Lapitec chef

After years of research and development, Lapitec presents Lapitec Chef, a cooking system hidden below the sintered stone top and activated by a technological cooking pad, covered by a patent. This innovative solution was developed for the electrothermal part in collaboration with the University of Padua. Lapitec Chef is very simple to use: by placing the silicone pad (dishwasher safe) on the top, the touch controls are activated and allow the system to be switched on. In its absence, the induction hob is inactive and safe: this way, the kitchen top remains free, distinguished only by a display and small engravings. The cooking pad of Lapitec Chef, apparently a normal silicone pad, is a real appliance, equipped with magnetic sensors and a hidden coil. It also allows the bridge and childlock mode, and is compatible with all the colors and finishes of the Lapitec range.

Teka award winning

Teka continues to win awards for the design of its products. The SteakMaster oven stands out as the number one winner of the highest award in the professional categories of the European Product Design Award. For its part, the gas + induction hybrid hob as the winner of the “Top Design” category; and finally, Gas on Glass, the Universe sinks and the Vario Pro series with honorable mentions.

SteakMaster or how to cook a perfect ribeye at home

It is the first and only oven capable of cooking a perfect ribeye like a professional cook. With an exclusive grill designed to reach a temperature of up to 700º on its entire surface and the use of the special cast iron grill of the oven, it allows the meat to obtain a caramelizing effect with a crunchy texture. In addition, it incorporates 20 exclusive automatic programs that guide the temperature and cooking time, for different recipes depending on the type of meat, cut and finish.

The best of both worlds with hybrid boards

This hob combines the speed of induction and the tradition of gas, with the two systems working together. In the induction part, in addition to having 3 direct functions (simmering, melting and keeping warm), the plates with MultiSlider allow to independently and directly control each cooking zone with a high level of precision. With a simple swipe of your finger, you select the temperature you need.

And in the gas part: 9 different powers for multiple types of cooking. From position 1, which is used to maintain the temperature of the food; up to position 8 and 9 for frying.

Universe sinks: greatness in the small details

This series stands out for its variety, functionality and the beauty of its surface. It offers a wide range of compositions, sizes and finishes, and its Lifetime Warranty seal ensures durability for a lifetime.

VarioPro series, integration and versatility

The modular range that is custom designed, with modular 30 cm plates and hood with flexible and minimalist design for seamless integration.

For its part and dedicated to lovers of traditional cuisine, Gas on Glass hobs with the ExactFlame system, with which it is no longer necessary to worry about whether the intensity of the flame is correct. Since it is possible to control the intensity of the fire in the simplest and most precise way by choosing the power range between 1 and 9. In addition, these plates have self-ignition and detect if the flame has been extinguished, automatically closing the duct to avoid possible accidents .


SMEG announce the arrival of ther innovative AREA induction hob range, ft. state-of-the-art auto pot tracking, which cleverly detects your pan and follows its movement across the hob, from boiling to simmering & melting, anywhere across the hob’s surface!

The most advanced induction appliance SMEG have produced, why not explore AREA’s key features

Franke new built-in ovens

Franke‘s Mythos range of ovens also includes two Full Steam products. The models FMY 99 HS XS and FMY 99 HS BK are created for those who love to cook in a healthy way. Thanks to the steam cooking it is possible to cook preserving the nutritional qualities of the food. The user only has to put the water into the tank and select the appropriate function: the electronic sensors will check the cooking times and the correct amount of steam. It is also possible to choose the combined cooking (which use both steam and heat at temperatures between 140° and 220°C) or the PureSteam cooking at 95°C. The new Full Steam models, like the other ovens in the collection, feature a 3.5” full touch color TFT display and the CookAssist technology. Besides, the Smooth2close system ensures that the opening and closing of the oven are silent and delicate. The Multicooking function offers the possibility of cooking up to four dishes at the same time and the CookAssist, with many preset recipes, allows user to easily create any dish, selecting only the type of dish and letting the oven set automatically the optimal program and cooking time. Finally, using the steam power, the Full Steam ovens clean themselves in 35 minutes – at 90° – without the use of chemical detergents but simply by inserting 200 cc of water into the oven.

Bosch GlassProtect

Bosch presents GlassProtect, the induction cooktop with a special coating developed by their partner Schott that’s especially resistant to unsightly scratches caused by sand or sponges. Abrasive sponges often used to remove dried-on food from the cooktop can also behind scratches, as well as fine grains of sand can do. In addition, all types of metal objects pose a threat to the flawless surface of every glass-ceramic cooktop.

Not even GlassProtect can prevent all scratches, but it can prevent most of them. The special coating developed by the glass manufacturer Schott is approximately 95 percent more resistant to scratches caused by sand and about 70 percent more resistant to scratches caused by abrasive sponges than conventional glass-ceramic cooktops with no special coating.

The appliance with the GlassProtect surface is being presented as part of the Bosch carbon black product family in two versions: one model with the timeless ComfortProfile and one flush-mounted model for installation into the countertop. Both models are 80 centimetres wide and have a multi-purpose FlexInduction zone and three standard cooking zones.

DirectSelect Premium operation epitomizes modern operating standards. And with the Home Connect app, the extractor hood can be conveniently controlled via the cooktop, so there’s no more going back and forth while cooking. Moreover, the PerfectFry frying sensor ensures healthy frying thanks to its reliable temperature control that preserves vitamins and is gentle on cookware.

New Bosch induction hob with integrated hood

The new Bosch induction hob Series 4 PIE631B15E with integrated hood can be installed practically in any kitchen. Thanks to the intuitive control panel, with TouchSelect it is possible to select the cooking zones and set the desired power level, directly and quickly. Furthermore, the Quick Start and Restart functions make cooking even easier: when the induction hob is switched on it automatically selects the area where the pot has been positioned and, before being switched off, it memorizes the cooking settings which will then be restarted. Other pluses of the product are: PowerBoost, Count-down timer to switch off the cooking zones at the end of the set time, AutoOn function (the ventilation system switches on automatically, with 3 electronically controlled power levels). Finally, the hob has the CombiZone function to combine two cooking zones into one.

Haier smart in Milan design week

Haier has chosen Milan Design Week 2021 to present and materialize its idea of Smart Home, an immersive experience that will allow visitors to be active participants in a story that will unfold according to their choices and preferences, hand in hand with technological innovation. , premium design and personalized brand solutions.

From September 4 to 10, the Superstudio Più will host ‘Haier – Connect to the extraordinary’. Visitors, in small groups, will have the opportunity to experience, in a space of 400 square meters, the simulation of a fully interconnected home with a complete ecosystem of appliances and connected solutions to deal with typical problems and situations of everyday life. .

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The simulation, designed by Bonsai Ninja and connected with the hOn app (the software developed by Haier to manage, control and improve the functions of all the brand’s electrical appliances), will propose to visitors to prepare an interactive dinner for friends in a completely ‘ remote ‘due to an unforeseen event. “For this, Artificial Intelligence and the unique characteristics of Haier’s ecosystem solutions and the experimental world of the Smart Home will come into play, such as the new range of cooking appliances, connected refrigerators and wine cellars with exclusive conservation functions, innovative air conditioning solutions or promising washing results “ , they point out from the brand.

“Following the unmistakable approach to bespoke solutions that characterizes each of Haier’s products and features, the experience presented at Milan Design Week conveys the brand’s philosophy of zero distance from the consumer through products. premium, unique, at the forefront of technology and with an exclusive design, as well as the possibilities of interaction and personalization offered by Artificial Intelligence and connectivity “ , they point out from Haier.

The Hoover Proposal: Performance and Attention to Well-Being

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“For its part, Hoover will present in the same space the first H-ABITAT Home Wellness Ecosystem, a set with three interconnected products that care about the health and well-being of the family,” they say from the company. The installation, called ‘Performance and Connectivity for a healthier lifestyle’, will feature the smart home appliances H-SCANNER, H-PURIFIER and H-GO, which, connected through the hOn application, allow the collection of quality data of both indoor and outdoor air, purify the home and clean home surfaces independently.

Likewise, Hoover will have a second interactive stage oriented to washing and starring the new connected range H-WASH 550, a washing machine focused on the well-being, performance and disinfection of garments through steam. Visitors will discover the many benefits and comforts that connected appliances offer through the multiple functions of the hOn app, such as ‘Scan To Care’, which, with just a photograph, suggests to the user the most suitable washing program for each laundry .

Candy’s’ Snap & Do ‘experience to simplify consumers’ day to day

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The Italian brand will also land at Milan Design Week with the aim of responding to consumer needs in a simple and intuitive way. Using the latest technologies applied to household appliances and continuing with its commitment to offer smart and accessible products and solutions year after year, Candy will present in its space ‘Snap & Do – Connections that make a difference’ the functionalities for washing clothes and dishes (Snap & Wash ), drying clothes (Snap & Dry), preserving food (Snap & Cool), cooking (Snap & Cook) and choosing the right wine (Snap & Wine).“It is an experience inspired by connectivity to simplify everyday life, which allows unprecedented interaction with connected appliances thanks to the hOn app. With this, Candy shows its DNA, impregnated with intelligence and a strong link with the connectivity, and its commitment to simplify the user’s daily life “ , stand out from the company.

Ilve oven if you need pizza 🍕 in a hurry

ILVE’s 60cm Milano Multifunction Pizza oven features ILVE’s traditional ‘Milano’ styling with embellished handles and control knobs with a TFT touch control display. The 645SNZT4 works as a standard oven whilst mimicking a real pizza stove, meaning you can cook an authentic and delicious pizza is just over 2 minutes. But how?


Preheat the oven by switching on the pizza setting. Simply prepare your pizza base and add your favourite toppings. When the oven reaches a soaring height of 400 C, pop your pizza in. You could be sitting down with your favourite pizza in as little as two and a half minutes! The perfect oven for hosting a family pizza night.


The oven has an abundance of additional features. With TFT, you can easily programme the oven’s additional 14 functions, set the timer and switch on the child lock. Setting the temperature of the oven is effortless due to ILVE’s precision temperature control.


The oven has 37 litres of cooking space, with an internal light to illuminate the inside of the oven. The oven doors are soft-closing, full glass and quadruple-glazed.

The 645SNZT4 isn’t just for the perfect pizza. Provided with the oven is an electronic cooking probe, meaning you can cook your meat at the perfect temperature too! With ILVE’s new wet/dry setting you can reduce the amount of moisture within the oven by releasing water through the steam vent.

  • Antique White
    • Antique White
    • White
    • Stainless Steel
    • Burgundy Red
    • Matt Graphite

Key Features

– Energy Class A
– Quick Start
– Operating Temperature 30 – 400 degrees
– TFT Digital Touch Control Display
– Internal Light
– Quadruple glazed oven door
– Child Lock

New Forza Ovens

The New Forza Wall Ovens & Warming Drawers Are Coming!

New Wall Ovens and Warming Drawer have crossed the finish line and are revved up for showtime! Enjoy this behind-the-scenes video as a sneak peek at these exciting appliances.

30 INCH DOUBLE DUAL CONVECTION ELECTRIC WALL OVEN MODEL NO: FODP30S – Multiple cooking modes – Dual fan – Self-cleaning function – Digital display – Large 4.1 cu. ft. oven capacity – Adjustable, telescopic racks – 208/240 V / 60 Hz 30 INCH PROFESSIONAL WARMING DRAWER MODEL NO: FWD30S – Variable temperature range from 86 to 194 degrees – Convection heating technology – 2.1 cu. ft. warming drawer capacity – Soft close drawer -120 V / 60 Hz