Gorenje Hisense new washing machines

first production of Gorenje connected washing machines at the Velenje laundry appliances factory. This new generation of washing machines and tumble dryers will be available in Advanced, Advanced+, and Superior lines, which we will launch on the European markets in the coming months. With these appliances, the Gorenje brand is entering a new market in the segment of connectable appliances.
Connected appliances have become a staple in recent years, and laundry care is no exception. According to forecasts, by 2026, every second washing machine available in white goods stores will already have the option of connecting to the internet.
Appliances under the Gorenje brand are designed to make everyday tasks easier for the consumer. All connected appliances can be managed via the ConnectLife application, which, in addition to washing machines and tumble dryers, also allows the management of other Gorenje brand products (refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, etc.) to create a smart(er), easier manageable home and allow for more free time and less fuss for the user.

Hisense Europe on the path of sustainable development in the international top 17% of rated companies

Hisense Europe on the path of sustainable development in the international top 17% of rated companies
Hisense Europe on the path of sustainable development in the international top 17% of rated companies
Hisense Europe, manufacturer of household appliances under the Hisense and Gorenje brands, received the EcoVadis silver medal. This recognized international business assessment, which ranks us higher than 83% of all assessed companies according to the assessment result, confirms our commitment to sustainable business practices and is proof of the company’s continuous efforts to reduce the impact on the planet and promote social responsibility.
By 2024, our packaging will be 100% recyclable
At Hisense Europe, sustainable operation is one of our core values, on the basis of which we have set ambitious sustainability goals focused on five key areas: environment, sustainable products, sustainable supply chain, people and social responsibility, and new business models. These goals include reducing energy consumption by optimizing renewable energy, increasing the use of recycled materials in products, reducing waste, promoting sustainable transport and strengthening the sustainability of the supply chain.

The company’s focus on sustainability is evident in its efforts to recycle 96% of generated waste, use 100% recyclable packaging by 2024, and reduce CO2emissions from transportation. The prestigious EcoVadis silver medal shows that Hisense Europe has developed the right strategy to increase the sustainability of its business models.

Significant progress over the past five years
A company must address all stages of production to minimize its carbon footprint, including energy consumption during production, materials used in products and their lifespan, and packaging and transportation processes. In these areas, Hisense Europe has made significant progress over the past five years, with a 38% reduction in water consumption and a 24% reduction in electricity consumption.

Made in Europe, Hisense and Gorenje household appliances are made from excellent, environmentally sound and degradable materials and undergo rigorous testing to extend their lifespan. Another important aspect is the availability of spare parts and easy product servicing.

Investing in the personal and professional growth of employees is one of the priorities
The EcoVadis sustainability evaluation process covers not only the environmental, but also the social and ethical performance of companies. Hisense Europe with the Hisense and Gorenje brands received silver for its commitment to promoting ethical business practices, such as creating equal opportunities for all and establishing a culture of knowledge sharing.
Investing in the personal and professional business growth of employees is one of the key priorities, which is also reflected in education and training, for which we allocated more than 136,000 hours in 2021, or 20 hours per employee. One of our goals is also to promote a healthy work-life balance and an active lifestyle.

Receiving the EcoVadis medal proves that Hisense Europe is moving in the right direction – that our products and operations are becoming as sustainable as possible. “Sustainability is at the heart of our values and we will continue to strive to reduce our impact on the environment and, as one of the key economic entities in the region, the country and beyond, to promote social responsibility. This certification is a great achievement and we are proud to be part of the EcoVadis community and to rank so highly in the ranking of evaluated companies,” said Hanson Han, CEO of Hisense Europe.”

In the field of environmental care, we have a rich environmental history that goes back more than thirty years, and our efforts in this field are recognized by experts both at home and abroad,” says Tomaž Korošec, a member of the Hisense Europe management board. “Our investments in renewable energy sources, our focus on product sustainability and efficiency, and our implementation of circular economy principles have proven to be the right approach. We are honored to receive the EcoVadis Silver Medal as it represents our belief that companies with a consistent commitment to social and environmental responsibility .

China’s Hisense becomes Slovenia’s largest exporter

The production lines have been busy at the Hisense factory in the town of Velenje in northeast Slovenia, as the demand for its household appliances steadily grows in Europe.

Hisense, a Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer, holds a five percent share of the European market, but the company has set itself higher goals for the near future.Europe is a big market with a lot of potential,” Jianmin Han, the Chairman of Hisense Europe, tells CGTN. “Our target in three years, by 2025, is to achieve 10 percent of the market [share] in two segments, to really become a tier two brand in Europe.”

The Chinese home appliance giant established itself as Slovenia’s largest exporter, significantly surpassing the country’s other major exporters like Renault and a couple of local domestic pharmaceutical companies.

Not many expected these results in 2018, when Hisense acquired Slovenian producer Gorenje. Founded over 70 years ago in the former Yugoslavia, Gorenje produced and exported home appliances across Europe.

But five years ago, stiff competition forced the Slovenian government and the Gorenje shareholders to decide whether to integrate it into a bigger system or let it embark on a path of slow and inevitable demise.

They decided to invite China’s Hisense to buy Gorenje, in a bid to give the company and the community, a new lease of lifeIn 2021, its exports reached $2 billion, and even higher numbers are expected for 2022.

Hisense has secured thousands of jobs in Slovenia,


Saudi Arabia’s UMG partners with Hisense to bring Chinese consumer brands into Kingdom

UMG will now be an officially appointed distributor of Hisense products and will support the brand with warehousing, after-sales services and develop retail space for sales, according to a press release.

The partnership agreement was signed by Jason Ou, Hisense president of the Middle East and Africa, and Adnan Matbouli, chairman of UMG.

“Our partnership with UMG underlines our dedication to expand in the regional markets, increase our availability and provide the best brand experience to our customers as well as business partners,” said Ou.

He added: “We look forward to working together with UMG, driving on each other’s strengths and expertise with an intention of growth and sustainability in the market.”

Matbouli said that this partnership is a part of their strategy to bring top-quality electronic products to Saudi Arabia.

“As an official distributor of Hisense’s home appliance and entertainment segment in the country, we provide assurance in supporting with unparalleled accessibility to expand in the market, better service in after-sales, provision to spare parts, and warehousing to meet the business as well as consumer needs,” said Matbouli.

Established in the early 1990s, UMG has become one of the known names in the Kingdom’s consumer electronics market, with a network of 11 branches, warehousing facilities, 11 service centers, a fleet of vehicles and 23 brand shops in the Kingdom.

UMG became the sole distributor for Samsung Consumer Electronics in 1991, followed by the Italian home appliance brand, Tecnogas, with which it signed an agency agreement in 2013.

Headquartered in Qingdao, China. Hisense exports products to over 160 countries, with three listed companies – Hisense Visual Technology, Hisense Home Appliances and SANDEN listed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Tokyo stock exchanges.

Ten millionth refrigerator Hisense factory in Valjevo

The ten millionth refrigerator was produced in Hisense factory in Valjevo, Serbia. The ten millionth refrigerator came off factory line at the beginning of December. According to the factory’s tradition, this jubilee refrigerator is not intended for sale, but for one of the employees, Mara Veselinović, who contributes to the company’s success every day with her commitment, hard work, and dedication. Mara Veselinović, the winner 🏆 of the jubilee device, did not hide her happiness for the gift given to her: “I try to give my best every day in my work, and I am glad that the company recognized my effort. The device I received will be useful for my daughter, who became a mother two months ago. I am very grateful to the company for the gift.”

Hisense presents its new Chill Fridge

Hisense has launched the new and innovative Chill Fridge compact range of refrigerators, specially designed to save space in the home, available in black, white, silver and ruby.

Thanks to its compact and elegant design, the RR106D4CRF mini refrigerator model is perfect to be installed in those areas of the house where there is little space available, such as a bedroom, a living room, an office, a games room or a garage.

In addition, it has a reversible door that allows it to be opened to the right or to the left and with a non-slip cover on the top that allows bottles, glasses or any other object to be safely placed on it.

One of the main properties is its large storage capacity. They have XXL French doors to easily store taller bottles or containers, a drawer specifically designed to store fruit and vegetables, or a multifunction drawer to store the most delicate products. It also has safety shelves that provide great stability and hold the weight very well, LED light, and very precise temperature control to always obtain the right level of cooling that is needed. It also has a three-star freezer area

Hisense building a new container terminal

After the successful test transports that wad carried out in June this year, in mid-October together with the carrier Cosco, hisense established a regular Trieste-Velenje railway line, along which a special Hisense container train delivers raw materials and components for production, which arrive in the port of Trieste on Cosco ships. Hisense are already building a new container terminal in the Velenje industrial park, which is a condition for increasing the capacity of container transport as planned in the future.
Strategic partners Cosco and Hisense will strive to build on this form of cooperation in logistics to create a win-win situation for mutual benefit and in the future increase the capacity of the block train to Velenje. It has been running regularly since mid-October, once a week, bringing 32 containers of raw materials and components from the port of Trieste directly to the Velenje industrial park each time.

Hisense USA

After debuting its 2022 lineup at CES, Hisense USA provider of attainable premium, high performance televisions and home appliances, announces the availability of its ranges, completing the brand’s first ever full kitchen suite for U.S. consumers. The spacious, stainless steel freestanding ranges boast powerful burners and a versatile oven cavity, offering a variety of premium features such as Air Fry, Fast Preheat, Convection, and more. The new lineup makes it easy for families to bake, air fry, proof, roast, dehydrate, broil, and cook their favorite meals. The ranges include Hisense’s two-year industry-leading warranty and are available exclusively at Lowe’s.

Microwave ovens for every need

Hisense’s new microwave ovens are created to meet the needs of anyone, from those who intend to use them occasionally to those who place the appliance at the center of their kitchen. In fact, the company has provided two series of ovens, addressed to a different type of user: Essential, for those who require high quality and do not need specific functions; and Advanced, which directs the most advanced Hisense technologies towards maximum versatility and the best possible results in terms of cooking.

The Essential range consists of two products and is characterized by a modern look and mechanical controls, which maximize ease of use. The two ovens have similar technical characteristics (20 liter capacity, 6 power levels, 700 Watts), while one of the two additionally offers an 800 Watt grill function.

The Advanced line is characterized by touch controls, LED displays and, above all, by advanced features. Advanced products have different power levels, capacity and preset automatic cooking programs, such as popcorn, vegetables, potatoes, pizza, hot drinks and the Grill mode. The digital models also support the “Step Bake” function, which allows you to program up to two consecutive (and differentiated) cooking phases such as alternating microwave and grill or heating and cooking.

Hisense new washer range

Hisense bhas launched new models of washing machines from the PureStream line. With the focus on shortening washing cycles, specific programs and energy efficiency, most of the models have the A energy rating.

The new Hisense washing machines have been manufactured following the highest washing and hygiene standards. Designed for large families and with a minimum load of 7 kg, a wide range of programs and functions. The most prominent is the quick wash, which shortens the wash time of any of the programs. The Power Wash program, designed for a light load of not heavily soiled clothes, lasts less than an hour, but activating the quick wash only lasts 32 minutes.

Another interesting feature is the steam function, which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria. Available in a selection of Hisense washing machines, this program washes clothes at 60º and, after the wash cycle, completes the cleaning with 20 minutes of steam. These washers soften clothes and leave them wrinkle free. Some models include an Anti-Crease function.

Different programs for different fabrics

Hisense has paid special attention to creating specific programs for each type of fabric, such as jeans, wool, down, baby and pet clothes. Other programs have been improved and updated, such as wool, perfect for wool, silk and other delicate fabrics.

All models incorporate the Pause and Add function, which allows you to stop the cycle and add or remove garments from the drum. Thanks to Inverter technology, these washing machines are quiet and highly efficient, while offering better results and saving energy.