Miele presents Pioneering GmbH

Miele has founded its own incubator in order to further promote the development of innovative solutions from within the ranks of the workforce and implement them faster. With Pioneering GmbH, Miele is ensuring a creative environment in which internal start-ups can bring their ideas to fruition faster, well away from established structures. Management of Pioneering GmbH is to be shared by Ina Nordsiek, Director Intrapreneurship within the business unit, and Hendrik Stegelmann, Director Digital Innovation and Products with Smart Home. Both will assume their new responsibilities alongside their existing tasks.

Particular attention will be paid to promoting business ideas which represent a strategic fit but are outside Miele’s previous core business field. «With Pioneering GmbH – Nordsiek explains – we are offering administrative freedom and elbow room and a professional and inspiring environment in which we bring together the best of the start-up and the Miele world». As Stegelmann added, «on the one hand, teams have the liberties and autonomy of a start-up whilst on the other being able to fall back on the support of a globally active family company».

In more concrete terms, ideas for innovative business models, product or process solutions from the New Growth Factory or Smart Home are transferred to the new company which, after careful evaluation by Miele, are considered promising. Once there, development of the so-called Minimum Viable Product continues through to market maturity, initial discussions with potential customers and market trials under real-life conditions. If the business case overcomes this hurdle, it is either integrated at Miele or pursued further as a separate start-up founded at that point

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics suffered a steep drop in sales of home appliances

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are working on special measures to cope with the steep drop in sales of home appliances.

Samsung Electronics has recently divided the Kitchen and Living Development Groups under the Development Team of the Home Electronics Division into five development groups — the Refrigerator, Cooking Equipment, Dishwasher, Clothing Care, and Vacuum Cleaner. The Software Development Group under the Development Team was also subdivided into five groups by product group.

In early 2022, Samsung Electronics sent six executives from the Video Display (VD) and Mobile Experience (MX) Division to the development team of the Home Appliances Division. It also established a next-generation home appliance research team at Samsung Research, a leading research and development organization.

Samsung Electronics has completely overhauled the Home Appliance Division because it recorded a loss of 318 billion won in the fourth quarter of 2022, analysts say.

LG Electronics, the No. 1 global consumer electronics company, is placing a big bet on the electric vehicle business. The company is expected to try to offset the sluggishness in the home appliance sector with sales growth in the electric vehicle business.

IBK Investment & Securities estimated that LG Electronics’ H&A Division’s operating profit plunged from 445.5 billion won in the first quarter of last year to 19.2 billion won in the fourth quarter of the same year. Stock market analysts forecast that Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will enter a deficit tunnel in both TV and home appliance businesses in the first half of this year.

Unlike the Home Appliance Division, LG Electronics’ VS Division is estimated to have recorded operating profits from the second to fourth quarters of 2022 in a row, recording its first surplus on an annual basis. Its sales also reached 8 trillion won to 10 trillion won in 2022, which is estimated at 10 percent of LG Electronics’ total sales. Since the launch of the VS Business Division in 2013, the proportion of its sales in the automotive electronics domain has never exceeded 10 percent of its total sales. Industry insiders expect LG Electronics’ backlog of orders for electric vehicle business to reach more than 80 trillion won as of the end of 2022.

Samsung Launches Bespoke Dishwasher in Korea

Launched in Korea , the AI function on Samsung’s bespoke 14-place dishwasher provides customised cleaning, automatically detecting tableware contamination and adjusting water usage, temperature, spray strength and other essential functions accordingly.The new Samsung Bespoke dishwasher has the same external size as its predecessor but the capacity has been expanded. A larger amount of tableware could be washed with the new Bespoke dishwasher up to 14 pieces. It is equipped with a Max Flex 3-tier basket that allows the upper and middle baskets to move freely up or down. It thus offers efficient loading of various tableware types and sizes The new Bespoke dishwasher’s AI function provides AI-customized dishwashing. It can automatically detect tableware contamination and adjust water usage, temperature, spray strength, and other components. It also learns from the washing process to recommend frequently used washing patterns. Its interactive notification window provides maximum information to the user for optimal cleaning. The Bespoke dishwasher can also be linked with the SmartThings app to provide more cleaning options.The Samsung Bespoke dishwasher is the first dishwasher in Korea to receive the AI+ certification from the Korea Standards Association. It is also equipped with a 100ºC Hot Air Drying+ function for efficient drying of the utensils. It has three drying modes – Normal, Strong, and Max Select for hot air drying.

Samsung and Patagonia

Samsung and Patagonia worked together to design a washing machine cycle and filter that drastically reduce the release of microplastics during laundry while maintaining high cleaning performance. Patagonia, a brand known for its commitment to the environment and to sustainability, assisted Samsung in product testing and research, while the Korean manufacturer provided the technical expertise. The partnership aims to combat ocean pollution by preventing microplastics from entering the water stream during laundry.
The end result of the collaboration is the Less Microfiber Cycle and a new filter installed in a new range of appliances. The combined use of the special cycle and filter, according to Samsung, reduces the release of microplastics by 54% and blocks them from escaping into the water outlet.

The Less Microfiber Cycle can be installed as an update on compatible washing machines in Korea and the U.S. later this year. The Less Microfiber Filter will be available in select Samsung washing machines in Europe in the second half of 2023. The good news here is that users of other washing machine brands will also be able to purchase the filter separately and install it on their washers.

Samsung Electronics Launches Bespoke Infinite Line: A New Column Refrigerator Combining Timeless Design with Ultimate Performance

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced the launch of Bespoke Infinite Line in several countries around the world. It is a premium built-in line consisting of a fridge, freezer and wine cooler and offers premium materials, practical functions and great storage flexibility to adapt to your all lifestyles. Its modular design and its timeless and contemporary design allow it to fit into any interior while optimizing food storage thanks to its advanced features.
“Each model in the Bespoke range opens up new customization possibilities for more users ,” said Jun Hwa Lee, Executive Vice President and Director of Customer Experience Department, Digital Devices, Samsung Electronics. ” With its premium materials and modular design, the Bespoke Infinite Line brings Samsung’s signature personalization approach to premium appliances, delivering the ultimate combination of elegance and performance” .

A timeless design

The Infinite design stands out for its harmonious style, the solidity of its materials, its high-end finishes and the elegance of the elements that compose it.

Like other refrigerators in the Bespoke range, the Bespoke Infinite Line refrigerator features a modular design, and can be combined with other models to meet changing consumer needs. The Infinite design reinforces this modularity while maintaining the elegance of the refrigerator, whatever the user’s expectations. The exterior of the refrigerator is made of high quality aluminum, for increased resistance to shocks and scratches while allowing easy wiping of marks on its surface. The interior, bright and neat, has the Black Metal Cooling finish and Tunnel Lightning lighting , thus combining aesthetics and practicality.

Applied to the door and the air duct, the Black Metal Cooling system creates an impression of depth with a decidedly premium look, but also helps keep food fresher longer by quickly returning the cold to the cavity after an opening of door. The Tunnel Lightning lighting on the frame and shelves enhances the appliance while allowing you to clearly see every corner of the refrigerator.

The fridge and freezer offer a combined capacity of 805 liters , while the wine cellar can store up to 101 bottles.

Many features
The new Auto Open Door has a side sensor that instantly opens the door with just a touch . The front of the refrigerator is thus devoid of handle and sports a sleek and sophisticated design.
The AutoFill Pitcher is BPA5 free and dishwasher safe . It easily offers fresh filtered water at any time. The device also has an integrated infuser to create flavored drinks by adding fruit or infusions. Finally, users can have ice at any time thanks to the Dual Auto Ice Maker , which offers a choice of spherical or cubic ice cubes.
Optimal freshness
Thanks to the different storage options offered by the Bespoke Infinite Line, users can store different types of food in optimal conditions, in order to preserve all their flavor and freshness.
The temperature-controlled Flex Pantry drawer allows for quick switching from one pre-set temperature to another according to users’ daily needs. The two preset temperature modes are ideal for preserving a wide range of foods (meat, fish, fruit and vegetables), preserving their natural flavors and textures for longer.

The multifunction wine cellar provides the same level of freshness suitable for storing wine. Equipped with three distinct zones and precise temperature controls, it offers the possibility of simultaneously storing different bottles in ideal conditions.
A line that pushes connectivity to the limit
Connected, this line is childishly easy to use, from storing wine to monitoring electricity consumption.
The SmartThings Sommelier at Home feature simplifies wine storage by analyzing bottle labels and providing information on the best storage conditions. Combined with SmartThings Cooking , it offers the ideal food and wine pairing, just like a real sommelier .
Additionally, with SmartThings Energy , users can track their refrigerator’s power consumption in real time and receive tips on how to limit their carbon footprint and save money.
The AI Energy mode allows you to go even further by analyzing usage patterns and other factors to optimize the various parameters of the refrigerator and thus achieve energy savings.

Samsung @CES 2023

At CES 2023, Samsung showcased the latest innovations for the Bespoke Home range: products equipped with Artificial Intelligence. This gives users the ability to experience their kitchens in a more sustainable way, by giving them insights into what their food will look like, how long it will take to prepare it, and more importantly, how it will taste. One product in particular stood out: a refrigerator with a larger and more immersive 32” display: the Bespoke 4Doors Flex™ with Family Hub™+, as well as the advanced AI Pro Cooking system for the Bespoke AI™ oven, which ensures delicious meals every time.,The new Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ refrigerator with Family Hub™+ introduces the exclusive Family Hub™ features on the Bespoke 4-Door model, equipping the all-in-one hub for communication and entertainment with an astonishingly large display The dynamic features of the Bespoke 4-Door Flex™ Refrigerator with Family Hub™+ are showcased on the 32-inch frameless FHD display – nearly twice the size of previous models. The new, larger dashboard also benefits from the larger display: it allows users to try out SmartThings services and monitor and control their compatible appliances more easily. The new Family Hub software is then installed on the refrigerator. Samsung TV Plus now includes more than 190 free channels while the integration with Google Photos transforms the platform into a digital frame on which it is even easier to share and view the shots. Thanks to the larger viewing surface and new picture-in-picture (PIP) function of Samsung TV Plus, users can simultaneously watch their favorite TV programs and also check and monitor the status of other kitchen appliances without losing sight of what they are preparing.

Samsung &LG@CES2023

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics Co. and LG Electronics Inc. are set to showcase their high-end home appliances at the CES 2023, the world’s largest electronics exhibition to be held from Jan. 5 to Jan. 8 of the next year in Las Vegas.

Samsung Electronics will demonstrate products of Bespoke Infinite Line, a premium lineup of Bespoke, the tech giant’s kitchen appliance brand with customizable design. The company launched the premium lineup in Korea in February of this year.

Bespoke Infinite features durability and high-quality metal that makes a luxurious texture to the surface of the products. The lineup includes one-door refrigerators to store kimchi, wine and other food, four-door refrigerators of extra-large capacity, ovens, inductions, smart range hoods and dishwashers.

The tech giant will launch the premium lineup in the European market, including France, Germany and the UK, during the first quarter of 2023 and will also enter North America and Southeast Asia within the next year.

LG Electronics will emphasize minimalist aesthetics in its home appliances to be launched next year. The company will exhibit refrigerators, washing machines, clothes dryers, ranges and dishwashers with simple designs at the electronics show.During the next edition of CES (Las Vegas, January 5-8), LG will present the new InstaView™ French-Door refrigerator. The company’s new, 25.5-cubic feet counter-depth refrigerator offers a generous capacity, despite a nine percent reduction in depth compared to a conventional French-Door model. To increase internal storage space, LG redesigned several of the fridge’s core components – slimming-down the cold air duct and the evaporator, while also reducing thickness by applying enhanced insulation. Although its expansive interior provides 25 percent more room for storing food and drinks than LG’s previous counter-depth models, the new French-Door can still help to save space in the kitchen thanks to its smaller footprint.
LG’s new InstaView French-Door refrigerator – said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company – makes a superb, stylish addition to any modern kitchen, offering consumers the ultimate in convenience, design and food freshness. We will continue to deliver outstanding customer value and experiences with innovative home solutions leveraging elegant, functional design and our advanced technologies.

The new model is bordered in sleek stainless steel, while the mirror-coated glass of the seamless InstaView panel covers almost the entire right-hand door of the refrigerator. Just by knocking twice on the panel, users can check inside without having to open the door. The subtle, minimalist beauty and clean, modern lines of LG’s latest InstaView are further enhanced by the discrete pocket handles applied to the fridge’s ‘flat’ doors.

Samsung recalls over 600K washing machines after injury, fire complaints

Samsung USA recalls over 600K washing machines after injury, fire complaints Samsung is recalling about 663,500 top-load washing machine units due to a fire hazard, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Thursday.

There have been 51 reports of washer incidents that involved smoking, melting, overheating or fires, according to Samsung, 10 of which caused property damage. Three customers reported smoke inhalation injuries.

Samsung says an issue within the control panel of the affected models could cause overheating or melting. Customers with Wi-Fi-enabled machines are advised to download Samsung’s over-the-air software update to remedy the problem.

Samsung bespoke appliance

Samsung Electronics is striving to meet consumers’ needs in line with its evolving lifestyle. Samsung Electronics’ Bespoke home appliances allow users to choose more personalized designs and function.
To display the unique features and accomplishments of the Bespoke product series, Samsung Newsroom is highlighting the ways Bespoke appliances are being showcased and celebrated in countries around the world. From unique and breathtaking new designs to innovative and expanded functionalities, Samsung Bespoke appliances are taking the world by storm.
New Ways To Customize Your Home in Singapore

Bespoke appliances in Singapore are blending whimsical designs to offer customers a unique and playful concept for their homes. In celebration of the widespread love for Disney characters, Samsung introduced its Bespoke Disney Collection in August of this year. The collection features Samsung appliances with designs of some of Disney’s most well-loved characters, giving Singapore consumers the ability to add a touch of childhood wonder and nostalgia to their home’s design.

In celebration of the 77th anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence Day, Samsung teamed up with two Indonesian illustrators, Kathrin Honesta and Rachel Ajeng, to showcase limited-edition designs on the Bespoke refrigerator and AirDresser. Consumers can choose from three designs: “Butterfly Garden” or “Timun Mas” by Kathrin Honesta or “Reimagine Indonesia” by Rachel Ajeng. The designs highlight Indonesia’s ethnic and cultural diversity, allowing Indonesian consumers to enjoy artistic pieces in their homes while also taking pride in their Indonesian roots.Within the U.S., Lowe’s and Samsung teamed up to launch a limited-edition collection of panels for Samsung’s Bespoke refrigerator, offering shoppers another way to customize their spaces and express their unique personal styles. The panels, which can be mixed and matched with Samsung Bespoke’s portfolio of panel colors and finishes, are exclusively available at Lowe’s while supplies last

Also in Korea, Samsung announced the winner of #BESPOKERendezvous, a Bespoke refrigerator design contest. Of the 1,114 works that were submitted, about 28,000 people voted online to select the top ten finalists. Samsung held an onsite #BESPOKERendezvous party and award ceremony where Cho Kyung-min’s water-inspired design, “Floating Rings was the winner

In Poland, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator with a design from French artist Thibaud Hérem was auctioned off at the DESA Unicum, a leading auction house in the country and the eighth-largest auction house in Europe. The auction included various unusual art objects, including furniture, sculptures and home accessories. For the first time in the country, a Samsung Bespoke refrigerator featuring an image of the Chateau de Fontainebleau, a building of great importance to French art and culture, was awarded to the winning bidder and considered a piece of applied art. The proceeds earned from the refrigerator will be donated to Friends of the National Museum in Warsaw Association to build a new collection for the museum and the “Self-Portraits XXI,” a project that supports contemporary Polish artists.

Bespoke — A Global Sensation
All across the globe, Samsung delivers Bespoke appliances that both meet users’ evolving needs and provide stylish, customizable design options that suit the tastes of its customers in every country. As it continues to expand the capabilities of home appliances, Samsung will work to ensure that its Bespoke Home lineup is reliable, high-quality, innovative and — above all — centered on the user. For more worldwide news about Bespoke, stay tuned