Fulgor Milano Pro coffee machine

The Fulgor Milano Pro coffee machine features 30 automatic programs and allows you to choose among 3 coffee temperatures, 5 intensity levels (extra strong, strong, medium, light, very light) and 5 types of cups (espresso, short, medium, large, pot). The built-in machine is equipped with a cappuccinatore (tool for cappuccino) and allows the dispensing of steam and hot water (to prepare tea, infusions and herbal teas). In addition, it also includes the coffee grinder (thus allowing the use of coffee beans), the liquid collection tray and the LED lighting. The selection of the settings, then, is simple thanks to the TFT touch display and cleaning takes place through automatic programs. Finally, the presence of special warning lights alerts when there is no water and coffee, when it is necessary to clean and when it is necessary to replace the anti-limescale filter.

WMF new coffee machine

With the “Perfection 800” series, WMF re-entered the segment of fully automatic coffee machines for the private sector at the beginning of this year, and the portfolio will now be expanded in autumn: the two models “WMF Perfection 740” and “WMF Perfection 760” will be released “. As with their predecessors, the two new machines should combine perfect customization options, outstanding coffee quality and exceptional design.

WMF “Perfection 700” series

The new 700 series includes two models that differ in terms of their front optics, the user profiles that can be saved and the customization options that can be set. The 760 model also has preset tea specialties and a premium glass milk container.

The “WMF double thermal block” technology is designed to ensure the highest coffee quality: With this technology, the second thermal block is optimized for heating milk and tea, which is intended to ensure high temperature accuracy, optimal distribution of the heated water and perfect milk froth. The milk system is automatically self-cleaning and thus reliably ensures hygiene. The coffee brewing process starts with the heated water without heat loss – made possible by the “WMF Aroma Perfection” system, which combines a thermoblock and brewing unit: In a patented process, the optimal amount of ground coffee is ground and placed under high pressure in the brewing chamber pressed. In a first step, the ground coffee is pre-brewed with a little water. This is followed by the brewing process with hot water,

The all-encompassing coffee enjoyment experience is rounded off by intuitive operation via a high-resolution TFT touchscreen and a pleasant sound: the “WMF Perfection 700” series has additional damper technology on the pump for this purpose. The solid honeycomb structure of the internal construction also ensures less vibration.

As usual from WMF, the design of the two new machines also catches the eye: both versions impress with the elegant WMF design in matt black made of high-quality plastic with additional Cromargan® elements in silver or black. The front optics of the “WMF Perfection 760” is designed in premium silver, that of the 740 version in black.

Siemens New EQ900 fully automatic espresso machine

  • The baristaMode allows the user to additionally adjust all brewing parameters
  • The beanIdent technology automatically identifies the optimal settings for all brewing parameters for the coffee bean the user has chosen
  • Two bean containers with one eGrinder each leave users full flexibility to always enjoy the original taste of their favorite coffee beans

Bosch new lines launch at IFA2022

For all those who want to be more sustainable in their use of energy and resources, but also more mindful of how they treat themselves, Bosch will be presenting a variety of new options at IFA 2022.

New, extremely efficient premium washing machines and dryers

Washing machine in energy efficiency class (EEC) A
State-of-the-art i-DOS dosing technology with new detergent scan
Iron Assist to easily remove wrinkles from fabrics
New Mini Load option for economically washing small loads
Access to numerous extra features when connected to Home Connect, e.g. communication between washing machine and dryer for optimized program selection, downloading of additional programs, personalized notifications
New Series 8 premium ovens with Steam Function Plus

Healthier preparation methods, better preservation of vitamins, better nutrition, stress-free cooking and eating, all thanks to Steam Function Plus (steam cooking at up to 120°C)
Healthy deep-frying with the new Air Fry function
Improved sensor technology for more precise cooking, including cooking time prediction plus additional support from the Home Connect app and a new camera in the oven
Series 8 ovens from Bosch in a new design with a digital control ring and large TFT touch display

New Bosch Unlimited 7 ProHygienic Aqua is a vacuum cleaner and mop in one

2in1 DynamicAqua enables simultaneous vacuuming and mopping
Removable 250 ml fresh water tank
Automatic water dosing: mop pads are always moistened with the right amount of water to effectively yet gently remove stains
Powerful TurboSpin motor
Unlimited flexibility thanks to foldable tube, convenient storage handle, self-standing function, and nozzle foot release
As part of the Power for All Alliance, the battery is also compatible with many other devices from Bosch and other brands such as Gardena, Wagner or Rapid

New Bosch ErgoMaster Series 6 hand blender

Dynamic speed control Extra large lever for all speeds
Integrated switch-on lock: Easy unlock for effortless one-handed usage
Performance drive F High-performance motor delivering up to 1200W incl. effective air cooling to ensure less overheating – with 10-year motor warranty.
QuattroBlade System Pro Extra sharp 4-bladed stainless-steel knife with flow boosters for optimal flow and superior blending performance

The smart kitchen comes to life with the Smart Kitchen Dock

Our global brands present the Smart Kitchen Dock – a voice-first smart display specifically for the kitchen. The device is a smart speaker that turns into a smart display to bundle a variety of functions from Amazon Alexa and the Home Connect ecosystem.

  • Touchless cooking with gesture control for recipe apps (in combination with the user’s tablet or smartphone).
  • Seamless integration of Amazon Alexa

Kiwi small domestic appliances

Kiwi, headquartered in İstanbul / TURKEY, is a new-born small electrical home appliances brand which aims to bring innovation and facility to its consumers houses.

All Kiwi products are being selected according to latest trends and technologie by our professionnal product specialists. Everything is designed in order to make our customers life much easier and comfortable.

Philips Barista coffee machine

Philips Domestic Appliances launch a new premium Barista coffee machin is now available in the UK!

L’OR – innovators in the coffee industry and a leading premium brand from JACOBS DOUWE EGBERTS UK (JDE), with single serve coffee machine pioneers Philips, is launch a barista-quality coffee for you to enjoy at home.

Complete with dual capsule recognition technology, which automatically detects the capsule size and 19 bar brewing pressure, coffee lovers can now enjoy single or double-shot espressos and infinite recipes with milk This meets the growing demand from UK consumers to replicate barista-quality drinks in the comfort of their own home. Furthermore, the new double-spout design allows two coffees to be made at the same time using the new L’OR BARISTA XXL capsules (available in 6 blends and strengths).

What’s more, the aluminium capsules are recyclable as part of Podback®; a coffee pod recycling scheme

L’OR BARISTA coffee machines come in two models, the compact L’OR BARISTA Sublime, available in 3 colours: Piano Noir, Satin Blanc, and Sunset Rubis, and the L’OR BARISTA Latte Edition – Piano Noir, with a semi-integrated milk frother.

The brand is investing £9 million in a heavyweight marketing campaign in 2022, which will be shown across television and social media. The wider campaign will run across social media and digital channels, point of sale visuals, and include press and PR activity

Ufesa will present its novelties at IFA 2022

Ufesa will participate in IFA 2022, the world reference fair for consumer and home electronics, which will be held at the Messe fairgrounds in Berlin between September 2 and 6.

The brand will be present at the B&B Trends stand , where it will share the spotlight with Zelmer, another of the group’s brands.

Thus, B&B Trends chooses IFA for the fourth consecutive year to present its latest developments, among which this year air fryers and super-automatic coffee machines will be highlighted by Ufesa; and on the other hand, vacuum cleaners, kettles and meat grinders from Zelmer.

“The B&B Trends group stands out for its wide range of high-quality, self-manufactured technological solutions, and that is what we want to make known at IFA as the sector’s benchmark fair,” said Albert Diaz, product manager.

With its presence at this great event in the sector, the company seeks to strengthen its position in the market, in addition to presenting its latest product news and innovations

De Longhi New espresso

The new De’Longhi espresso machine with integrated grinder has been designed for “wannabe” Baristas. It allows you to manually reproduce all the essential steps for making an espresso, like a Barista, at home: from the preparation of coffee to milk drinks, with 2 exclusive technologies, including the new “My latte Art” technology thanks to a semi-professional steam nozzle for dense and creamy milk froth
Welcome White Brown market itemsDe’Longhi: La Specialista Arte, the new Home Barista!
[ brands ] De’Longhi: La Specialista Arte, the new Home Barista!
The new De’Longhi espresso machine with integrated grinder has been designed for “wannabe” Baristas. It allows you to manually reproduce all the essential steps for making an espresso, like a Barista, at home: from the preparation of coffee to milk drinks, with 2 exclusive technologies, including the new “My latte Art” technology thanks to a semi-professional steam nozzle for dense and creamy milk froth.
Designed for serious espresso lovers, the new espresso machine with integrated grinder will delight all coffee lovers.

My Latte Art , to succeed with all your milk froths and obtain creamy milky drinks
ACTIVE TEMPERATURE CONTROL, 3 levels of extraction temperature, able to adapt to the variety of beans and their level of roasting
2 PRE-REGISTERED DRINKS , espresso, americano, hot water, to further customize your drinks
8 GRINDING FINES, specially developed to adapt to all varieties of coffee beans
A COMPLETE BARISTA KIT, a tamping mat, a tamper and a funnel, to achieve a perfect tamping, like a barista


The dedicated virtual platform launched by De’Longhi for all enthusiasts, the curious or coffee addicts. They will find different sections there: recipes, quiz, directory of partner roasters, presentation of products, etc.

Jura presents the new ENA 8

Jura has further developed the ENA 8 so that you can enjoy the summer to the full from a caffeinated point of view. For this purpose, the manufacturer has integrated the Professional Aroma Grinder into the compact format of the ENA 8. The new grinder ensures consistent quality of the ground coffee and more aroma in the cup.
Summer, sun and coffee! In order to keep going when temperatures rise, the natural pick-me-up should not be missing even on hot days. Your favorite coffee can be enjoyed in a particularly chic way with the new ENA 8 from the Swiss fully automatic coffee machine manufacturer Jura: Because convinced coffeeholics know that the degree of grinding of the coffee beans is crucial for a full-bodied taste experience. According to Jura , the Professional Aroma Grinder used now extracts 12.2% more aroma from the coffee bean. Anyone who likes to drink coffee in company can now use the new two-cup function to prepare two espressos or black coffees at the same time. Even in summer you can find suitable coffee moments: whether in the cooler morning hours as a pick-me-up or on mild summer evenings to end the day comfortably. With the new ENA 8 , perfect pleasure experiences are guaranteed at all times , ” says Annette Göbel, Head of Sales Promotion Jura Austria.

It is operated intuitively via the touchscreen, which enables the preparation of 15 coffee specialties . At the touch of a button, intense espresso, creamy cappuccino or trendy flat white flows into the cup. Coffee lovers will be spoiled with light, airy milk foam. Because in addition to the Professional Aroma Grinder and the two-cup function, the fully automatic machine is equipped with the innovative fine foam technology from Jura.

With its slim dimensions – 27.1 cm wide, 32.3 cm high and 44.5 cm deep – the ENA 8 is one of the small fully automatic coffee machines. There is room for it in every kitchen and it still shines with its puristic all-round design and some sophisticated details : With chrome accents and the water tank in a crystal look , the ENA 8 is an eye-catcher – both in clear full Nordic white and in rich full metropolitan black