containers and eliminating, according to the manufacturer, bad odors. possible such as bacteria, fungi and spores.

Like the rest of the refrigerators in the range, this model comes with the FlexiRack system which allows you to adjust the height of the door shelf and thus store different sizes of containers according to our needs. It is also possible to adjust the door shelf by pressing its side buttons and thus make the most of the storage capacity.

This new range also incorporates the VitaCareBox compartments, a drawer to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer without losing their vitamins thanks to personalized humidity control, and ZeroBox, which keeps products cooler than the rest of the refrigerator, 0 to -3º, being designed to preserve meat and fish.

The new models have an energy classification E and according to their creators can save up to 60% energy compared to other competitive refrigerators.

The new Combi Maestro refrigerators with Teka glass doors can now be purchased in Spain in black and white finishes for prices of around 1199 euros.

Teka tips to take advantage of all the advantages of the microwave

The microwave has more prominence every day in our kitchen, but most of the time we do not take advantage of all the advantages that this appliance offers us. Teka offers some tips that discover new ways to use it and will make this appliance the perfect assistant in the kitchen.

Get all the citrus juice
Take advantage of every drop of vitamins in your homemade juices by heating the lemons or oranges you are going to squeeze for 20 seconds at high power. This way you will get all the juice out of the fruits and they will be easier to squeeze without wasting anything.

Get the onion does not make you cry more
Forget the tears in the kitchen every time you have to add onions to your recipes and ally with the microwave. Cut the two ends of the onion and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds at maximum power.

Make your food more crispy
If your fries have begun to soften and you want to return that characteristic crunch, or you want to add crispy bacon to your burger in the purest American style, the microwave can also help: wrap any ingredient you want to turn into crunchy paper and introduce it two minutes at 800 W to remove moisture. If you want it even more crispy, you can repeat that process at 30-second intervals, always being careful not to overdo it.

For lovers of this texture, Teka incorporates a Crunch function in the microwaves of its Maestro range, which allows all foods to brown with only a spoonful of oil. Your ferrite plate guarantees a very healthy and uniform cooking with crispy results.

Prepare a café worthy of coffee shop
If you dream of that frothy cream that covers the coffee, you can get it with your microwave. You just have to fill a glass jar with whole milk, shake it a little and put it in the microwave, without a lid, about 30 seconds at maximum power.

Peel rebellious tomatoes with ease
Tomatoes can sometimes be very hard to peel. But the microwave can even with the most rebellious skins.

You just have to heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds and the skin of the tomato will easily peel off just by sliding your knife.

Dry your aromatic herbs
Do you love to cook with aromatic herbs but after using a small amount you do not know what to do with them? Your microwave has the solution once more. Wrap the leaves without stems in kitchen paper and heat them in the microwave one minute at maximum power on each side. If they break easily when finished, they are ready.

Finally, to save time in cleaning and daily maintenance, Teka offers a microwave range with flat and ceramic base and an exterior with anti-fingerprint stainless steel and black and white glass finish, which are cleaned quickly and look like new with a minimum maintenance.

Teka lunches new French Door Gourmet Fridge freezer,

Teka launches French Door Gourmet, its most innovative refrigerator with the best features. The LongLife No Frost technology improves the freshness of food thanks to its three independent recirculation circuits, and its drawers allow you to make the most of the space and conserve meat, fish, fruits and vegetables with the ideal temperature.

See it on YouTube


Teka launches French Door Gourmet 4 Door, an exclusive product with a careful design and a technology that will exceed all the expectations of the users. This refrigerator , which is presented in the market in two colors, black and stainless , has a capacity of almost 540 l , which is 30% more than the market average.

Also, the firm wants to be close to its users and take care of them through their kitchen products. That’s why French Door Gourmet includes IonClean technology , which neutralizes bacteria and odors that occur inside the refrigerator.

With three circuits that generate cold air independently in each of its compartments, LongLife No Frost technology improves the freshness of food in the refrigerator and freezer, allowing the user more precise control. In addition, with this system, the humidity conditions are kept optimal avoiding ice and frost.

Efficiency and performance
This refrigerator is located in a range of excellent performance and efficiency. Thanks to its design and manufacture, Teka has created a product that is more durable and responsible with the environment. French Door Gourmet consumes less and is a quieter refrigerator thanks to its high efficiency A ++ inverter motor .

Also, to make the day to day of the users easier, this refrigerator has a display on the door to control the temperature of the freezer and the refrigerator without having to open the door, thus avoiding the loss of cold.

GourmetBox is a compartment for the most demanding. It is a more evolved drawer that offers the user a more precise and versatile format, telescopic with soft closing and with an independent cooling circuit that allows to regulate the temperature between -2º and + 3º C with an internal display.

And, to finish, the VitaCareBox compartments have a personalized moisture control so that fruits and vegetables keep their vitamins and nutrients in optimal conditions for longer.


Teka is participating in Espacio Cocina SICI 2019, one of the most important cooking fairs, with more than 140 countries represented, hand in hand with its distribution partners. Held in Valencia with Cevisama, between January 28 and February 1, welcomes the main brands and firms, both national and international appliances, sinks, faucets, kitchen accessories.

After the successful marketing campaign launched last summer, with which it achieved more than 13 million visits, in which Grupo Teka announced its new brand positioning under the slogan “Donde se la la vida”, the firm he wants to continue to connect with people and provide experiences that go beyond the characteristics of products and innovation.

The company seeks to awaken emotions and create moments, unforgettable experiences. Therefore, taking advantage of the fair and under the values of the brand, honesty, generosity and originality, Teka is present working closely in the stands of customers and partners presenting their new products for this 2019. Among them, are the new range of ovens All glass colour as well as the new Full Flex induction plates with direct cooking functions, such as frying, pochar or plancha.

Teka takes advantage of SICI to present the French Door Gourmet refrigerator, which thanks to its low friction Inverter motor, allows lower consumption and quieter operation. It also has the Gourmet drawer equipped with an independent refrigeration circuit, which allows each user to select the temperature between – 2 and 3 degrees.

Finally, the company will also present the Iknob badge, protagonist of the advertising campaign “Feel the power of iKnob” that incorporates an innovative removable command, providing a great improvement in the usability of the board and power control. This novel product is characterized by its screen-printed design in LED, which is invisible when the plate is off, achieving total harmony between the countertop and the design of the kitchen.