Whirlpool Corporation Named One of Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies

Whirlpool Corporation has been recognized by Fortune as one of the World’s Most Admired Companies for the thirteenth consecutive year. The list includes the most respected and reputable companies around the world, as ranked by peers within their respective industries.

This recognition is only possible due to hard work and collaboration by our people and their commitment to improving life at home for consumers around the world.”
“We feel incredibly honored to once again be recognized by Fortune as one of the most admired companies,” said Marc Bitzer, Chairman and CEO of Whirlpool Corporation. “This recognition is only possible due to hard work and collaboration by our people and their commitment to improving life at home for consumers around the world.”

Whirlpool production hit

Whirlpool’s production volumes took a 5% hit in Q4 because of a “one-off” disruption at an unnamed supplier that has since been resolved, CFO Jim Peters told investors Tuesday.
Peters described the firm as a “critical supplier providing a common platform of parts for multiple manufacturing locations and products.”
The issue was fixed in mid-January, but the finance chief noted that there were confidential “ongoing discussions” with the supplier, which prevented Whirlpool from sharing additional details about the disruption.Supply Chain Dive
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Whirlpool’s production takes a hit after supplier disruption
Published Feb. 1, 2023
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The Whirlpool logo is seen on a display of clothes washers and dryers
The Whirlpool logo is seen on a display of clothes washers and dryers. The appliance maker’s profits took a $100 million hit after an interruption at a key supplier. Justin Sullivan via Getty Images
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Dive Brief:
Whirlpool’s production volumes took a 5% hit in Q4 because of a “one-off” disruption at an unnamed supplier that has since been resolved, CFO Jim Peters told investors Tuesday.
Peters described the firm as a “critical supplier providing a common platform of parts for multiple manufacturing locations and products.”
The issue was fixed in mid-January, but the finance chief noted that there were confidential “ongoing discussions” with the supplier, which prevented Whirlpool from sharing additional details about the disruption.

Dive Insight:
While Whirlpool did not disclose specifics, the interruption at the supplier took a toll on the home appliance company’s sales. Net sales fell 15.3% in Q4 and organic sales declined 10.8%, which the company attributed to the supply chain issues.

The disruption, coupled with a previously announced production reduction, also led to a $100 million hit to the company’s profits, CEO Marc Bitzer said on the earnings call.

The hiccup comes after Whirlpool spent two years working to make its supply chain more efficient and resilient amid the many challenges of the pandemic era.

In that time, the company slashed its active parts from 110,000 to 70,000 to reduce complexity in its supply chain, Bitzer said. He added that in the medium-term, Whirlpool management sees a path to getting that number down even further, to “well below” 50,000 parts.

The appliance maker has also “significantly expanded” into dual sourcing, putting priority on high-value strategic parts and components, according to Bitzer.

“But we still have a tail end of lower value parts that are single source,” the CEO said. “This will be our focus in the coming months and years.”

Looking to the year ahead, Bitzer said that “flawless execution of our supply chain” is one of Whirlpool’s top operational priorities, along with “very significant” targets for cutting costs. The company is eyeing $800 million to $900 million in potential cost reductions.

The two goals are closely related. As part of the cost cuts, Whirlpool expects to remove over $250 million in what Bitzer described as “premium costs and inefficiency in our supply chain operations.”

The company also expects cost reductions in raw materials of up to $400 million, with some help from easing inflation.

Whirlpool: disappointing data

Whirlpool Corporation reported data from a disappointing fourth quarter during which sales fell 15.3% from 5.8 to 4.9 billion (-15%) with a loss of 1.6 billion due to weak demand only partially offset by a more favorable price mix (demand was directed towards higher-end products) and by the increase in prices

Full-year 2022 sales fell 10.3% from $22 billion to $19.7 billion, a loss of $1.52 billion versus a profit of $1.8 billion in 2021, or nearly $7 per share .

In Emea the turnover collapses but without losses.
Sales in EMEA fell by 27% from $1.4 billion to $1.0 billion (also depressed by the fall in the euro against the greenback: in local currencies the decline was 18%) with a small loss however 4 million dollars.It was unclear whether Whirlpool expects any cash proceeds from the transaction that transferred Whirlpool’s EMEA operations to Beko Europe

Miele presents Pioneering GmbH

Miele has founded its own incubator in order to further promote the development of innovative solutions from within the ranks of the workforce and implement them faster. With Pioneering GmbH, Miele is ensuring a creative environment in which internal start-ups can bring their ideas to fruition faster, well away from established structures. Management of Pioneering GmbH is to be shared by Ina Nordsiek, Director Intrapreneurship within the business unit, and Hendrik Stegelmann, Director Digital Innovation and Products with Smart Home. Both will assume their new responsibilities alongside their existing tasks.

Particular attention will be paid to promoting business ideas which represent a strategic fit but are outside Miele’s previous core business field. «With Pioneering GmbH – Nordsiek explains – we are offering administrative freedom and elbow room and a professional and inspiring environment in which we bring together the best of the start-up and the Miele world». As Stegelmann added, «on the one hand, teams have the liberties and autonomy of a start-up whilst on the other being able to fall back on the support of a globally active family company».

In more concrete terms, ideas for innovative business models, product or process solutions from the New Growth Factory or Smart Home are transferred to the new company which, after careful evaluation by Miele, are considered promising. Once there, development of the so-called Minimum Viable Product continues through to market maturity, initial discussions with potential customers and market trials under real-life conditions. If the business case overcomes this hurdle, it is either integrated at Miele or pursued further as a separate start-up founded at that point

Whirlpool shares

Whirlpool shares gained more than 1.9% in extended trading after the appliance maker shared strong guidance for the year. Fourth-quarter revenue came in at $4.92 billion, slightly behind the $5.07 billion expected by analysts, according to FactSet. The home appliances company also announced its chief operating officer would transition to an advisory role and then leave the company.

Arçelik Whirlpool update

During the presentation of the fourth quarter results, Arçelik communicated the name of the new company that acquired the assets of Whirlpool Emea. This was reported by the Market screener website which quotes Arçelik’s quarterly report presented to shareholders yesterday.

It will be called Beko Europe BV, it will be a company incorporated under Dutch law and will have a production capacity of 24 million household appliances a year. The 20 thousand employees (6 thousand of Beko, added to the 14 thousand of Whirlpool) currently work in the 2 Romanian plants of Beko, in the 14 plants of Whirlpool in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, in the 25 offices of the European subsidiaries of Beko and across 38 Whirlpool EMEA locations.

In addition to the brands of the Arçelik group, Beko Europe will own the Hotpoint, Indesit, Bauknecht, Privileg and Ignis brands and will have the license to use the Whirlpool brand for 40 years.

Whirlpool not to vanish from Europe

The future of Whirlpool EMEA has been in doubt for months, and there was long speculation that the US home appliance maker would exit Europe, Middle East and Africa entirely, but the company has finally opted for a less radical solution in the form of a joint venture with arch-rival Arçelik, which is present in Europe primarily through its Beko brand.
The two firms have announced that they will transfer their European subsidiaries to a new entity to be called Beko Europe BV. Upon completion of this transaction, it is expected that 75% of the new company will be owned by Arçelik and 25% by Whirlpool. The business still needs to be approved by the responsible institutions, and the entire process of creating a new joint venture will take up to a year. Until then, the two companies will operate completely independently and without changes.
Market fears that the established and well-known Whirlpool brand could completely disappear from European stores in the event of the sale of Whirlpool EMEA will ultimately not come true. The newly formed company will have regional rights to both the Beko and Blomberg brands as well as the Whirlpool brand. And for 40 years. But he will also work with others such as Grundig, Hotpoint, Indesit and Bauknecht. The KitchenAid division is being spun off and will remain fully owned by Whirlpool.
Personnel issues and other specific steps regarding the structure and functioning of local offices are not yet known. However, the optimization and merger of branches in individual countries appear to be inevitable parts of the whole process. Both companies have so far refused to discuss the future structure in any way.

We are preparing a detailed analysis of what this change will mean for the home appliance market in Europe and here.

Whirlpool top Employer

With a score of 92,23% whirlpool are proud to announce that they have been certified as a #TopEmployerEurope2023 by the Top Employer Institute, thanks to individual achievements reached in France, Poland, Italy, the UK, and Germany!

This certification recognizes their efforts in creating a working environment that empowers our people and strengthens their skills. Whirlpool Corporation stood out in the categories of Career Paths, Diversity & Inclusion, and Sustainability.

Whirlpool / Arçelik: update

The 75/25 division is only a hypothesis, to be confirmed on the basis of the 2022 financial statements. The new company will be able to use the Whirlpool brand on its products for 40 years. Whirlpool assets in Africa and the Middle East sold for just 20 million

Whirlpool / Arçelik: two or three things we didn't know

From left: Fatih Kemal Ebiçlioğlu, Consumer Durables Group President of Koç Holding, Marc Bitzer, Whirlpool Cooperation CEO, Hakan Bulgurlu, Arçelik CEO

While the Stock Exchanges gave their judgment on the operation, making Arçelik’s shares rise by 9% in Istanbul and those of Whirlpool in New York by 0.4%, new details emerge from a press release  by Arçelik on the fate of Whirlpool Emea’s activities.

Object of the agreement: The agreement includes Whirlpool’s 38 European subsidiaries and 9 manufacturing sites in Italy, Poland, Slovakia and the United Kingdom, as well as Arçelik’s 2 manufacturing plants in Romania and its 25 European subsidiaries. Together, this will translate into a production capacity of approximately 24 million white products annually.

Contractors . Shareholders in the new company are Whirlpool Emea Holdings LLC and Arçelik’s wholly owned subsidiary Ardutch , a Dutch holding company through which Arçelik controls its European operations. The deal will see both Ardutch and Whirlpool transfer their European subsidiaries to the new company Division of shares. After these transfers, it is expected that 75% of the new company will be assigned to Ardutch BV and 25% to Whirlpool. The final ownership ratio post-closing will be determined taking into account the respective 2022 EBITDA, net asset values, net debt and net working capital of the parties.

Size and brand portfolio. The new business is expected to have more than 20,000 European employees. The combined net sales of the Arçelik and Whirlpool subsidiaries are approximately €6 billion, based on the net sales of the companies’ European operations in 2021. The new company will manufacture, sell and provide after-sales services for branded home appliances (including refrigerators , washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc.) offering consumer choice across a range of Arçelik brands, including Grundig, Arctic, Elektrabregenz, Flavel and Leisure, alongside Whirlpool’s existing brands Indesit, Hotpoint*, Ignis, Privileg and Bauknecht. The company will have regional trademark rights to Arçelik’s Beko, Blomberg and Altus brands and Whirlpool Corporation’s Whirlpool brand for a period of 40 years.The sale of the Whirlpool businesses in Africa and ME. Separately, the parties also agreed to sign a stock purchase and sale agreement within six weeks for Whirlpool to divest its Middle East and North Africa (MENA) portion of the EMEA region to Ardutch (and therefore not to the new company), for a cash amount of 20 million euros. The transaction, when completed, would result in Ardutch acquiring full ownership of two additional Whirlpool subsidiaries located in the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.The comment of Arçelik’s group leader. Levent Çakıroğlu , CEO of Koç Holding (the parent company of Arçelik), commented, “ As Turkey’s largest industrial conglomerate, we continue to strengthen our impact with global success stories ranging from the UK to India, from South Africa to the United States. Today, Koç Group companies export to more than 150 countries. Arçelik, as a respected player in his industry, is taking his vision and ambitions forward with this new independent business. The opportunity for this business to deliver value to European consumers with market leading products through trusted brands and a commitment to sustainability in the home is significant. ”

Whirlpool to divest most of EMEA ops, form new entity with Turkey’s Arcelik

A new company is born where the whirlpool hold 25% and Arçelik 75%. To whom all activities in the Middle East and Africa go.Whirlpool: minority agreement with Arcelik (Beko) in Europe
Whirlpool Corporation has announced the completion of the strategic review of its business in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and the reaching of a definitive contribution agreement with Arçelik, which in the portfolio owns the Beko brand. Under the terms of the agreement, Whirlpool will contribute its European major appliances business and Arcelik will contribute its white goods, consumer electronics, air conditioning and small appliances businesses, to create a new business entity of which Whirlpool will own 25 % and Arcelik 75%.

Separately, Whirlpool has reached an agreement in principle, also with Arcelik, for the sale and transfer of its Middle East and Africa operations. Whirlpool will continue to own the assets of the EMEA KitchenAid small appliances business.

The combined entity is expected to achieve combined revenues of more than €6 billion and be well positioned to deliver value to consumers through attractive brands, sustainable manufacturing, product innovation and consumer services. The combined businesses are expected to generate cost synergies of more than €200 million.” “Today’s announcement marks another important and decisive milestone in our portfolio transformation,” said Marc Bitzer, president and chief executive officer of Whirlpool Corporation. business and cost synergies through our minority stake”.

The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2023 and is subject to additional closing requirements, including obtaining regulatory approvals and other customary closing conditions. Whirlpool’s European business met criteria for accounting for sale during the fourth quarter of 2022. Until the closing of the transaction, Whirlpool’s European business will be included in the company’s results. In addition, Whirlpool will have no obligation to provide financing to the new company after the closing of the transaction.