SEVERIN is exhibiting at the Ambiente consumer goods fair with a portfolio focused on innovation and kitchen expertise. The company demonstrates how filter coffee convenience can be rethought with the unique fully automatic filter coffee machine, FILKA. A new range of cordless kitchen aids opens the year of the kitchen at SEVERIN and rounds off the portfolio of the trade fair presence.

At the start of 2023, Ambiente is also returning from the compulsory Corona break. From February 3rd to 7th, 2023, the big reunion of national and international exhibitors and trade visitors will take place at the exhibition center in Frankfurt am Main. The world’s leading trade fair for the consumer goods industry welcomes the industry under the motto “Home of Consumer Goods”. As an established brand in the kitchen and household appliance industry, electrical appliance manufacturer SEVERIN will also be there again. SEVERIN CEO Dr. Joyce Gesing:

“Even if Corona has brought many changes with it, the high relevance of this platform for the industry can hardly be despised. That’s why we appreciate this opportunity to exchange fresh ideas, unique developments and a focused portfolio. We look forward to first-class discussions with our trading partners and customers and also welcome new faces to our stand.”

In Hall 8.0 at Stand A14, the Sauerland company will once again be demonstrating its many years of expertise in the filter coffee preparation segment. The innovation FILKA, a fully automatic filter coffee machine, combines comfort and enjoyment in a unique way. At the push of a button, the FILKA freshly grinds coffee beans and brews a single portion or up to ten cups of coffee in a cup, to-go mug or pot.

Ambiente follows on from the successful market launch of the product in autumn 2022. If you haven’t had the chance to experience the new product live, the SEVERIN team will be happy to welcome you with a cup of fresh filter coffee at the stand.

At the same time, the manufacturer is introducing a new series of wireless kitchen appliances. The cordless hand mixers, hand mixers and multi-choppers herald a year of numerous kitchen innovations from the brand. With them, the user enjoys unlimited freedom in indoor and outdoor kitchens. This means more flexibility in the use of the work surface due to independence from socket positions. At the same time, cables no longer block the way or end up in the food.
SEVERIN is a leading international manufacturer of intuitive, innovative and sustainable electrical household appliances. As a German quality brand with a 130-year history, SEVERIN stands for reliable and durable products that make everyday life easier for customers. With its headquarters in Sundern (Germany), six of its own sales companies in Europe and a long-standing presence in Asia, SEVERIN is globally active and supplies customers all over the world.

Samsung sustainable solutions

Samsung’s vision for sustainable solutions at home includes reducing waste by extending the lifespan of its appliances through reliability and sustainable solutions based on durability. This allows the company offers a 20-year warranty for the digital inverter technologies in its washer, dryer and refrigerator.

As Samsung explains, «digital inverter technology is an essential core component of the appliances they power. Built on more than 25 years of research and development, DIT affects everything from energy efficiency to performance as well as the durability of major appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines. As such, protecting the integrity of this core component, with a 20-year warranty, extends the use period of appliances, offers peace of mind for users through reliability and reduces environmental waste».

In washing machines, the DIT comes in the form of a digital inverter motor (DIM) used to spin and pulsate the drum of the washing machine during laundry cycles. «Samsung’s decades long research and expert engineering mean that its DIMs are more advanced in several aspects compared to ones found in traditional washers» – the company adds. Samsung’s digital invertors provide more precision and power while producing less noise and vibration.

In refrigerators, instead, digital inverter technology takes the form of digital inverter compressors (DIC) that act as the heart of the unit, circulating cold air throughout the compartments. Samsung’s DIC intelligently adjusts its power depending on circumstances instead of just turning on and off.

Electrolux has set the ambition to make healthy and sustainable eating the preferred choice by 2030

Food is not only the single most critical factor in human health. The current food system has also severely damaged the climate and our ecosystems. How we eat, cook, and shop thus needs to be transformed to sustain our planet. Through a collection of modular solutions powered by advanced sensors and AI, based on behavioural science and the planetary health diet from the EAT-Lancet report, Electrolux has created what it terms “a vision of a better tomorrow”, with GRO.
The EAT-Lancet Report is described as the first full scientific review of what constitutes a healthy diet from a sustainable food system, and which actions can support and speed up food system transformation. The report was prepared by EAT and is an adapted summary of the Commission Food in The Anthropocene: the EAT-Lancet Commission on Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems. The entire Commission report can be found online at

Electrolux has set the ambition to make healthy and sustainable eating the preferred choice by 2030, and GRO is our testament to that. By challenging conventional thinking of what a kitchen is, we have rethought everything from the start – aiming to help change behaviours by making planet-friendly eating effortless and enjoyable through groundbreaking design,” says Tove Chevalley, Head of Electrolux Innovation Hub.

In an official statement, Electolux explains, “The GRO concept is entirely built on data and behavioural science, which has been the foundation for every design decision and product feature within the kitchen system. It’s also about exploring how kitchen products can contribute to eating more sustainably. Inspired by experts, chefs, early adopters and thousands of consumers, GRO empowers people to act on key recommendations in the renowned EAT-Lancet report, designed to support people’s personal needs to move towards a more sustainable diet.” The way we currently produce food to feed the planet is tragically at the expense of the planet itself. Research shows, one important action we can take to change this is to dramatically reduce consumption of animal source foods in places where they are currently over-consumed. This will help ensure enough healthy food can be produced for every person on the planet without destroying it. Food must be elevated as a key solution by anyone serious about tackling climate change and restoring nature,” says Brent Loken, Global Food Lead Scientist at WWF. Previously, Brent worked for EAT, where he was a lead author on the EAT-Lancet report.

With this in mind, Electrolux created the “jewellery box,” a storage solution within the GRO kitchen system, nudging people to eat less but better meat and explore new and diverse sources of protein.

There is also a global trend in the plant-forward world of reinventing new dishes by mixing techniques and flavours to enhance the taste experience. Specific techniques previously used to prepare meat dishes are now part of the plant-forward world. GRO’s “nordic smoker” enables people to smoke their ingredients at home, inspiring them to combine different flavours.

The concept’s digital platform will help to visualise the user’s eating habits and planetary impact, providing personal goal setting, guidance, and progress measurement over time. For example, tips on recipes, local produce and sustainable ingredients based on personalised taste, nutritional needs and what is in the fridge, is also a service that GRO can provide.The insights from GRO form the basis for Electrolux product development with the aim that future products will be even better at supporting more sustainable living.

“GRO is our vision of what a kitchen could look like. A vision that will inspire and guide our company’s innovations going forward, whilst pushing us forward to meet our sustainability goals,” Chevalley adds.