Samsung new top mount fridge freezer

Samsung launches its new Bespoke top-mounted freezer (TMF) refrigerator with a wide range of Bespoke color and finish options, AI-assisted energy saving and optimal refrigeration modes to various lifestyle needs. Available first in Thailand from late March, the new refrigerator will expand to regions all over the world by the end of the year. The Bespoke TMF refrigerator combines elegant design with a full range of Bespoke color and texture options to respond to the stylish needs of every kitchen. Equipped with the latest in freshness technologies and energy saving, it makes food storage convenient, efficient and flexible.

These days, customers expect appliances to go beyond their basic functions — said Junhwa Lee, EVP and Head of the Customer Experience Team of the Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics —. With a wide choice of colors and cutting-edge technologies like SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode, Optimal Fresh+ and SpaceMax™, users can enjoy the next level of kitchen experiences by storing their food at peak freshness, all while saving energy and keeping the living space looking beautiful.

With a range of Bespoke colours and finishes to choose from and an elegantly simple modern flat door design, the model stylish finish helps bring the colors of a kitchen to life. Glass textures in Clean Black, Clean Navy, Clean Peach, Clean Pink, Clean Vanilla and Clean White offer a sleek, color-enhancing finish for a refined, modern look. By contrast, Cotta textures in Metal Charcoal, Metal Pink and Metal White offer the warm, matte finish of baked terracotta.

Technological features include SmartThings Energy’s AI Energy Mode that uses AI to keep track of usage patterns and power consumption of the Bespoke TMF. AI Energy Mode then analyzes the data to provide useful insights through the SmartThings app to help the user proactively save energy. Users can monitor consumption cost estimates and get a better understanding of how they use their fridge. This usage statistic can be viewed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, all up to user’s preferences.

Godrej Dark Edition refrigerator

Unveiling Godrej Refrigerators – Dark Edition! Join us on this exciting journey and discover the brighter side of dark. This special edition features refrigerators with a premium finish elevating your kitchen’s interior and innovative technology that thoughtfully caters to your needs.

Godrej Appliances, a business unit of the highly diversified, Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd. is one of the largest players in the home appliances space in India. In 1958, Godrej was the First Indian Company to manufacture Refrigerators & has now become synonymous with the category.

LG India new production line

After more than 25 years of providing people in India with innovative products, LG has become a household name in the country by building its reputation as the top producer of home appliances. Last year, the company was even named by TRA Research as the Most Trusted Brand in the refrigerator and washing machine categories as well as the air conditioner and microwave oven categories, which not only suggests LG India has retained trust and leadership, but also enhanced its portfolio in this vital market.

So, to perform its duties as an industry leader while reaffirming its commitment to the government’s ‘Make in India’ mission, LG has invested a total of approximately 24 million USD to open a new manufacturing line for its premium side-by-side refrigerators in Pune, India.Equipped with advanced technologies and machineries, the upgraded Pune campus can produce 200,000 side-by-side refrigerator units every year as well as a large number of double-door and single-door refrigerators.

World’s first fridge with 70% recycled plastic inner liners

The recycled plastic content and advanced food preservation features of our new built-in refrigerators have been well received by consumers. Simona Oboroceanu, Category Marketing Manager from the Food Preservation team at Electrolux tells us why.

Hi Simona! Tell us more about our breakthrough in incorporating recycled plastic in our refrigerators.

The Electrolux Group has developed a new line of built-in refrigerators – the Electrolux 500-900 Series and AEG 5000-9000 Series – that we’re currently launching in Europe. The recent launches have inner liners made from 70% recycled plastic, which equates to 13% of the total plastic used in the refrigerator. We are the first in the world to incorporate this much recycled plastic into a refrigerator so it’s an important industry breakthrough.

The plastic is sourced from a specialty supplier that collects and refines plastic from discarded refrigerators in Europe. It is very important that we work with strong and reliable partners that can provide access to high-quality recycled materials.

The range has been well received at fairs such as IFA in Berlin as the industry sees the product as being concrete proof that we take sustainability seriously.

How have consumers responded to the inner liners made from recycled plastic?

Consumers have responded very positively to the inner liners, and they perceive the gray shade of plastic as being more premium than standard white liners. They favor products made from recycled materials and our research has shown they want this kind of refrigerator with recycled materials.

How do our built-in fridges help retain nutrients and avoid food waste?

The recent launches have an innovative GreenZone crisper drawer to keep fruit and vegetables fresh. They are offered in two versions – one with a manual vent that consumers can open or close depending on how full the drawer is and an automatic version. The automatic crisper has a membrane that allows ingredients to breathe by regulating and optimizing humidity.

Third-party studies have shown that our GreenZone crisper drawer can retain 95% of the vitamin C in blueberries after 11 days. None of our competitors use this kind of innovative membrane so it is a clear competitive advantage for us.

The recent launches also use innovative cooling technology that keeps the temperature stable to help ingredients last longer. One of the solutions is Cooling 360, which maintains a more stable temperature distribution, to preserve food for longer by avoiding temperature shocks and stress on food. Our TwinTech® No Frost also keeps food hydrated with independent cooling systems for the fridge and the freezer parts.

What do customers think about these enhanced abilities to help preserve ingredients?

Consumers immediately understand the value to them – not only in terms of retaining the vitamins in their ingredients for their health, but also making ingredients last longer and ultimately helping them to avoid food waste. Importantly, consumers really value the third-party verified fact-based claims we make. At Electrolux Group we’re committed to help consumers live better, more sustainable lives in the home and this refrigerator line reflects that.

Consumers have shown increased interest in healthy eating, particularly since the pandemic, and we go beyond the standard refrigerator offering by helping them to maintain the vitamin content and quality of the food they eat. Also, people are becoming increasingly conscious of food waste and the materials that are used to manufacture their products.

Will they be launched in other markets in 2023?

Yes, as well as continuing to roll out these innovations across Europe in 2023, we are looking at launching in other regions, such as Asia Pacific, in the coming years. Watch this space!

Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerator

Professional chefs have been serving up juicy cuts even when working with frozen meats, thanks in part to the superior chilling technology found in commercial kitchens. With Panasonic’s PRIME+ Edition premium line of refrigerators and its game-changing Prime Freeze feature, flash freeze capabilities are now possible at home.

Panasonic’s Prime Freeze system comprises three modes within a single compartment: Rapid Freezing, Quick Cooling and Cool Down.

Rapid Freezing, as its name implies, induces a quick freeze that is five times faster than regular models, says Panasonic. The use of a powerful dedicated airflow duct and aluminium plate accelerates the freezing process, resulting in minimal ice crystals formed within the cellular structure of your produce. This means meat and vegetables are better able to retain their taste, texture and colour.

The benefits of Rapid Freezing go beyond epicurean enjoyment. Not only are more nutrients preserved, one will feel the difference during meal prep. Portion out your desired amount easily every time – flash-frozen meats are easier to handle, and items like berries and cut lettuce will not clump, so salads and smoothies are a cinch to makeFreezing is often the last resort for fried food and bread – the former loses its crunch while the latter gives up its soft, springy chewiness. Rapid Freezing makes this a thing of the past.

By quickly freezing moisture in place, crispy batter does not turn soggy. Bread remains fluffy and chewy after being warmed up, as its natural moisture has been locked in. For time-strapped folks, especially those living alone who have to cook in sizeable portions, Rapid Freezing doesn’t penalise for such reasonable decisions.

With the Quick Cooling mode in Prime Freeze, you can speed up marinating processes – in as little as 15 minutes – as marinades work faster in lower temperatures. Fancy yourself a quick chilled pudding or fruit jelly? The feature works just as well to serve up sweet treats to satisfy last-minute cravings or unexpected guests.

Reversely, Cool Down works to swiftly dissipate heat (up to 70 degree Celsius) so you can handle hot food in a jiffy. This is great for when you’ve got freshly cooked items that you want to store into individual containers for consumption another day – bacterial growth on food is reduced with speedy handling.The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition refrigerators support Prime Freeze with another dedicated compartment – Prime Fresh. The section is set at minus 3 degree Celsius for a soft freezing effect, letting meat and fish stay fresh for as long as seven days, yet be easily thawed for quick prep.

Adding next-level hygiene to your food is Panasonic’s nanoe X technology. PRIME+ Edition refrigerators use nano-sized ions containing 4.8 trillion molecules that inhibit bacteria, suppress odours and even dislodge pesticides on vegetables and fruits so that they can be more easily washed away with water.

With its unique chilling modes and smart design, the Panasonic PRIME+ Edition is more than just a designer addition to your kitchen; it’s a powerful ally to eating better and healthier.

Liebherr @KBIS

Liebherr Appliances has been pushing the limits of technology, efficiency and design. With the debut of the newest models within the freestanding collection, Liebherr is once again showcasing its revolutionary technology and expertise within the refrigeration and freezing appliance category

Under its initiative of “shaping the future of freshness,” Liebherr’s products are geared towards achieving a more sustainable future. The new appliances have been developed with a goal of achieving high levels of energy efficiency, longer service life and reducing food waste through BioFresh technology, which keeps food fresher for longer than ever before. Liebherr will be unveiling the new products at the 2023 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show from January 31st to February 2nd, 2023 in Las Vegas.

“Liebherr is proud to be expanding the product portfolio for North America,” said Alex Squarize, Divisional Director of Liebherr Americas, Appliance Division. “We look forward to showcasing our latest novelties at KBIS. These demonstrate the very best in food preservation while wrapped in European style design.”

This year, Liebherr is showcasing the latest in technology within the newest models at KBIS:BioFresh Professional, an enhanced version of BioFresh, offers a wider temperature range keeping food fresher, longer. Through customized temperature selection, specially designed for delicate items like fish and seafood.
HydroBreeze creates a cool mist each time the door is opened to coat vegetables with a layer of protection, similar to your favorite local grocery store.
VarioTemp allows the freezer compartment to be converted to refrigeration, increasing capacity as needed, offering a wide temperature range from 28°F to 57°F, creating the ideal climate for preserving a range of items from seafood to root vegetables such as potatoes.
Two of the most exciting newest products from Liebherr can be installed side by side:

Peak Series All Refrigerator (SRB5290) include: BioFresh with HydroBreeze, LightTower, InfinitySpring split glass shelf and integrated bottle rack.
Peak Series All Freezer (SF5291) include: the SoftSystem smooth-closing mechanism, LED freezer and the design-friendly IceTower, offering easy and convenient access to large storage capacity iceAdditionally, to the freestanding new models, Liebherr is also introducing 2 new products and further expanding the fully integrated line.

Prime Series All Refrigerator (IRB5160) include: BioFresh, telescopic rails, LightTower, split glass shelf and integrated bottle rack.
Peak Series All Freezer (SIF5181) include: the SoftSystem smooth-closing mechanism, LED freezer and the design-friendly IceTower, offering easy and convenient access to ice

Samsung Electronics Launches Bespoke Infinite Line: A New Column Refrigerator Combining Timeless Design with Ultimate Performance

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the launch of Bespoke Infinite Line in several countries around the world. It is a premium built-in line consisting of a fridge, freezer and wine cooler and offers premium materials, practical functions and great storage flexibility to adapt to your all lifestyles. Its modular design and its timeless and contemporary design allow it to fit into any interior while optimizing food storage thanks to its advanced features.
“Each model in the Bespoke range opens up new customization possibilities for more users ,” said Jun Hwa Lee, Executive Vice President and Director of Customer Experience Department, Digital Devices, Samsung Electronics. ” With its premium materials and modular design, the Bespoke Infinite Line brings Samsung’s signature personalization approach to premium appliances, delivering the ultimate combination of elegance and performance” .

A timeless design

The Infinite design stands out for its harmonious style, the solidity of its materials, its high-end finishes and the elegance of the elements that compose it.

Like other refrigerators in the Bespoke range, the Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator features a modular design, and can be combined with other models to meet changing consumer needs. The Infinite design reinforces this modularity while maintaining the elegance of the refrigerator, whatever the user’s expectations. The exterior of the refrigerator is made of high quality aluminum, for increased resistance to shocks and scratches while allowing easy wiping of marks on its surface. The interior, bright and neat, has the Black Metal Cooling finish and Tunnel Lightning lighting , thus combining aesthetics and practicality.

Applied to the door and the air duct, the Black Metal Cooling system creates an impression of depth with a decidedly premium look, but also helps keep food fresher longer by quickly returning the cold to the cavity after an opening of door. The Tunnel Lightning lighting on the frame and shelves enhances the appliance while allowing you to clearly see every corner of the refrigerator.

The fridge and freezer offer a combined capacity of 805 liters , while the wine cellar can store up to 101 bottles.

Many features
The new Auto Open Door has a side sensor that instantly opens the door with just a touch . The front of the refrigerator is thus devoid of handle and sports a sleek and sophisticated design.
The AutoFill Pitcher is BPA5 free and dishwasher safe . It easily offers fresh filtered water at any time. The device also has an integrated infuser to create flavored drinks by adding fruit or infusions. Finally, users can have ice at any time thanks to the Dual Auto Ice Maker , which offers a choice of spherical or cubic ice cubes.
Optimal freshness
Thanks to the different storage options offered by the Bespoke Infinite Line, users can store different types of food in optimal conditions, in order to preserve all their flavor and freshness.
The temperature-controlled Flex Pantry drawer allows for quick switching from one pre-set temperature to another according to users’ daily needs. The two preset temperature modes are ideal for preserving a wide range of foods (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), preserving their natural flavors and textures for longer.

The multifunction wine cellar provides the same level of freshness suitable for storing wine. Equipped with three distinct zones and precise temperature controls, it offers the possibility of simultaneously storing different bottles in ideal conditions.
A line that pushes connectivity to the limit
Connected, this line is childishly easy to use, from storing wine to monitoring electricity consumption.
The SmartThings Sommelier at Home feature simplifies wine storage by analyzing bottle labels and providing information on the best storage conditions. Combined with SmartThings Cooking , it offers the ideal food and wine pairing, just like a real sommelier .
Additionally, with SmartThings Energy , users can track their refrigerator’s power consumption in real time and receive tips on how to limit their carbon footprint and save money.
The AI Energy mode allows you to go even further by analyzing usage patterns and other factors to optimize the various parameters of the refrigerator and thus achieve energy savings.

Montpellier launches new fridge freezer

A new energy-efficient fridge freezer from Montpellier with enhanced features aimed at energy-conscious consumers has been introduced.Montpellier MNF1860 No Frost Fridge Freezer
595mm wide with a 2 year guarantee and has a E energy rating.The MNF1860X is a high-spec fridge freezer which perfectly suits the contemporary home. With crisp, fresh lines, a no frost refrigeration system, Winter Safe -15°c technology, a convertible chill zone, LED lighting, electronic control and chrome trims, its handy features make life more convenient.NoFrost Multi Cooling Technology

NoFrost Multi Cooling Technology differs from a standard No Frost system in that the fridge and freezer each have an independent cooling system. Since there is no transfer of cold air between the fridge and freezer cabinets, NoFrost Multi Cooling provides extra freshness with optimum humidity levels in each compartment. No Frost Technology also means there is less bacteria in the fridge as there is no moisture and also that the cooling and freezing are more evenly distributed so food stays fresher for longer.

As there is no moisture inside the fridge (that occurs naturally in an auto defrost fridge), you won’t find water sitting on the lids of chilled foods like margarine tubs and on shelves. Odour mixing is also prevented, the formation of mildew is limited, plus the flavour of food is maintained for longer. For more information on different types of refrigeration systems, click here.

Winter Safe -15°c Technology

Winter Safe -15°c technology allows the fridge freezer to be used in ambient temperatures of 10°c to -15°c (for example, in a garage or outbuilding in the colder winter months). It works by overriding the thermostat in a ‘super freeze’ function. Winter Safe -15°c will protect food in the freezer from defrosting.

Chill Zone

The convertible chill zone ensures that food inside is preserved at an ideal temperature of around 0°c. Frozen meat and fish can be kept in this compartment for proper thawing before consuming, which will also ensure that it stays fresh for longer whilst also keeping out unwanted odour.

LG new colour for MoodUP refrigerator

LG presented at CES 2023 a new colour option for its refrigerator with MoodUP to offer personalized customer experiences. “Coming to LG’s colour-changing fridge in collaboration with the world-renowned Pantone Color Institute, Viva Magenta – the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023 – is a brave and fearless crimson red that injects excitement and drama into home interiors, energizing any environment with its dynamic vibrancy”, the company commented. The refrigerator with MoodUP, unveiled at IFA 2022 in Berlin last September, boasts a diverse range of colors to choose from and provides a convenient way for users to enliven their kitchen whenever they feel the need to change or refresh the mood. MoodUP users can easily select and apply Viva Magenta – and any of the other available colours – by using the intuitive LG ThinQ app. Implementing LED color-changeable door panels, LG’s kitchen solution gives users the ability to customize the look of their fridge without the cost and hassle of having to physically replace any of its exterior elements.