Grundig new built-in oven

The new Grundig range of built-in electric ovens features innovative cooking technologies, designed to save time and effort. Thanks to a new fan system and a redesigned oven interior, the HotAero Pro technology ensures even heat distribution throughout the oven, delivering more even cooking results every time.

The range include 60cm single ovens, 90cm ovens, and 45cm compact ovens. They are equipped with multiple functions, including steam cooking, pre-set recipes, and self-cleaning technologies that help cookers to obtain the best results.

It is also available the Grundig 90cm Multi-function Double Oven featuring eight cooking functions for the main oven and four functions for the top oven. For ultimate ease, this model is also equipped with useful cleaning features, including nano-coated glass doors and catalytic oven liners.

Küppersbusch launch built-in oven

New product from Küppersbusch Hausgeräte GmbH launches new K-Series.3 steam oven for 2023 With 12 functions, including four multi-steam options and an external steam generator, users can top up the water tank without interrupting their cooking.The A+ energy rated oven is also fully equipped with the unique Ökotherm technology and Öko-clean for easy cleaning. As a result of the state of the art catalytic converter, food moisture is preserved and odours and grease do not escape from the kitchen during cooking

Unox Casa: professional technology in a domestic oven

Winner at the Archiproducts Design Awards 2022, SuperOven Model 1S by Unox Casa brings professional technology to the domestic channel. The oven allows user to carry out any type of cooking, even those that are not possible in domestic ovens such as grilling, frying, steam cooking, sous vide, smoking, roasting and dehydration. Thanks to the sensors that continuously monitor the percentage of humidity inside the cooking chamber, it is possible to cook food evenly and 3 times faster than a normal oven. The appliance is equipped with a large and intuitive digital panel capable of activating over 400 automatic cooking processes. Other pluses of the product are: integrated ventilation system that eliminates odors and vapors with professional activated carbon filters and automatic washing with a solution of water and delicate and ecological detergent patented by Unox. In addition, the user can take advantage of the digital platform Cook Like a Chef

Barazza Icon

The kitchens systems by Alta Cucine can be equipped with Icon, the innovative purifying oven created by Barazza. Icon ovens – the Italian kitchen manufacturer says – cover a wide range of needs: 60 ovens, combined steam and microwave, coffee machine, blast chiller and vacuum drawer or food warmer… multiple functions are combined with 5 elegant finishes (Glass, Steel, Exclusive, Trama, Mat) giving shape to personal style in the kitchen».

But Icon also features a very innovative function: it is able to purify the air encironment trought Zefiro, «the first system in the world – Alta Cucine underlines – to transform the built-in oven into a real air sanitiser. With the Zefiro system, the Barazza oven becomes to all intents and purposes a sanitiser for the home environment, improving the quality of life

This oven, in fact, purifies the air from viruses and bacteria, removes unpleasant odors from the kitchen environment and in operation together with the hood, the purification process becomes even faster. It also guarantees low consumption, thanks to the tangential ventilation and the automatic switching off of the internal light when sanitising is in operation.

The air to be sanitised – Alta Cucine explaines – is sucked in through holes specifically located on the rear side of the oven thanks to the appliance’s tangential ventilation. Once captured inside, the air is conveyed to the upper side of the oven and from there channelled through a double beam of germicidal ultraviolet light emitted by two UV-C LED plates. This beam of light is crucial: it modifies the DNA or RNA of the microorganisms it irradiates, preventing their reproduction and rendering them harmless to humans. At this point, after being purified of harmful substances and bad odours, the air is reintroduced into the environment by exploiting the slit on the front of the oven, between the controls and the

Teka steakmaster

Multifunction Pyrolytic oven with special Grill and Cast iron grid for Steaks Exclusive SteakGrill technology (700º) to prepare meat as in a barbecue
Cook Steak, Entrecote, Rib eye steak or grilled hamburgers in just a few minutes All you need to get the perfect steak
Discover SteakMaster, the first and only oven that gives you a restaurant-quality steak at home. Thanks to the innovative and exclusive technology developed by Teka alongside Michellin Chefs, that guarantees the best results in each preparation. Welcome, steak lovers.
Special cast iron grid to prepare grilled meats
20 Special automatic meat programs
DualClean Pyrolysis + Hydroclean® PRO Cleaning System
Included Accessories: 210mm Arcos®️ professional knife and special grill glove with an exterior silicone design

Fulgor at Milan Design Week

At EuroCucina the Fulgor Milano proposes its new products for the cooking sector. In particular, Aria+ is an induction hob with integrated hood. This product is available in two versions: 60 cm and 80 cm. Besides the company presents Atmos, a 60 cm wide multifunction steam oven. Finally, at its stand the company offers a show cooking every day to illustrate the potential of its appliances.

Smeg Galileo

A revolution in enhanced cooking results, the Galileo platform at its most basic level features new and improved airflow systems for solid baking and browning results.

At the more advanced end of the range, you’ll discover models such as SpeedwaveXL, SteamOne/ Steam100Pro, and OmniChef features on the site, all of which use state of the art multicooking technology to combine oven with microwave, oven with steam, or oven with steam and microwave.

These all deliver huge benefits not only in excellent cooking results, but far reduced cooking times. More information on this amazing oven

TEKA Airfry built-in ovens

Crispy fry recipes are much healthier now with 😋 TEKA AirFry!

✅ AirFry allows you to cook frying recipes in a healthier way using very little fat.
✅The special FryMaster Box has a special perforated tray so you don’t have to turn it around when cooking your food.
✅SurroundTemp technology distributes heat evenly, so your recipes are homogeneous and evenly cooked.

HydroClean® PRO cleaning systemMultifunction SurroundTemp9 Cooking functionsCapacity, gross / net: 71/70 litersFryMaster Box, specially designed tray for frying


AirFry FunctionJust leave your food and open your oven and enjoy your meal.Crispy results in your oven with the new AirFry function. Quickly and easily prepare frozen or pre-cooked potatoes, chicken wings or nuggets. Your fresh vegetables will be juicy and crunchy with just a few drops of oil. Easily access the Air Fry function on your oven panel and enjoy great food in a cleaner, safer way.

FryMaster BoxDo not turn the food over!The Teka AirFry Oven has a special perforated tray that provides excellent air circulation, so that the food is cooked evenly and without turning it over.

XXL CapacityCook a variety of recipes for the whole familyCompared to other Teka models, you can prepare 30% more meals than a conventional oven thanks to its 71-liter capacity.

It combines efficiency and technology. Don’t worry about the energy you expend while cooking. Teka’s AirFry Oven will save you more than 20% on your monthly electricity bill with A+ energy