Hisense launches its new smart refrigerator with wi-fi

Hisense has expanded its range of SkyLine refrigerators with the new smart fridge-freezer with wi-fi and the ConnectLife application. Thanks to its wi-fi functionality, it can be connected to a smartphone to monitor and control it remotely, as well as receive notifications.

Hisense has ensured that the products will stay fresh and in optimal condition, when you make a big weekly purchase that includes a lot of fruit and vegetables, with the Super Cool and Super Freeze functions, also connected with the ConnectLife app. While activating the Super Cool function will increase the temperature in the refrigerator compartment by up to 2°C, activating the Super Freeze function will lower the temperature in the freezer compartment by up to -24°C. Both functions will automatically turn off after a few hours.

Maximum food protection is achieved thanks to a three-level system: Multi Air Flow, Micro Vents technology and Metal Cooling, which guarantee uniform cooling throughout the refrigerator, fixing nutrients and minerals more quickly and keeping food fresh for longer. more time. A special Moisture Crisper fresh produce storage at the bottom of the fridge manages moisture inside the drawer to suit the type of food stored. The upper drawer with constant temperature around 0°C is perfect for meat and fish, prolonging its freshness.

Also noteworthy is the Freezer Convert function that allows you to convert the freezer compartment into a refrigerator, gaining even more space for daily use.

Railway line from Trieste to Gorenje plant in Velenje

Cosco Shipping established a special railway line for container transport from the port of Trieste to Gorenje industrial park in Velenje. «This new line is very important for improving the transport system for our factories in Velenje and for ensuring a stable supply chain – said Hisense Europe President Hanson Han -. As a global brand that is deeply rooted in the European market, Hisense has always set its main goal on providing high quality products and services to European customers. Localized R&D in Europe, as well as our production and sales have always been our long-term strategy to support this goal».

After Hisense acquired the Gorenje brand and its European factories in 2018, its products and services are deeply integrated with Gorenje products and services, which is lead to a further enhanced localization strategy. «We now transport products made here in Europe not only to European markets, but also to markets in Asia, America and other parts of the world, with the help of the Cosco Shipping network, thus meeting market demand and realizing our vision of development» – Hanson Han added.

Hisense manufactures its products from the segments of household appliances, consumer electronics, communications, information technology and others in 29 industrial parks in Asia, Europe, Africa and South America, and exports to more than 160 countries and regions around the world. China Cosco Shipping Group is one of the largest shipping companies in the world, with a fleet of more than 1,400 vessels and a total capacity of more than 112 million dead weight tons. Of this, the container fleet comprises 507 ships with a capacity of 3.04 million containers

Gorenje Growth

Gorenje is now the largest exporter in Slovenia.
They now lead in export value for the first time, In the extremely difficult business environment of 2021, with the covid epidemic, heavily disrupted supply chains, and the soaring cost of logistics, energy, and raw materials, we adapted, persevered, and conquered. In 2021, the manufacturer of white goods Gorenje exported 1.97 billion euros of its products

Hisense SGS washing machines

Hisense offers a washing machine series, able to reach a high hygiene level. As an internationally renowned company – Hisense explains – we adhere to the core values of integrity, innovation, customer focus and sustainability and the development strategy of technology-based enterprise and stable business growth.

At the end of the last year, Hisense washing machines receive the SGS Awards First Performance Mark Certification. The certificate is based on GB 21551.5-2010, which provides strict specifications and requirements for the product’s germ removal and purification ability. It strictly evaluates the germ removal ability of the product in regular use under the “Allergy Steam” mode. After the test, the removal rate of both E-coli and Staphylococcus aureus from the washing machine reached over 99.9%.

The SGS technical team tested and evaluated Hisense products in “Allergy Steam” mode from the perspective of germ removal ability and awarded the SGS Performance Tested Mark certificate for Hisense global washing machines. Hisense can apply the mark to its product packaging, user manuals, or products according to its own needs, which consumers can easily see and effectively enhance product trust

The Canton Fair is online until April 24, 2022

China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, started its 131st edition that will be also online on April 24, 2022. As Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Fair, deputy director general of China Foreign Trade Centre, explained in the opening cerimony, Themed facilitating the “dual circulation” of domestic and overseas markets, the event is held from April 15-24 online. The exhibition offers an online display platform, business matchmaking services, and a cross-border e-commerce zone.

The electronic and home appliances exhibition zone hosts about 2,600 companies with 140,000 products. Among the protagonist brands, the event was attended by Haier, Hisense, Gree, Midea, Changhong, TCL, and others.

Hisense Group Zhou Houjian retired, Lin Lan took over as chairman

On March 13, the official WeChat account of Hisense Group announced that Zhou Houjian had stepped down as the chairman of Hisense Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and Lin Lan, the former vice chairman, took over.
According to the public information of Hisense Group, on the afternoon of March 12, Zhou Houjian announced that he had resigned from the position of chairman of Hisense Group and officially retired before the regular monthly business review meeting of Hisense Group. The board of directors has elected the former vice chairman Lin Lan. Take over as chairmanIn 2021, Hisense Group’s sales revenue will be 175.5 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24%, and overseas revenue will account for 41.3%.

Hisense Pure Steam washing machine

Hisense Pure Steam function the WFQR1014EVAJM front load washing machine deep cleans and refreshes 10 Kg of clothes reducing the ironing time. In addition steam removes the allergen from clothes to ensure the washing items are allergen-free. The model is equipped with durable Inverter motor, self-diagnostic fault-finding system and big Led screen.

Designed to tackle even the most demanding laundry, the Pure Jet series, with its 10 kg drum capacity, is ready to take care of the laundry for a whole family. Hisense Allergy steam/Baby steam care technology releases massive amount of steam from the bottom of the inner tub quickly and removes the allergen from clothes to ensure the washing items are allergen-free. Moreover, the Hisense steam wash technology releases gentle steam to remove clothes’ odour.

The model is also easy to use: with the 15° inclined panel design, the washing machine makes operating much more user-friendly, which means users don’t need to bend down to touch the button anymore. Finally, the Inverter motor of this series products has been upgraded and generates less heat when operating being energy saving and more silent.