Haier production start in Romania

Haier announce that their cooling factory in Ploiești, Romania 🇷🇴 started production! The Romanian plant is our first-ever cooling production facility in the EuropeanUnion, which will allow us to shorten our logistics and time to market, in line with our vision to be the first consumer choice for smart home solutions.

Best-in-class refrigerators for the 3 pan-European brands #Candy, #Hoover and #Haier

The biggest cooling export hub for Haier in Europe

Haier’s 70 million Euro Refrigeration plant in Romania to start production in late Spring 2021

Haier Europe announces that construction of the first Haier refrigeration production facility in the EU is proceeding according to schedule, with production expected to start in late Spring 2021.

This production facility will manufacture best-in-class refrigerators, both built-in and freestanding for Haier Europe’s 3 brands – Candy, Hoover and Haier – with a focus on connectivity and preservation.

This large investment project exceeds EUR 70 million. The factory will have 63,000 square meters floor space on a total land of 130.000 square meters, located in the Allianso Industrial Park at Aricestii Rahtivani, near Ploiesti, 70km away from Bucharest.

The new factory will employ nearly 800 people – at full capacity – for an expected production of 600,000 units after 2022. The factory design, which is based on modular approach, will allow an expansion up to 1 million units at full capacity.

“We are happy to have chosen Ploiesti for our first cooling production facility in the European Union. This project will make Romania a strategic hub for Haier Europe and will play a key role in its strategy to become one of the top 3 leaders in the industry by 2023. With its large production capacity, technology transfer and logistic features, we are confident this facility will be a first class project that effectively shows our ‘zero distance to consumers’ philosophy”, says Alessia Ianni, Cooling Technical Operation Director at Haier Europe and Managing Director at Haier Tech Romania.

The Romanian plant will be a world-class facility featuring premium production processes brought by Haier’s advanced R&D, manufacturing capabilities and know-how. Its strategic central location, technology and efficiency will enhance Haier’s ability to serve customers in the region. This key project represents a strategic pillar in the leadership’s consolidation path of the Company in the refrigeration segment worldwide and in the execution of Haier Europe’s vision to become the first choice for consumers for smart home.

Haier Tech factory in numbers:

70+ million euros investment
63,000 square meters Floor Space
130000 square meters of land
800 new jobs
Up to 1 million fridges/year produced

Haier confirms plans to open its first European refrigerators plant in Romania

Haier Tech Romania, a subsidiary of the China-based global appliance manufacturer Haier Group, announced that works on the first Haier refrigerator production facility in Europe advance according to schedule, and the factory will begin operations at the end of spring 2021.

The new plant will produce both built-in and standard refrigerators for Haier Europe’s three European brands – Candy, Hoover, and Haier.

“This large-scale investment project exceeds EUR 70 million. The 63,000 sqm plant sits on a 130,000-sqm plot in the Allianso Industrial Park in Aricestii Rahtivani, near Ploiesti,” the company said in a statement

According to the source, the new facility will hire almost 800 people at maximum capacity for an estimated output of 600,000 units after 2022.

Candy Nova is the first washing machine with just one button

At IFA 2020, the Haier Group presented

Candy Nova, the world’s first washing machine without a physical interface that can only be controlled via smartphone. It’s an interesting design choice, fully interpreting the new smart-home zeitgeist. As Haier’s European CEO, Yannick Fierling, explained, 21% of the company’s smart washing machine users now use only their smartphone to select a program and start a wash: that’s three times more than 2018. Candy Nova can be fully controlled through the new hOn application for iOS and Android, the software that acts as a control hub for the ecosystem of all the Chinese group’s products, like all other Haier, Candy, Hoover and Ge connected appliances the full control of a washing machine to an app is a brave marketing choice. It might deter less tech savvy consumer from a purchase, but it definitely makes sense for a lot of millennials and late-millennials, which is a big enough target group. Moreover, according to Haier’s market research, 70% of users consider adding new washing programs to their appliance to be a useful feature. Candy Nova perfectly embodies Haier’s new philosophy, which sees the connected and smart design of its appliances as a meaningful growth opportunity. The goal, as Fierling told us during a recent interview at IFA, is to stop selling just “the technology” and start instead selling experiences that can be customized by each user according to their specific needs. An interesting perspective that not only makes home appliances more functional, but also allows the company’s business model to adapt to a future where the sale of digital services will be as important as the sale of the home appliance

Voice command: manage appliances only by voice Candy

Voice command: manage appliances only by voice
Smart home . A concept that is coming into our daily lives with arrogance, revolutionizing the way we interface with domestic technology and housework. Part of the credit is also given to the prices of smart devices , which have fallen considerably in recent years, ceasing to be luxury items to become simple accessories that more and more families can afford.

And therefore voice-controlled appliances , which can be operated via the smartphone to allow remote control of the home, are no longer things for Hollywood movies but an integral part of everyday life!

Voice control is one of the most useful and interesting features that smart appliances can offer. For example, did you get the ingredients for tonight’s dinner but don’t remember all the steps anymore? A doubt about which is the best program to wash your favorite sweatshirt? No problem! Associated ovens and washing machines , such as RapidÓ products and the first range of connected ovens , meet these needs. Let’s find out together!

The RapidÓ washing machine has a Wi-Fi connectivity system that makes it even easier to use. Thanks to the Candy simply-Fi app , you can ask the washing machine to access a series of recommendations and advice on the best wash cycle or on removing stains, just to give an example.

Connected furnaces
Try to imagine: you are preparing a gourmet pizza for this evening or you have your hands full and you suddenly have a mental emptiness … What ingredients were used for the recipe? With Candy’s first connected oven , you can ask these questions directly to your appliance and know what (and how) to cook using only the item. The Candy simply-Fi app will respond with the right recipe or advice you needed.

Comando vocale: gestire gli elettrodomestici solo con la voce

Haier , Hoover and Candy brands ,Haier Europe reveals its innovations and commercial strategy

Haier Europe has recently gathered its clients at the Príncipe Pío Grand Theater in Madrid to present their latest releases of the Haier , Hoover and Candy brands , as well as to share the company’s commercial and communication strategy.

Regarding novelties, two star products of Haier stand out: on the one hand, the side by side model HB25FSNAAA, one meter wide, equipped with technologies such as Fresher Techs and with Iconic Black finish; on the other, stands out the Super Drum washer HWD100-BD1499U1, with capacity of 10 kg of washing + 6 kg of drying, wi-fi connection, i-Refresh, Smart Duo Spray and ABT antibacterial treatment. Both models offer a lifetime guarantee.

For its part, Hoover has presented the folding broom H-Free 500, with autonomy of up to 40 min. and only 70 cm in height.

Candy is still betting on connectivity in all its appliances, from the kitchen with its new wifi oven, going through the cold and even washing, where the range of Rapido washing machines and Brava dishwashers stand out.

The company has also announced the new spot of the Haier brand that focuses on clearly conveying the main benefit of Fresher Techs technology. For Candy and Hoover, the group is committed to a 12-month campaign of visibility in the press, digital media, radio and outdoor. It has also announced the opening of the new commercial office of Haier Europe in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid, the sponsorship of Candy in the cooking school “Apetit’Oh!” And the start of a road show that will go to several cities Spanish

Candy smart steam

Smart Steam is a new range of ovens by Candy, characterized by the addition of steam during the traditional cooking. This special formula allows to prepare many kind of recipes with optimal results. The ovens of the new Candy collection are also very easy to use: users have only to pour water into the oven cavity, activate one of the 3 “steam” functions and press a button to turn the liquid into steam.
The addition of steam in cooking allows to give the food a perfect softness and a light internal consistency without altering taste. Combining with traditional cooking, it also helps to keep crispy dishes outside. Moreover, this function enhances the preparation of food that need leavening such as bread, focaccia, brioches and cakes.
All the ovens of the “Smart Steam” feature the functions of the Candy Simply-Fi app that suggests recipes and gives useful advices. In addition, thanks to the “Aquactiva” hydrolytic cleaning system, it is very easy to clean the oven too. This system is effective just at 90 °: thanks to the effect of hydrolysis, the residues are softened and make cleaning easier. Just pour 300 ml of distilled water into the oven cavity and heat it for 30 minutes; at the end of the program, simply rub with a sponge or a cloth to remove dirt residues. Some models also offer a double cleaning system: the hydrolysis and the pyrolytic one.


Candy new factory

Candy has invested 15 million euro for the launch of a new plant in Turkey dedicated to the production of smart home appliances.
The new production unit is located in Eskişehir, in the North-West of Turkey, where a modern structure covering an area of 13,600 m2 was built and inaugurated a few days ago on a property owned by the Group.
The new factory, where 300 workers will be employed with an annual production capacity of about 800,000 pieces, is born to develop a new high efficiency production process, based on the use of innovative practices aimed at creating smart appliances.
In the new plant, the second production unit of the Candy Group in Turkey, will be manufactured the first dishwasher on the market equipped with Artificial Intelligence and equipped with an internal optical sensor able to identify quantity and type of dishes, automatically suggesting the more appropriate program and the best options for their washing.