Whirlpool New Heat Pump Dryer

Whirlpool has launched the new FFT M11 8X3BY SPT heat pump dryer with FreshCare + and a capacity of 8 kg. In addition, thanks to the exclusive 6th Sense technology, the device adapts the necessary resources for each cycle, thus achieving more efficient consumption.

The exclusive FreshCare + system stands out because it is able to take care of the garments inside the dryer by controlling the temperature and the constant movement of the drum. This technology inhibits the proliferation of bad odors, keeping the garments fresh in the drum for up to 6 hours after the end of the drying cycle.

With 8 kg capacity and a large item program, the FreshCare + dryer also saves time on appliance maintenance, as there is no need to clean the condenser filter. She does it on her own thanks to the Autocleaning system.

It also includes special programs for different types of garments and fabrics, such as a special program for wool, which has the Woolmark Blue certificate, which guarantees the best care of wool garments and even a special cycle for jeans.

Guaranteed energy savings

Whirlpool’s new dryer stands out for its energy efficiency with an A +++ rating. By having heat pump technology, it always guarantees optimal drying and lower electricity consumption, since it works at a lower temperature.

And with its intelligent 6th Sense system it detects the amount of clothes and humidity in the drum to set the drying duration and thus optimize the energy used during the process.

On the other hand, the model incorporates a high efficiency SenseInverter motor that works at a variable speed, which allows a special care of the fibers. It also makes the device quieter and more durable.

The controlling interest of Elica Pb India sold to Whirlpool India

Elica, Italian manufacturer of kitchen range hoods, announced the completion, following the fulfilment of certain bureaucratic formalities, of the transaction for the sale of the controlling interest held in Elica PB India Private Ltd., announced on September 27, 2021. Elica therefore sold to Whirlpool of India Ltd. approx 19% of the share capital of the Indian subsidiary Elica PB India Private Ltd., together with the other Indian minority shareholders disposing of an additional approx. 19%.

Following the sale, Whirlpool of India holds approx. 87% of Elica PB India Private, while Elica and the group of other Indian minority shareholders retain a holding in the Indian company with a stake of approx. 6% each. Simultaneous to the purchase of the shareholding by Whirlpool of India, Elica PB India Private Ltd. signed new product supply and license agreements for the use of the Elica brand (Trademark & Technical License Agreement) and the Whirlpool brand (Trademark License Agreement) respectively in India.

Elica S.p.A., Whirlpool of India Limited and the other Indian shareholders also signed a shareholder agreement which stipulates, among other matters, a prohibition on the sale to third parties of their respective investments in Elica PB India Private Ltd within 90 days from the approval of the financial statements of Elica PB India Private Ltd for the year ending March 31, 2024.

Recognition for Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator

Whirlpool Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator, was recognized in Good Housekeeping’s 2021 Cleaning Awards as the “Most Innovative Washing Machine.” It offers consumers the flexibility to customize their machine so they can wash how they want, without restrictions.

«Earning this recognition from a trusted outlet like Good Housekeeping – said Shawn Ashby, laundry brand manager at Whirlpool brand – is a huge honor, and we’re thrilled that the team of Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab experts, scientists and consumer testers appreciate the innovation in our appliances. The Cleaning Awards are meant to recognize the truly innovative and outstanding products that make caring for a home so much easier – and that is our goal at Whirlpool brand. We dedicate the time to ensure the washers and dryers we design will help our customers streamline laundry day and provide the best care to their families, and their clothing».

The Whirlpool® Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator is a removable center agitator post that can be easily swapped in or out of the machine depending on the type of items being washed. With two ways to wash, consumers have access to twice the washer in their home. The washer pairs to the Whirlpool® App via Bluetooth, so consumers can manage laundry day from anywhere – whether monitoring the cycle times while on the go or delegating next steps in the laundry process to family members. Whirlpool brand also added its Whirlpool® Load & GoTM Dispenser to the Top Load Washer with 2 in 1 Removable Agitator, enabling consumers to skip the step of adding detergent to every load for up to 20 loads of laundr

Whirlpool making real, positive differences in  communities.

Whirlpool making real, positive differences in communities. Brought to light in this compelling video, which recently won the Platinum Award from Hermes Creative Awards, you’ll hear straight from those impacted by #CSR efforts with Habitat for Humanity International.

To learn more about Whirlpool’s new House + Home corporate social responsibility strategy visit,

Whirlpool commitment to 0 emissions

This year Whirlpool made a global commitment to reach net zero emissions in our plants and operations by 2030, building on our 60% reduction in emissions across all scopes since 2005. We are making the changes we need in our operations and supply chain for our production to be more sustainable—without shortcuts or excuses. #NoPlaceForWaste

For more information on our net-zero commitment, and our ongoing sustainability efforts, visit https://whirlpoolcorp.com/environmental-sustainability/

LG Elec poised to be world’s No. 1 home appliance seller in 2021

[Photo by LG Electronics Inc.]

[Photo by LG Electronics Inc.]South Korea’s LG Electronics Inc. is poised to become the world’s top white goods seller this year as its half-year sales from home appliance business are estimated to have exceeded that of U.S. rival Whirlpool, and demand for its premium electronics brand LG Objet Collection is growing stronger.

According to industry sources on Sunday, Whirlpool, which is due to release its second-quarter results on Thursday, is estimated to have earned $5.05 billion in sales, up 15 percent from a year-ago period. When combining the first-quarter number, its half-year sales are expected to have reached 11.63 trillion won ($10.17 billion).

LG Electronics earned 6.71 trillion won ($5.85 billion) in home appliance sales in the first three months, already beating Whirlpool’s sales in the same quarter by 740 billion won. As its second-quarter sales are estimated at 6.80 trillion won, the total sales from LG Electronics’ home appliance division in the first six months of this year are estimated to be nearly 2 trillion won larger than that of its American rival in the same period.

This large sales gap between the two rivals in the first half of this year is expected to help the Korean appliance giant cement its lead in sales for full year this year, analysts said, adding that this year would be different from last year.

LG Electronics beat Whirlpool in sales by 480 billion won in the first half of last year but failed to maintain its lead against the U.S. electronics giant for full-2020 after Whirlpool earned 1.07 trillion won more than its Korean rival in the second half thanks to the year-end blowouts like Black Friday.

Thanks to the pent-up demand for high-end home appliances by global homebound consumers, LG Electronics saw double-digit sales growth in overseas markets – 59.4 percent in China, 43.5 percent in Europe, 31.9 percent in Central and South Americas and 28.8 percent in North America.

The sales growth was mostly driven by the premium electronics lineup LG Objet Collection. Nearly half of its buyers chose premium models. To meet the growing demand, LG Electronics plans to bring the premium lineup to more countries in Asia and Europe after the launch in China in May.

The Korean tech giant currently is going all-out to ramp up output. Its global shipments of refrigerators expanded 53 percent on year to 3.44 million units in the first quarter, and air conditioners up 43 percent to 4.12 million units.

LG Electronics has injected $20.5 million to expand its laundry machine output from the U.S. plant in Tennessee.

Whirlpool launches the Supreme Silence range

Whirlpool focuses on silence with the new range of Supreme Silence washing machines, created to meet the needs of consumers who spend more and more time at home. The low noise reaches 65 dBA during the spin cycle, obtaining the class A. All this also thanks to the Zen lateral sound-absorbing panels and the ZenMotor that help reduce vibrations and noise. In addition, Autodose Push to Open (the push-to-open detergent drawer) opens gently with a touch, while the mixed load program works below 60 dBA and can be used both day and night without the fear of disturbing. Whirlpool Supreme Silence contains all the most advanced technologies of the brand, such as 6th SENSE, WaterSave and AutoDose, allowing user to save energy, water and detergent. As for the design, it’s meant for a product life of over 10 years, and the appliance has been created with recyclable components (87%). Finally, Whirlpool Supreme Silence is equipped with three different steam technologies: Steam Hygiene (able to remove up to 99.9% of bacteria from each wash), Steam Refresh (which fights bad odors, ensuring that the laundry stays fresh) and FreshCare+ for greater freshness of the laundry until it is removed from the washing machine drum.

Whirlpool Corporation will invest $15 million in factory

Whirlpool Corporation will invest $15 million into its factory in Tulsa, OK as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to further strengthen its U.S. manufacturing capabilities and bring more innovation, top ranking consumer products and high-quality jobs to the region. In conjunction with its investment, Whirlpool will receive an additional $1 million from the state of Oklahoma through its Business Expansion Investment Program (BEIP). The plant produces freestanding and slide-in ranges under the Whirlpool, Amana, Maytag, KitchenAid and JennAir brands.

Whirlpool expects to create approximately 150 new jobs, building on the company’s Tulsa expansion project announced in 2018. With the additional investment, the company has committed to increase its factory headcount to a total of over 2,000 employees in Tulsa. In March 2020, Whirlpool opened an 800,000-square-foot Factory Distribution Center which doubled the size of its footprint in Tulsa.

Galanz to buy whirlpool China

Home appliance manufacturer Galanz Group’s acquisition of the Chinese unit of United States’ white goods maker Whirlpool will help it to diversify its business, a top company official said.

“Growth, no matter what happens, along with high-quality development, will be our core strategy this year,” said Liang Zhaoxian, chairman of Galanz, during the company’s annual meeting on Sunday.

After over 200 days of antimonopoly investigation by authorities in the United States, China, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Austria and Colombia, Galanz was given the go-ahead for the acquisition deal, according to Liang.

“The approval means all shareholders of Whirlpool China can sell their shares to Galanz. It would be a historical milestone for us,” said Liang.

Last August, the Chinese firm said that it would accept no less than 51 percent of Whirlpool China’s equity and a maximum of 61 percent, according to Liang.

“Galanz will focus on upgrading technology, brand and supply chains for business growth this year. The acquisition of Whirlpool China is part of our strategy to help diversify brands and promote sustainable business growth,” said Liang.

The acquisition, which is equal to 2.46 billion yuan ($370 million), will start on Wednesday and end on April 29. Whirlpool China’s stock price was down 6.48 percent at 7.65 yuan per share on Tuesday.

“It was not simply a cooperation between a Chinese company and a Fortune Global 500 company-Chinese home appliance makers will be more competitive in the global market as they have now developed core technologies in the self-innovative industrial chain,” said Liang.

According to Liang, Galanz plans to build two purchasing technology quality control centers in South China and East China in the near future.

“We will build a new market, bring in advanced technology, products and services to consumers in China, as well as the world,” said Liang.

Galanz, which is Whirlpool’s third-largest global supplier, intends to help Whirlpool China to improve management efficiency, enhance profitability and ensure stable development, said Liang Huiqiang, vice-chairman of Galanz.

After acquiring a combined majority stake in Japanese kitchen appliance maker Zojirushi in January last year, Galanz has been vying for more brands to diversify its business.

Teaming up with Whirlpool and Zojirushi will help Galanz to enter a rapid business expansion in the near future, according to Liang.

“Having multiple brands and diversified businesses is the future development trend for various consumer groups,” said Liang.

The Guangdong-based company has been looking for more than 10,000 workers to boost its production capacity this year, due to increased orders from overseas buyers.

After posting a 212 percent year-on-year growth in sales last year, the company is expecting overseas orders to rise by 90 percent on a yearly basis during the first quarter of this year, according to Liang.

“The production capacity of refrigerators will increase by more than 80 percent this year,” said Liang.

Arçelik have signed an agreement to acquire Whirlpool Turkey’s manufacturing operations.

Arçelik have signed an agreement to acquire Whirlpool Turkey’s manufacturing operations.

Manisa is a key production hub which will bring in a significant additional capacity for Arçelik Global and further strengthen their foothold in Europe and in the region.

Arçelik are establishing a strategic commercial relationship with Whirlpool which will open up export opportunities in new markets.