Discover the new Premium Fagor washing range

Discover the new Premium Fagor washing range

Save detergent in every wash with OptiDoseWith OptiDose, self-dosing technology, the washing machine uses the exact amount of detergent your clothes need. Forget about refilling the dispenser for 20 washes!Maximum hygiene and disinfectionSterilize and thoroughly clean your garments, eliminating 99.9% of viruses and allergens thanks to UV-C Hygiene technology with ultraviolet light.Save time and energy with OptiTimeChoose between the 2 options offered by the OptiTime function, the time and consumption that you need the most at that moment and save up to 43.5% in electricity and up to 44% in washing time. Short programs for when we lack time or more efficient programs that consume less.Take care of your delicate garments with specialized programsThe wool program cares for and protects the fibers of your sweaters and the programs that incorporate steam in the wash, make the fabrics loosen and also save you ironing time.Premium designThe new look with a large door and color display offers a premium design to blend in perfectly with your kitchen.

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