Fagor wine cellar

The new Fagor Electrodoméstico wine cellars allow for better product preservation thanks to their technology. Its three models have been designed with the idea of keeping it in perfect condition until the moment it is uncorked.

His idea is to take care of a product as delicate as this one, since the wines can be altered very easily . If the conditions are not optimal, young wines can have an undesired evolution through premature aging.

Meanwhile, in those of long conservation, an excessive detachment of floating sediments could take place. For these reasons it is so important to pay attention to the way we store them and opt for quality products that avoid these inconveniences. Thus, the wine will always be available at its optimum point, so  that the customer can enjoy it .

UV protection technology

From Fagor Electrodoméstico they present different alternatives for this, which have a compact size and a practical format. All of them  fit up to 57 bottles without any problem,  so they allow you to always have stock available in the establishment.
UV protection technology allows wines to be kept in perfect condition all the time. For this reason , avoid exposure to direct sunlight , since this modifies its smell, color and flavor. Thus, its preservation and good maintenance is guaranteed.

They have dark glass doors to protect the wine from light with a sophisticated and elegant design. It also has natural wood shelves that serve as insulation against vibrations. In this way , storage conditions almost identical to those of a traditional cellar are created : dark, cool and perfect.

Through the electronic control with display, the bottles can be stored at different temperatures . In other words, beyond preserving them without deteriorating, they serve to improve their quality as they mature. Thanks to this detail, you can enjoy the characteristic flavor and aroma of each of the varieties.

Fagor Electrodoméstico prioritizes humidity control

The humidification system of these wine cellars maintains the relative humidity between 70% and 80% to better preserve the qualities of the wine. For this, it also has fans, which help regulate humidity and keep it at the optimum level.

With this combination oxidation and evaporation of the broth are prevented , at the same time as bacterial infestation and bad odours. In addition, the labels remain as the first day , with little risk of peeling off or being damaged.

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