Hisense launches its new smart refrigerator with wi-fi

Hisense has expanded its range of SkyLine refrigerators with the new smart fridge-freezer with wi-fi and the ConnectLife application. Thanks to its wi-fi functionality, it can be connected to a smartphone to monitor and control it remotely, as well as receive notifications.

Hisense has ensured that the products will stay fresh and in optimal condition, when you make a big weekly purchase that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables, with the Super Cool and Super Freeze functions, also connected with the ConnectLife app. While activating the Super Cool function will increase the temperature in the refrigerator compartment by up to 2°C, activating the Super Freeze function will lower the temperature in the freezer compartment by up to -24°C. Both functions will automatically turn off after a few hours.

Maximum food protection is achieved thanks to a three-level system: Multi Air Flow, Micro Vents technology and Metal Cooling, which guarantee uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator, fixing nutrients and minerals more quickly and keeping food fresh for longer. more time. A special Moisture Crisper fresh produce storage at the bottom of the fridge manages moisture inside the drawer to suit the type of food stored. The upper drawer with constant temperature around 0°C is perfect for meat and fish, prolonging its freshness.

Also noteworthy is the Freezer Convert function that allows you to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator, gaining even more space for daily use.

Hisense new facility

Construction works have started for Hisense new cooling factory in Valjevo. Hisense will invest over 40 million euros in the new Valjevo 3 factory, where state-of-the-art refrigerators of the Hisense, Gorenje, and Asko brands will be produced, mainly for export to demanding European markets. We plan to open the factory in February next year.
Gorenje has been successfully operating in Valjevo for 16 years and provides more than 1,600 jobs to the residents of Valjevo and the Kolubara district. The launch of the new factory will mean the employment of an additional 1,000 workers in the next three years.

Hitachi new refrigerators in UK

Hitachi has unveiled a new range of premium refrigerators, available exclusively through Euronics retailers across the UK.

From standard 600mm wide fridge-freezers to the top of the range 4-door kitchen centrepiece model, the range offers stylish coloured glass door fronts (coming in black, grey, white and gradation grey), the latest cooling technologies, and class-leading energy efficiencies throughout.

The new range contain five models covering a traditional two-door fridge freezer with the freezer at the bottom, and a three-door side-by-side model with dedicated high-capacity vegetable compartment. The top of the range trio are four-door models packed with features including Selectable Zone cooling, touch opening doors, automatic ice makers and Hitachi’s Vacuum Compartment (depending on model).

Electrolux 700

The brand new Electrolux 700 GreenZone refrigerator range can help reduce food waste by up to 20 percent and that 80 percent of the fridge material can be recycled making this range one of the most sustainable choices available.

This was only one of the many innovations we revealed at leading kitchen trade show EuroCucina in Milan, Italy last week.

Haier Large Refrigerated Double Temperature Freezer Launched

Haier 70% large volume dual-temperature freezer was launched in Pakistan, first of the kind.

the hot weather and long summers of Pakistan, the temperature at noon can even exceed 50°C. People have a great demand for ice.

The new duel temperature product got a 70% freezer volume, 75% extra than other products of the category. The high-efficient compressor used in the new product can increase the refrigeration speed by 30%, to lock the nutrition of the ingredients with the refrigeration The lowest temperature can reach -28 ℃

The launch conference was held in Karachi, attended by more than 80 core customers and media. While the new product earned more than 12 million exposures on Haier’s official website, social media and search engines.

Haier, as the TOP1 brand for 6 consecutive years in household appliances industry in Pakistan. Haier continues to create smart and healthy life for Pakistani users.

Liebherr new for 2022/3

The following are some facts about Liebherr new freestanding appliances:

  • 183 different models: 98 combinations, 43 refrigerators, and 42 freezers comprise the range in 2022 and 2023.
  • Seven Finishes: The new product range comes in different finishes such as White, GlassWhite, Beige, SteelFinish, StainlessSteel, BlackSteel, and StoneGrey finishes.
  • Energy Label Class A in our RBa4250 refrigerator occupies the best energy efficiency class.
  • All appliances are connected: Either ready from the factory or can be upgraded via the SmartDeviceBox accessory.
  • Up to 8 kg Ice storage Capacity in the new IceTower (available in selected models).
  • 28 prizes: The series has received 9 iF Awards and 19 Red Dot Awards for outstanding design.https://home.liebherr.com

Liebherr fresh for Longer

Preserve your food fresh for longer with the new freestanding appliances by Liebherr.
The new freestanding units from Liebherr offer precise storage options to preserve sensitive vitamins and minerals for much longer. The coordinated combination of temperature and humidity ensures optimal food cooling, maintaining freshness, and reducing food waste.

Liebherr a wide array of solutions for food preservation, starting with EasyFresh, which allows you to control the temperature of the food compartment; BioFresh, where temperature can be set just above freezing point, and humidity level can be adapted for fruits, vegetables, or meats; and BioFresh Professional Fish & Seafood Safe, specially designed for storing fish and seafood at -2 degrees Celsius (28 ºF) and can be individually regulated.

In the cooling units of the Peak series, the fine fresh mist HydroBreeze also lays on fruit and vegetables for an additional freshness effect.

Liebherr Cologne showroom

In an exclusive ambiance,Liebherr present their current generation of appliances as well as trends and innovations from the refrigeration and freezing sectors. In the Liebherr customer and specialist trade center in Cologne, lots of our products are waiting to be discovered by you.

Experience the best of Liebherr Appliances in their showroom in Cologne. Get to know your new Liebherr appliance in person or find out where it comes from. Whether on a digital tour or as part of an individual consultation appointment on site.
Discover our fresh technologies here, feel the uniqueness and haptics based on the extensive selection of modern efficient appliances.

Liebherr-Hausgeräte Vertriebs- und Service GmbH
Rheinische Allee 18
50858 Köln
Tel.: 02234 910 200/ Mail: Info@liebherr-west.de https://www.liebherr-west.de/

BSH Refrigerators Are Guardians of Your Food

Did you know that there are 1.14 million bacteria including 1,900 species per cm² in a normal fridge?

To prevent food from spoiling, Bosch China came up with the idea of the Bosch “Triple Hygiene Guard Refrigerator”, which eliminates up to 99.99% of all bacteria and removes 90% of odors.

The Triple Hygiene Guard refrigerator includes the latest hygiene features to guard our consumers’ healthy diet. A patented gas sensor on top of the cooling area timely monitors the decay of food. Once it recognizes certain gases – so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC) – the refrigerator starts the purification process, equipped with active oxygen and negative oxygen ions. In combination, they eliminate more than 99 percent of all bacteria and viruses, sterilizing the fridge and removing 90 percent of all odors, thereby guarding your food. 

Wow, it’s exactly like a Guardian! How does it work in more detail? 

Liu Xiaodong: Active oxygen – or ozone – is a gas that can break apart many things, such as protein and DNA. The latter are essential components of bacteria and chemicals that make up various odors, like trimethylamine and methane thiol for example. This process is called oxidation. Since the affected bacteria cannot recover, the gas is a highly effective disinfectant and deodorizer. And after neutralizing the odors, the gas automatically becomes oxygen. 

Ozone sounds scary! Do consumers have to be afraid of losing healthy nutrition? 

Liu: Definitely, not! Our consumers do not have to worry a bit! The low level of ozone in the new fridge does not influence their food items in a negative way. The oxidation effect on foods only occurs at very high densities above 1,000ppb, which the Smart Hygiene module does not reach. In fact, the low level of active oxygen may even have some small benefits for freshness because it can eliminate the ethylene gas.

Which challenges did you face when integrating both the sensor and the oxygen into the fridge and how did you overcome them?Liu: The biggest bottleneck within our development project was optimizing the software algorithm for the gas sensor’s sensitivity. We had to ensure that it correctly triggers the sterilization process, considering different using habits. Another challenge was finding suitable purification times for different odor levels to guarantee efficient sterilization. Finally, the active oxygen has a potential influence on the sensor. Thus, we had to balance detection function and oxygen concentration very carefully. In order to overcome all these challenges, we first worked out the basic algorithm. Afterwards, we simulated and tested it with various types of food, including not only fresh vegetables, fruits, and leftovers but also spoiled food items. Moreover, we conducted qualitative household tests with consumers, to get real feedback and to perfect the algorithm. So odors don’t stand a chance, right? Is there anything that the hygiene guard can’t tackle?

Allen: While the smart hygiene module can eliminate 90 percent of the standard odors, it can’t do magic! If consumers forget to dispose of a large amount of rotten meat, for example after the holidays, the fridge continually works on odor removal but can’t eliminate the cause. That’s why the fridge can also send push messages to consumer phones to notify them of any abnormal situations. 

We just launched the new Bosch refrigerators in China. What happens next?

Allen: Well, we are very excited about the recent launch and we hope, that our innovative cooling solution will be a hit with our local consumers. Once we know more, our global marketing and development teams will discuss further international rollouts. We can’t make any promises at the moment, though.