Electrolux unveils a new Product Recyclability Tool

A Circular Initiative event in Stockholm, Electrolux unveiled a new Product Recyclability Tool to support its ambitious circularity goals. The prototype tool builds on the knowledge gathered during the company’s ongoing collaboration with Stena Recycling to explore circular solutions. Stena Recycling collects discarded electric consumer products and breaks them down into raw materials for new products or for energy recovery. “The tool will enable our design and engineering teams to explore recyclability right from the beginning of the design process so we can create products that are even more recyclable, so their components can continue their life as useful materials – says Vanessa Butani, VP Group Sustainability –. The tool is still in the early stages of development and the next step for us will be to open the process to other companies, working together to expand its functionality, data quality and market relevance”. Over the past three years, Electrolux has worked closely with Stena Recycling to understand what happens to its products at their end of life and how it is possible improve product circularity. In 2020, the partnership developed a prototype vacuum cleaner made with 100% recycled materials and reused components and in 2021 a prototype vacuum cleaner that is 90% recyclable.
“Our deep investigation in the vacuum cleaner category has been particularly useful in understanding our material choices and design decisions that benefit both quality and recyclability – says Barry Waddilove, Sustainability Director Development & Collaborations –. In 2022, we are expanding these studies across all our major product categories including dishwashers, fridges and cookers

Electrolux wins iF Design Awards for products that help consumers achieve a better home environment

Electrolux Group has won prestigious iF Design Awards for an air purifier and stick vacuum cleaner that help improve wellbeing in the home.The Electrolux UltimateHome series is a 2-in-1 dehumidifier and air purifier that provides an optimum humidity level and improved air quality for an uninterrupted sleep. Since 9 out of 10 people live in areas with air pollution, consumers are increasingly aware of how indoor air quality and climate can affect health and wellbeing. Urban consumers seek “clean and fresh” solutions, and multi-functional products save on floor space while creating healthier living conditions.

This product earned above-average scores by the international jury in all five criteria: idea, differentiation, form, function and impact. These refer to the product’s relevance, novelty, design for the target group, ease of use, and sustainability.

The 800/8000 series focuses on bringing effortless performance into the cordless pistol stick segment. The design enables balanced weight and its sculpted ergonomic handle and telescopic tube make it a consumer-centric product. The 800/8000 is designed to fit into the user’s home and adapt to a variety of cleaning needs. The modular design makes upgradability, repairability and recyclability simpler and more sustainable.

The jury gave this product high scores for form, impact and function, meaning it demonstrates design excellence, is easy to use, and serves society and sustainability.

Electrolux Q1 2022 Interim report: Consistent execution in a challenging environmen

Highlights of the first quarter of 2022Net sales increased to SEK 30,118m (29,026), corresponding to an organic sales decline of 3.4%. This was driven by lower volumes compared to a strong last year, partially offset by strong price execution.Operating income amounted to SEK 1,575m (2,297), corresponding to a margin of 5.2% (7.9).Operating income includes a positive non-recurring item of SEK 656m, related to the U.S. tariff case, impacting the business area North America. Excluding this non-recurring item, operating income amounted to SEK 919m, corresponding to a margin of 3.1% (7.9). Significant cost increases and supply constraints impacting volume were not fully compensated by price increases and new product launches.Income for the period amounted to SEK 950m (1,556) and earnings per share was SEK 3.40 (5.41).Operating cash flow after investments was SEK -5,280m (-161). In addition to a more normal seasonal outflow compared to last year, global supply chain constraints further increased inventory levels.

Electrolux enters portable air purifier category

Electrolux has moved into the portable air purifier market with the launch of four air purifiers for the home.

The flagship Well A5 Air Purifier (WA51-305GY) is suitable for rooms measuring up to 26m2 for

In addition to a four-step air purification system that captures up to 99.98% of particles as small as 2.5 micrometre (PM2.5) in size, the advanced air flow system features 360-degree air intake for faster and more effective distribution. The 24dBA noise level is comparable to the sound of soft rain.

The Electrolux UltimateHome 500 Air Purifier (FA41-402GY) is suitable for rooms up to 53m2 for RRP

The four-step filtration system captures micro-dust, odours, and harmful airborne substances and incorporates an integrated HEPA 13 filter that removes up to 99.99% of bacteria for cleaner fresh air, while a spiral outlet creates a robust whirl to efficiently circulate filtered air throughout a room.

Laser particle sensors evaluate air quality and automatically adjust the fan speed as conditions change.

Electrolux wins four Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design

Electrolux wins four Red Dot Design Awards for outstanding product design
Electrolux has picked up four Red Dot Awards, the most sought-after seal of good design, for innovative laundry care products across Electrolux and AEG brands.  

“Red Dot Awards mean a lot in the world of product design,” says Simon Bradford, Chief Design Officer at Electrolux. “Once again, Electrolux has been recognized for innovation and delivering a great consumer experience.” 

The winners were chosen by an expert jury and the winning products will be presented at the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany and online at www.red-dot.org

The winners are: 

Microplastic Filter

Made with at least 50% recycled plastic the Microplastic Filter helps capture up to 90% of microplastic fibers, larger than 45 microns, released by synthetic clothing and textiles when washing, preventing release into laundry waste water. The cartridge can collect microplastic fibers from several washing cycles and a red dot indicates when it needs to be emptied. It enables consumers to make a meaningful difference to the environment. 

UniversalDose drawer makes washing at lower temperature and quick cycle more efficient by mixing the detergent and water before the mixture reaches the fabrics. This delivers clean clothes at a lower temperature, with significant savings in water and energy. Visually, the UniversalDose drawer’s colors and iconography help consumers wash more sustainably whether they use pods, liquid, or powder.  

The new AEG 2022 Range 

The AEG 2022 won two awards, one for the design and consistency of the full range and one for the design alignment of the washer-dryer pair. With this product series and consistent AEG branding, Electrolux used a color combination and a left–to-right user interaction that delivers a great consumer experience, plus connectivity, with tailored programs customizable remotely through the AEG app. The brand identity across the range is maintained with a combination of design solutions in the doors, the knob, and the control panel

CamCook from Electrolux/AEG

Electrolux/AEG commitment to help consumers simplify and personalise their cooking journey is often enabled by innovative connected technologies, and CamCook® – our new food recognition feature for smartphones – is an industry first.

Using an artificial intelligence algorithm to recognise 20 predefined dishes and then send the optimal settings to the oven, the user can also build their own library of favourite dishes within the app.

CamCook® is now live in the MyAEG Kitchen and MyElectrolux Kitchen Apps in Europe. https://www.electroluxgroup.com/en/electrolux-launches-ai-feature-camcook-for-smartphones-33735/

Electrolux Sustainability 2021 report

Release of the new Electrolux Sustainability Report 2021, which shows that we’ve reduced our greenhouse gas emissions in operations by 78% compared to 2015. That’s four years ahead of our 2025 target of an 80% reduction.

As well as highlighting the progress made with our ambitious climate goals, the report also details the results from our other important sustainability issues, as we strive toward our purpose to shape living for the better.

Find the full report here: https://www.electroluxgroup.com/sustainabilityreports/2021/

Electrolux reduces sea transport emissions by 15% in 2022

Electrolux will now use more sustainable fuels for 25% of its total sea freight. By partnering with shipping companies Maersk and CMA CGM Group to use biofuel based on waste oils and LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas), Electrolux will reduce its sea transport greenhouse gas emissions by 15 percent already in 2022.

Electrolux is working toward halving its transport emissions by 2025. To reach this target two important agreements have been signed with shipping companies Maersk and CMA CGM. With the new agreements in place, 25% of Electrolux Group’s total sea freight will be transported using the most effective solutions for decarbonizing available in the market right now. 80,000 twenty-foot equivalent containers (TEU) will now be transported by using Maersk’s biofuel, which is based on certified waste oils such as used cooking oil, and CMA CGM’s solution based on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and guarantee of origin biomethane.

“These partnerships put Electrolux at the forefront in terms of the percentage of the total volume of products being transported in a more sustainable way. As we continuously contract increasing volumes of biofuel for sea transportation, we are also supporting the overall market development toward more sustainable practices for shipping goods across the world”, says Carsten Franke, Electrolux Chief Operating Officer

Electrolux on the way to the target of zero waste

Electrolux on the way to the target of zero waste sent to landfill at all manufacturing sites by 2025. During 2021, other seven factories achieved zero waste to landfill certification issued by a third party: at Manaus and Curitiba in Brazil, Adelaide in Australia, Rosario in Argentina, Olawa and Zabrze in Poland, and Susegana in Italy. Together with the factories in Sao Carlos in Brazil, Solaro and Porcia in Italy and Cairo in Egypt that were certified before 2021, 32% of plants are now certified and the Santiago factory in Chile is expected to follow in the first quarter of this year. “Working toward climate neutral operations, doesn’t just involve

working with energy – it involves working with the efficient use of all kinds of resources – says Giuseppe Caiulo, VP Group Operations Sustainability and Lean Manufacturing -. By producing less waste, we can avoid creating emissions – both caused by their disposal and the sourcing of virgin materials”. When one of the Electrolux factories is third-party certified to the Electrolux Zero Waste to Landfill program, it means that it sends less than 1% of its total waste to landfill. Additionally, certified factories must send less than 3% of their total waste to energy recovery.