Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer updated

DishDrawer from Fisher & Paykel is undergoing is most significant evolution since its creation in Newzealand more than 20 years ago.

For the first time, the fully integrated DishDrawer is available, in Series 11 specification, with an all stainless steel interior, touch on glass interface and enhanced energy and water management to bring yet more efficiency to full or true, half loads.

In integrated form, as a double or a single unit, the superior ergonomics of a drawer are the reason the DishDrawer is widely regarded as the very best solution at home. To use one is to understand it is simply better to use than a drop door dishwasher and based on its energy use, the most cost effective solution too over time for most households.

The Series 11 range will be exclusively available to F&P kitchen design partners,

Fisher & Paykel Trusted by Australians

Recently, Australia’s “Reader’s Digest” released the list of most trusted brands in 2022. Among them, Fisher&Paykel was recognized as the “Most Trusted Laundry Appliances Brand” by Australians. Good things come in pairs, Haier brand was also selected as the “Best rated dryer brand by “Finder” based on its consumer survey.addition to the recognition of users, the outstanding market performance also backed up Haier’s leading strength in laundry. According to the latest data in May, the market share of dual-brands laundry products in Australia has reached 32%, the highest level since July 2019, ranking TOP1 in the market. Haier brand’s share reached 11.7% as a record high, among which the share of heat pump dryers well increased by 8% compared to April.

With this correspondence, thes ales performance is also very good: as of now, dual-brands laundry sell out have increased by 39.2% in 2022, with the key sub-categories of FL and heat pump dryersachieving significant growths of 37.8% and 84.8% respectively.Laundry team from both sides have been digging out real needs of the market/usersand continuously optimizing the product mix and brand matrix. The newly launched graphite/darklaundry pairs grew in a high speed and gained a stage achievement inthe market.

In the future, Haier will continue to adhere to the high-end transformation strategy and explore more space and opportunity for further growth while Fisher&Paykel will continue to cultivate in the luxury premium segmentation. Leveraging the powerful platform of Haier global supply chain, Haier and Fisher&Paykel are ready to keep running in Australia market and maintain its leading position in both market share and sales performance.

Fisher & Paykel unveils its first Freestanding Range Cooker with Induction Cooktop.

Fisher & Paykel’s first Freestanding Range Cooker with Induction cooktop and large capacity convection oven with induction hob.

Designed for perfect multi-shelf cooking, this 90cm Fisher & Paykel Freestanding Induction Cooker lets you cook several dishes at the same time with its spacious induction cooktop and large capacity, self-cleaning convection oven. With heritage styling and a black finish, this Cooker becomes the centrepiece of the kitchen. The AeroTech™ system circulates air evenly throughout the entire oven so dishes on the top shelf turn out just as perfect as food cooking on the bottom shelf.Easy to clean

The pyrolytic self-cleaning oven cycle breaks down food residue, the flat glass surface is easy to clean, and acid resistant graphite enamel means that oven-cleaning is no longer the arduous task that we tend to put off. The hob simply needs a gentle wipe to remove spillages and keep it looking as good as new and the pyrolytic self-clean oven cycle leaves only a light ash that can be removed easily with a damp cloth.

Fisher & Paykel New 🇬🇧 HQ

Fisher & Paykel new UK HQ is all but complete. It includes solar power, adaptive LED lighting, electric vehicle charging, over 30kg of wild flower seed to accompany the adjacent lake and native tree planting. Needless to say we have foc

They have focused on operational efficiency as well as

outstanding training facilities and the safest, brightest warehouse facilities.

Marking a new decade for Fisher & Paykel in the U.K. and Europe a brand to watch



This functional, pared-back design delivers an undisrupted and seamless flow has been driven by our conversations with our designer and architect partners.

The RF540AZUB5 is a beautiful matte black glass fridge freezer that has clean lines and a unique materiality. The matt black glass blends in seamlessly with dark kitchen designs, or stands out in lighter toned kitchens. The more traditional real steel version RF540ANUX5 delivers the same flat door design, but with a real steel finish that has become synonymous with the Fisher & Paykel design.

As ever these fridges do not just offer a beautiful design and materiality, but are designed with function in mind. Food care has to be central to any refrigeration design. Controlling the environment around food and keeping the temperature as consistent is critical, especially as the fridge is the most used door in the house. The ActiveSmart™ technology from F&P anticipates future use by sensing environmental conditions and understanding how the fridge is used. This fridge can analyse and adjust the temperature, airflow and humidity accordingly to deliver optimal results throughout the fridge and freezer. It can also rapidly chill new items to a safe temperature and quickly freeze foods to retain moisture.

The slimline water dispenser makes it easy to fill almost any sized jug or vessel with cool filtered water and doesn’t take up any storage space in your fridge. Fresh ice is always available in a dedicated freezer bin – simply turn it off to free up freezer space or, during busy times, boost ice production by up to 30%.

Fisher & Paykel fridge freezers complement your lifestyle with easy to use and intuitive features such as soft close drawers, full extension slides for easy access, adjustable storage shelves and excellent visibility. Fisher & Paykel’s launch reflects the brand’s dedication to designing premium products that are beautiful, adaptable, functional and timeless.

For customers who are looking for the ultimate in design choice and freedom to allow their kitchen design to truly shine, this is a great option for them.

The functional excellence and pared-back design delivers an undisrupted and seamless flow and embodies customers’ desire for a minimal look. F&P are tapping into the trend for functional and streamlined appliances.