As New York bans gas stoves, GE Appliances goes to court to 

The parent company of GE Appliances is mounting its defense in one of the first cases over the safety of emissions from gas stoves – a lawsuit that does not allege any physical injury.The same day New York banned gas appliances in new residential buildings, Haier US Appliance Solutions, which purchased GE Appliances in 2016, filed a motion to dismiss a proposed consumer class action on May 3 in San Francisco federal court. Lawyers at Dovel & Luner sued Haier in March, arguing plaintiff Charles Drake would not have purchased or paid as much for his gas stove if he had known its emissions were harmful.Drake’s and a similar case, brought by the same lawyers against BSH Home Appliances Corporation, were filed in March after media coverage of gas stove emissions exploded. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said it is considering regulation that many feared would lead to a ban on gas stoves.The CPSC is not planning imminent regulation, Haier says, having instead sought public comment to further investigate.”Thus, although recent news articles have speculated about an association between gas stoves and various health concerns, these claims remain disputed and the subject of ongoing research,” the motion to dismiss says.”Yet, according to Drake, GEA should be held liable for not cautioning against use of its own properly functioning product or redesigning its product to reduce energy use.”CPSC Chair Alexander Hoehn-Saric said in January his agency had no intention of banning gas stoves and was simply “exploring new ways to address health risks.”However, New York isn’t waiting around for federal guidance. The state passed legislation that bans natural gas and other fossil fuels in new residential buildings, prohibiting appliances like gas-powered stoves and furnaces.Should GEA challenge New York’s ban, it could use a similar defense that it is employing in the Drake class action. In its motion to dismiss, GEA says the regulation of natural gas stoves belongs to the federal government under the Energy Policy and Conservation Act.

Haier Europe acquires 100% of EuroPalTners Italia Srl

Haier Europe – part of Haier Smart Home, number one company globally in major home appliances – announces the acquisition of EuroPalTners Italia (EPI), a company specialized in providing large consumer electronics repair services and customer care.

The operation is in line with Haier Europe’s Zero Distance philosophy, which aims to meet consumers’ needs and expectations also through an effective post sales experience. Thanks to this acquisition, Haier Europe will further enhance the quality and timing of service operations for the Company’s brands, with the aim of offering a solid, high-level after-sales service to its consumers.

EPI has been working with Haier Europe since 2019, providing after sales assistance and value-added services for the Candy and Hoover brands. In 2021, Haier Europe had already acquired a relevant minority stake in EPI to offer a high level after-sales service to its customers. Today, the company has announced the acquisition of the remaining 51% stake, thus gaining full control of EPI.

Haier to sponsor tennis

Haier has entered the world of professional tennis as Official Partner of some of the world’s top tennis tournaments.

The sponsorship agreement between Haier, ATP Tour and the Fédération Française de Tennis includes the Grand Slam tournament Roland Garros, the Nitto ATP Finals, two ATP Masters 1000 tournaments (Internazionali BNL d’Italia and Rolex Paris Masters) and three ATP 500 tournaments (Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, Cinch Championship and Hamburg European Open) in 2023.

Haier Smart Home sees 7.2% growth and multiple awards

It was a good start to the year for Chinese brand Haier Smart Home which has seen strong revenue growth against current industry trends
Haier’s revenue hit RMB 243.514 billion (€32bn) in 2022 versus RMB 227.106 billion (€30.28bn) the previous year. Its net profit attributable to the owners of the parent company amounted to RMB 14.711 billion (€1.9m). Growth in profit exceeded that of revenue, Haier said.

It comes after the brand re-entered the Fortune list of World’s Most Admired companies back in February, and the appliances arm being named Euromonitor No. 1 Global Appliance Brand for the 14th year running.

Drivers for Haier’s success have been attributed to successful brand building strategies and the effective digital transformation of domestic and overseas businesses. It means the consumer electronics giant has been able to report strong growth against the sluggish trend of the home appliance industry.

Meanwhile, Haier Smart Home‘s overseas business grew by 10.3% in the reporting year despite challenges such as high inflation and slowing global consumer demand in 2022.

Haier Smart Home said it accelerated the localisation of its supply chain setup in overseas markets, and fully leveraged its global collaborative advantages to effectively respond to these challenges. The company’s overseas business increased by 10.3% year-on-year in 2022. In the American market, the company’s revenue increased by 9.0% (revenue in local currency increased by 4.6%), under the background that the industry’s major home appliance shipment growth was -6%. In the European market, the company recorded revenue growth of 16.7% while the industry’s sale volume growth was -8.9%.

At home, in the domestic market, Haier reported “continuous growth”, particularly with its premium Casarte brand, which continues to rank No.1 in China.

Finally, Three-Winged Bird, Haier Smart Home’s smart home eco-system brand, has also been a driving force for growth, the company said. “It continuously iterated the so-called “1+3+5+N” smart home solutions, enhancing user value based on its 5 core capabilities including Smart Home Brain capability, scenario solution capability, store operation capability, 1+N delivery capability, and digital tools capability.

During 2022, more than 900 stores of Three-Winged Bird were opened, and the retail sales of the Three-Winged Bird stores increased by 257% year-on-year.

With the continuous deepening of digital transformation, Haier Smart Home’s profitability continued to improve by increasing its resource efficiency and hence, creating room for new expansion in a more sustainable way

LG Electronics Ranks 1st in World Home Appliance Market Single Brands in 2022

Haier took first place in terms of sales in the global home appliance market in 2022. This is the result of making a series of M&A deals with GE based in the United States, Fisher & Paykel based in New Zealand and Candy, based in Italy. By brands rather than sales revenue, LG Electronics maintained its No. 1 position.

According to Haier’s business report on April 4, sales of Haier’s home appliance division, excluding electronic parts and TVs, were tallied at 227.94677 billion yuan (about 43.7658 trillion won or US$33.3193 billion) in 2022. During the same period, sales of LG Electronics’ H&A Division in charge of the home appliance business amounted to 29.8955 trillion won (US$22.7613 billion), falling behind Haier by 14 trillion won (US$11 billion). Whirlpool recorded 25.4834 trillion won (US$19.4021 billion). A year ago, in 2021, Haier also took the world’s No. 1 spot in household appliances. At the time, its sales were about 39.2187 trillion won (US$29.8680 billion), a difference of more than 12 trillion won from LG Electronics’ 27.1097 trillion won (US$20.6461 billion).

Among Korean companies, LG Electronics surpassed Whirlpool in the United States in terms of sales, becoming the global No. 1 home electronics company for the first time in 2020. It maintained its No. 1 position for two consecutive years until last year. However, this is the result of overlookingoverlooking Haier, which is relatively unknown in Korea. “It is difficult to directly compare Haier’s group sales, which are the consolidated sales of several brands such as GE, which Haier took over, and LG Electronics’ sales are sales posted by one single brand,” LG Electronics said with reference to this.

Haier rose to prominence on the world stage when it bought foreign home appliance companies. After buying Japan’s Sanyo, it even took over the home appliance division from GE in the United States in early 2016. As of the end of 2014, before GE was in talks with Haier over selling off its home appliance business unit from GE, the unit’s sales sat at 9 trillion won or about US$8.44 billion. Haier has grown tremendously since the acquisition of the unit from GE. Haier’s home appliance sales jumped 1.5 times from about 12 trillion won (US$9.1 billion) in 2015 just before the acquisition of the unit to 18 trillion won (US$14 billion) in 2016.

Haier’s purchases of overseas home appliance companies were made in order to break away from its low-priced brand image as a Chinese company as well as to increase its size, analysts say. Recently, Haier is focusing on the smart home business while emphasizing its Internet of Things-based premium home appliance strategy.

Haier India new top loading washing machine

Haier has announced the launch of its new line-up of anti–scaling top load washing machines in India. The washing machine is available in capacities of 8 kg and 9 kg and includes features such as Haier’s anti-scaling technology, the Bionic Magic Filter, smart laundry, 3D rolling wash, and more.

The new machine incorporates Haier’s proprietary anti-scaling technology, which entails cleaning the drum with 20 smart nanoballs propelled by the water flow and impacting and scrubbing against the inner and exterior tub walls 25 million times in a single wash cycle.

The powerful water flow stops dirt from accumulating on the tub walls and cleans the exterior wall of the inner tub automatically, protecting it from chemical use. It also features an inbuilt heaterFurthermore, top-load washing machines are equipped with smart sense technology, i.e., fuzzy logic, which automatically chooses the appropriate water level by sensing the weight of the clothes, and when combined with the Quick Wash feature, the items are washed in only 15 minutes.

The new machines feature Near Zero Pressure technology, which functions up to 0.01 MPa water pressure, with potential users in high-rise apartments with low water pressure and a low storage tank height in mind.

Haier open training centre

Haier has recently inaugurated a training center at Birchwood Park business park in the vicinity of Warrington. Named as the Haier Europe Training Activation Centre, this facility aims to provide the latest product and technology training to Haier’s engineers. The event was graced by the presence of top officials such as Haier Europe UK and RoI Chief Executive David Meyerowitz, General Manager Yan Xiaoming, and representatives from the UK and European branches

Haier builds 1st plant in Egypt

China’s home appliance giant Haier held a groundbreaking ceremony on Wednesday for its first Egyptian factory, aiming to boost the manufacturing industry and provide local jobs in the North African country.

Haier Egypt Ecological Park, invested by Haier Group’s subsidiary Haier Smart Home with a total of 160 million U.S. dollars, will cover an area of 200,000 square meters in the 10th of Ramadan City of northeastern Sharqia Province.

Speaking at the ceremony, Hossam Heiba, the CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones of Egypt, hailed the strong economic ties between Egypt and China, saying that the Egyptian government attaches great importance to the cooperation with China and is ready to attract more Chinese investment, especially in technology and engineering industries as well as home appliances, which will help the Egyptian economy to move up the value chain.

Haier Egypt Ecological Park is an important project as it will facilitate the transfer of home appliance manufacturing technology and create about 2,000 jobs in Egypt, 


personal time management is a priority, such as making use of highly performing services that do not impact the environment. Being able to count on efficient allies, to whom you can delegate the daily management of household chores without worries, is now essential. WashPass by Haier represents a tailor-made solution designed to offer unprecedented innovation, guaranteed by two leading brands that have always been synonymous with the highest quality.
The association of WashPass with the hOn app allows you to access the washing machine even remotely, receiving notifications in real time, and to take advantage of a higher number of programs than a standard washing machine. Enrollment between the washing machine and the hOn app is guided and simple: one minute to connect. The app will function as a single digital space to control and manage WashPass and is compatible with Alexa and Google Home smart speakers. Furthermore, it is possible to receive advice for laundry and access many features such as: Washing-Lens, which scans the labels of the garments and here is where hOn indicates the most suitable program; Eco-Schedule, which allows you to automatically program the start-up of household appliances directly in the most convenient time slots with respect to your electricity supplier’s contracts

Haier launches amazing air conditioner,

Haier has launched its new air conditioner Haier Duty Pro Air in India. This AC is designed for powerful performance. Regarding Higher Duty Pro Air, the company has claimed super cooling and comfort control. You can also control the Haier Duty Pro Air through the Haier Smart App. The special thing is that Higher Duty Pro Air has been manufactured at the company’s Greater Noida plant.

Talking about other features of Higher Duty Pro Air, it becomes clear on its own. It automatically cleans the dirt caused by AC dust. The company has named this feature Frost Self Clean Technology and claims 99.9% sterilization. A button has been given for self clean in AC. After cleaning the AC, the dirt comes out in the form of foam.
Higher Duty Pro Air, the company has given supersonic cooling feature, due to which cooling has been claimed in just 10 seconds. Even if your room temperature is 60 degrees, this cooler will cool down the room in 10 seconds. The smart convertible feature helps in reducing the AC tonnage from 1.6 ton to 0.8 ton. There is also an ECO in the remote that comes with it, with the help of which users will be able to set the tone of the AC.

The company has claimed 65 percent power saving due to the inverter technology given in it. You will be able to control this Haier Duty Pro Air AC of Haier through your smartphone as well. Voice commands are also available in this. Through the app, you will be able to schedule cooling for 7 days. The price of Haier Kinouchi Heavy Duty Pro 5 Star AC has been kept at Rs 47,990. Its sales have started from Flipkart and Amazon as well as retail stores.