Dish The Dirt

ASKO’s new dishwasher

ASKO has launched the new DW60 dishwasher series that it says is designed to last for 20 years. The fully integrated DW60 dishwasher is created with the innovative 8 steelTM and eight of the most important components including the container, loading racks, spray pipe, spray arms, strainers, outer base, feet, and inner door are made of high-quality stainless steel rather than plastic.ingenious Auto Dose function. This clever solution takes the hassle out of adding detergent on every load as the Auto Dose compartment stores up to 30 days’ worth, which means it only needs filling up once a month.ASKO’s new dishwasher comes with a Flexi RacksTM system to make loading a dishwasher easier and more practical for users. Made with durable nylon coated steel, the racks are sturdy and flexible, catering to a variety of dishes and utensils. The height of the racks can also be easily adjusted depending on the user’s preference and the items being loaded. Also, unlike other dishwashers on the market, the lower rack can be fully extended to the length of the dishwasher door, making loading and unloading dishes much easier and providing plenty of different loading options for different sized crockery, pots, pans and glassware.

Another important addition to the new DW60 dishwasher is the Turbo Combi DryingTM feature. The solution allows quicker and more effective drying by using a state-of-the-art fan-assistant drying system that effectively removes moisture from the dishwasher compartment. At the end of the cycle, the dishwasher will automatically open its door to let the warm indoor air circulate inside and dry the moisture from your dishes. This method allows efficient and quicker drying, so there’s no need to clean or dry utensils and cups by hand before putting them away in the kitchen cupboards and drawers.