Imagine getting step-by-step instructions across recipes and appliances, suggesting the easiest and fastest options for preparing different recipes based on your preferences simultaneously with the appliances that you own.

“That’s our door into the digital future and we are going to storm it!” says Johannes Ochsner, BSH Smart Cooking Lead Program Manager, who shares his outlook of a new and seamless kitchen of the future.

To find out which appliances and digital innovations Bosch have in store for the #smartkitchen, stay tuned and check out BSH brands’ IFA presentations in Berlin!

Miele at IFA2022

Sustainability and climate protection will dominate the presentation of the world’s leading manufacturer of premium domestic appliances at the IFA in Berlin. A keen focus will be on the new technologies and features with which Miele aims to protect the environment and support users in acting more responsibly. These will feature alongside clever innovations for creative cooking and lifestyle which are only available from Miele. The family-owned company will present More than 400 appliances at a their booth in Building 2.1, accompanied by inspirational live events and starred chefs-de-cuisine offering food to sample. Trade fair motto: ‘Discover quality ahead of its time. For a better tomorrow’.

A contribution towards reducing food waste comes for example in the form of new free-standing refrigerators from the K 4000 series with their innovative PerfectFresh Active system in which the combination of a temperature of around zero degrees with humidity and a fine mist of water keeps vegetables and fruit crisp and attractive for up to five times longer. In addition, further improved smart cooking assistants and recipe apps as well as intelligent energy management, ensure more sustainability in the household. And more new products at the IFA trade fair mainly focus on the kitchen, starting with a well-known, particularly tasty, nutritious, and healthy preparation method: steam cooking.

In this field, Miele is expanding a model range which is already more than impressive by adding further models both at the top and the bottom ends of the lineup. In concrete terms, these are steam ovens which combine an oven or wall oven with first-class specifications with a fully-fledged steam cooker. Firstly, Miele will be presenting new models with top features, such as improved cleaning convenience. Secondly, there will be a new entry-line model series which will reduce the starting price in this sought-after product category by around one-third, making cooking with steam more accessible to a larger target audience. Miele will also be presenting a new entry-level series of ovens, with a new design, significantly more features and offering better value for money. And, in the booming market for induction hobs with an integrated downdraught extractor, there will be new models at IFA which guarantee more efficient extraction than their predecessors – whilst at the same time being noticeably quieter. All models have been tested to last 20 years. For that reason alone, a decision for Miele is a contribution towards everyday sustainability.

Kaiser appliances showing off at IFA2022

Luxury appliance brand, Kaiser will be showcasing its distinctive collection of appliances at the renowned IFA exhibition in Berlin. Taking place between 2nd – 6th September 2022, this year’s IFA is set to be packed full of the latest innovations and is an opportunity for retailers to see the best technology, and finest designs, in home appliances.

Kaiser was introduced to the UK market in January 2022. IFA provides a great opportunity for UK independent kitchen specialists to familiarise themselves with the brand and meet the team for the very first time. With ranges boasting handles finished in antique brass, and even leather, Kaiser appliances are designed to make a statement in the home. In addition to their unique attributes, the latest appliances available from Kaiser benefit from innovative technologies and robust German engineering to ensure exceptional functionality and longevity.

Visitors to the Kaiser stand at IFA will have the opportunity to see the classical-style appliances that form the award-winning Art Deco and Empire ranges, as well as the contemporary Avantgarde Pro and Grand Chef ranges. The Art Deco collection perfectly captures a neoclassical style, complementing the most luxurious homes for consumers with a well-defined taste for vintage styling, while the Empire range boasts a rustic design and robust German engineering. By contrast, the Avantgarde Pro range is designed for the professional home chef whose priorities are durability and functionality. Finally, the Grand Chef range is at the forefront of modern appliance technology, including a built-in oven complete with air-fryer technology to release the consumer’s inner chef.

Infinity G1 Edition, the new Teka special edition line

Teka consolidates its commitment to design with the launch of Infinity | G1 Edition , its new line of household appliances. This range has been developed in collaboration with the Italian design studio Italdesign Giugiaro , which has inspired and manufactured innovative solutions throughout the world.

Among the appliances that make up Infinity | G1 Edition, there are the Gas on Glass plates with self-ignition technology. Also a state-of-the -art pyrolytic oven ; a vertical hood with the FreshAir system, which renews the air, getting rid of annoying odors and keeping the environment fresh; a compact oven with SurroundTemp multifunction that guarantees better heat distribution; and a ceramic-based integration microwave Infinity | G1 Edition is the most accurate portrait of what design means to us”, assures the Teka team. And it is that it is a special edition inspired by emerging trends in jewelry, exclusive vehicles and the latest technology in premium products.

Thus, the new line is equipped with technological features and benefits that provide precision and simplicity during its use . In addition, it stands out for its attractive and elegant aesthetics, in matte black with copper-colored details .

One of the purposes of the new line Infinity | G1 Edition is to demonstrate that design is one of the fundamental pillars of Teka. In this case, it combines Italdesign’s design with the firm’s interest in turning the kitchen into a setting for significant experiences .

In this sense, Teka’s Infinity Design concept arose as a response to the firm’s need to integrate design into its entire range of products and solutions for the kitchen. Therefore, it is based on a key idea: “Everyone deserves great design”.

However, this concept was born under the motto “Where cooking becomes art” and, without knowing it, it marked the beginning of a new stage for Teka. A phase based on four design principles : minimalism with performance, originality, authenticity and personality, and intuition and functionality.

Now, Teka’s goal for 2022 is focused on continuing to offer designs capable of creating unique experiences and products for consumers’ kitchens to view more see Teka in you tube

Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer updated

DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel is undergoing is most significant evolution since its creation in Newzealand more than 20 years ago.

For the first time, the fully integrated DishDrawer is available, in Series 11 specification, with an all stainless steel interior, touch on glass interface and enhanced energy and water management to bring yet more efficiency to full or true, half loads.

In integrated form, as a double or a single unit, the superior ergonomics of a drawer are the reason the DishDrawer is widely regarded as the very best solution at home. To use one is to understand it is simply better to use than a drop door dishwasher and based on its energy use, the most cost effective solution too over time for most households.

The Series 11 range will be exclusively available to F&P kitchen design partners,

Everything and the kitchen sink: BSH innovates with Solitaire the Waterbase brand

BSH began its briefing with an impressive presentation of its latest innovation that will be exclusively showcased at IFA, the new brand “Solitaire the Waterbase”

Oliver Kraemer, Senior Industrial Designer at BSH Home Appliances 

presented the concept at IMB, created by architects, designers and carpenters, to fit the needs of modern houses and apartments. The team also asked customers about their priorities and interests regarding kitchen design and practicality. They converted their findings into a new concept. 

Annette Hollemann, Head of Solitaire the Waterbase, stated that one of the most important products to innovate is the kitchen sink. Customers still complain about the design of most sinks and see room for improvement, especially with more space underneath the sink. The “waterbase” is designed to address this issue. It is an even-levelled plate that is designed to reduce water waste.It can be controlled via display, the so-called “invisible command”. 

The new water-system also provides water for tea and other beverages at different temperatures. Underneath the innovative kitchen sink is enough space to store items, waste bins or cleaning products. The new innovative kitchen sink “Solitaire the Waterbase” will be presented live for the first time at IFA 2022 in September.

Aria+ and Atmos, the latest innovations by Fulgor Milano

Fulgor Milano has recently last two new innovative producta for the international market. The first Aria+, an induction cooktop with an integrated extractor, available in 60 cm and 80 cm measures. The other relevant news signed by Fulgor Milano is Atmos, a 60 cm wide multifunction steam oven.

Both the appliances are characterized by advanced technologies and sophisticated Italina style. The induction cooktop with integrated extractor Aria+ features a maximum airflow of 700 m3/h and 4 induction zones with bridge function.

multifunction steam oven Atmos, instead, has 26 different cooking modes, 6 of which are entirely dedicated to steam cooking. The oven is also capable of performing all classic cooking modes, including a pizza cooking mode with temperatures reaching up to 290°C. This, combined with a soft closing door and a 3-hour steam runtime without topping up the tank.

Rangemaster partnership with Juliet Sear

Rangemaster is pleased to announce its partnership with professional baker and author Juliet Sear!

Juliet Sear, commented: “I have been a fan of Rangemaster for as long as I can remember and I’m thrilled to be working with such an iconic British brand. I’m looking forward to developing new recipes, sharing how easy it can be to create showstopping bakes and demonstrating how incredible Rangemaster’s range cookers are and what they can do.”

Falmec Elements collection

Elements collection by Falmec becomes part of a modular, multifunctional architecture that is totally integrated into the kitchen. The “Elements” concept is expressed in different solutions designed to adapt to the multiple needs and types of installations in the kitchen. The range includes three new models: Monolith, Shelf and Air Wall.

Monolith is an element with a precious design, placed on the worktop, designed to meet the various needs in the kitchen, in a refined way. The system consists of a 90 cm suction element and accessory container modules – which can be placed on the right or left – of 30, 60 or 90 cm, which allow a functional and personalized set-up.

Shelf looks like a real suction shelf. Thanks to the exclusive Multi-Air technology, the suction body is extremely thin and incorporated into a shelf structure of only 10 cm, equipped with a removable cover, to increase suction capacity. The “hood” element can be enriched with additional modules of 60 and 90 cm, which can be positioned to the right or left of the extractor body to configure different furnishing compositions by creating a hanging system, which opens up new open design spaces.

Finally, Air Wall vertically integrates the extraction in an exclusive backlit white tempered glass panel, transforming the back of the kitchen into a functional surface, which sucks in the fumes and at the same time illuminates the space with a pleasant ambient light. The magnetic system of the panel also allows you to add functional accessories, which are also magnetic – such as tablet supports, spice racks and shelves – which allow the user to place them anywhere on the surface