Elica to purchase Air Force

Elica SpA, leader of the Group that produces cooker hoods and extractor hobs, has entered into an agreement which provides for the purchase from Urbano Urbani, minority shareholder of the subsidiary Air Force SpA, of 40% of the latter’s share capital. This operation will allow Elica to take over Air Force SpA to 100% Air Force is a company of the Group that manufactures high quality cooker hoods and hobs, characterized by a high level of customization and uniqueness. The offer is aimed at a specific market niche and is able to satisfy the customer’s needs for product customization, moving away from the mass market.

Air Force SpA was established in 1997, its mission has always been the continuous innovation of extractor hoods and induction hobs. All through study and innovation, accompanied by the desire to launch a style, to propose a Made in Italy even more focused and advanced on the selection processes, where high quality is expressed with functionality and reliability, design and innovation.

Experience, design, flexibility and innovation made in Fabriano are the characteristics that fit perfectly into the development and growth of the Elica Group.

In numbers, the Air Force achieved a turnover of approximately 31.0 million euros in 2021 and an Ebitda of approximately 1.6 million euros with a cash balance of 5.4 million euros.

New sustainability goal achieved by Elica

Elica, Italian producer of kitchen hoods and electric motors for household appliances and heating boilers, is taking yet another step towards renewable energy and more sustainable production. After announcing last January the attainment of a suitability certification for hydrogen operation of motors manufactured in its subsidiary company EMC FIME, Elica has been continuing in its path towards environmental impact reduction, thanks to a new electrical energy supply agreement stipulated with Iberdrola, one of the world leaders in renewable energy.

For 2022 this choice will allow the company to reduce its own emissions by over 4,000 tons in Italy, which equals to 20% of the total emissions of the Group. Elica Group generates a turnover of over 500 million euros, with a production platform spread out over seven sites including, Italy, Poland, Mexico and China, employing over 3,200 employees. In Italy, where most of its high-end products are manufactured, the company uses about 50.4% of the energy consumed by the whole Group.

Elica – the CEO Giulio Cocci said – is by nature a sustainable company: we have always followed a strategy that adopts ESG principles, which, over the years, has brought us to identify areas in need of improvement and put real actions into place, geared towards reducing our environmental impact. The agreement with Iberdrola comes into play in this specific scenario: we have already started the process in our Italian production sites, therefore we will significantly reduce emissions in our country.

Elica, again awards for Ikona Maxxi Pure

Iconic, technologically advanced and essential for indoor air: Ikona Maxxi Pure , the first Elica hood that integrates an air purifier equipped with the Combo pure filter, a special combination of HEPA and carbon filters that captures particles up to 1 micron, is wins new international awards .

In fact, the product wins in first place the IF Design Award , the most important international design award that is annually conferred by the IF International Forum Design in the Kitchen Products category . Thanks to its recognizable pyramid-shaped lines and through pluses of high innovation and efficiency contained in the product, Ikona Maxxi Pure is positioned as platinum at the A’Design Award in the A ‘Home Appliances Design Award category .

Elica also obtained first place at the German Innovation Award in the Excellence in Business to Consumer category , reserved for those who propose solutions that are distinguished mainly by “user centricity” and the added value of the product. Its design, in fact, for a faster action, allows the activation of the “Boost” mode. By doing so, Ikona Maxxi Pure, in just 20 minutes, completely regenerates the air of a living space of 30m², equal to the size of a medium-large kitchen combined with the living area.

The Elica hood had already obtained, last February, two other prestigious awards: the Good Design Award 2021 , in the Kitchen and Appliances category, and the Kitchen Innovation Award 2022 , in the Large Electrical Appliances category, for the criteria of functionality, ease of use. use, innovation, product benefits and design , representing a solution that perfectly meets the needs of contemporary living, where functionality and design combine to ensure comfort and well-being: it effectively eliminates odors, fumes and vapors produced by cooking while completely regenerating the air in the living area, neutralizing harmful agents and polluting particles.

Falmec “Manifesto” at EuroCucina

Passion, freedom, comfort, wellbeing, conviviality and functionality: these are the key elements of the Falmec “Manifesto” at the 23rd edition of EuroCucina/FTK 2022. The company is showing its solutions in a booth divided into different thematic areas, built around the philosophy of Falmec’s keywords. Passion is also deep relationship with the territory: the company has chosen to localize the entire production in the Vittorio Veneto headquarters (Italy, in the “inox valley”) and collaborates with a local network of highly specialized suppliers who transfer their knowledge in the quality of the products. Freedom means design freedom to build-up and installation. The new Elements collection is the expression of this free approach with its systems Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall, where the suction element becomes part of the modular and multifunction architecture. With Elements, the traditional concept of the hood disappears, leaving the extraction function to totally integrate with the kitchen project. As regards to the comfort, Falmec proposes the NRS technology: thanks to in-depth studies and important partnerships with specialised laboratories in fluid dynamics, NRS reduces the noise of the hood by up to -86% of sound power. Besides, well-being means better air quality: E.ion System technology with the active ions, Circle.Tech with its filtering system, and the recent Multi-Air, with its ultra-compact body, best express the desire to create well-being spaces within the kitchen. In addition, the company proposes its integrated cooking systems: these products, that combine extraction with cooking thanks to a unique body totally placed at the top, have now been adapted for island kitchens, expression of sociality and sharing. Finally, Falmec products are realized balancing refined design, ergonomics and high level performances.

Fulgor at Milan Design Week

At EuroCucina the Fulgor Milano proposes its new products for the cooking sector. In particular, Aria+ is an induction hob with integrated hood. This product is available in two versions: 60 cm and 80 cm. Besides the company presents Atmos, a 60 cm wide multifunction steam oven. Finally, at its stand the company offers a show cooking every day to illustrate the potential of its appliances.





“LHOV” is the revolution that integrates hob, hood and oven, a significant step towards the comprehensive expansion of Elica in the segment of Cooking. A completely new category of product, compact, powerful and automated, fully expressing the drive for innovation that has always characterized the Group.
“LHOV” fits perfectly with the strategic path of the Group, which focuses on the growth of own-brand and top-of-the-range products with the goal to reach 60% on total revenues of the Cooking segment (55% in 2021, 52% in 2019).

The launch of “LHOV” will expand the product offer in a sales and distribution network already successful in all European countries, the same network that has determined the success story of the NikolaTesla aspiration hob, which today represents about 12% of the Cooking revenue, with a 40% and 80% increase compared to 2020 and 2019, respectively.

Electrolux wins iF Design Awards for products that help consumers achieve a better home environment

Electrolux Group has won prestigious iF Design Awards for an air purifier and stick vacuum cleaner that help improve wellbeing in the home.The Electrolux UltimateHome series is a 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier that provides an optimum humidity level and improved air quality for an uninterrupted sleep. Since 9 out of 10 people live in areas with air pollution, consumers are increasingly aware of how indoor air quality and climate can affect health and wellbeing. Urban consumers seek “clean and fresh” solutions, and multi-functional products save on floor space while creating healthier living conditions.

This product earned above-average scores by the international jury in all five criteria: idea, differentiation, form, function and impact. These refer to the product’s relevance, novelty, design for the target group, ease of use, and sustainability.

The 800/8000 series focuses on bringing effortless performance into the cordless pistol stick segment. The design enables balanced weight and its sculpted ergonomic handle and telescopic tube make it a consumer-centric product. The 800/8000 is designed to fit into the user’s home and adapt to a variety of cleaning needs. The modular design makes upgradability, repairability and recyclability simpler and more sustainable.

The jury gave this product high scores for form, impact and function, meaning it demonstrates design excellence, is easy to use, and serves society and sustainability.