Liebherr service App

New Customer ServiceApp from Liebherr could the perfect solution for technical support.
Thanks to the multiple sensors in our appliances, and diagnostic controls via Liebherr SmarDeviceBox and SmartModule, our customers will be able to check functions and components to diagnose any errors.

At Liebherr, we will continue working for our customers to provide convenient solutions.
This app will be only available in selected markets. Stay tuned for more information.

Haier Greenhouse’ Laboratory

Haier pleased to announce that they have inaugurated the ‘Greenhouse’ Laboratory at the CNOS-FAP Lombardia – Salesiani Sesto San Giovanni School.

The aim of this new facility is to train new technicians and service specialists, through theory and practical lessons, and foster the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

Students of Salesiani School of Sesto San Giovanni will have the opportunity to practice their skills and participate in hands-on training sessions on products from Haier Europe’s three brands – #Candy, #Hoover and #Haier – and, upon completion, be qualified for employment as Field Service Engineers.

Nicola De Guida, Chief Operating Officer Haier Europe said: “The project we launched aims at encouraging the learning of technical knowledge in schools to train new generations on the skills that are mostly required by companies, and therefore promote a faster entry of young talents in the world of work.”

New whirlpool world website

Whirlpool UK the home of Hotpoint, has launched the new Whirlpool World website, providing a platform for UK consumers to stay informed of the ways in which Whirlpool is working to improve life at home also provides comprehensive details on the company’s long-term sustainability strategy. As part of this strategy, which includes a commitment to reach net zero emissions at its plants and in its operations by 2030, Whirlpool UK has a strong track record of investing heavily in the circular economy

Whirlpool UK’s Peterborough headquarters and manufacturing facility in Yate have achieved the ambitious goal of zero waste to landfill. Alongside this, the company is trialling biofuel in its on-site vehicles, as well as working towards its entire fleet becoming 50 per cent electric by 2025, including company cars, engineers’ vans and delivery vehicles

Sabaf results

Sabaf is a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange , which deals with the production of components for domestic gas cooking appliances, has published its financial results for the first nine months of 2022.with revenues up by 0.4% to 201.62 million euros, compared to the 200.77 million obtained in the first three quarters of 2021. gross operating margin which fell from 44.17 million to 33.46 million euro (-24.3%); as a result, margins worsened from 22% to 16.6%.The company’s net debt, given at the end of September 2022, had increased to 78.8 million euros, compared to 67.61 million at the beginning of the year. In terms of investments, Sabaf invested a total of 16.1 million euro in the first nine months of the year, while operating activities generated cash of 13.65 million euro.

However, Sabaf’s management confirmed the forecasts for 2022 which expect to achieve sales of between 253 and 256 million euros, including the consolidation of the fourth quarter results of the newly acquired PGA

LG moodup

MoodUP™ refrigerator by LG is this year the addition to the LG Objet Collection lineup. Featuring colour-changing LED door panels that can be easily controlled with the LG ThinQ app, MoodUP is a very customizable model. «The ultimate fridge for those who enjoy variety and change in their living environment – LG says -, the MoodUP can be ‘refreshed’ with a different color combo whenever the mood takes hold. And for those planning to redecorate their kitchen, the MoodUP can easily match any new décor by changing colours on the app».

‘LG Objet’ concept was launched in 2018, to meet the rising demand for home appliances that can blend in well with each consumer’s decorating style. LG Objet solutions are a premium combination of home appliances and furniture that delivers modern convenience as well as seamless stylistic and spatial integration. LG Objet Collection convertible fridge and freezer become point item with pink color in simple kitchen.

In October 2020, the company presented the LG Objet Collection, that included products with the latest technologies with an aesthetic that harmonizes effortlessly with one’s taste in décor, whatever it may be and however it might change. Offering various combinations of colours and finishes to choose from,

WMF compact range

New elegant compact device series
New from WMF

“Elegant, timeless and without compromising on functionality” – this is how WMF describes the new three-part compact appliance series WMF KITCHENminis DEEP BLACK, which is particularly suitable for single people and smaller households. “Elegant, timeless and without compromising on functionality” – this is how WMF describes the new three-part compact appliance series WMF KITCHENminis DEEP BLACK, which is particularly suitable for single people and smaller households.
The WMF KITCHENminis series is well known. It is primarily designed for single people and smaller households and has so far been presented in Cromargan, which is typical of WMF. WMF is now launching the three-part compact appliance series KÜCHENminis DEEP BLACK on the market.
For single or small households, due to the usually limited space available, compact products are required, which in the best case also look good. This is where the new WMF KITCHENminis breakfast set , consisting of a toaster, smoothie-to-go and kettle , comes into play. The three “minis” are presented in a matt black design and a timeless look and, despite their smaller dimensions, combine all the requirements for quality and function , as WMF describes. The robust, durable matt black stainless steel housing is combined with elegant, black high-gloss elements.

The new edition of the KÜCHENminis DEEP BLACK will be available in stores from November 2022 . WMF describes the three models as follows:

WMF KÜCHENminis long slot toaster

Up to 7 browning levels
Versatile functions: toasting, reheating, defrosting frozen bread slices, bagel toast setting
Integrated attachment for rolls and croissants
Removable crumb tray
RRP: 109.99 euros
WMF KITCHENminis Smoothie-to-go

300 watts of power and 23,000 revolutions per minute
Leak-proof screw cap
Ice cubes are crushed effortlessly for chilled, refreshing smoothies and other mixed drinks
Exclusive WMF Perfect Cut technology and high-quality 2-blade stainless steel knife for excellent chopping and mixing results
Two odorless, tasteless and BPA-free TRITAN mixer/drinking bottles
Convenient, intuitive operation and optimal ergonomics
RRP: 99.99 euros
WMF KITCHENminis kettle

1,800 watts of power
Internal water level indicator
Wireless 360° socket
Easy opening at the touch of a button
Removable, washable filter traps limescale and other deposits so they don’t spill and allows for easy cleaning
Capacity 0.8 liters
RRP: 109.99 euros

Haier tumble dryer factory

Haier new tumble dryer factory in Eskişehir, Turkey reached the one million units production milestone! The milestone dryer rolling out of the factory was the Hoover H-DRY 500, the new high-technology tumble dryer that guarantees outstanding results in terms of performance, care and durability. To celebrate the achievement,

Production team in Turkey joined together with , Nicola De Guida the Chief Operating Officer, and the Haier Europe Industrial Operations team.

Hisense building a new container terminal

After the successful test transports that wad carried out in June this year, in mid-October together with the carrier Cosco, hisense established a regular Trieste-Velenje railway line, along which a special Hisense container train delivers raw materials and components for production, which arrive in the port of Trieste on Cosco ships. Hisense are already building a new container terminal in the Velenje industrial park, which is a condition for increasing the capacity of container transport as planned in the future.
Strategic partners Cosco and Hisense will strive to build on this form of cooperation in logistics to create a win-win situation for mutual benefit and in the future increase the capacity of the block train to Velenje. It has been running regularly since mid-October, once a week, bringing 32 containers of raw materials and components from the port of Trieste directly to the Velenje industrial park each time.

Danish retailer open largest store

Electronics chain Power goes against the grain and opens this week (November 11) Denmark’s largest department store for white goods and electronics.Denmark’s largest department store for white goods and electronics.

The 5,000m2 warehouse is located in Ishøj near Copenhagen – and the CEO of Power, Jesper Boysen, is well aware at the opening that he has his own interpretation of consumers’ current reticence: