Dyson opens its first Australian store

Australia’s first Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre has opened its doors at Castle Hill in Sydney’s northwest and marks the first space of its kind in the southern hemisphere.

Dyson has expanded its local customer service team with seven new roles at the new 400 square metre Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre who will provide technical support, servicing and maintenance tips.

From styling tips and air purification guidance to cleaning demonstrations, Dyson Experts will help current and potential owners to better understand Dyson technologies.

“We are continually prioritising the experience of our owners with pioneering technologies. We are now bringing that same philosophy to how we sell and repair by delivering the best possible service and investing in a growing onshore team of 228 local customer service experts,” Dyson Australia and New Zealand managing director, Glenn Andrew said.

“We know that people increasingly want to buy from Dyson direct so we developed our Dyson Demo Store – Service Centre with Dyson experts to provide advice, help and guidance using live demonstrations and educational experiences.”

Sharp new models

Sharp has unveiled a variety of of new product lines at its Sharp Xperience event. Its home appliances focus is on areas in which it already has expertise. The key product area is air treatment, and the watchword is affordability, with new appliances which includes a £109 air purifier, a £34.99 aroma diffuser, a portable air conditioner for £449 and two dehumidifiers priced at £229 and £279.
There will also be two accessible microwave ranges launched, with appliances beginning at £74.
The affordable air treatment appliances will appeal to the increased numbers of people working from home or newly engaged in a hybrid working model. During the earlier stages of the pandemic, consumers became increasingly concerned with home air quality and showed themselves willing to invest in products to improve their quality of life at home.
Meanwhile, workers used to their office’s air conditioning will likely be amenable to buying an inexpensive air conditioning unit for home use to get them through the more miserable days of summer. 
As a further buying incentive, some appliances will be available to buy with 5-year extended warranties.
The new products will be launching over the next few months in Europe and the UK.


The VIKICKS plasma filter is a revolutionary patented filter that silently removes cooking odors from a room, while letting the heat into the room.

“Due to the different sizes and shapes of the VIKICKS filters, they can be placed in almost any extraction system. In addition, a VIKICKS filter only needs to be replaced once every five years. This makes a significant difference when compared to, for example, a carbon filter, which each year to be replaced. Said an enthusiastic Martin van der Sluis.

With a VIKICKS plasma filter, odors and harmful substances are eliminated through advanced plasma technology. The filter is controlled by a small 5.5 Volt adapter and is a plug & play solution that automatically cleans the air.

Would you like to know more about this “Best Choice” plasma filter? Check out the 


Ufesa shows how its purifiers eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.97%

Ufesa shows how its purifiers eliminate the SARS-CoV-2 virus by 99.97%

Ufesa’s range of purifiers is capable of trapping and destroying viruses and bacteria with an efficiency of more than 99.97%, including Sars-CoV-2. This has been confirmed by Carolina de la Torre, scientist at the Josep Carreras Leukemia Institute and head of scientific platforms, and Iñaki Castresana, Ufesa communication director, during the presentation of these devices, held last week, in which its performance and innovative technology have been put to the test. The Josep Carreras Leukemia Institute, a public research center, has been responsible for the experimental design for the execution of the microbiological tests of the purifiers.

The differential value of Ufesa air purifiers is found in the innovative and unique antimicrobial coating of the Hepa filters. This coating features an organosilane quaternary ammonium compound with antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity. Its particularity lies in the fact that it is an organic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly compound capable of destroying the membrane of bacteria and viruses.

Carolina de la Torre explained how the filters of these devices destroy the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes the Covid-19 disease: “the structure of the integral filter system is divided into three parts. The coating of the Hepa filter proceeds mechanically, killing the microorganisms that are trapped in it, since it acts like a blade, being able to pierce the virus membrane ”.

Filtering more reliable and safe for people

Thanks to the effectiveness of the coating, the filters in Ufesa purifiers have also improved. The firm has developed an improved filter that not only traps pathogenic microorganisms, but also actively eliminates them and is also less aggressive to the human body than other existing solutions.

This range of Ufesa air purifiers consists of the PF5500 Fresh Air models, covering surfaces up to 60 m²; PF3500, for surfaces up to 40 m; and PF6500 Clean Air Connect, for spaces up to 115 m².

Faber new Pantheon hood

Brand new to 2021 is the stunning Pantheon by Faber, featuring innovative technology in a sophisticated design.

The most distinctive feature of the Pantheon is the unique turnable light transforming your ceiling hood into a distinctive décor element.

With its striking and iconic style, this extractor is available in white matt or stainless steel with an LED panel; perfect for a sleek, modern kitchen style.

Control the Pantheon with the push button or handy remote control.

This ceiling cooker hood features three power settings with an additional intensive speed function, as well as impressive perimeter aspiration. Not only does this feature accelerate air flow, but it also helps to reduce noise.

The Pantheon is available in White Matt or Stainless Steel.

Dyson a cut above

With lockdowns starting to lift around the world and people eager to return to salons, owners, stylists and clients are looking for reassurance over the health concerns associated with post-pandemic life. Now, with a heightened focus on hygiene, salon professionals will seek sanitation solutions in an effort to instil client confidence. Dyson’s pioneering technology is engineered to provide peace of mind with cleaning solutions for stylists at a time when the industry is evolving.  

Siemens glassdraftAir extractor

Siemens reveals wifi-empowered glassdraftAir extractor

Siemens has declared the dispatch of the glassdraftAir extractor. Another interpretation of the downdraft extractor, glassdraftAir is a wifi-empowered answer for open-plan kitchens that joins class with productivity.

Accessible in both 80cm and 90cm widths, the smooth plan considers establishment behind the hob to make a solitary surface impact, while clear glass offers a continuous view in the living space. The glassdraftAir is fueled by Siemen’s new extraordinary Guided Air Technology. Vents behind the glass discharge a drapery of air making a low-pressure region in front. Steam and cooking scents are then guided into the extraction region. The outcome is exact and successful extraction, regardless of which cooking zone is being used – working with the entirety of your skillet, paying little heed to their stature. Also, Guided Air Technology offers amazingly incredible extraction that is particularly calm, so it will not intrude on the discussion. Its climateControl sensor ceaselessly screens any steam and cooking scents at that point correctly changes the force level for productive extraction, while additionally conveying the most minimal conceivable commotion level.

The machine is WiFi-empowered and includes the cookConnect framework, whereby it’s feasible to control the extractor from the hob. This similarity takes into consideration your hood to be consequently turned on once the hob is being used, giving a completely computerized ventilation arrangement by means of the Siemens climateControl sensor. Likewise, it very well may be controlled and observed by means of the Home Connect application – through which you can change the shade of the lighting around the glass board and furthermore get pop-up messages when the channel needs evolving.

The show-halting lighting is another vital component of the Siemens glassdraftAir. Set the disposition with the emotionLight Pro, which offers a decision of nine pre-set tones. Clients who are quick to customize the lighting much further can do as such through the Home Connect application, which offers an immense scope of tones.

There are impressive useful advantages to the glassdraftAir. The channel administration work permits the glass to lower and return upwards bringing the oil channel cartridges to the surface. This not just takes into consideration simple expulsion and cleaning in the dishwasher, yet in addition for distribution channels to be introduced without any problem. The glass lifts out for cleaning and is not difficult to eliminate, to then be cleaned in your dishwasher and reinserted. Siemens is likewise presenting two new channel types for distribution, cleanAir Plus and Long Life 10-year regenerative advancements.

Accessible in 90cm and 80cm widths, the Siemens glassdraftAir extractor includes an edge that coordinates with the hob for consistent establishment and plan. The flush fit makes a solitary surface answer for any cutting edge kitchen. Upheld by a water flood vent, any overabundance water will be gathered in the consequence of spillage. The 90cm model will be viable with six-pot freeInduction innovation.

Faber award winning factory

The Faber plant in Sassoferrato has been recognized by Franke group with the “Best Factory 2020” award.
This important recognition, which rewards the top performances achieved by the plant in terms of safety, quality and flexibility, is the result of the unwavering commitment shown by the team to keep the customer at the center of every decision, focusing on cost reduction without ever giving up the continuous search for innovation.
Congratulations to Sassoferrato plant team!

HI-NANO: Hisense’s new technology inactivates COVID-19 with a rate up to 93.54%

Hisense’s HI-NANO technology is certified effective on inducing the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with an inhibition rate of 93.54% by Texcell, a global contract research organization. The test was performed at Texcell’s laboratory in Paris in February 2021. Also, verified by the world’s leading testing group SGS’s, HI-NANO can effectively remove over 99.37% of the H1N1 influenza virus in 2 hours in a 30 m3 chamber. As a responsible tech company, Hisense (000921.SZ) aims to create healthy and clean air for consumers worldwide.

Texcell has verified the inhibitory effect on the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) of Hisense’s HI-NANO technology.
Hisense Fresh Master air conditioner equipped with HI-NANO technology is to go on sale in multiple European markets in May 2021.
Hisense is committed to creating a better living environment for everyone around the globe.

Hisense HI-NANO technology inactivates viruses and bacteria

HI-NANO ion generator is a technology independently developed by Hisense, which has been applied in many Hisense air conditioning product series, including Fresh Master, Silentium Pro, Energy Pro, New Energy, Easy Smart, Wingsand etc.

It generates efficient high-concentration dual ions up to 1 million/ cm3. Bacteria and viruses lose their activity after being absorbed by dual ions, resulting in an inhibitory effect.

Strengths of HI-NANO:

  • High efficiency: HI-NANO releases twice to three times the number of ions when compared to ordinary ion generators. A viral clearance performance of 90% removal rate in one hour and 99% in two hours has been verified.
  • Security and harmless: it only produces half of ozone (0.007mg/m3) in comparison with ordinary ion generators, which causes little harm to the environment.
  • Durable: The generator is able to remain high-quality performance for 20 years.

Hisense Fresh Master air conditioner equipped with HI-NANO technology will be available in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Poland, and Denmark soon in May 2021.

As an innovation-driven tech company, Hisense innovates its air conditioner series with high-tech features such as viral clearance, air refreshing, noise reduction and sleep aid which has met individual demands. Hisense reaches 5.15 million units of global air conditioning sales in 2020, ranking in 7th. It has been one of the best-selling air conditioner brands around the world.

Green technologies applied to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Hisense spares no efforts to provide its customers with cutting-edge air cleaning products, but also focuses on reducing greenhouse gas emissions for a better atmospheric environment.

Hisense’s green technology development in air conditioner products:

  • The improvement of 3D full DC inverter technology can reduce energy consumption by more than 30%.
  • With low-carbon R32 and R290 refrigerants applied on products, global carbon dioxide emissions can effectively reduce up to 1.16 million tons.

Hisense believes that technology can make a significant impact on protecting the air we share and keeping it healthy and clean for all. Hisense is committed to creating a better living environment for everyone around the globe. 

SOURCE Hisense