Lapitec chef

After years of research and development, Lapitec presents Lapitec Chef, a cooking system hidden below the sintered stone top and activated by a technological cooking pad, covered by a patent. This innovative solution was developed for the electrothermal part in collaboration with the University of Padua. Lapitec Chef is very simple to use: by placing the silicone pad (dishwasher safe) on the top, the touch controls are activated and allow the system to be switched on. In its absence, the induction hob is inactive and safe: this way, the kitchen top remains free, distinguished only by a display and small engravings. The cooking pad of Lapitec Chef, apparently a normal silicone pad, is a real appliance, equipped with magnetic sensors and a hidden coil. It also allows the bridge and childlock mode, and is compatible with all the colors and finishes of the Lapitec range.

Teka award winning

Teka continues to win awards for the design of its products. The SteakMaster oven stands out as the number one winner of the highest award in the professional categories of the European Product Design Award. For its part, the gas + induction hybrid hob as the winner of the “Top Design” category; and finally, Gas on Glass, the Universe sinks and the Vario Pro series with honorable mentions.

SteakMaster or how to cook a perfect ribeye at home

It is the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect ribeye like a professional cook. With an exclusive grill designed to reach a temperature of up to 700º on its entire surface and the use of the special cast iron grill of the oven, it allows the meat to obtain a caramelizing effect with a crunchy texture. In addition, it incorporates 20 exclusive automatic programs that guide the temperature and cooking time, for different recipes depending on the type of meat, cut and finish.

The best of both worlds with hybrid boards

This hob combines the speed of induction and the tradition of gas, with the two systems working together. In the induction part, in addition to having 3 direct functions (simmering, melting and keeping warm), the plates with MultiSlider allow to independently and directly control each cooking zone with a high level of precision. With a simple swipe of your finger, you select the temperature you need.

And in the gas part: 9 different powers for multiple types of cooking. From position 1, which is used to maintain the temperature of the food; up to position 8 and 9 for frying.

Universe sinks: greatness in the small details

This series stands out for its variety, functionality and the beauty of its surface. It offers a wide range of compositions, sizes and finishes, and its Lifetime Warranty seal ensures durability for a lifetime.

VarioPro series, integration and versatility

The modular range that is custom designed, with modular 30 cm plates and hood with flexible and minimalist design for seamless integration.

For its part and dedicated to lovers of traditional cuisine, Gas on Glass hobs with the ExactFlame system, with which it is no longer necessary to worry about whether the intensity of the flame is correct. Since it is possible to control the intensity of the fire in the simplest and most precise way by choosing the power range between 1 and 9. In addition, these plates have self-ignition and detect if the flame has been extinguished, automatically closing the duct to avoid possible accidents .


SMEG announce the arrival of ther innovative AREA induction hob range, ft. state-of-the-art auto pot tracking, which cleverly detects your pan and follows its movement across the hob, from boiling to simmering & melting, anywhere across the hob’s surface!

The most advanced induction appliance SMEG have produced, why not explore AREA’s key features

Bosch GlassProtect

Bosch presents GlassProtect, the induction cooktop with a special coating developed by their partner Schott that’s especially resistant to unsightly scratches caused by sand or sponges. Abrasive sponges often used to remove dried-on food from the cooktop can also behind scratches, as well as fine grains of sand can do. In addition, all types of metal objects pose a threat to the flawless surface of every glass-ceramic cooktop.

Not even GlassProtect can prevent all scratches, but it can prevent most of them. The special coating developed by the glass manufacturer Schott is approximately 95 percent more resistant to scratches caused by sand and about 70 percent more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges than conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating.

The appliance with the GlassProtect surface is being presented as part of the Bosch carbon black product family in two versions: one model with the timeless ComfortProfile and one flush-mounted model for installation into the countertop. Both models are 80 centimetres wide and have a multi-purpose FlexInduction zone and three standard cooking zones.

DirectSelect Premium operation epitomizes modern operating standards. And with the Home Connect app, the extractor hood can be conveniently controlled via the cooktop, so there’s no more going back and forth while cooking. Moreover, the PerfectFry frying sensor ensures healthy frying thanks to its reliable temperature control that preserves vitamins and is gentle on cookware.

New Bosch induction hob with integrated hood

The new Bosch induction hob Series 4 PIE631B15E with integrated hood can be installed practically in any kitchen. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, with TouchSelect it is possible to select the cooking zones and set the desired power level, directly and quickly. Furthermore, the Quick Start and Restart functions make cooking even easier: when the induction hob is switched on it automatically selects the area where the pot has been positioned and, before being switched off, it memorizes the cooking settings which will then be restarted. Other pluses of the product are: PowerBoost, Count-down timer to switch off the cooking zones at the end of the set time, AutoOn function (the ventilation system switches on automatically, with 3 electronically controlled power levels). Finally, the hob has the CombiZone function to combine two cooking zones into one.

New Electrolux induction hob

Flexibility in your kitchen design, consider the new Electrolux TotalFlex induction hob.

Just switch on the hob and place a pan in any place that you find convenient. The TotalFlex automatically detects pans of any shape or size, allowing you to cook anywhere on the hob’s surface.

For increased usability, it’s also possible to combine two zones into one larger one, so bigger pans or a plancha grill can be used without any problems.

As soon as a cooking zone is in use, the timer of any position can be called up quickly and easily via the touchscreen display. And because each dish is individually and precisely timed, you can be assured of absolute control over the cooking process.

The TotalFlex also features Hob2Hood, a handy function that automatically controls the extraction power and the hood lighting, leaving the cook hands-free to concentrate on perfecting their dishes.

Miele new introduction to its hob range

The new induction hob with integrated extractor KMDA 7476 by Miele  combines powerful high-tech elements with origins in Miele competence centres in Bünde (cooking products) and Arnsberg (cooker hoods). “In each of the PowerFlex XL zones, the product offers 7 cm more space for cooking than previously the case, despite unchanged external dimensions – the company explains -. This provides ample space for two large pans one behind the other. The increased flexibility results from the fact that both rings, if required, can be operated as one area. If a large casserole dish is used, the permanently active pan recognition system automatically activates the neighbouring zone”. High power levels are guaranteed by TwinBooster technology, which, when required, can muster 7.3 kW of power – for example when large quantities of food are to be cooked in the shortest of times. A further new feature on the KMDA 7476 is the positioning of the compact and intuitive ComfortSelect Plus controls in the centre, directly in front of the extractor. “With an illuminated run of numbers combined with an indicator for each ring and the extractor, this user interface is not only space-saving but also particularly easy to use – Miele adds -. Practical: if the hob unit has to be briefly left unattended, for example to answer the door, Stop&Go ensures security. This reduces the power output to that of Setting 1 to ensure nothing burns or boils over. If cooking is to end after a specified period, a timer assigned to individual rings can be programmed accordingly. The Food warming function uses smart technology to keep cooked food at serving temperature”. Besides, Miele’s efficient ventilation technology with its energy-efficient Eco motor reliably removes steam, vapours and odours directly where they occur. The extractor is hidden away in the base unit. “With the Con@ctivity feature – Miele concludes – users can concentrate fully on producing delectable results as the power output of the extractor adjusts automatically to activity on the hob. Customers have a choice of vented or recirculation operation, whereby the latter option is ideal for well-insulated buildings”. Miele’s tried-and-tested filter box with its 10-ply stainless-steel filter below the vent grille ensures the best possible removal of grease. For cleaning, the box can be simply removed and washed in the dishwasher. The exclusive Miele CleanCover behind the grease filters provides a smooth surface without any sharp metal edges. It is easy to clean and protects against contact with wires and motor components. And if food should accidentally boil over and enter the extractor, any liquids are collected in a drip tray.

Siemens appliances in 3D

Experience Siemens studioLine as never before: interact with our products in 3D, view them all in your very own kitchen using AR and save your favourites at the touch of a button.

Download the new virtualBrochure here: and start planning your new kitchen today.