Miele Best Brand Australia

Miele Australia is the outright “Best Brand” winner for front-loader washing machines, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners. These are the results of the consumer organization CHOICE.
For this, a total of 200 dishwashers and 87 front-loaders were tested. For the vacuum cleaner test 85 cylinder and upright vacuums were reviewed. Based on the test results and feedback from customers on satisfaction and reliability, the best among them were identified.
Choice https://bit.ly/3GdGMQI

Miele Fashion master

The FashionMaster from Miele has been refined and will be immediately launched in Germany and Europe in the 4.0 version. Product engineers at Miele’s Lehrte plant have further improved the FashionMaster, including a larger rest for the iron and a scratch-proof coating in white. The FashionMaster 4.0 is available in three versions: the entry-level B 4312 boasts 3.5 bar steam pressure and a tough, anthracite-coloured ironing table cover. With its tayberry red table ironing cloth, the B 4826, Miele’s premium model with 4 bar of steam pressure, has a fresh appearance, whilst the flagship B 4847 additionally offers top-class ironing, for example, of garments on a coat hanger using the handy steamer.

With steam pressure as high as 4 bar and constant steam delivery of 100 g/minute, steam permeates even the thickest of fabrics, causing even the most stubborn of creases to vanish fast. One key contributing factor is the fan-assisted ironing table: the blower function ensures particularly smooth ironing, whilst the suction function ensures the more intensive use of steam. In addition to this, it also locks garments into position, preventing them from slipping. Automatic switch-on and switch-off ensures optimised uptimes: the fan starts as soon as steam is requested, stopping automatically during ironing breaks.

Whether working with the iron or the steamer – Miele explains – the FashionMaster also offers hygiene and certified protection. By applying steam topically for five seconds with the Miele steam iron (Setting 3) or the steamer, 99.99% of viruses such as Corona, influenza, and Noro viruses (with the exception of Hepatitis B) are removed. This statement has been scientifically endorsed by Germany’s Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. Miele’s ironing system was also awarded the Hygiene Seal in silver by the independent Institute for Integrative Hygiene and Virology

Miele uk advertising push

Miele has announced its ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’  TV advertising marketing campaign to run this autumn.
The marketing campaign is stated to double its media spend for 2021 and quadruple its spending in preceding years.
Scheduled to air from October 8 to November 26, the countrywide TV campaign will run on channels such as Channel 4, Sky and ITV and will be supported by on-demand platforms including ITV Hub, Sky and Channel 4 On Demand.
It centres around Miele’s. 120-year historical past in constructing high-quality, top class appliances, most of which the company says are designed to last for 20 years.

Miele Eco Tumble dryers

Miele will present some new products characterized, among many other features, by a signiticant level of eco-sustainability. The new tumble dryers are an exemple of this, and will combines clever features offering greater user convenience and gentler fabric care. The particularly climate-friendly flagship model of the Miele’s range exceeds the threshold for the current top A+++ energy efficiency rating by 10%.

According to the company, the GreenPerformance model is not only characterised by maximum energy efficiency at an attractive price, but also stands for resource-saving use of materials. A significant contribution to this is made by the floor module, which was developed from scratch and whose plastic is enriched with nitrogen in an innovative manufacturing process. This saves 30 percent of material – while at the same time improving stability. In addition, the climate-friendly refrigerant R290 is used. Both the new base module and R290 are also used in almost all Miele dryer models.

Added convenience is promised by the DryCare 40 option: all items of clothing washable at 40°C can be tumble-dried without the least worry – even if textiles are not approved for machine drying according to the wash-care label. This is facilitated by reducing the air temperature during the drying process to such a degree that delicate fabrics are dried so gently that damage can reliably be ruled out. DryCare 40 can be selected in a whole series of programmes such as Cottons, Minimum Iron and Shirts. This way, fabrics are placed under the least possible strain. Garments remain soft, retain their shape better and, all in all, last longer.

Moreover, the new HygieneDry setting based on the ‘Extra drying’ function reliably eliminates 99.99% of all bacteria thanks to longer temperature holding times. This is independently endorsed by the Rhein-Waal technical university which has issued HygieneDry with a certificate confirming top-class purity and dependability.

Miele tops in German consumers

Miele dishwashers reived other recognitions by German consumer watchdog Stiftung Warentest. Among 60 cm wide units, the fully integrated G 5260 SCVi Active Plus (top-edge controls) came out tops. In the integrated category, the same was achieved by the G 5210 SCi Active Plus, a technically identical model with front controls. Both were the only models to achieve an overall mark of 2.1. In total, the test covered 18 units, whereof 14 had a width of 60 cm and 4 were 45 cm slimline models.

Energy efficiency and advanced tecnologies characterized these Miele home appliances. In the EnergySave and Automatic programmes, Miele machines used the least amount of water and convinced with their cleaning performance. The test winners achieved top marks for ‘Handling’ (1.9) and ‘Sound emissions’ (1.1), making them the quietest of all contestants. «The fact that our dishwashers have once again been commended as best products in the test – said Lothar Wedeking, Miele Product Manager in Miele’s ‘Dishwashers’ business unit – underlines the convincing overall performance of our appliances».

According to the new energy labelling scheme, these machines achieve a C energy efficiency rating. Under the previous regime, this would have been an A+++ rating. Low water consumption starting at only 6 l in the ‘Automatic’ programme is the result of EcoPower technology with its special circulation pump, its optimised spray arms and its efficient filtration system.

Add to this patented AutoOpen drying, a feature only available from Miele. In this case, the door opens to the ajar position at the end of a programme to ensure good drying results, even on plastics, laminates and glass. The associated reduced main wash temperature accelerated drying and a shorter cycle time saves energy and time. These machines can also be connected to a hot water supply. This considerably reduces energy consumption once again and saves up to 50% on electricity. All Miele dishwashers are tested for 20 years of use

Miele’s new built-in refrigerators ensure longer-lasting freshness with active humidification

Miele has released a new collection of K7000 coolers that match the brand’s latest built-in cookware. The company also prides itself on having spare parts available for at least 15 years, five years longer than new repair laws require. Miele improves the freshness of food thanks to precise temperatures and minimal temperature fluctuations. This product has DuplexCool – separate circuits for the refrigerator and freezer, which allows users to more accurately control the temperature. Another is DynaCool, where a fan inside the refrigerator circulates air to prevent hot spots and maintains a constant and constant temperature throughout the entire compartment. Third, the temperature accuracy. The thermostat is a precision device that maintains the temperature of the refrigerator regardless of external conditions. This ensures that hot days and cold nights don’t change. The new Miele series also has an additional freshness protection system.

unimaginable 1.3 billion tonnes of food are thrown away every year. Germany alone contributes 12 million tonnes of that, with more than half attributable to households. To combat this, we need a more conscious approach to how we handle food – and an ultra-effective freshness system in our fridges. Thanks to its PerfectFresh Active technology, Miele’s new Generation K 7000 refrigeration appliances are heralding a future with superior food storage conditions. Not only that, but the appliances are also setting new standards in user convenience and lighting.

Fruit and vegetables need moisture in order to stay fresh and crisp. At temperatures between 0 and 3 °C, Miele’s proven PerfectFresh Pro system ensures food stays fresh for up to five times longer than it would in a conventional vegetable compartment. The natural moisture of the food is kept in the closed compartment. PerfectFresh Active, on the other hand, provides long-lasting freshness in a visible way by spraying a fine mist onto the contents of the crisper drawer, preserving the quality of the food and its vitamins. Moisture is therefore supplied extra – for even more freshness. The mist is sprayed from the water container above directly into the drawer every 90 minutes and every time the door is opened. Compact and easy to clean, the water container has a capacity of just 120 ml to hold the small amount of water required for this. The low temperatures keep any nasty contamination at bay, meaning that the container only has to be refilled every two to three months.

Generation K 7000 appliances are also taking user convenience to the next level. Among the real highlights of these new built-in appliances is FlexiTray – a glass shelf that is full-sized but can also be pivoted 180 degrees, so users can say goodbye to rummaging around for storage boxes, jars and small food containers. The upper door shelves can also be adjusted to the perfect height without the need to remove them, which means that even extra-large bottles of juice will fit easily in the bottle holder. The touch displays are intuitive to use and their colour and design are perfectly matched to Generation 7000 built-in appliances.

Yet another standout feature of Miele’s new refrigeration appliances is their effective, atmospheric lighting. The current appliances already have LEDs integrated into their glass shelves to create bright, glare-free lighting throughout the interior – and the lighting even adjusts itself if a shelf is moved. In the future, the FlexiLight 2.0 concept will use “Ambilight” technology to bathe the interior in light that is bright, pleasant and more even. To achieve this, the LED light strips will cover the entire width of the glass shelves. The lighting will also be applied to the IceMaker if one is present, elegantly illuminating it and the many large ice cubes it is able to hold. Some appliance models will also include dedicated LED lighting for the DynaCool dynamic cooling system, which establishes consistent cooling conditions throughout the interior. Additionally, the interior rear wall of some models will feature an elegant, sturdy CleanSteel finish to help ensure that cooling is distributed evenly within the appliance.

With the exception of the entry-level models, WiFi networking (WiFiConn@ct) will be available for all the appliances. This will include the option of sending service notifications to the user’s smartphone or tablet if, for example, the appliance door has been left open inadvertently.