Miele takes over Tübingen hygiene specialist SMP

Company specialises in medical technology services

Miele invests in expansion of laboratory division

Professional Executive Christian Kluge: ‘Further step towards system provider’

Miele’s Professional business unit brings together the sale of machines and services in the field of laundry technology and commercial dishwashing as well as products and services for cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation in hospitals, medical practices and laboratories. With the acquisition of SMP GmbH, based in Tübingen, Germany, Miele is expanding its expertise and accelerating its growth. In addition to validation, the service portfolio will in future include the provision of test challenges and laboratory tests to Miele as well as to users and manufacturers of medical devices.

SMP GmbH was founded in 2000 and today, as an accredited test laboratory, offers a complete range of services supporting cleaning, disinfection and sterilisation processes.

Kuvings new commercial juicers

Kuvings presents a new innovation. Following the successful popularity of commercial juicers, Kuvings has developed a new commercial vacuum blender, with the world’s first automatic opening and closing function.

The phrase “world’s first” means a lot to Kuvings and it’s one that has been continuously challenged, from “the world’s first Whole Slow Juicer” to “the world’s first automatic opening/closing function”.

Kuvings’ new auto vacuum blender will be unveiled at the IFA exhibition in Germany this September, and its outstanding performance is expected to attract the attention of buyers from around the world.

The world’s first commercial blender with automatic opening and closing function
As the name suggests, Kuvings’ Chef CB1000 is optimised for use in commercial environments such as cafes, hotels and juice bars. This is the world’s first commercial blender to apply the automatic opening and closing function of the soundproof cover. With one touch of a button, you can conveniently enjoy the entire process of making beverages, with vacuum and ultra-high-speed blending and automatic opening and closing of its soundproof cover. This new smart feature maximises on convenience and saves time too. Providing fresh beverages through a vacuum
Unlike general blenders, vacuum alternatives keep juices and smoothies fresh for a long time. Vacuum blending also prevents oxidation, browning and layer separation and minimises the loss of nutrients, so users can enjoy premium juices and smoothies.

Drinks made by vacuum blending also show a big difference in nutritional content. The method provides a more nutritious beverage because the vacuum minimises the oxidation and nutrient destruction that occurs when the ingredients collide with the blade.

CB1000: recognised worldwide
Chef CB1000’s technology, performance and convenience have already been recognised worldwide. In February this year, Kuvings was named at the Kitchen Innovation Awards held in Germany, selected as “Best of the Best” in the catering field and receiving the Golden Award.

In addition at the 2022 Korea New Lifestyle Awards, it received the grand prize under the customer value category, strengthening its global position as a premium home appliance brand.

The best recipe programme
In the world of commercial cafes, recipes that can be made with a blender are of utmost importance. Various functions have been applied to the Chef CB1000 to increase the efficiency of its product use. A total 35 recipe programmes optimised for the cafe menu are built-in, and five preset buttons make it easy for anyone to operate.

Faster with quick start button applied to the main body provides a hands-free function that allows users to perform other tasks until blending is complete. The frequently-used recipe menu button can be directly assigned to the quick start button, so you can make drinks quickly through the desired settings.

Asymmetric container for uniform blending
Kuvings special skill is in making a soft drink with a soft texture. It is designed to unbalance the angle of the bottom of the blender’s container, so that the particles are smooth and uniformly-blended.

Excellent durability motor and blade
It is no exaggeration to say that the anatomy of a blender is a motor and a blade. The gadget is equipped with a motor that can be used stably for a long time so that it can be freely implemented in a commercial environment, and the optimal blade structure designed for uniform blending provides a soft texture.

Design with safety in mind
Most of Kuvings‘ products are designed safely. Blending is possible only when the machine’s container is properly fastened to the main body. This safety design is applied not only to blenders, but to all Kuvings juicers.

Rational pulls out of Russia

Rational said that pulling out of the Russian market would not have a significant impact on its finances. The manufacturer expects global sales in 2022 to be 10% to 15% higher than the €780m (£663m) it generated last year.RATIONAL has made this decision in response to the economic and political developments resulting from the Russian war in Ukraine.

With over 1,000,000 RATIONAL units on the market, our cooking systems have become a standard in professional kitchens all over the world.

Groupe SEB buy Zummo

Groupe SEB gains a foothold in the professional juice extraction world with the acquisition of Zummo, the world leader in automatic fruit juice extractors, joins Groupe SEB’s portfolio of professional brands. The acquisition of this world-renowned Spanish company, founded in 1992, will enable the Group to meet its strong development ambitions in this segment.
In 2021, the professional business accounted for 8% of Groupe SEB’s total sales, or €628 million.

Electrolux Professional sells Russia business to local management

Sweden’s Electrolux Professional is selling its business in Russia to its local management and leaving the country, the company said on Monday.

“As a result of the continued war and sanctions, we foresee that we will not be able to sell and service products in Russia in the medium to long term,” the maker of appliances for professional use said in a statement.

“Following the assessment that business continuity in Russia, in the current situation, is not feasible, Electrolux Professional is to cease its operations in the country,”

Electrolux Professional has reported global growth for 2021

Electrolux Professional’s international headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden, has reported that its overall group financials have been positive in 2021.

The catering equipment manufacturer stated that the recovery of the hospitality industry has been faster than anticipated with its sales growing by 10% and its profit by 50%. This represents a net sales total of SEK7,862m (£635.3m).

60% of global net sales were from the food and beverage segment, with the remaining 40% from laundry. By region, 69% of net sales were from Europe, 16% from the Americas and 15 from Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

New professional oven SMEG Galileo PO45LSE

The new professional oven SMEG Galileo PO45LSE, a product specially developed for professionals in the catering sector who aspire to perfection in the kitchen. Designed to achieve excellence in cooking and innovating culinary tradition through the simplicity of technology, this oven has:
.6 high-performance cooking modes that allow steaming, grilling, low temperature, among others, to cook each dish perfectly.
.Multipoint heart probe, with four temperature points that allow to obtain the perfect cooking level for each food starting from the center.
.Three glass panels to ensure thermal insulation.
.State-of-the-art 7″ touch screen, fast and intuitive to make the oven easier to control.
Easy-to-access USB port for easy updating and uploading new recipes.