Consumer tech brand Dreame Technology moves into the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, making its robotic vacuums available on local platforms
The Shanghai-based smart home appliances maker, Dreame Technology, with product lines that include robotic vacuum cleaners, wet-and-dry vacuums and personal care products, is enlarging its European footprint by moving into the Benelux region. The brand has already become popular in other parts of Europe, like in Germany where its L10s Ultra ranked 1st in the robotic vacuum category on Amazon Germany during Black Friday 2022.

Fuelled by its existing success on the continent, Dreame Technology has joined forces with local retailers Ochama, Bol, Art&Craft, and Robostofzuigers to offer its products through local retail platforms in these countries.Robotic vacuum cleaners
Through these partnerships, Dreame Technology is launching multiple collections, including two of its flagship products in the robotic vacuum category — the L10s Ultra and the D10 Plus.

The L10s Ultra combines popular robotic cleaning technologies, such as auto-emptying and automatic mop cleaning for fully automated cleaning and includes a powerful vacuuming capacity with 5,300Pa of suction, robust mopping with two rotary mops and mop self-cleaning. The D10 Plus offers up to 45 days of AI-powered automated vacuuming and cleaning with its high-capacity automatic emptying feature and powerful 4,000Pa suction and multi-surface brush.

To launch its presence in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg, the smart appliances maker will be offering a number of special promotions and discounts of up to 13% through its local partners.

Established in 2017, Dreame Technology, is an innovative consumer product company focused on smart home appliances. In addition to its robotic vacuum cleaners, the firm also offers wet-and-dry vacuums and cordless vacuums, such as the H12 Pro and T30.

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