Haier investment in Turkey

The past weekend was very unique for Haier Europe. They have celebrated the expansion of the company’s largest European production and xport center in Turkey with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many national and local stakeholders.
With an overall €85 million investment and 1,600 jobs creation, we’ve opened the new tumble dryer platform which will further be enriched by the dishwasher factory that will be operational in 2022.

Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, 

Following the strong growth in 2020, Haier refrigerators have led the industry in Western Europe.

According to the data, from Jan. to Sept. 2021, despite the challenge of the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Smart Home saw a growth of 47% in the refrigerator market in Western Europe, becoming the industry’s number one brand in terms of growth rate.


Among the fast-growing categories, Haier multi-door refrigerator market share achieved number one with the API of 143. 

The breakthroughs are inseparable from the premium brand building and innovative products tailored to the specific demands of local consumers. In response to the needs of European users for large-volume, healthy preservation during the Covid-19 epidemic, Haier Cooling Overseas has launched large-capacity, full-space preservation refrigerators. The cold storage room with separate dry and wet storage compartments and the freezer room with constant temperature and humidity provide users with healthy fresh storage solutions. 图片

The increase of market share is also indispensable from the layout the scenario solutions. Especially in Sept.,Haier Europe introduced the various scenarios to local users at Milan Design Week.

With its leading products and advantages on scenarios solutions, Haier Smart Home continues to fulfill the requirements of global consumers in the globalization process.


Haier launches in Italy, and plans to launch in all European countries over the next few weeks – the first virtual showroom , overcoming the barrier of traditional photo showrooms with an immersive, real-time digital experience.

Thanks to the Haier virtual shoowroom, visitors will be able to experience – browsing from their PC, smartphone or tablet – the experience of moving freely and without limits in two different three-dimensional environments, in which to find and discover the products in the brand’s catalog.

Following the guide of the narrator, who welcomes and accompanies visitors in the experience, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a connected and personalized “home of the future”, in which videos, virtual catalogs, flyers and products such as ovens, refrigerators, wine cellars wine and washing machines are depicted with a very high degree of definition of every detail, finish and texture. 

Once you have clicked the flashing hotspot corresponding to each product available in the virtual showroom, it will be possible to receive all the information and technical details, as well as having the possibility – thanks to augmented reality – to import the products into your home environment, maintaining their colors and characteristics. and dimensions.

In this way, users can both view the appliances in the different spaces and change the products with other items available in the gallery, automatically displaying them in the virtual showroom.

The other distinctive feature of the experience is the possibility for consumers to view the latest top-of-the-range models and leading products available on the market, thanks to the constant updating of the virtual showroom and its ability to adapt to the needs of different markets: in fact , the content components, the language of the narrator and the range of products displayed will be customized according to the country from which access is made.

To build the architecture of this user experience, Haier used the Neosperience Reality Plus cloud platform, which, thanks to WebGL and gITF technologies, does not require the end user to install any app and allows you to replicate details, shapes, colors. and materials without affecting the speed of navigation


The Cafè brand operating under GE Appliances, a Haier company, announced two new products to its portfolio with the release of its Cafè Affetto Automatic Espresso Machine and Cafè Bellissimo Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine. Both appliances embody the brand’s tagline, “Distinct by Design” by adding sophistication to any countertop while also delivering on taste and flavor.

Cafè is focused on espresso in response to consumer interest in a more refined at-home experience, providing options that allow them to entertain with style and ease. «Customization and performance remain top priorities for Cafè users who want a professional coffee drink without having to step inside a coffee shop – said Wayne Davis, senior brand director for Cafè -. With our new espresso machines, we’re offering more options to consumers who want to enjoy unique flavors from home without sacrificing their individual style».

Cafè Affetto coffee machine

Cafè Affetto is an Automatic Espresso Machine that creates custom cups of Espresso, Americano, or Lungo in less than 90 seconds. It pays homage to the home of the espresso with an Italian name meaning “affection,” also features a My Cup setting for custom flavors and a quiet stainless-steel burr grinder with five precise settings.

Cafè Bellissimo coffee machine

The Cafè Bellissimo, instead, is a Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine. Its Italian name means “beautiful,” reflecting the sophisticated design. The model offers the option to customize flavor with an adjustable grinder that offers 15 settings ranging from coarse to fine, and a built-in steam wand that rotates a 180-degree motion for control and convenience.

Haier Germany meets the press

Haier Germany convened press meeting and summer party in Munich. This event attracted participation of several local media and partners. At the conference, this year’s performance of Haier Germany was summed up, with business planning for Q4 and 2022 both released.

Despite the pandemic, Haier Germany has secured a growth rate of 76% this year based on the rapid growth in 2020, with significant increase of profit and premium products accounting for 60%.

At the conference, Thomas Wittling, GM of Haier Germany, announced the planning for 2022. Also, Haier Germany launched the premium built-in series products which can be connected to hOn APP. From 2022 onward, Haier Germany will penetrate into the built- in home appliances market with innovative products to realize “zero distance to users”.

At the press conference, Haier Germany announced the partnership with Jörg Rosskopf, current Chief Coach of Table Tennis in Germany and World Champion, and famous chef Alexander Herrmann, who both act as the brand ambassador to draw the distance to users closer. Looking into the In the future, Haier Germany will further promote the brand reputation through activities like Cooking Show.

Under the guidance of  Rendanheyi Model, Haier Germany has always been focused on demands of users and provided smart life experience for them.

Haier Germany 2021 Partner Conference held in Munich

From September 15th to 17th, Haier Germany held the 2021 Media and Partners Conference in Munich. This meeting summarized Haier Germany’s performance in the past few years, especially during the epidemic, and released its future strategic goals and business plans.In 2021, despite the impact of the epidemic, Haier Germany still achieved a 76% growth on the basis of last year’s high growth, and its profit has also increased significantly, with the high-end accounted for 60%.At the meeting, Thomas Wittling, General Manager of Haier Germany, announced a strategic landing plan for 2022, and also released a series of new high-end embedded products that can be interconnected with hOn App. In 2022, Haier Germany will enter the embedded market through innovative products and continue to implement high-end transformation.

Haier Milan experience

Haier’s Milan Experience Design Center (Med) made its debut and presented itself to the general public during the Milan Design Week 2021. Created in late 2020 with the aim of extending and integrating the traditional product-centric approach to design that leverages connectivity, data and consumer information to continuously improve the user experience and create home ecosystems, Med is a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, which ranges from design research and strategy to industrial design through interaction design. Federico Ferretti, a designer with over 20 years of experience in large multinationals and leading consulting firms for design innovation, was chosen to lead the team.

Med is already working closely and in total synchrony with the Haier Europe Brand & IoT Team, led by Gianpiero Morbello, in a cross-functional effort to shorten the distance with users and to offer consumers innovative and revolutionary experiences starting with products from Haier, Candy and Hoover.

During the Milan Design Week 2021 Med presented Delight, a new concept of oven and induction hob-hood capable to exemplify the fusion of technological sophistication and aesthetics and to make tangible how lights and movements will increasingly become an essential part of the dialogue between user and product and the founding element of Haier’s design.

«For Med, every single product is a service waiting to happen and a brand promise to keep – underlines Federico Ferretti -. Our goal, and the reason why we were born, is to evolve the concept of ‘designing for’ towards ‘designing with‘ and designing and facilitating the entire relationship with the consumer who becomes co-author of our ecosystems of products and services. A shared and inclusive process, which starting from the understanding of consumers, their dreams and needs, passing through tests, development and prototyping, up to the dialogue with the marketing and R&D of the business units, has the objective and ambition to accompany the Group in the transformation from the design of physical products to the design of analog and digital brand experiences.»

Haier @Milan design week

Haier has chosen the Milano Design Week – and in particular the spaces of Superstudio Più – to present its idea of smart kitchen. Together with the best of the brand’s offer in the field of refrigeration, wine cellars and washing, Haier presented the Series 4 and Series 6, the complete ranges of kitchen appliances featuring Artificial Intelligence. “Series 4 and Series 6 – the company explains – mean premiumness and technology that come together in a complete range of ovens, microwaves, hobs, hoods, refrigerators and dishwashers that take advantage of connectivity, the hOn app and AI to offer tailor made solutions and to integrate perfectly into modern kitchens, thanks also to the elegant and minimal design”. The attention to design can count on the design team of the Milan Experience Design Center. Among the innovations proposed by Haier for the kitchen of the future there is the Chef@Home oven, which thanks to a presence sensor turns on automatically giving the user access to the 19” full touch control screen and, through it, to the “Cook with me” technologies. In particular, the PreciTaste technology is able to recognize the types of food in the oven, automatically set the cooking parameters and send a notification when the food is ready. The hi-tech solutions are also visible in the induction products: thanks to the PreciProbe bluetooth temperature probe – which the Chef@Home oven is also equipped with – the hob controls the food temperature, automatically choosing the correct power and notifying the user when the food is ready. Furthermore, exclusive features of the Series 4 and Series 6 are the Multizone technology (which thanks to an advanced temperature detection system and an optimized power management is able to detect and manage the presence of pots of different sizes in the same area, guaranteeing the maximum flexibility) and the VaryCook technology, which allows user to move pots and pans without touching the controls thanks to the three preset power levels (high, medium and low), giving the possibility to cook food at different power in the different cooking phases. Gas hobs complete the range: Haier offers models with 5 kW burners and PreciFlame technology, which allows to adjust the flame intensity to nine power levels

Haier smart in Milan design week

Haier has chosen Milan Design Week 2021 to present and materialize its idea of Smart Home, an immersive experience that will allow visitors to be active participants in a story that will unfold according to their choices and preferences, hand in hand with technological innovation. , premium design and personalized brand solutions.

From September 4 to 10, the Superstudio Più will host ‘Haier – Connect to the extraordinary’. Visitors, in small groups, will have the opportunity to experience, in a space of 400 square meters, the simulation of a fully interconnected home with a complete ecosystem of appliances and connected solutions to deal with typical problems and situations of everyday life. .

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The simulation, designed by Bonsai Ninja and connected with the hOn app (the software developed by Haier to manage, control and improve the functions of all the brand’s electrical appliances), will propose to visitors to prepare an interactive dinner for friends in a completely ‘ remote ‘due to an unforeseen event. “For this, Artificial Intelligence and the unique characteristics of Haier’s ecosystem solutions and the experimental world of the Smart Home will come into play, such as the new range of cooking appliances, connected refrigerators and wine cellars with exclusive conservation functions, innovative air conditioning solutions or promising washing results “ , they point out from the brand.

“Following the unmistakable approach to bespoke solutions that characterizes each of Haier’s products and features, the experience presented at Milan Design Week conveys the brand’s philosophy of zero distance from the consumer through products. premium, unique, at the forefront of technology and with an exclusive design, as well as the possibilities of interaction and personalization offered by Artificial Intelligence and connectivity “ , they point out from Haier.

The Hoover Proposal: Performance and Attention to Well-Being

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“For its part, Hoover will present in the same space the first H-ABITAT Home Wellness Ecosystem, a set with three interconnected products that care about the health and well-being of the family,” they say from the company. The installation, called ‘Performance and Connectivity for a healthier lifestyle’, will feature the smart home appliances H-SCANNER, H-PURIFIER and H-GO, which, connected through the hOn application, allow the collection of quality data of both indoor and outdoor air, purify the home and clean home surfaces independently.

Likewise, Hoover will have a second interactive stage oriented to washing and starring the new connected range H-WASH 550, a washing machine focused on the well-being, performance and disinfection of garments through steam. Visitors will discover the many benefits and comforts that connected appliances offer through the multiple functions of the hOn app, such as ‘Scan To Care’, which, with just a photograph, suggests to the user the most suitable washing program for each laundry .

Candy’s’ Snap & Do ‘experience to simplify consumers’ day to day

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The Italian brand will also land at Milan Design Week with the aim of responding to consumer needs in a simple and intuitive way. Using the latest technologies applied to household appliances and continuing with its commitment to offer smart and accessible products and solutions year after year, Candy will present in its space ‘Snap & Do – Connections that make a difference’ the functionalities for washing clothes and dishes (Snap & Wash ), drying clothes (Snap & Dry), preserving food (Snap & Cool), cooking (Snap & Cook) and choosing the right wine (Snap & Wine).“It is an experience inspired by connectivity to simplify everyday life, which allows unprecedented interaction with connected appliances thanks to the hOn app. With this, Candy shows its DNA, impregnated with intelligence and a strong link with the connectivity, and its commitment to simplify the user’s daily life “ , stand out from the company.

Haier introduce I-Pro Series 5 laundry range

Haier introduces the I-Pro Series 5 for its laundry line and claims to deliver professional results at home. The range of washing machines and washer-dryers can accommodate up to 10 kg of compact cabinets with a drum width of 595 mm. Connect the I-Pro Series 5 to the hOn App to remotely control your device, display stain removal tips, access over 60 custom cycles, monitor consumption and maintenance, and manage your virtual wardrobe. The Lens Wash function allows you to scan the labels on your clothes to set the optimal wash cycle. Other Haier’s exclusive features include the i-Refresh program, which allows the washer and dryer to gently disinfect and wash the most delicate garments without washing them. Better cleaning with the best cleaning features like Haier’s antibacterial technology and intelligent dual spray system.https://youtu.be/y1tmPuZYcNk