Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L

After the great success of the 3.5L version, this year its natural evolution has arrived on the Italian market: Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro 4L. Same minimal and elegant design, more space for over 100 healty recipes to choose from on the Xiaomi Home App, OLED screen and voice control with integrated Google assistant. In addition, a transparent window on the front allows you to conveniently check the status of the browning in real time.

Taurus completes its range of air fryers with two new models

expanding its family of air fryers with two new models that stand out for their large capacity and their multiple programs, which allow you to cook an infinite number of recipes in a fast, clean and healthy way.

Air Fry Digital Duo is the perfect cooking solution for the whole family. Its two 4.5 l baskets make it easy to prepare a large amount of food at the same time. With them, you can even prepare two different recipes at the same time. Plus, the stainless steel interior is durable and cleanup is quick and easy.

Thanks to the Sync Finish technology of this new Taurus model, it is possible to synchronize two different recipes so that they finish at the same time. In addition, it has 12 different preset programs and six different temperature levels.

With a power of 1,300 W, it has a digital touch screen that allows you to adjust the time between 0 and 60 minutes and the temperature between 40 and 200 ºC.

As an additional value, this air fryer includes an online recipe book to learn how to cook any recipe online.

Air Fryer Oil Free Fryer & Oven

For its part, the new Air Fry Digital Grill model combines the best of an air fryer and an oil-free oven that uses hot air to cook food.

Equipped with a transparent door, its large 12L capacity is ideal for cooking larger portions, while the 8 preset programs offer versatility when cooking.

The Taurus Air Fry digital grill uses 360° air circulation technology to cook food with little or no oil. This even heat distribution results in crispier foods. It comes with multiple accessories to prepare a wide variety of dishes. It should be noted that thanks to the removable tray it is possible to cook different foods at the same time.

Statesman new 11litre air fryer

Statesman announces the next model in their Air Fryer range
Following the tremendous success 5L Digital Air Fryer that launched last month, February sees the arrival of our NEW 11L Digital Air Fryer Oven.

Features include:
– Large viewing window and detachable door for easy cleaning
– Non-stick and dishwasher safe accessories including rotisserie fork, rotating basket, 8 piece skewer set, grill racks and drip tray
– Clear LED digital display control panel with 10 pre-set cooking programmes


Ufesa has traveled to Frankfurt to present its latest innovations at the Ambiente fair, which is held from February 3 to 7. The firm, as part of the B&B Trends group , is present at its stand along with two other brands: Zelmer, another of the group’s main brands, leader in Poland and Eastern Europe; and SDA Factory, a production center focused mainly on the manufacture of irons, ironing centers and super automatic coffee machines.

In its 70 m2 stand, Ufesa shows its solutions for the kitchen, from air fryers and super-automatic coffee makers, to mixers-dough mixers and kettles. It is the first time that the company participates in this fair. Coinciding with the celebration of its 60th anniversary and with its presence at this great event in the sector, Ufesa seeks to strengthen its position in the market, in addition to presenting its latest innovations.

Among the products, the Storm digital air fryer stands out, which has a double bowl (5.5 l+3.5 l) to prepare food independently at the same time. It has 8 preset programs and the function of simultaneous completion of cooking. In addition, thanks to its 360° high-speed air circulation technology, any preparation will be perfect and with crunchy results.

From the series of coffee makers, Supreme Barista is a 100% “made in Spain” model . It has One Touch technology that allows you to easily select the type of coffee and dose both the amount of water and the intensity of the coffee. It incorporates Safe and Grind technology, which allows you to choose the degree of grinding of the coffee bean.

The Ambiente fair brings together more than 4,500 exhibitors from all over the world to show their latest ranges of products for the kitchen and home, gifts, decoration and furniture.

Ufesa Duet air fryer

First established in 1975, OCU is the oldest consumer organisation in Spain. It now has more than 305,000 members Given its great demand, the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has analyzed 21 models of air fryers of various brands and has determined that the Ufesa Duet consumes little energy and is one of the best value for money.

Weighing less than 3 kg and with a 2 l capacity, it is perfect for preparing recipes for one or two people; while it has 6 preset programs: fry, toast, roast, bake, reheat and keep warm.

Its 360° high-speed air circulation technology allows healthy cooking with crispy results. For greater ease of use, it has a timer of up to 60 minutes and a temperature control of up to 200 °C with digital control

The latest from Ufesa in air fryers

 Ufesa continues to be committed to facilitating and promoting a healthy lifestyle and is expanding its range of air fryers with three new models, in which it already has around twenty references of different capacities, power, features, colours, designs and finishes. .

With a 12 l capacity, the Magister air fryer allows you to cook in a healthy way with its 360º high-speed air circulation technology, while making recipes perfect and with crispy results. For greater ease of use, it has a timer of up to 60 minutes and a temperature control of up to 200ºC with digital control. In addition, it has a dehydrate function and 12 preset programs: French fries, chicken wings, chicken thigh, vegetables, seafood, fish, meat, pizza, roast chicken, bake, dehydrate and defrost. Includes 6 accessories: 2 baking trays, oil collection tray, extractor tongs, 2.9 l round rotating basket and roasting hooks.

Another of Ufesa’s outstanding launches is Storm, a double-bowl digital air fryer. It has a capacity of 9 l divided into two buckets, one of 5.5 l and the other of 3.5 l. Among its features, it incorporates a function for simultaneously finishing the cooking of the two vats, which means that cooking that requires less time starts later so that both recipes finish at the same time and thus enjoy freshly made dishes. It has 8 preset programs: French fries, bake (for biscuits, for example), meat, chicken thigh, chicken wings, seafood, vegetables and fish.

The latest novelty is Talent, an air fryer with a capacity of 6.5 l. It has a window with interior light to see the cooking status, as well as digital time and temperature control. Timer up to 60 minutes, temperature control up to 200 ºC and 13 preset programs (meat, chicken, fish, dehydrate, bacon, defrost, French fries, vegetables, pizza, seafood, bake, preheat and keep warm), are other of its main features.

Teka AirFry built-in oven

Teka presents the new black glass design of the AirFry oven. The brand’s ovens with automatic AirFry function are perfect for cooking in a healthy way, without the need to use oil. Foods cooked with air are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a better texture and flavor.

Also noteworthy is its large XXL capacity, its automatic cooking functions, its SurroundTemp multifunction system that guarantees better heat distribution and its Touch Control touch programmer.

The AirFry oven is distinguished by incorporating a special perforated tray: the FryMaster Box, which allows perfect air circulation with which food is cooked evenly without having to turn it over. In addition, it includes another deeper enamel tray and a grill.

With the SurroundTemp multifunction system, which these pyrolytic ovens incorporate, a better heat distribution is guaranteed, achieving a uniform cooking effect in each preparation.

Guaranteed cleaning and savings

The oven models that incorporate DualClean ensure fast and efficient cleaning and combine pyrolysis with the automatic system with HydroClean® Pro technology, which through steam allows grease and dirt adhered to the oven walls to be easily removed. with a damp cloth. Likewise, the three trays included in the oven are suitable for the dishwasher.

This range of ovens has the A+ energy classification, with which it is possible to save more than 20% on the electricity bill (compared to other Teka models).