Hisense presents its new Chill Fridge

Hisense has launched the new and innovative Chill Fridge compact range of refrigerators, specially designed to save space in the home, available in black, white, silver and ruby.

Thanks to its compact and elegant design, the RR106D4CRF mini refrigerator model is perfect to be installed in those areas of the house where there is little space available, such as a bedroom, a living room, an office, a games room or a garage.

In addition, it has a reversible door that allows it to be opened to the right or to the left and with a non-slip cover on the top that allows bottles, glasses or any other object to be safely placed on it.

One of the main properties is its large storage capacity. They have XXL French doors to easily store taller bottles or containers, a drawer specifically designed to store fruit and vegetables, or a multifunction drawer to store the most delicate products. It also has safety shelves that provide great stability and hold the weight very well, LED light, and very precise temperature control to always obtain the right level of cooling that is needed. It also has a three-star freezer area

Samsung bespoke appliance

Samsung Electronics is striving to meet consumers’ needs in line with its evolving lifestyle. Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke home appliances allow users to choose more personalized designs and function.
To display the unique features and accomplishments of the Bespoke product series, Samsung Newsroom is highlighting the ways Bespoke appliances are being showcased and celebrated in countries around the world. From unique and breathtaking new designs to innovative and expanded functionalities, Samsung Bespoke appliances are taking the world by storm.
New Ways To Customize Your Home in Singapore

Bespoke appliances in Singapore are blending whimsical designs to offer customers a unique and playful concept for their homes. In celebration of the widespread love for Disney characters, Samsung introduced its Bespoke Disney Collection in August of this year. The collection features Samsung appliances with designs of some of Disney’s most well-loved characters, giving Singapore consumers the ability to add a touch of childhood wonder and nostalgia to their home’s design.

In celebration of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Samsung teamed up with two Indonesian illustrators, Kathrin Honesta and Rachel Ajeng, to showcase limited-edition designs on the Bespoke refrigerator and AirDresser. Consumers can choose from three designs: “Butterfly Garden” or “Timun Mas” by Kathrin Honesta or “Reimagine Indonesia” by Rachel Ajeng. The designs highlight Indonesia’s ethnic and cultural diversity, allowing Indonesian consumers to enjoy artistic pieces in their homes while also taking pride in their Indonesian roots.Within the U.S., Lowe’s and Samsung teamed up to launch a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, offering shoppers another way to customize their spaces and express their unique personal styles. The panels, which can be mixed and matched with Samsung Bespoke’s portfolio of panel colors and finishes, are exclusively available at Lowe’s while supplies last

Also in Korea, Samsung announced the winner of #BESPOKERendezvous, a Bespoke refrigerator design contest. Of the 1,114 works that were submitted, about 28,000 people voted online to select the top ten finalists. Samsung held an onsite #BESPOKERendezvous party and award ceremony where Cho Kyung-min’s water-inspired design, “Floating Rings was the winner

In Poland, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with a design from French artist Thibaud Hérem was auctioned off at the DESA Unicum, a leading auction house in the country and the eighth-largest auction house in Europe. The auction included various unusual art objects, including furniture, sculptures and home accessories. For the first time in the country, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator featuring an image of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, a building of great importance to French art and culture, was awarded to the winning bidder and considered a piece of applied art. The proceeds earned from the refrigerator will be donated to Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw Association to build a new collection for the museum and the “Self-Portraits XXI,” a project that supports contemporary Polish artists.

Bespoke — A Global Sensation
All across the globe, Samsung delivers Bespoke appliances that both meet users’ evolving needs and provide stylish, customizable design options that suit the tastes of its customers in every country. As it continues to expand the capabilities of home appliances, Samsung will work to ensure that its Bespoke Home lineup is reliable, high-quality, innovative and — above all — centered on the user. For more worldwide news about Bespoke, stay tuned

LG moodup

MoodUP™ refrigerator by LG is this year the addition to the LG Objet Collection lineup. Featuring colour-changing LED door panels that can be easily controlled with the LG ThinQ app, MoodUP is a very customizable model. «The ultimate fridge for those who enjoy variety and change in their living environment – LG says -, the MoodUP can be ‘refreshed’ with a different color combo whenever the mood takes hold. And for those planning to redecorate their kitchen, the MoodUP can easily match any new décor by changing colours on the app».

‘LG Objet’ concept was launched in 2018, to meet the rising demand for home appliances that can blend in well with each consumer’s decorating style. LG Objet solutions are a premium combination of home appliances and furniture that delivers modern convenience as well as seamless stylistic and spatial integration. LG Objet Collection convertible fridge and freezer become point item with pink color in simple kitchen.

In October 2020, the company presented the LG Objet Collection, that included products with the latest technologies with an aesthetic that harmonizes effortlessly with one’s taste in décor, whatever it may be and however it might change. Offering various combinations of colours and finishes to choose from,

New household appliances by Changhong leverage latest technology

The range of products by Changhong includes 5G eco-friendly household appliances, as well as Mini LED TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines. Changhong is considered to be a specialist in the fields of the internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), big data and 5G segments, areas of expertise which inform the company’s production of smart household appliances.

Standout household appliances from Changhong include the Eva model air conditioner, apparently the first in the world that can support multiple languages as well as offline voice control. Changhong says the device “promises a better interactive experience with its support for eight languages alongside voice activation even in locales with no internet access.”

There is also the Dazzle UVC air conditioner, which uses a dual LED lamp, as well as a non-scale antiviral filter. Said filter works to disrupt bacteria, reportedly reaching 99.2% sterilisation. The air conditioner offers a high temperature of 58°C, in addition to self-cleaning and mould removal features.

The company’s updated Space Pro refrigerator is another key takeaway from the range. The Space Pro Refrigerator offers 3D double curved glass doors, along with GLS integrated technology. With a slick build that does not take up much floor space, the refrigerator also can reportedly activate the water molecules in the food that is stored in order preserve their freshness.

Along with its household appliances, Changhong also revealed its latest curved screen monitor and commercial display screens

Liebherr production site grows

The production site for appliances of Liebherr Appliances – Lienz GmbH continues to grow 42 years after its foundation. The groundbreaking ceremony for a new 2000 square meter hall has just taken place in Lienz. An approximately 2,000-square-meter factory hall is planned for the eastern area of the Liebherr site. The site expansion will create space for a tool shop, a locksmith, a joinery, installers, and a forklift shop.
Stay tuned for more updates about this project.

Miele free standing refrigerators K 4000

Maximum energy efficiency for many years: the new generation of Miele “K 4000” free-standing refrigerators has new, high-quality insulation technology.

The new generation of free-standing refrigerators “K 4000” from Miele. ©Miele

The decisive factor is that the insulation technology keeps energy efficiency at a high level over the long service life of Miele appliances. With “PerfectFresh Active”, “K 4000” also offers outstanding storage conditions for fruit and vegetables. The focus here is on insulation panels with silica (silicic acid). The material forms the core of the vacuum insulation panels that keep the cold inside the refrigerator and the heat outside the appliance.

This material not only enables a highly effective, but also much thinner insulation than the usual insulation foam. The associated space saving benefits the interior to the fullest extent, so that there is plenty of space for refrigerated goods even with the particularly elaborately insulated appliances in energy efficiency class A. With “PerfectFresh Active”, “K 4000” also offers outstanding storage conditions for fruit and vegetables.

Smeg veuve Clicquot

Smeg has partnered with champagne brand Veuve Clicquot to launch a pair of limited edition ’50s-style fridges.

The partnership is in honour of Veuve Clicquot’s 250th birthday, and it’s the latest in a series of Smeg collaborations with brands including Disney, Dolce & Gabbana and Mini that have produced limited-edition fridges, as well as other co-branded kitchen appliances.

Two models of Clicquot fridge will be available, the FAB10 and the FAB28. “Any champagne connoisseur requires a mini fridge in their home bar”, says the Smeg press release, insanely, for all the world as though we aren’t in the middle of a cost of living crisis and looking forward to a recession for dessert.

If you’re struggling to decide between the two, the FAB10RDYVC5 is the one to buy if you only want to store a few bottles of fizz. It stands 97cm high and features Smeg’s iconic ’50s-style design in Veuve Clicquot yellow, with twin branding on the front. It has an ‘E’ energy efficiency rating and an annual energy consumption of 142 kWh/a. It has 105 litres of space in the refrigerator and and a 17-litre ice box.

22 Millionth Refrigerator Rolled Off The Production Line At Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances’ Thailand Factory,

Hitachi branded home appliances globally, Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances announced that the company achieved a 22 million production milestone of refrigerators in Thailand and received ISO 50001:2018 certification for the energy performance of its management systems.

“Thailand has been one of the major manufacturing bases for Hitachi refrigerators for over 40 years, a centre for domestic sales and exporting to than 65 countries around the world. In 2022, another proud milestone has been achieved, as the 22 millionth refrigerator rolled off the production line at Kabinburi factory in Prachinburi Province.” said Zafer Ustuner, Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances CEO.

He added: “Backed by Arcelik’s global manufacturing power and Hitachi’s quality heritage, we have a Research and Development (R&D) team, who exchange views and design perspectives as well as enhance innovative dynamics and creativity, with the aim of developing an excellent product that truly understands every customer’s lifestyle.”

In 2022, it is expected that refrigerators in the premium segment, both the Side by Side and Multi door versions, have continuous high growth potential, as consumers around the world have confidence and trust in the quality of the Hitachi brand.