Haier investment in Turkey

The past weekend was very unique for Haier Europe. They have celebrated the expansion of the company’s largest European production and xport center in Turkey with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and many national and local stakeholders.
With an overall €85 million investment and 1,600 jobs creation, we’ve opened the new tumble dryer platform which will further be enriched by the dishwasher factory that will be operational in 2022.

Gorenje reinforces its position in Middle East

European home appliance manufacturer Gorenje has announced a long-term strategic partnership with Better Life, a premium specialist home appliance retailer, to further its reach in the UAE.

As part of a long-term commitment to the region, the brand also announced its association as an official partner of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Through the Better Life partnership, Gorenje aims to increase its distribution and service networks as well as create compelling value for its consumers. Products from Gorenje will be available in Better Life e-commerce and retail stores at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, Deira Outlet store, Abu Dhabi Mall and Dalma Mall, among others.

With its ongoing global sporting event partnerships and newly announced official sponsorship announcement with 2022 FIFA World Cup, Gorenje anticipates creating a significant branding impact to further its growth and sales across the region. 

“At Gorenje, we aim to identify partnerships that enable us to stay at the forefront catering to the consumer needs of the industry,” said Jason Ou, Managing Director, Gorenje Gulf. “Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with Better Life, home to the world’s best brands in kitchen appliances, to further our prospects in UAE – one of the key markets for Gorenje. Partnering with Better Life gives us unrivalled networks and routes to market our products and boost our presence all across UAE.

The controlling interest of Elica Pb India sold to Whirlpool India

Elica, Italian manufacturer of kitchen range hoods, announced the completion, following the fulfilment of certain bureaucratic formalities, of the transaction for the sale of the controlling interest held in Elica PB India Private Ltd., announced on September 27, 2021. Elica therefore sold to Whirlpool of India Ltd. approx 19% of the share capital of the Indian subsidiary Elica PB India Private Ltd., together with the other Indian minority shareholders disposing of an additional approx. 19%.

Following the sale, Whirlpool of India holds approx. 87% of Elica PB India Private, while Elica and the group of other Indian minority shareholders retain a holding in the Indian company with a stake of approx. 6% each. Simultaneous to the purchase of the shareholding by Whirlpool of India, Elica PB India Private Ltd. signed new product supply and license agreements for the use of the Elica brand (Trademark & Technical License Agreement) and the Whirlpool brand (Trademark License Agreement) respectively in India.

Elica S.p.A., Whirlpool of India Limited and the other Indian shareholders also signed a shareholder agreement which stipulates, among other matters, a prohibition on the sale to third parties of their respective investments in Elica PB India Private Ltd within 90 days from the approval of the financial statements of Elica PB India Private Ltd for the year ending March 31, 2024.

Iran Bans Import of South Korean Home Appliances

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi instructed the ministries of commerce and economy to ban imports from South Korea’s home appliances companies, following orders from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Khamenei’s orders came in response to a request by several domestic home appliance manufacturing companies to prevent the import of foreign-made home appliances into the country, a reference to Samsung and LG.

+12% for German electrical and electronic exports in the first seven months 2021

Zvei, the German electrical and electronic manufacturers’ association, reported the export data of the industry during July 2021 and during the first seven months of the year. According to the Association, the exports of the German electric industry grew by 6.8% (year on year) to 18 billion euro in July 2021. «The recent increase – Zvei comments – was smaller than in the four preceding months, in which the deliveries abroad still had advanced with double-digit rates –of course, not least because of base effects».

In the full first seven months of this year the sector’s exports reach the value of 126.7 billion euro, recording a growth of 12% compared to the year earlier. Imports of electrical and electronic goods, instead, surpassed their corresponding pre-year level by 9.8% in July, totalizing 16.6 billion euro. Here the pace of expansion slowed down, too. Accumulated from January through July 2021 the incoming deliveries reached 121 billion euro. With it, they were up 16.5% on their pre-year level.
Electric exports to the industrialized countries reached 11.5billion in July 2021 (+8.1% year over year). The highest increases were reported for the deliveries to Taiwan (+18.3%), South Korea (+17.8%), the Czech Republic (+14.7%), Italy (+13.5%), the Netherlands (+13.2%) and Sweden (+12.9%). Regarding deliveries to the emerging markets, Zvei reported a merely climbed by 4.5% (year-on-year) in July 2021. With an increase of 53.3% the biggest plus was recorded for exports to South Africa, while deliveries to Brazil (+43.3%) and India (+39.7%) were starkly on the rise, too.


Groupe SEB announces an investment of more than 150 million euros in France this year.

With 11 industrial sites in the country, Groupe SEB is very committed to producing in France and invests an average of 60 million euros each year.  

In addition to the investment mentioned above, Groupe SEB has this year two major projects:

On the Group’s world headquarters based in Ecully near Lyon, a new Research Center will open very soon and between 150 and 200 researchers will be working at a worldwide level. This 12 million euros investment will allow further Groupe SEB’s development with the creation of a Global Innovation Center for the Small Household Appliances business. The objective is to bring together, on the same site, the players in the Innovation process, enabling the Group to accelerate the development and the launch of its new products. In 2019, the expansion of the area by an additional 2,500 m2 has begun, 40% of which will be used for labs. The purpose of all these investments is, in particular, to study consumer behavior and needs in order to derive strong concepts for new products. 

In Hauts-de-France, Groupe SEB has committed around 80 million euros to build a logistics platform at the Alouette business park in Bully-les-Mines. Covering an area of more than 26 hectares, the site will host the future distribution center of more than 100,000m² for European markets. The platform should be operational in the first half of 2023. 

Hisense Europe group

In 2020, Hisense Europe group generated under two billion euros in sales revenue, of which more than 97% was in the household appliances sector. One billion of the mentioned sales revenues was generated in the markets of Western Europe market, more than 800 million euros in Eastern Europe and the remaining part in the rest of the world. Production company Gorenje generated 1.19 billion euro in sales revenue last year, which is a 42.3% increase compared to 2019.

2020 was the first year of operation within the newly established Hisense Europe Group, which includes all the company production, service, sales companies and subsidiaries in Europe and geographically covers Europe and the CIS region (Central and South-Eastern Europe, the Baltic States and the countries of the former Soviet Union). The corporate structure has been simplified, which enables more efficient business management, and business results have significantly improved since the second half of 2020.
«Last year – the comapny explains -was extremely demanding for production. From March to May, when the coronavirus epidemic swept across Europe, orders fell sharply (by as much as 65%), while three to four weeks of production shutdowns at all production sites led to extremely low levels of production and capacity utilization. With timely measures in response to the outbreak of the pandemic and the adjustment of sales strategies, we managed to create new opportunities and quickly increase sales and business volume. We were in close contact with our customers at all times and kept them informed on a daily basis about the state of supply chains in Europe and China».

«Moreover – the company goes on – Slovenia becomes Hisense’s global R&D center for kitchen appliances. Last year, Hisense Europe group invested 42 million euro in research and development activities, of which almost 12 million euro in new product development. By investing in R&D, we are improving the competitiveness of our products to support growth and structural improvement in sales. We increased the number of R&D employees to close to 400. In June 2020, we established Hisense’s global R&D center for the development of kitchen appliances in Velenje, which we are still staffing and employing engineers, graduate engineers and masters in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, mechatronics and computer science