Elica Results

Elica BoD approves the Q1 2023 results. “Despite a significant market decline, we are pleased to report results in line with expectations. Our approach has been focused on the long-term value, allowing us to defend margins in a market with low volumes and significant inflation. Additionally, we have continued our transformation and expanded our offerings to become more Cooking. In this environment, the “Own Brand” business is performing better than the market and our “Motors Division” continued to grow. Although the year ahead may be challenging, we are confident that we will come out even stronger and well prepared for the future.” commented – Giulio Cocci Elica CEO.

Elica partnership with Ilve

Elica Spa announced Tuesday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Ilve that will allow the company to grow in the world of home cooking by also marketing induction ovens and hobs.

Ilve is an Italian company specializing in cooking systems that “has distinguished itself over the years for its vocation for innovation and technical wisdom in steel processing, combined with continuous research in the field of processes and technologies. Together with Ilve, Elica will espouse a philosophy of transition to new markets that will bring both companies and expand their business,” said Elica.

Elica’s stock is up 1.4 percent at EUR2.86 per share

Elica presents the 2022 Sustainability Report

Elica spa has published the 2022 edition of the Sustainability Report under the slogan “Aspira, Inspira” which represents the ability to continuously imagine innovative and sustainable solutions for the future because every great idea, just like every great company, is born from an inspiration . Improving air quality has always been the starting point. Inspiring people and your target market is the next step.
Despite the difficult context, Elica achieved particularly challenging goals in 2022, breaking its own records for the second consecutive year. The consolidation of its global leadership was made possible by excellent management and financial performance and by a strategic “Sustainability Roadmap” based on three pillars: production and products with low environmental impact, people and governance.
During 2022, the Group used 100% renewable energy in almost all of its production sites in Italy and Poland. This policy has been accompanied by some energy efficiency projects which have contributed to further limiting our carbon footprint.

Elica record sale’s

Elica BoD approves the preliminary FY 2022 results.
Second Record Year in a row in terms of sales, EBIT margin, and net profit, despite the most adverse inflationary, demand, and geopolitical scenario of the last decades.
The company was able to improve margins versus last year, despite ~60 million of cost inflation, thanks to the business model flexibility and the agile execution of our turnaround projects.
Looking forward to 2023, it will be an even more challenging year, but we have a clear strategy for both the Cooking and Motor Divisions in terms of products, customers, and regional distribution.

Elica success story

Elica is today the global leader in the sector of kitchen extractor hoods. They have managed to record numbers

Elica has achieved the right mix of financial soundness and Italian design & innovation soul:

✔️ we are expecting to close 2022 with incremental revenues and margin, in spite of inflation, geopolitical tensions and weak demand,

✔️ Elica are back to a sustainable long term dividend distribution plan aimed at preserving strategic investments and external growth,

✔️ looking for new M&A or joint venture opportunities to grow their cooking business,

✔️ Elica are leading the ecological transition in the HVAC industry with their BU Motors EMC FIME (representing 25% of the Group’s turnover, with a 30% growth rate).

Year after year, Elica have been expanding our value proposition and increasing their innovation rate, proving vision and resilience even in uncertain times.

Elica design award


Elica wins ‘Archiproducts Design Awards 2022’ in the “Kitchen” category with LHOV. An award that recognises excellence in the creativity, research and innovation of the new Elica product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven.

LHOV is Elica’s brand-new product that integrates hob, hood and a revolutionary extractor oven in one.
A single unit that maintains and enhances the smooth lines of your kitchen, equipped with an extraction system that eliminates vapours and odours; not only from the hob but from the oven as well.


Elica and Fuji Industrial commemorate 20 years of collaboration
with an event at the Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo.
One of the longest running relationships between Italy and Japan,
that goes beyond business.

has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the , 24 November 2022 – Elica, world leading company in the production of
kitchen ventilation systems, celebrates the twentieth anniversary of Ariafina. The
brand born in Japan as a result of the joint venture with Fuji Industrial, Japanese leader
in the production of kitchen hoods.
To mark the celebration, an event promoted by the Ermanno Casoli Foundation in
collaboration with the two companies will be held today at the Italian Culture Institute
in Tokyo, where “Iride”, a work of art by the Italian artist Gianluca Malgeri, made in
honor of this anniversary, will be presented. Once again it will demonstrate the
importance of art and culture that has led Elica to bring forth successful paths, even
beyond national borders.
The venue chosen to celebrate this important anniversary was not accidental: The
Italian Culture Institute in Tokyo is an institution committed to spread our country’s
history and culture, as well as to promote Italian creativity in Japan. The building where
the Institute is based, designed by Gae Aulenti, is one of the most significant symbols
of the strong relationship between the two nations. Moreover, the Ariafina joint
venture, combining the beauty of Italian design with the flawless functionality of
Japanese industrial tradition, is an excellent example of how two seemingly distant
worlds are able to communicate, also thanks to the universal language of art.

This collaboration dates back to the beginning of the 2000’s, a period in which Elica,
undergoing a moment of significant expansion, decided to broaden its horizons by
looking towards Japan: a highly industrialized country, where the cooperation with a
local partner was necessary to work there. Hence the decision of the joint-venture
with Fuji Industrial, indisputable leader in the Japanese kitchen hood sector with a
market share of over 50 percent Ariafina Co Ltd was established from the partnership between the two companies, with
the aim of operating in the high-end market segment: a top-level market niche that
did not exist in the Japanese hood sector at the time.
Over the years, Ariafina has contributed to revolutionize the classic style of the
Japanese kitchen, which had always been small and barely visible in the house. Thus,
establishing itself today as a well-known brand able to combine the quality of Italian
design with the avant-garde of Japanese technology.

Elica, the financial results

Elica grows thanks to Nikolatesla and engines
The success of the new hob and motors compensates for the weakness of OEM demand and allows us to forecast a positive year end in terms of turnover and margins.

The success of the new hob and motors compensates for the weakness of OEM demand and allows us to forecast a positive year end in terms of turnover and margins.
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Elica grows thanks to Nikolatesla and engines
Giulio Cocci_ Chief Executive Officer of Elica SpA
Elica spa grows despite the “significant slowdown in demand”. In the first 9 months of 2022, revenues increased by 3% to 419 million euros and the EBIT margin increased by 2.8% to 25.6 million (6% of turnover) obtained despite increases of 50 million in costs. The net result is therefore close to 16 million: this is 32% more than in the corresponding period of 2021.
The engines fly and the NikolaTesla range grows
Sales of own brands are growing (+ 6%) and the motors segment is flying (+ 22% to 95 million) driven, in particular by the heating segment and by the consolidation of EMC and CPS, now merged into EMC Fime srl, acquired on 2 July 2021, which contributed € 19 million in the first nine months of 2022.

In the cooking segment, the decline in OEM demand was offset by the growth of NikolaTesla cooker hobs which today represent around 16% of the Cooking turnover and recorded a CAGR of + 40% compared to the first nine months of 2020.

Elica results

Elica’s first-half 2022 results are something to be proud of. Despite the challenging situation and the market uncertainties,

Elica posted outstanding 1H results with revenue at EUR 290.2 million, up 7.7% on 1H 2021. This growth was driven by sales of own brands and Motors Division, led by an even stronger Q2, setting new revenue and margin records.

Elica to purchase Air Force

Elica SpA, leader of the Group that produces cooker hoods and extractor hobs, has entered into an agreement which provides for the purchase from Urbano Urbani, minority shareholder of the subsidiary Air Force SpA, of 40% of the latter’s share capital. This operation will allow Elica to take over Air Force SpA to 100% Air Force is a company of the Group that manufactures high quality cooker hoods and hobs, characterized by a high level of customization and uniqueness. The offer is aimed at a specific market niche and is able to satisfy the customer’s needs for product customization, moving away from the mass market.

Air Force SpA was established in 1997, its mission has always been the continuous innovation of extractor hoods and induction hobs. All through study and innovation, accompanied by the desire to launch a style, to propose a Made in Italy even more focused and advanced on the selection processes, where high quality is expressed with functionality and reliability, design and innovation.

Experience, design, flexibility and innovation made in Fabriano are the characteristics that fit perfectly into the development and growth of the Elica Group.

In numbers, the Air Force achieved a turnover of approximately 31.0 million euros in 2021 and an Ebitda of approximately 1.6 million euros with a cash balance of 5.4 million euros.