Haier win best stand at trade show

Haier group have received the “Best Supplier Stand” award for stand design and experience at the Euronics UK showcase at the NEC in Birmingham.

With a 100 square-meter booth, we showcased our exciting new products and innovative technologies across Candy, Hoover and Haier appliances. Through product demonstrations and experiences, we were able to attract many visitors and make the stand a success.

Congratulations to the entire UK team on winning this accolade!

LG Electronics Ranks 1st in World Home Appliance Market Single Brands in 2022

Haier took first place in terms of sales in the global home appliance market in 2022. This is the result of making a series of M&A deals with GE based in the United States, Fisher & Paykel based in New Zealand and Candy, based in Italy. By brands rather than sales revenue, LG Electronics maintained its No. 1 position.

According to Haier’s business report on April 4, sales of Haier’s home appliance division, excluding electronic parts and TVs, were tallied at 227.94677 billion yuan (about 43.7658 trillion won or US$33.3193 billion) in 2022. During the same period, sales of LG Electronics’ H&A Division in charge of the home appliance business amounted to 29.8955 trillion won (US$22.7613 billion), falling behind Haier by 14 trillion won (US$11 billion). Whirlpool recorded 25.4834 trillion won (US$19.4021 billion). A year ago, in 2021, Haier also took the world’s No. 1 spot in household appliances. At the time, its sales were about 39.2187 trillion won (US$29.8680 billion), a difference of more than 12 trillion won from LG Electronics’ 27.1097 trillion won (US$20.6461 billion).

Among Korean companies, LG Electronics surpassed Whirlpool in the United States in terms of sales, becoming the global No. 1 home electronics company for the first time in 2020. It maintained its No. 1 position for two consecutive years until last year. However, this is the result of overlookingoverlooking Haier, which is relatively unknown in Korea. “It is difficult to directly compare Haier’s group sales, which are the consolidated sales of several brands such as GE, which Haier took over, and LG Electronics’ sales are sales posted by one single brand,” LG Electronics said with reference to this.

Haier rose to prominence on the world stage when it bought foreign home appliance companies. After buying Japan’s Sanyo, it even took over the home appliance division from GE in the United States in early 2016. As of the end of 2014, before GE was in talks with Haier over selling off its home appliance business unit from GE, the unit’s sales sat at 9 trillion won or about US$8.44 billion. Haier has grown tremendously since the acquisition of the unit from GE. Haier’s home appliance sales jumped 1.5 times from about 12 trillion won (US$9.1 billion) in 2015 just before the acquisition of the unit to 18 trillion won (US$14 billion) in 2016.

Haier’s purchases of overseas home appliance companies were made in order to break away from its low-priced brand image as a Chinese company as well as to increase its size, analysts say. Recently, Haier is focusing on the smart home business while emphasizing its Internet of Things-based premium home appliance strategy.


Candy in 2022 was the most important brand in Italy in the washing segment with a volume share of 12.4%. The company acquired by the Haier group in 2019 thus consolidates its position in the Italian home appliance market, in which it has been an iconic brand for over seventy years.


With a 40M EUR investment, this milestone places Turkey as the company’s largest production and export center in Europe to serve European and global markets
Haier Dishwasher Factory opening ceremony
Haier Dishwasher Factory opening ceremony
With an investment of more than €40 million, the new factory will have full capacity of 1 million units per year. The new production facility strengthens Haier’s presence in Europe, where the company stands out for its product leadership across several categories and aims to become among the top three appliance manufacturers in the region.

The new factory – equipped with solar panels – features improved production capacity with high automation levels: operating robots and advanced production processes thanks to 100% automatic measuring systems, leakage detection and full traceability of critical components.

Haier Europe is further establishing its product leadership in the washing sectors in both freestanding and built-in segments for the three pan-European brands – Candy, Hoover and Haier. All products will offer advanced connectivity through the hOn app, the living ecosystem for smart appliances able to connect all products of Haier Europe brands.

“Haier Europe keeps overperforming the market in terms of products and brands leadership and it is the fastest growing company in Europe,” says Yannick Fierling, Chief Executive Officer at Haier Europe. “The expansion of our industrial park in Turkey marks another step in the Company’s growth strategy, and the investments are fully in line with our zero distance to consumers philosophy as they are aimed at providing users with rich and meaningful experiences.”

The new dishwater plant is located within Haier’s New Green Field Production Campus in Turkey where the company has been investing massively in the last two years, lately with the opening of a platform for all standard-sized tumble dryers in 2021. The extension of the washing platforms plays a pivotal role in the go-to-market and customer centricity strategy as the company will continue to invest into new best-in-class energy innovations and launch patented Haier Europe technologies.

Haier Greenhouse’ Laboratory

Haier pleased to announce that they have inaugurated the ‘Greenhouse’ Laboratory at the CNOS-FAP Lombardia – Salesiani Sesto San Giovanni School.

The aim of this new facility is to train new technicians and service specialists, through theory and practical lessons, and foster the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

Students of Salesiani School of Sesto San Giovanni will have the opportunity to practice their skills and participate in hands-on training sessions on products from Haier Europe’s three brands – #Candy, #Hoover and #Haier – and, upon completion, be qualified for employment as Field Service Engineers.

Nicola De Guida, Chief Operating Officer Haier Europe said: “The project we launched aims at encouraging the learning of technical knowledge in schools to train new generations on the skills that are mostly required by companies, and therefore promote a faster entry of young talents in the world of work.”

Candy Hoover Hungary also strengthens with a new managing director.

As of August, Candy Hoover Hungary , which is considered one of the leading domestic appliance distributors, will be managed by a new managing director, Márton Rózsa , who previously headed Samsung Electronics Hungary’s consumer electronics business. The company’s first man set a very dynamic development path for the company. This is a prominent stop for the number one player in the American and Asian premium home appliance market,This is a very important period in the life of Candy Hoover Hungary, as we are laying the important pillars of long-term growth. This is a serious motivation for me, because I have always loved challenges where development and construction were the focus. Brand introduction is a rare task in the life of most companies, which is why it is a very important task. The economic situation is also challenging, so it is particularly important how we prepare and do this. Of course, we also want to support the parent company’s efforts to make the Haier brand among the Top 3 in the premium segment in Europe within the foreseeable future,” emphasized Márton Rózsa .

Haier Candy Hoover @IFA2022

After a two-year wait, from 2 to 6 September Haier Europe takes again the spotlight at the IFA in Berlin, the most important exhibition dedicated to the world of technology, innovation, and the best of consumer electronics.

It is a major stage to present to the world new solutions where IoT plays a key role in environments designed especially for Candy, Hoover, and Haier. Consumers are invited to have this new home experience, starting from these products which not only feature a functional aspect, but also a captivating and renewed designWith the concept “Connect to Extraordinary”, Haier Europe will welcome guests in Pavilion 3.1, which includes a 3700 sq. metre-area and conveys a new vision of smart home. A journey through connectivity where the main stages are product innovations designed with technological solutions that come alive interacting with visitors, through their involvement in unique moments.Candy, Hoover, and Haier are shown in three distinct macro-areas, dynamic and connected places, with three immersive pathways articulated also through dedicated stations to discover the range innovations and essentials. Events, entertainment, international show cooking will contribute to offer an engaging user experience.

“IFA in Berlin is a unique occasion for us to present our innovations and leadership. An international event that (not only) the whole industry has been awaiting with great enthusiasm. This is when we will offer our stakeholders a big technological and immersive experience” stated Giampiero Morbello, Head of Brand & IOT Haier Europe.

On September 1st at 3 PM CEST, a press conference will be hosted by Haier Europe CEO, Yannick Fierling, during which stakeholders will be taken through the company’s growth strategy and leadership in IoT and connectivity as well as the new and outstanding products and solutions that have led Haier Europe to be the fastest growing company in Europe, according to GFK.

Haier showing off at IFA

Haier Europe After two years of waiting, at the IFA in Berlin, the event dedicated to the world of technology, innovation and the best of consumer electronics.

A fundamental stage to present to the world new solutions where the IoT is the protagonist in environments created ad hoc for Candy, Hoover and Haier. The consumer is invited to live a new domestic experience, starting from proposals that are not only functional, but also with an attractive and renewed design.

The exhibition space, located in Hall 3.1, includes an area of 3,700 square meters and tells a new vision of the smart home. A journey into connectivity where the fundamental steps are the new products, designed with technological solutions that come to life by interacting with visitors, involving them in unique moments.

Haier Europe’s primary objective is to satisfy the needs of every consumer through continuous technological innovation, the careful use of artificial intelligence and an ever-current design study: the perfect “zero distance” style. Thanks to a capillary connection between the products, ecosystems are created that are modeled around the lives of people who are able to anticipate desires and offer solutions that simplify and improve the routines of daily life.A leading role is played once again by the app hOn, the platform that allows you to manage all the appliances of the three brands and have access to a multitude of services thanks to a selection of partners in continuous expansion, based on a built ecosystem. on scenarios. 4.5 million registered users on the hOn app were recently reached.

Candy, Hoover and Haier are revealed in three distinct macro-areas, dynamic and connected places, with three immersive paths that also wind through stations dedicated to the discovery of novelties and range musts. Events, animations, international show cooking will contribute to offering an engaging user experience. IFA 2022 represents an important moment of sharing even the most important results achieved by the company, including the opening of new plants. In 2021, the construction of two new factories was completed in Romania and Turkey, specialized respectively in the production of refrigerators and dryers. In 2022, production also started in the new plant dedicated to the production of dishwashers in Turkey.

All new factories are best-in-class and are designed to improve production capacity, product availability and range flexibility. The new plants play a fundamental role in the go-to-market and customer centricity strategy.