Hoover partnership RKW

Hoover has announced a new joint partnership with RKW to launch an exclusive range of floorcare products.

This new range, only available through RKW from March, will consist of seven models covering the three main dominant categories – Uprights, Cylinders and Cordless the distributor will work closely with Hoover’s team to highlight the benefits of the high-performance product range.

Haier production start in Romania

Haier announce that their cooling factory in Ploiești, Romania 🇷🇴 started production! The Romanian plant is our first-ever cooling production facility in the EuropeanUnion, which will allow us to shorten our logistics and time to market, in line with our vision to be the first consumer choice for smart home solutions.

Best-in-class refrigerators for the 3 pan-European brands #Candy, #Hoover and #Haier

The biggest cooling export hub for Haier in Europe

Hoover new dishwasher

AXI dishwasher by Hoover understands the user voice and habits and provides bespoke solutions that guarantee high washing performance and results. Fully wi-ii connected, all functions of the machine can be controlled and managed via the Wizard App, or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Hoover Talks function allows to control AXI dishwasher by voice. In this way, user can choose and launch programmes, ask for feedback about the machine’s status and even ask for suggestions for the best programme to use. AXI’s Guided Washing feature suggests the most appropriate solution for any specific needs and gives quick access to all the user favourite and most popular programmes.

The Total Care programme is ideal for the most delicate items, such as pottery and crystal – giving good results in a single, A-class efficient load. The Total Care basket is made from a soft material and has special hooks to handle valuable crockery and glassware. Moreover, the AXI dishwasher features an intensive 75°C program to sterilize dishes, pans and baby bottles and guarantee protection for the whole family from germs, bacteria.

Haier’s award winning

Haier/Hoover are delighted to announce that we have been awarded three Red Dot Design Awards in 2021!

I-Touch Series 6 Oven and Gas On Metal Series 6 Hob from our #Haier brand and H-PURIFIER 700 from our #Hoover brand were recognized for their outstanding design quality and innovation at one of the most important and prestigious awards in the world of design.

Haier’s 70 million Euro Refrigeration plant in Romania to start production in late Spring 2021

Haier Europe announces that construction of the first Haier refrigeration production facility in the EU is proceeding according to schedule, with production expected to start in late Spring 2021.

This production facility will manufacture best-in-class refrigerators, both built-in and freestanding for Haier Europe’s 3 brands – Candy, Hoover and Haier – with a focus on connectivity and preservation.

This large investment project exceeds EUR 70 million. The factory will have 63,000 square meters floor space on a total land of 130.000 square meters, located in the Allianso Industrial Park at Aricestii Rahtivani, near Ploiesti, 70km away from Bucharest.

The new factory will employ nearly 800 people – at full capacity – for an expected production of 600,000 units after 2022. The factory design, which is based on modular approach, will allow an expansion up to 1 million units at full capacity.

“We are happy to have chosen Ploiesti for our first cooling production facility in the European Union. This project will make Romania a strategic hub for Haier Europe and will play a key role in its strategy to become one of the top 3 leaders in the industry by 2023. With its large production capacity, technology transfer and logistic features, we are confident this facility will be a first class project that effectively shows our ‘zero distance to consumers’ philosophy”, says Alessia Ianni, Cooling Technical Operation Director at Haier Europe and Managing Director at Haier Tech Romania.

The Romanian plant will be a world-class facility featuring premium production processes brought by Haier’s advanced R&D, manufacturing capabilities and know-how. Its strategic central location, technology and efficiency will enhance Haier’s ability to serve customers in the region. This key project represents a strategic pillar in the leadership’s consolidation path of the Company in the refrigeration segment worldwide and in the execution of Haier Europe’s vision to become the first choice for consumers for smart home.

Haier Tech factory in numbers:

70+ million euros investment
63,000 square meters Floor Space
130000 square meters of land
800 new jobs
Up to 1 million fridges/year produced

Haier confirms plans to open its first European refrigerators plant in Romania

Haier Tech Romania, a subsidiary of the China-based global appliance manufacturer Haier Group, announced that works on the first Haier refrigerator production facility in Europe advance according to schedule, and the factory will begin operations at the end of spring 2021.

The new plant will produce both built-in and standard refrigerators for Haier Europe’s three European brands – Candy, Hoover, and Haier.

“This large-scale investment project exceeds EUR 70 million. The 63,000 sqm plant sits on a 130,000-sqm plot in the Allianso Industrial Park in Aricestii Rahtivani, near Ploiesti,” the company said in a statement

According to the source, the new facility will hire almost 800 people at maximum capacity for an estimated output of 600,000 units after 2022.

Candy Nova is the first washing machine with just one button

At IFA 2020, the Haier Group presented

Candy Nova, the world’s first washing machine without a physical interface that can only be controlled via smartphone. It’s an interesting design choice, fully interpreting the new smart-home zeitgeist. As Haier’s European CEO, Yannick Fierling, explained, 21% of the company’s smart washing machine users now use only their smartphone to select a program and start a wash: that’s three times more than 2018. Candy Nova can be fully controlled through the new hOn application for iOS and Android, the software that acts as a control hub for the ecosystem of all the Chinese group’s products, like all other Haier, Candy, Hoover and Ge connected appliances the full control of a washing machine to an app is a brave marketing choice. It might deter less tech savvy consumer from a purchase, but it definitely makes sense for a lot of millennials and late-millennials, which is a big enough target group. Moreover, according to Haier’s market research, 70% of users consider adding new washing programs to their appliance to be a useful feature. Candy Nova perfectly embodies Haier’s new philosophy, which sees the connected and smart design of its appliances as a meaningful growth opportunity. The goal, as Fierling told us during a recent interview at IFA, is to stop selling just “the technology” and start instead selling experiences that can be customized by each user according to their specific needs. An interesting perspective that not only makes home appliances more functional, but also allows the company’s business model to adapt to a future where the sale of digital services will be as important as the sale of the home appliance

Hoover H-FREE 500 is among the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Award,

Hoover H-FREE 500 is among the winners of the merchandise Design 2020 category of the planet famous and prestigious Red Dot Award, which annually brings together quite 18,000 entries from design professionals, companies and organizations from quite 70 countries.Considered the foremost important and prestigious design award, The Red Dot Award: Product Design, whose origins go back to 1955, evaluates the simplest products created annually through a world Jury made from some 40 members who evaluated quite 6,500 products.write the image description hereH-FREE 500 is that the compact, lightweight and functional cordless broom launched by Hoover in 2019: because of its slim silhouette and weight of just one .5 kg when utilized in handheld vacuum mode, H-FREE 500 reaches everyone corners of the house guaranteeing extraordinary cleaning results. additionally , its height of only 69 cm in storage mode makes the H-FREE 500 broom an object of desire for anyone seeking an unbeatable cleaning experience combined with minimized space for storing , and thanks also In parking mode, it allows the broom to face up without the necessity for extra support.H-FREE 500 may be a product that mixes compact dimensions, efficiency and results like a corded vacuum cleaner: the H-LAB brushless Inverter motor offers consistent suction power and outstanding leads to collecting dust, large particles, hair and hair from animals. additionally , its lithium battery guarantees an autonomy of up to 40 minutes of power without cable. With the H-FREE 500, everything is accessible and straightforward to succeed in , because of the on-board 3in1 accessory that creates cleaning all types of objects and surfaces in any position and space easier and easier . And with the special nozzle for animal hair removal, pet hair is faraway from round the home.In addition, the Hoover Wizard App constantly suggests the simplest thanks to use also as offering practical tips or statistics, which complete the set of solutions offered by HFREE 500 for a cleaning experience designed to always enjoy excellent performance. Hoover H-FREE 500 and therefore the other winners are going to be present at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020, which can happen in Essen, Germany, on June 22, 2020.

Hoover AXI will offer Amazon Dash Replenishment

Hoover, the international brand of the Haier Europe group stands out for its innovative nature that has led it to become a benchmark of trends for more than a hundred years introducing high-tech products with the aim of taking care of people’s well-being, has launched its first washing machine with Artificial Intelligence (AI), product of excellence of the AXI range.

The innovative features of AXI allow the user to control the washing machine thanks to the APP Hoover Wizard, simply using the voice and through intelligent speakers such as Alexa, fully compatible with AXI.

AXI, thanks to the assisted washing program, suggests the most suitable washing program for all types of fabrics and also memorizes those that are more common among users, making cycle selection faster and easier, while geolocation technology checks the weather forecast and defines the best time to do laundry, ensuring the time necessary for drying clothes.

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Not only is it innovative and intuitive, but it is also effective and functional: indeed, AXI’s premium features include Care Dose, automatic detergent and softener dosing up to 21 wash cycles, which together with the Total Care function, perfect emulsion of water and detergent that is injected into the drum penetrating directly into the fibers, guarantees an excellent washing with class A certification. These high-level performance is complemented by a quiet inverter motor, which ensures durability and reliability, drastically reducing the noise level and vibrations during the wash cycle.

In addition, from the end of July, AXI will offer Amazon Dash Replenishment, the Automatic Detergent Replenishment Service through Amazon, so users will never have to worry about buying detergent anymore.Activating the Automatic Detergent Replenishment, supplies will be delivered when necessary: this service can be configured through the Hoover Wizard App and the Amazon account, selecting the detergent that you want to automatically replenish. AXI will measure the amount of detergent consumed in the wash cycles, and will automatically order the selected products when they are about to run out.

Likewise, AXI leads the excellence in energy saving and silence: the energy class A +++ -50% is the most eco-efficient classification in appliances and guarantees the best results and the lowest consumption.

“Hoover aims to propose and launch innovative products to improve the user experience towards a smart home and lifestyle,” says Haier Europe Director of Connectivity, Piergiorgio Bonfiglioli. “With AXI we launch a smart product capable of representing the evolution of connected appliances and working together with a leading partner such as Amazon, we offer an intelligent product that also differs in the sector for its energy class and sustainability.”

“The Dash Replenishment function, Automatic Replenishment Service, aims to facilitate the lives of consumers and help them always have stocks of their essential daily products , says David Jackson, General Manager of the Dash Replenishment Service. “With Dash Replenishment, users save travel to stores and rely solely on their Hoover AXI connected washing machine to make replacement orders when necessary – it’s that easy. We are excited to work together with Hoover to expand the home appliance portfolio. ”

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