Faber collection,2023

The new Faber S.P.A. catalogue has arrived. Collection 2023 is officially launched and available to download from our website.

The latest novelties in our product range are available to see, including the full Air Hub range, the Galileo range of hob extractors and also our award-winning Beat XL.

Take a look for yourself and discover how Faber is providing the purest air experience for your home.English – https://lnkd.in/dquCCka3

Electrolux AEG perfect fit installation

Installing an oven has never been easier. Our PerfectFit appliances offer quick and accurate best-in-class installation, in any kitchen.

Requiring one of the narrowest ventilation gaps on the market, our ovens can be combined together with as little as 6mm between appliances, allowing for the sleekest of lines in your kitchen design.

And what’s more, the entire oven installation can be completed with just a single Torx T20 screwdriver. Perfect!


Greaidea to launch new hood

Greaidea to launch new model of Rangehood,
Big suction, low noise,

Over 20 Years Of OEM & ODM Experience In Gas Hob, Gas Water Heater and Range Hood

– Established in 2000, the past over 20 years witnessed great chances of our product, R&D, quality level, and service as well. From now on, Greaidea has its own two production bases with over 500 employees, covering 100,000㎡. In order to meet the growing marketing needs, we have equipped with 6 assembly lines for gas hob and range hood, 3 assembly lines for gas water heater.

Elica Results

Elica BoD approves the Q1 2023 results. “Despite a significant market decline, we are pleased to report results in line with expectations. Our approach has been focused on the long-term value, allowing us to defend margins in a market with low volumes and significant inflation. Additionally, we have continued our transformation and expanded our offerings to become more Cooking. In this environment, the “Own Brand” business is performing better than the market and our “Motors Division” continued to grow. Although the year ahead may be challenging, we are confident that we will come out even stronger and well prepared for the future.” commented – Giulio Cocci Elica CEO.

Creda re-launching

Creda are re-launching the brand
to the Euronics Membership at this year’s UK Showcase.

Euronics is the Largest Electrical Buying Group in Europe, with 30 Member countries across Europe and 11,000 specialist stores and branches, reaching 600 million consumers.


Elica UK will be bringing its show trailer and a number of brand-new appliances across Europe to Brewhouse Yard in the heart of the action at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week.

The show trailer will be the first opportunity for UK designers, kitchen studios and interior designers to see LHOV, a brand-new product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven in a single appliance. The design of LHOV will complement and enhance modern kitchen design, whilst providing extraction that removes vapours and odours not only from the hob but from the oven as well. The extraction system has been discreetly hidden, while the oven is positioned under the hob at the perfect height for ergonomic use.Among other highlights will be:

NikolaTesla Unplugged the latest extractor hob which brings together the elegance of the hugely successful NikolaTesla Switch and the benefits of analogue control. NikolaTesla Unplugged is controlled through fixed clickrelease knobs with analogue touch and feel which provide instantaneous and intuitive access to all its features. All elements are incorporated into a boldlined appearance, developed to intelligently separate the cooking zone from the control area

The new range of VIRTUS ovens and RATIO hobs which fuse high performance and Elica’s uniquely elegant design language.

Veritas – Elica’s brand new built-in wine coolers

The Elica show trailer will also display many more of the iconic NikolaTesla extractor hobs and of course a selection from Elica’s huge range of discrete ceiling, ultra slim wall-mounted cooker hoods.

Sepura promotes world’s first sustainable food waste separation product

Canada-based household appliance brand Sepura has announced it has received new investment, thanks to its innovative sustainable food waste separation product.

Sepura Home Ltd recently raised approximately €3.38 million ($3.7 million) in an investment round led by tap brand Blanco. It has been reported that the investment will go towards scaling Sepura’s activity in North America, boosting the market presence of the brand’s innovative “first sustainable food waste separation device in the world.”

Sepura impresses with eponymous food waste separation device

Sepura is a household appliance product that is fitted under the kitchen sink. The product essentially replaces garbage disposal, and sees users scrape food into their own sink. After that, a wireless button is pressed, with liquids going down the drain and solids separated by an auger and collected in a compost bin. Users are notified when the compost bin is filled and needs to be emptied.

The device has an array of cutting-edge features that could prove useful in the kitchen. For one Sepura has a carbon filter which can cut out the smell of decomposing food and can regulate air intakes. There are LED indicators to inform the user when it is time to empty the bin, and its adaptable design means the product can be installed in a range of different kitchens thanks to adjustable height and a simple installation process.

“Sepura represents a significant step forward in sustainable living. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design, Sepura offers a simple and effective way to minimise waste and promote a cleaner, healthier environment,” said Victor Nicolov, Co-founder and CEO of the company.

“We are excited [to] bring consumers the sustainable solution they are seeking and work to improve how food waste impacts the environment moving forward.”

Sepura’s innovative product could prove to be one way for consumers at large to live more sustainably. The company claims that more than three billion tonnes of food is wasted around the world on an annual basis, with cities across Sepura’s range of influence in North America introducing bans for garbage disposal in some cases.

Sepura says it is targeting a gap in the market for non-traditional garbage disposal products, with the introduction of an arguably more sustainable solution.

“With this strategic investment we are proud to enable SEPURA to further develop and execute their standalone business. We want to contribute to making the kitchen water place in residential homes even more sustainable and consumer friendly,” remarked Frank Gfrörer, CEO of Blanco.

“We believe that Sepura’s technology represents a substantial advancement in the field of food waste disposal and we are convinced that the solution provides the right answer to a pressing issue of our time.”

Food waste management receives billion dollar boost in North America

The rising importance of effective food waste management is felt strongly in North America, with news that Divert, a company which converts food waste into natural gas, has received a billion dollar boost to expand its operations across the region.

The company received approximately €920 million ($1 billion) in investment from Canada-based energy company Enbridge Inc. The funding will go towards the construction of 30 gas conversion facilities that will reportedly be able to convert over 5% of all food waste generated in the United States, apparently avoiding the production of approximately 400,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Divert also received approximately €73 million ($80 million) in growth equity from Enbridge, with further investment of around €18 million ($20 million) provided by investor Ara Partners among others.

“For 16 years, Divert has been at the forefront of efforts to prevent wasted food nationwide and this new funding will serve as a catalyst to address this pervasive problem at scale,” noted Ryan Begin, CEO and co-founder of Divert

Falmec Brera

Technology is invisible to the eye in the new Brera by Falmec, which will be available from May 2023. Brera is an advanced cooking solution, featuring a configuration conceived to offer a spacious cooking area and a versatile, uniform workspace featuring a monochrome glass ceramic element where the cooking area is teamed with the suction solution. Clean lines, silent operation and energy efficiency (class A++) are the hallmark features of Brera, a single product with multiple functions whose name is a tribute to the renowned Milan design district.

The suction area takes the form of a slender groove, with a glass flap at the back featuring a black steel frame that has a surface anti-scratch system. The flap opens automatically when the hob is in use, sucking away steam and cooking fumes, after which it closes and blends back into the hob. The Brera solution is both stylish and practical: the functional element, positioned at the back, allows for the full height of the kitchen unit to be used, while the smooth, uniform surface is extremely practical for cooking and easy to clean.

Brera is equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which is quieter than traditional motors, as well as touch slider controls, 9 cooking levels + Booster and 4 areas with double bridges, offering maximum versatility when pots of different sizes are being used. The hood also offers new cooking functions, such as Keep Warm, which maintains heat constant so food can be served at the right temperature, or the Chef function, able to set different temperature levels for each cooking area.

The upcoming Brera by Falmec embodies the notion that technology can often be invisible to the eye. This advanced cooking solution offers a spacious cooking area and a versatile, uniform workspace, with a sleek monochrome glass ceramic element that seamlessly integrates the cooking and suction solution. With its clean lines, silent operation, and impressive energy efficiency (class A++), Brera is a true multitasker that pays homage to Milan’s famed design district.

The suction area takes the form of a slim groove, with a black steel-framed glass flap at the back that boasts an anti-scratch surface system. The flap opens automatically when the hob is in use, effectively extracting steam and cooking fumes, and then closes back into the hob for a seamless appearance. This practical and stylish solution optimizes the full height of the kitchen unit and provides a smooth, uniform surface that’s easy to clean.

Brera comes equipped with a powerful brushless motor that operates more quietly than traditional motors, as well as touch slider controls, 9 cooking levels, and 4 areas with double bridge, offering maximum flexibility for pots of different sizes. Additionally, the hood offers new cooking functions such as Keep Warm, which maintains heat at a constant temperature, and the Chef function, which can set different temperature levels for each cooking area. Overall, Brera is an innovative and versatile solution that seamlessly integrates advanced technology into a stylish and functional cooking appliance.

Greaidea OEM gas hob manufacturer

Established in 2000, the past over 20 years witnessed great chances of our product, R&D, quality level, and service as well. From now on, Greaidea has its own two production bases with over 500 employees, covering 100,000㎡. In order to meet the growing marketing needs, we have equipped with 6 assembly lines for gas hob and rang Greaidea has over 20 year’s experience in manufacturing high quality gas hob and range hood. Our factory locates in Nantou town, Zhongshan city. In our R&D department, 16 engineers are employed to guarantee our R&D advantage and continuous improvement. Every year, 3% of revenue will be invested to R&D . With excellent manufacturing team & QC team, we can realize the annual output 800,000pcs gas hob and 300,000pcs range hood product with optimal quality.

Gas hob: 800,000 pcs / year
Range hood: 300,000 pcs

Electrolux invests 110 million in Susegana

If the unions accept measures aimed at increasing productivity, the Treviso plant could become the European hub in the production of mid-range built-in refrigerators with an annual production of 1.1 million pieces Electrolux is considering investing 110 million euros in the period 2024-2026 to produce built-in refrigerators by expanding the Susegana plant. As reported by Il Sole 24 Ore on 29 November, the announcement of the Susegana option came after Electrolux last year, bet 102 million euros on the dishwasher factory in Solaro (Milan)

Electrolux had announced,,the closure of the Hungarian factory in Nyíregyháza, the largest in Europe dedicated to the production of refrigerators.

In return, however, the Swedish company has asked the unions to improve productivity. In a meeting with the union representatives (Fiom, Fim and Uilm), the company explained the project to make Susegana a reference point for the production of built-in refrigerators.

In the high-end range, products with retail prices above a thousand euros, the new products of the Genesi platform are producing results in line with the multinational’s expectations. Now Electrolux wants to reduce costs in productions aimed at the mid-market segment.110 million euros of investments will go to a new Genesi line, which would be the third, and then to redo and modernize the technological departments, optimizing logistics and supply flows.

Electrolux has explained to the unions that it will be necessary to reach by 2027 the production of 1.1 million pieces per year through a significant number of permanent hirings.