Fagor induction hob

Fagor expands its range of induction hobs and adds two new integration models with extra-large double-inductor burners to its catalog.

Both feature a giant double-inducer fire that allows cooking with 12 to 31 cm pans for greater versatility. The 3IF-305BC model has a large 28 cm cooking area and the 3IF-355BS new 32 cm large area, ideal for cooking paellas and stews in large containers thanks to its large diameter.

With measurements of 56×52 cm (widthxdepth), the new induction hobs integrate the Automatic Boiling function, which increases the calorific power to achieve a higher temperature in less time. For its part, Power Booster allows you to boil water in just 3 minutes and reduce cooking times.

Fagor relaunch in France

Fagor brand who Amica group took over the license for large household appliances in 2019, will increase its presence in France. From September, Sideme will sell the brand’s ranges to the trade.

Sideme was to relaunch Fagor in 2020, the health crisis delayed its projects. Like many manufacturers, the company then had to face supply and transport difficulties. Not wishing to risk delivering incomplete ranges, Sideme preferred to postpone the return of its emblematic brand. While the group hoped to launch the new ranges before the summer, starting with the cold, in the end all the new products will be released in the fall.

The brand is already well established in Spain, where it had the most notoriety. It is also developing in other countries such as Romania and the Czech Republic

Fagor wine cellar

The new Fagor Electrodoméstico wine cellars allow for better product preservation thanks to their technology. Its three models have been designed with the idea of keeping it in perfect condition until the moment it is uncorked.

His idea is to take care of a product as delicate as this one, since the wines can be altered very easily . If the conditions are not optimal, young wines can have an undesired evolution through premature aging.

Meanwhile, in those of long conservation, an excessive detachment of floating sediments could take place. For these reasons it is so important to pay attention to the way we store them and opt for quality products that avoid these inconveniences. Thus, the wine will always be available at its optimum point, so  that the customer can enjoy it .

UV protection technology

From Fagor Electrodoméstico they present different alternatives for this, which have a compact size and a practical format. All of them  fit up to 57 bottles without any problem,  so they allow you to always have stock available in the establishment.
UV protection technology allows wines to be kept in perfect condition all the time. For this reason , avoid exposure to direct sunlight , since this modifies its smell, color and flavor. Thus, its preservation and good maintenance is guaranteed.

They have dark glass doors to protect the wine from light with a sophisticated and elegant design. It also has natural wood shelves that serve as insulation against vibrations. In this way , storage conditions almost identical to those of a traditional cellar are created : dark, cool and perfect.

Through the electronic control with display, the bottles can be stored at different temperatures . In other words, beyond preserving them without deteriorating, they serve to improve their quality as they mature. Thanks to this detail, you can enjoy the characteristic flavor and aroma of each of the varieties.

Fagor Electrodoméstico prioritizes humidity control

The humidification system of these wine cellars maintains the relative humidity between 70% and 80% to better preserve the qualities of the wine. For this, it also has fans, which help regulate humidity and keep it at the optimum level.

With this combination oxidation and evaporation of the broth are prevented , at the same time as bacterial infestation and bad odours. In addition, the labels remain as the first day , with little risk of peeling off or being damaged.

Discover the new Premium Fagor washing range

Discover the new Premium Fagor washing range

Save detergent in every wash with OptiDoseWith OptiDose, self-dosing technology, the washing machine uses the exact amount of detergent your clothes need. Forget about refilling the dispenser for 20 washes!Maximum hygiene and disinfectionSterilize and thoroughly clean your garments, eliminating 99.9% of viruses and allergens thanks to UV-C Hygiene technology with ultraviolet light.Save time and energy with OptiTimeChoose between the 2 options offered by the OptiTime function, the time and consumption that you need the most at that moment and save up to 43.5% in electricity and up to 44% in washing time. Short programs for when we lack time or more efficient programs that consume less.Take care of your delicate garments with specialized programsThe wool program cares for and protects the fibers of your sweaters and the programs that incorporate steam in the wash, make the fabrics loosen and also save you ironing time.Premium designThe new look with a large door and color display offers a premium design to blend in perfectly with your kitchen.

More information https://fagorelectrodomestico.com/page/gama-lavado-premium

Fagor becomes a partner of the Atletico Madrid women’s football team.

Fagor domestic appliances  has signed a sponsorship agreement with Atlético de Madrid and its women’s team. The pioneer brand in Spain with more than 65 years of experience, thus becomes the new club sponsor for this season and the next three.

The presentation ceremony for this new commercial agreement took place at the Wanda Alcalá de Henares Sports Center. At the event were present, Lola Romero, director of the Feminine, the players Deyna and Ludmila, and Vicente Sánchez, general director of Fagor Electrical Appliance.

Lola Romero welcomed her new partners: “For our club, the union of this new sponsor with our first team represents the best synergy that can be found with an innovative brand such as Fagor.”

For his part, Vicente Sánchez, CEO of Fagor Electrical Appliances, said: “Fagor is a brand recognized in Spain and with a great heritage and on the other hand we support the great passion that we have in Spain for this sport. Thus, we see in Atlético de Madrid and its women’s division values ​​and a trajectory that connect very well with our brand and will help us to make it even more recognizable. We share this passion and enthusiasm at all levels ”.

The new Fagor white goods began to be marketed in Spain in the first quarter of 2020 after the agreement signed by the international group Amica, current owner of the Fagor Electrical Appliance brand

Return of Fagor

Fagor Sociedad Cooperativa has reached an agreement with the Polish group Amica, manufacturer of household appliances with a presence in more than 60 countries , which licenses the use of the name Fagor for the sale of white goods, which means the return of this brand to Spanish market.

With this agreement, Fagor – which will continue to belong to Fagor S.Coop – is incorporated into the Amica brand catalog , which considers that this agreement will be a key step in its process of growth in the European market.

Amica is confident that the first units of this “complete range, modern and innovative” of Fagor appliances will be on sale before the end of the year, Amica managing director for the Spanish market, Vicente Sánchez, said in a note.

The product director of the Spanish market, Pedro Rodríguez, explained that Amica has prepared a portfolio of appliances “dedicated to the Spanish market” that include “two completely new lines” with innovations and innovative functions to “meet the real needs of users” .


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Amica is a leading European manufacturer of household appliances with more than 70 years of experience, which has among the pillars of its strategy investing in recognizable local brands. The group’s portfolio includes the brands Amica (Central and Western Europe), Hansa (Eastern Europe), Gram (Scandinavia), CDA (United Kingdom) and Fagor (Spain).

The group employs more than 3,000 people and manufactures more than 5 million appliances per year in more than 60 countries. In 2018, the consolidated turnover of the group touched 700 million euros, according to data distributed by the company.

The license agreement between Fagor Sociedad Cooperativa and Amica is in addition to the one that the Gipuzkoan group signed in February with the Cantabrian company Cantra SL to allow the use of the Fagor brand to manufacture and distribute kitchenware products.