Haier new products launched in Japan

On May 18, Haier Japan held a new product launch conference in Tokyo to release new mid-to-high-end products, including large-capacity three-door refrigerators, the industry’s smallest front-loading washing machine, and Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary limited-edition refrigerators and freezersthe press conference, the video of Haier Japan’s 20th anniversary brand was played first, which conveyed the Haier brand’s adherence to the user-centered philosophy. Later, Gan Xiuming, vice president of Haier Japan, gave an opening speech, and colleagues involved in new product planning and research and development introduced the new products released this time in detail.The planning of the new three-door refrigerator stems from the demand of Japanese users for large-capacity refrigerators in the post-epidemic era. To this end, Haier Japan has launched a large-capacity three-door refrigerator with a width of only 54cm, which matches the home scenarios with its slender appearance and solves the space limitation.The planning of the new front-loading washing machine comes from the fact that 34% of Japanese users in the survey prefer outdoor drying rather than washing and drying products. At the same time, the front-loading washing machine liberates the space above the washing machine, and has the smallest capacity in the same volume segment, which meets the needs of users to pay attention to space utilization; at the same time, it realizes the smallest volume of the same volume and the only detergent softener for single-wash products. Automatic dispensing, ultraviolet sterilization and warm water washing, the comprehensive strength leads the industryThe new U-series washing machine showed a new flexible design, the industry’s first external bath water pump, and special programs such as quick washing and suit washing; at the same time, sterilization washing programs are added to meet the health needs of users. Through a full range of differentiated products, the brand presence led by the new life has been further strengthened.The Haier series freezer, which has the largest share in the industry in Japan, also launched a 168L freezer equipped with two variable temperature zones. The differentiated soft freezing function can greatly save the user’s thawing time. At the same time, the appearance uses the 20th anniversary limited color Galaxy Gray to render a high-end and elegant home scenarios

Haier Large Refrigerated Double Temperature Freezer Launched

Haier 70% large volume dual-temperature freezer was launched in Pakistan, first of the kind.

the hot weather and long summers of Pakistan, the temperature at noon can even exceed 50°C. People have a great demand for ice.

The new duel temperature product got a 70% freezer volume, 75% extra than other products of the category. The high-efficient compressor used in the new product can increase the refrigeration speed by 30%, to lock the nutrition of the ingredients with the refrigeration The lowest temperature can reach -28 ℃

The launch conference was held in Karachi, attended by more than 80 core customers and media. While the new product earned more than 12 million exposures on Haier’s official website, social media and search engines.

Haier, as the TOP1 brand for 6 consecutive years in household appliances industry in Pakistan. Haier continues to create smart and healthy life for Pakistani users.

Former Whirlpool exec dodges trade-secret claims over Haier move

An Italian former Whirlpool Corp executive who left for appliance-industry competitor Haier has defeated, for now, claims in Delaware federal court that he stole company trade secrets.

Benton Harbor, Michigan-based Whirlpool failed to show that the court had jurisdiction over the claims against Davide Cabri and could not block him from working for Haier’s European subsidiary Candy Hoover Group, a federal judge said Thursday.

However, Senior U.S. Circuit Judge Evan Wallach allowed Whirlpool’s claim that Cabri breached a contract with the company to move forward.

Whirlpool said in a statement provided Friday by its attorney that it would continue with the case and “vigorously explore all possible avenues” to protect its proprietary information.

Cabri’s attorney and Haier Europe did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Cabri worked for Whirlpool for more than 32 years and was a high-level executive in Whirlpool’s global laundry division before telling the company he had accepted a new job at Candy Hoover last April.

Whirlpool sued Cabri in July, arguing Haier had hired Cabri for its laundry division because he knew Whirlpool’s trade secrets and said it would be impossible for him to perform his new role without misusing them.

Wallach dismissed the trade-secret claims Thursday, rejecting Whirlpool’s argument that the Delaware court could hear them based on a forum-selection clause in a company agreement with Cabri. The agreement, which relates to an incentive plan, is not related to the trade-secret claims, Wallach said.

The court gave Whirlpool a chance to refile the claims, though it said there was an “absence of any other facts” to support a jurisdiction finding.

Whirlpool’s claim that Cabri was required to repay over $400,000 in incentives under the agreement survived Cabri’s motion to dismiss. Wallach rejected Cabri’s argument that the dispute should be heard in Italy.


Awarding ceremony of Indonesia “TOP INNOVATION CHOICE AWARD 2022” was held online. AQUA washing machine won this award for bacteriostatic technology.The “TOP INNOVATION CHOICE AWARD” is held to recognize brands that have successfully innovated products and services and is well known in the field of innovation.

There were hundreds of companies and brands participated in the awards and were evaluated in three areas: innovative ideas, innovative strengths, and innovative differentiation. According to the final selection, AQUA washing machine Super Wash Series finally stood out and won the award.The main reason why AQUA washing machine won the award is that it meets the needs of users for health care scenes in special periods. With the escalation of consumption and the impact of the global epidemic, people’s awareness of laundry has improved from “clean” in the past to a new level of “healthy”.
Super Wash Series has a variety of health modes such as ultraviolet sterilization, high-temperature sterilization and air washing sterilization, and has passed VDE certification. It is confirmed that the sterilization rate is higher than 99.99%, which can ensure the health of the whole family. At the same time, the super large drum diameter of 525mm can prevent the clothes from wrinkling and tangling. The intelligent delivery system iterates intelligent washing and care solutions for users.All along, the functional iteration and technological innovation of products have been the endogenous driving force for the growth of AQUA washing machine market. AQUA Indonesia ranked the Top3 in the sales share of all categories of washing machines in Q1, with double-digit growth of drum washing machines. In the future, AQUA Indonesia will consistently adhere to the user needs and  constantly break industry boundaries and comprehensively lead users’ healthy lifestyle.

Haier financial reports

Haier Smart Home published its Q1 2022 report, reporting a stable growth and confirming the positive trend reported in the 2021 financial results.

Here are the main highlights:

Globally, the revenue of RMB 60.25 billion in Q1 2022, up 10% year-over-year.

In the European market, we achieved an increase of 16% in revenue compared to the same period last year

The Canton Fair is online until April 24, 2022

China Import and Export Fair, also known as Canton Fair, started its 131st edition that will be also online on April 24, 2022. As Xu Bing, spokesperson of the Fair, deputy director general of China Foreign Trade Centre, explained in the opening cerimony, Themed facilitating the “dual circulation” of domestic and overseas markets, the event is held from April 15-24 online. The exhibition offers an online display platform, business matchmaking services, and a cross-border e-commerce zone.

The electronic and home appliances exhibition zone hosts about 2,600 companies with 140,000 products. Among the protagonist brands, the event was attended by Haier, Hisense, Gree, Midea, Changhong, TCL, and others.

Haier show off at KBB

Haier recently showcased at The KBB Show at the NEC, Birmingham, dated 6-9th March and is proud to have the debut launch of one of its new built-in appliances – Series 6 : the complete range of premium  cooking appliances guided by Artificial Intelligence.  The launch saw the first ever collection of Haier built-in appliances onto the UK market, and further enhanced Haier’s excellent reputation for premium design, quality and reliability alongside connectivity and cutting-edge innovation.

The stand also hosted a live cooking event, including a special guest appearance from a well- known TV celebrity. To support our goal, we launched ‘Club Haier’ an exclusive retailer loyalty scheme offering preferential terms for displaying Haier retailers.

Also showcased was the hub of the kitchen of the future, the spectacular Chef@Home oven, which, thanks to a presence sensor, turns on automatically, giving the user access to the 19” full touch control screen. The journey to discover the innovative “Cook with me” technology, which is designed to bring Artificial Intelligence into everyday life: plus, the PreciTaste technology recognises the types of food placed inside the oven, so it automatically sets the cooking parameters, sending the user a notification when the food is ready.

Thanks to the premium technology, elegant and minimalist designs of range of ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, and dishwashers that connect to the hOn App and AI offer tailor-made solutions for the modern home.

As well as showcasing the amazing innovative tech features across the new range of connected ovens, hobs & hoods, there was also an opportunity to witness hi-tech integrated and freestanding laundry and cooling appliances, where visitors were guided on a journey of discovery through a world designed to make the “Connected Home” a reality, thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Haier brings AI to the kitchen – with Series 6

Haier has showcased its latest innovations in refrigeration, connected wine cellars and washing machines with the exclusive debut of Haier cooking – Series 6: a complete range of premium kitchen appliances guided by Artificial Intelligence.

The launch saw the first ever collection of Haier built-in appliances, and further enhances Haier’s reputation for premium design, quality and reliability alongside connectivity and cutting-edge innovation.

Haier explains that Series 6 incapsulates premium technology that comes together in a range of ovens, hobs, hoods, refrigerators, and dishwashers that use connectivity, the hOn App and AI to offer tailor-made solutions for the modern home, thanks also to their elegant and minimalist design.

The Chef@Home oven, which, thanks to a presence sensor, turns on automatically, giving the user access to the 19-inch full touch control screen. The innovative “Cook with me” technology is designed to bring Artificial Intelligence into everyday life. Furthermore, the PreciTaste technology recognises the types of food placed inside the oven, so it automatically sets the cooking parameters, sending the user a notification when the food is ready. 

Haier’s Series 6 oven features AI technology

Haier’s cooking range embodies the brand’s continuous efforts to offer premium products and high-tech solutions, clearly also visible in the induction hob range: thanks to the innovative PreciProbe Bluetooth temperature probe, which is also included in the Chef@Home oven. The induction hob maintains the temperature of the food, automatically choosing the correct power at every stage of cooking notifying the user when it is ready. 

Exclusive features of the Series 6 hob range also include Multi-zone technology, which – thanks to an advanced temperature detection system and optimised power management – can detect and manage the presence of different sized pots in the same area, ensuring maximum flexibility. 

Meanwhile, VaryCook technology allows users to increase and decrease the temperature of their hob with ease without touching the controls, simply by sliding pots and pans up and down, thanks to three power levels (high, medium and low), giving the possibility to cook food at varying temperatures during the cooking phases.

The range is completed by gas hobs, in which Haier offers models with the most powerful set of burners on the market, (5 Kw of power), and with the use of the innovative and exclusive PreciFlame technology, which makes it possible to adjust the intensity of the flame to perfection by offering nine different power levels.

Jim McEwan, Haier’s Chief Commercial Officer, said “Haier’s kitchen built-in range, characterised by perfect integration between technology, connectivity and tailor-made products. 

“Thanks to Artificial Intelligence and the hOn App, we offer our customers exclusive experiences connected to household appliances, which ranges from exclusive refrigeration solutions, innovative cooking options and reactive wine cellars. Haier is truly the number one brand in major Appliances, worldwide.