Teka manufactures all its products with 100% renewable energy in Spain

Since 2020, the entire manufacturing process of Teka products at the Zaragoza and Santander plants is carried out with 100% renewable energy. Likewise, Teka’s offices and warehouses in Spain also use green energy. Thanks to this initiative, the supply consumed avoids the emission of CO 2 (TCO 2 eq) into the atmosphere due to power generation.

Teka’s environmental commitment focuses on the correct management of all processes, from the manufacture of its products to the optimization of resources and waste. In this way, a more sustainable product is offered without losing its quality and essence.

Teka and the planet

Teka has been working for years on the transformation of the sector, introducing sustainability criteria in the design and production of its electrical appliances. For this reason, the ISO 14001 certification endorses and recognizes Teka’s responsibility with the planet.

This is demonstrated by the company’s CSR policy, which follows three clear lines of action. On the one hand, the use of recycled materials when manufacturing its electrical appliances, while introducing recycled glass in its production process. The second pillar is the reuse of plastic: Teka washing machines, dishwashers and refrigerators are made with reused plastic waste that has been transformed to partially incorporate the plastic-based components of these products, consequently reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. during the manufacturing process. Finally, it is worth noting the German brand’s commitment to durability. Teka has had products with the LifeTime Warranty seal for years,

Teka triumphs triple at the 2023 Product of the Year Awards

Teka, specializing in comprehensive solutions for the kitchen, has received three awards from the only contest in Spain where consumers annually choose the best innovations on the market, the Product of the Year Awards 2023. After an exhaustive study of more than 10,000 people representative of the Spanish population, After an exhaustive study of more than 10,000 people representing the Spanish population, the Product of the Year organization has awarded Teka in three of its main categories for MasterSense Air inductions, Gourmet BBQ barbecues and Sommelier wine bars.

Teka and the Product of the Year Awards
One of the awards has been received for the MasterSense Air induction, which combines a hood and induction hob in one and includes direct access and intelligent cooking functions. Thanks to its automatic system and temperature sensors, MasterSense Air allows the user to only have to choose a cooking function, for its part, the hob automatically reaches and maintains the temperature necessary to cook the selected recipe. In addition, the hood is also capable of starting automatically and adapting its intensity to the power required at all times.

The  have also stood out in this contest for their innovation. Its PerfectTemp technology creates up to three independent temperature zones so that we can store red, white and sparkling wine in one place, maintaining the properties of each of them. In addition, it is important that said temperature remains stable, so the SmartControl system prevents it from fluctuating by more than 1º. For its part, the innovative SurroundAir cooling system evenly distributes cold air to maintain a constant and homogeneous temperature throughout the interior. The Sommelier Series is designed to maintain all the flavor of the wine, and for this, it incorporates the HumidityControl system, which guarantees the right level of humidity, between 55% and 75%, thus preventing the cork from drying out and preserving its quality.

the Gourmet BBQ gas barbecue models have also received the Product of the Year seal. Gourmet BBQ has an ultra-fast automatic electronic ignition, non-stick cast iron grills and a grid for the perfect distribution of heat over the food. Not only is cooking very comfortable, thanks to its large cooking surface, but also its subsequent cleaning, since the tray located under the grill can be removed.

Teka Barista CLC 835 coffee maker

Teka proposes its Barista CLC 835 coffee maker, capable of preparing a delicious cup of coffee like in the best coffee shops but without leaving home.

The Barista CLC 835 coffee maker has 19 bar pressure and a temperature selector, which allows you to infuse the water at constant heat. In this way, all the aroma of the coffee is extracted and a coffee with an intense flavor and a lot of body is obtained.

In addition, it is compatible with capsules from more than ten different brands, among which are the most popular on the market, as well as with ground coffee.

To make and taste the perfect Irish coffee, Barista incorporates a professional frother, made up of an adjustable steamer system that emulsifies the milk to the perfect point of foam and creaminess.

With the Barista CLC 835, coffee is prepared in a very simple way, you just have to select an option on the control panel, and the coffee maker does the rest. In addition, it is as easy to use as it is to clean, since the tanks for water, coffee residue and used capsules open easily to wash them and leave them ready again.

Compact 45cm design

Teka Barista CLC 835 fits in virtually any space, with a compact design available in white or black, which integrates perfectly into every kitchen.

In addition, the internal storage includes a hidden lower drawer and two side compartments to store cups, glasses and capsules.

Teka & Microsoft cloud to give life to its range of smart home appliances

Teka has recently launched its Teka home range of smart home appliances . The family is made up of different models of induction hobs, extractor hoods and smart ovens, which aim to make cooking easier, providing greater comfort, flexibility in control and saving time for its users.

Teka’s digital home proposal allows the control of its different models through voice, with the Alexa voice assistant, or through the mobile App for Android and iOS. With these two methods it is possible to turn it on, turn it off, control the cooking status, modify the temperature and cooking time, or even follow recipes step by step. In addition, the Teka Home range also enables intelligent scenarios to make life easier for the user, such as the automatic ignition and intensity adjustment of the extractor hood depending on the dish that is being cooked on the induction hob; or receiving notifications when it is necessary to clean the hood filters.

A secure cloud to connect the smart home

The group has opted for Microsoft Azure as a cloud for the safe and reliable interconnection of its Teka Home family, as well as its interaction with other platforms, such as the Alexa voice assistant or the Apps for Android and iOS available to users. .

The capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud, and its integration on Teka’s digital platform, have allowed the company to deploy a solid smart home ecosystem, with security and data protection measures so that users can innovate, share experiences and enjoy a connected home, but always keeping your privacy intact. In addition, Microsoft guarantees access to device technical support through the Azure SDK and also makes it possible to immediately add new features that are incorporated into Teka Home

Teka AirFry built-in oven

Teka presents the new black glass design of the AirFry oven. The brand’s ovens with automatic AirFry function are perfect for cooking in a healthy way, without the need to use oil. Foods cooked with air are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a better texture and flavor.

Also noteworthy is its large XXL capacity, its automatic cooking functions, its SurroundTemp multifunction system that guarantees better heat distribution and its Touch Control touch programmer.

The AirFry oven is distinguished by incorporating a special perforated tray: the FryMaster Box, which allows perfect air circulation with which food is cooked evenly without having to turn it over. In addition, it includes another deeper enamel tray and a grill.

With the SurroundTemp multifunction system, which these pyrolytic ovens incorporate, a better heat distribution is guaranteed, achieving a uniform cooking effect in each preparation.

Guaranteed cleaning and savings

The oven models that incorporate DualClean ensure fast and efficient cleaning and combine pyrolysis with the automatic system with HydroClean® Pro technology, which through steam allows grease and dirt adhered to the oven walls to be easily removed. with a damp cloth. Likewise, the three trays included in the oven are suitable for the dishwasher.

This range of ovens has the A+ energy classification, with which it is possible to save more than 20% on the electricity bill (compared to other Teka models).

Teka MasterSense Air, hood and induction hob

Teka launches MasterSense Air, an innovative product that combines induction with built-in extraction.

The MasterSense Air plate has direct access and intelligent cooking functions, since thanks to its automatic system and temperature sensors, the user only has to choose a cooking function and the plate will automatically reach and maintain the necessary temperature for cooking. the selected recipe. In addition, the hood will also start up automatically and will adapt its operation to the power required at all times.

With the new MultiSlider touch control, independent and direct control of each part of the plate is achieved, simply by sliding your finger and pressing on the power that is needed.

To make cooking more practical, the flexible zone of MasterSense Air is designed to use all corners of the cooking area with pans of different shapes: grill, teppanyaki or rectangular pots.

Thanks to the automatic extraction function, MasterSense Air adjusts the suction level taking into account the cooking power and the number of cooking zones that are being used.

The Fresh Air function that the hood incorporates renews the air for 24 hours in 10-minute cycles with 50-minute breaks. Also, as it is a hood integrated into the plate, the extraction is direct.

Design, elegance and efficiency

The elegant design of the ceramic hob integration brings harmony and smooth lines to the kitchen. MasterSense Air stands out for its versatility, since it is possible to choose between external extraction, which removes kitchen odors, or recirculation, which sucks in odors and returns fresh air,

It incorporates the brushless EcoPower motor and is very quiet: only 66 dBA and 627 m3/h. At the same time, MasterSense Air is classified with the A+ energy efficiency label.

Finally, highlight its ease of cleaning: it has easy access to the filters, which can be cleaned in the dishwasher at 60º, as well as filter maintenance indicators.

Teka presents its new range of wine cellars that adapt to keep each type of wine in ideal conditions

Teka has presented its latest products

The brand has presented its series of Sommelier wine cellarselectrical appliances with a careful design and the latest technologies to be able to take care of the wine and keep it in the ideal storage conditions. Each type of wine needs to be kept at a specific temperature and that is what the Sommelier wine cellars presented by the brand are looking for. To achieve this, Teka has provided this range of different technologies aimed at achieving the ideal conditions.
The Sommelier range has PerfectTemp technology that allows you to create up to three independent temperature zones so that we can store red, white and sparkling wine in one place, each with precise conditions.
To maintain the temperature, the wine cellars have the SmartControl system so that the temperature does not oscillate more than 1º. In addition, they add the SurroundAir cooling system, which evenly distributes cold air to keep the temperature constant and homogeneous throughout the interior HumidityControl, which maintains the proper humidity level, between 55% and 75%thus preventing the cork from drying out and preserving its quality, and an activated carbon filter, which renews and purifies the air inside.tinted glass door that protects from light and UV rayspreventing the premature aging of the wine and an anti-vibration system that dampens any movement, thus avoiding the fatigue of the wine.

The Sommelier range is available in different sizes and designs designed for three different types of installation: built-in, undercounter and free-standing. In addition, they have reversible doors that allow the wine cellar to be adapted to any space, being able to choose between opening to the right or to the left.

Teka presents the Autodose washing machine

Teka presents the Autodose washing machine, a free-standing model that stands out for its electronic washing management and its large capacity. The Autodose function allows the washing machine to use the precise amount of detergent and fabric softener for each wash, based on the laundry load and the soil it detects.

Simply fill the drawers with detergent and fabric softener for the first time and the Autodose function will distribute it for several washes, and can even serve up to several months. When the product is finished, the washing machine will notify you to refill the compartments.

The new Autodose washing machine has 14 automatic washing programs, with which it is possible to adapt each wash to the needs of the clothes. It also has a large capacity of 10 kg and a T-Inverter motor, which provides greater durability and efficiency with noise levels of only 80 dB.

This model of washing machine in dark steel color incorporates 10 special functions, among which the Steam function stands out, with which it is possible to eliminate viruses, germs or bacteria through steam; the fast wash function, a booster function that reduces the washing time of the programs; and of course the Autodose function.

It should be noted that it has energy classification A and that it incorporates several efficient programs, such as the Super rapid 15′ program and the Eco program

Teka MasterSense induction hob

Teka launches its series of MasterSense induction hobs.

The DirectSense model is the only one on the market that offers the possibility of cooking rice from start to finish, just by pressing a button. Simply put the rice and water in the container and select the RiceCooking function. When the rice is ready, the plate will turn off automatically thanks to the temperature and time control.

The MasterSense series stands out for its versatility, since it offers different models and sizes that adapt perfectly to each kitchen. In addition, these plates make it possible to cook a dish from start to finish, thanks to their temperature sensors.

In addition, these plates incorporate a wide variety of direct access functions such as: grill, griddle, fry, boil, slow fire, melt, confit or rice. By selecting one of these functions, the hob itself determines the ideal temperature thanks to its revolutionary smart sensor technology.

FullFlex Induction

Within the MasterSense series, we can find the FullFlex induction hobs, which provide maximum flexibility by being able to use the entire surface at the same time as a single burner, cooking with up to a 420 mm pot.

Flex Zone

The MasterSense series also has so-called Flex zones, which provide extra flexibility. The Flex zone is a rectangular zone that can be fully activated, allowing us to cook with rectangular containers such as grills or teppanyakis. In addition, it is distinguished by the SlideCooking function, which changes the power automatically by simply sliding the container on the plate. You can cook with high heat in the front, medium in the middle, and keep recipes warm in the back.

XXL Zone

The MasterSense series also has plates with XXL zone, a cooking area with a surface area of 320 mm added to the induction plate, on which to cook with large containers.

Durability and high quality

Teka is committed to quality and resistance and reflects this through its manufacturing materials. The plates are made of Schott ceramic glass, the market leader

Infinity G1 Edition, the new Teka special edition line

Teka consolidates its commitment to design with the launch of Infinity | G1 Edition , its new line of household appliances. This range has been developed in collaboration with the Italian design studio Italdesign Giugiaro , which has inspired and manufactured innovative solutions throughout the world.

Among the appliances that make up Infinity | G1 Edition, there are the Gas on Glass plates with self-ignition technology. Also a state-of-the -art pyrolytic oven ; a vertical hood with the FreshAir system, which renews the air, getting rid of annoying odors and keeping the environment fresh; a compact oven with SurroundTemp multifunction that guarantees better heat distribution; and a ceramic-based integration microwave Infinity | G1 Edition is the most accurate portrait of what design means to us”, assures the Teka team. And it is that it is a special edition inspired by emerging trends in jewelry, exclusive vehicles and the latest technology in premium products.

Thus, the new line is equipped with technological features and benefits that provide precision and simplicity during its use . In addition, it stands out for its attractive and elegant aesthetics, in matte black with copper-colored details .

One of the purposes of the new line Infinity | G1 Edition is to demonstrate that design is one of the fundamental pillars of Teka. In this case, it combines Italdesign’s design with the firm’s interest in turning the kitchen into a setting for significant experiences .

In this sense, Teka’s Infinity Design concept arose as a response to the firm’s need to integrate design into its entire range of products and solutions for the kitchen. Therefore, it is based on a key idea: “Everyone deserves great design”.

However, this concept was born under the motto “Where cooking becomes art” and, without knowing it, it marked the beginning of a new stage for Teka. A phase based on four design principles : minimalism with performance, originality, authenticity and personality, and intuition and functionality.

Now, Teka’s goal for 2022 is focused on continuing to offer designs capable of creating unique experiences and products for consumers’ kitchens to view more see Teka in you tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ori5n-93TBs