Liebherr focused on energy efficiency

LiebherrAppliances will remain focused on energy efficiency at the 2022 Kuechenmeile kitchen fair.
Visit this exhibition to see the latest energy-efficient integrated and freestanding appliances – all equipped with the latest freshness technologies. In addition, innovative technology such as BluRoX makes it possible for freezers to meet “A” and “B” energy classes for the first time. BluRoX technology is not only energy efficient but also allows for larger interior volume and effective resource protection due to the circular properties of the perlite.

Additionally, the launch of the new AutoDoor feature was designed especially for fully integrated appliances – the first refrigerators and freezers in the world to open and close fully automatically, helping preserve energy. You only need a light knock, a voice command, or the tap of your smart device app to open the door, and not just a little – but completely. Ninety degrees!

BluRoX: Liebherr Innovative vacuum insulation with perlite

Circular in the future. With our vacuum perlite technology , we are launching an innovation that will change refrigeration and freezing forever. may we introduce BluRoX. Instead of the conventional polyurethane (PU) foam, the new technology uses a far more effective form of cold insulation : a vacuum. Finely ground lava rock, so-called perlite, stabilizes the vacuumed components. Liebherr’s innovative BluRoX technology offers numerous advantages for people and the environment How BluRoX works and its advantages
For insulation , BluRoX uses a vacuum in connection with finely ground lava rock , so-called perlite , instead of the conventional foam elements . Liebherr explains: “A vacuum offers the best possible insulation in terms of energy. Due to its crystalline microstructure, perlite has a very low thermal conductivity. This combination creates an unsurpassed energy-efficient and at the same time compact solution for cold insulation. Because of the particularly effective insulation, the walls of a BluRoX freezer can be made about a third thinner than the walls of a traditional foam insulated unit. For an appliance fully equipped with vacuum perlite technology, the result is around +25% more capacity compared to refrigerators and freezers with the same external dimensions.

Liebherr presents its new BluRoX technology and the first device FNb 5056.
In addition, the raw material perlite is available in almost unlimited quantities. Compared to the production of conventional insulation materials from petroleum-based polyurethane, the entire process from extracting the lava rock to using it as insulation material requires fewer resources . Perlite can be removed at the end of the life of a BluRoX refrigerator or freezer and reused without significant reprocessing. Also, because the BluRoX insulation is not glued to the surrounding components, the outer shell and inner container can also be easily recycled and reused.

Liebherr fresh for Longer

Preserve your food fresh for longer with the new freestanding appliances by Liebherr.
The new freestanding units from Liebherr offer precise storage options to preserve sensitive vitamins and minerals for much longer. The coordinated combination of temperature and humidity ensures optimal food cooling, maintaining freshness, and reducing food waste.

Liebherr a wide array of solutions for food preservation, starting with EasyFresh, which allows you to control the temperature of the food compartment; BioFresh, where temperature can be set just above freezing point, and humidity level can be adapted for fruits, vegetables, or meats; and BioFresh Professional Fish & Seafood Safe, specially designed for storing fish and seafood at -2 degrees Celsius (28 ºF) and can be individually regulated.

In the cooling units of the Peak series, the fine fresh mist HydroBreeze also lays on fruit and vegetables for an additional freshness effect.

Liebherr Cologne showroom

In an exclusive ambiance,Liebherr present their current generation of appliances as well as trends and innovations from the refrigeration and freezing sectors. In the Liebherr customer and specialist trade center in Cologne, lots of our products are waiting to be discovered by you.

Experience the best of Liebherr Appliances in their showroom in Cologne. Get to know your new Liebherr appliance in person or find out where it comes from. Whether on a digital tour or as part of an individual consultation appointment on site.
Discover our fresh technologies here, feel the uniqueness and haptics based on the extensive selection of modern efficient appliances.

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Photovoltaic system at the Liebherr Ochsenhausen factory

With the construction of the new photovoltaic system at the Ochsenhausen production site, Liebherr appliances is taking an essential step towards even more climate-friendly production. A total of 5,333 modules on the roof of the logistics center at the site will supply 1,996,000 kWh per year in the future, which corresponds to a saving of 790 tonnes of C02. The photovoltaic team erected the plant within 12 weeks and has been in operation since February 2022.

Liebherr vibration free

Innovation from The Division of Mechatronics Lienz (UMIT Tyrol) and Liebherr-Hausgeräte Lienz GmbH makes refrigerators vibration-free. Smart Wave Vanisher optimizes cooling of sensitive materials.

As part of the Smart Wave Vanisher cooperation project, strategies have been developed to block even the slightest vibrations on refrigerated products. Sensitive refrigerated products such as expensive wines, vaccines, or biological samples can be stored optimally. The problem has been known for some time: Vibrations transmitted from the compressor of a fridge to the interior have a negative effect on the refrigerated materials. While these vibrations are harmless for food, they cause significant problems in other areas. Biomaterials,problems in other areas. Biomaterials, vaccines, and exclusive wines that have to be stored refrigerated for long periods can be affected and undergo chemical changes.

The research team consists of doctoral student Wolfgang Hörtnagel, M. Sc., former Univ. Prof. Dr. Fadi Dohnal and Dipl.-Ing Stefan Plagg, Development Engineer Acoustics at Liebherr-Hausgeräte, has meticulously analyzed such vibration processes for over four years and transferred concepts from micro-technology and audio technology to the macroscopic world of mechanical engineering. “With a specially developed algorithm, we were able to reconstruct even complex vibrations and determine from which direction they reach the refrigerated products and how problematic they are,” explains Hörtnagel. Countermeasures were subsequently developed: “Effective subsequently developed: “Effective technical barriers counteract even the smallest vibrations caused by the compressor,” Dohnal is satisfied.

Not only special refrigerators for professional use benefit from Smart Wave Vanisher. but also appliances for the consumer. The methods developed can also be used here to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the appliance to the environment. In this way, they ensure a quieter home.

Liebherr webshop

Liebherr-Hausgeräte Webshop in Germany!
From now on, customers can not only find out about our products on our website, but also order a wide range of refrigerators and freezers directly online.

The webshop scores with many advantages and features, such as .B the integration of stationary specialist shops via the dealer search. User-friendly navigation, comprehensive product information and the modern MyStyle configurator for designing your own individual cooling unit round off the user experience.

We are looking forward to the digital visit at:

Liebherr expanding in USA

Liebherr Appliances will introduce their broadest product lineup ever to the US market at the 2022 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, taking place in Orlando, FL from February 8-10, 2022. Among the featured product areas to debut are: the new fully integrated refrigeration lines offering refreshed versions of the company’s original European-styled units; the 30-inch, 36-inch and French Door Monolith Bottom Freezers; and a state-of-the-art concept model of a style-forward, compelling and innovative refrigerator.
Join us at Booth W1151 as see our

Liebherr history

The history of Liebherr Refrigeration – Where it all began Only every tenth German household owned a refrigerator during the ’50s, and demand increased with economic growth. Hans Liebherr decided to rely on its production facilities at the southern German location in Ochsenhausen to start a new appliances business. The first refrigerator was manufactured there in 1954, and today Liebherr continue manufacturing high-quality refrigerators and freezers. With the following link you can get an insight into how Liebherr became a household name known for manufacturing innovative appliances and more about Liebherr history.

The history of Liebherr Refrigeration – Where it all began Only every tenth German household owned a refrigerator during the ’50s, and demand increased with economic growth. Hans Liebherr decided to rely on its production facilities at the southern German location in Ochsenhausen to start a new appliances business. The first refrigerator was manufactured there in 1954, and today we continue manufacturing high-quality refrigerators and freezers. With the following link, you can get an insight into how our brand became a household name known for manufacturing innovative appliances and more about our history.

Liebherr 3D Tour

Since August 2020, the world’s first Liebherr Monobrand Store has been located on the ground floor of the Landmark Building at Vienna Central Station. On more than 170 square metres, you can get to know the product range of Liebherr appliances such as Monolith, built-in, freezer, BioFresh, SmartDevice, MyStyle and wine. You can now take a quick look at the store from the comfort of your home with the new 3D Tour.