Dyson announces line up of new technology engineered to clean your home more

Dyson unveiled new products that bring together automation, advanced software, and intelligence with best-ever cleaning performance. From St James Power Station, Singapore, Chief Technology Officer, John Churchill unveiled the new technologies whilst giving a glimpse into Dyson’s vision of the future of clean homes

,The most powerful robot: The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ robotic vacuum marks Dyson’s next generation of intelligent robotic vacuum cleaners – the most powerful robot with six times1 the suction of any other robot vacuum.

Dyson’s quietest, most powerful purifier: The Dyson Purifier Big+Quiet™ Formaldehyde delivers up to 10m projection, upgraded filtration and ultra-low noise. The Dyson Purifier HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde is engineered for simplicity in commercial spaces.

Dyson’s first wet vacuum cleaner: The Dyson Submarine™ wet roller head, available with Dyson V15s Detect Submarine Complete cordless vacuum cleaner, provides a whole-home cleaning solution, to wash, detect and detangle, all-in-one Dyson.

Dyson purifier for commercial surroundings

Introducing the Dyson HEPA Big+Quiet Formaldehyde.

It’s no surprise that workspaces can harbour pollutants such as viruses, bacteria, pollen and formaldehyde. That’s why Dyson latest machine purifies large spaces up to 100m² – all at sound levels below 55.6dB(A).

Powerfully and evenly projecting purified air at low noise levels, for peaceful whole-room purification.

Bellagio multi-capsule coffee maker from Ufesa, ideal for coffee lovers at home

Ufesa presents Bellagio, a multicapsule coffee maker compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto* capsules and with ground coffee.

With a compact design (22.5 cm high x 26.5 cm wide) so it doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen and available in two finishes -white and red- this innovative coffee maker has a touch control panel with 7 levels of intensity to prepare the coffee to the taste of the user.

Bellagio also has a 15-bar pressure pump and a power of 1,400 W, which means that the coffee will have a smooth and perfect crema with a great taste. And even more, it has an automatic shutdown function for safety and to save energy.

Asko receives the EcoVadis 2023 Silver Medal for its commitment to sustainability

Asko has been awarded this prestigious business rating for promoting practices that minimize its environmental impact and encourage social responsibility.

Since its beginnings in Sweden in the late 1950s, Asko has been dedicated to designing innovative products with the aim of moving society towards a better future.

In this endeavor, Asko pays attention not only to the products it makes, but also attaches great importance to how it makes them

InSinkErator Collaborates with Influencers

InSinkErator has collaborated with a variety of social media influencers to increase the exposure of food waste disposers and to educate consumers on the benefits they offer.InSinkEratoralso partnered with food and fitness TikTok content creator Alex, who explains to their nearly 270,000 followers that a food waste disposer is a ‘…great alternative to composting to avoid those nasty food smells

Stoves zoneless induction

The debut of Stoves’ new and improved Deluxe range cooker, which uses zoneless induction technology, has been announced. The new appliance line, which Stoves calls “a world first,” makes use of a zoneless induction hotplate, which frees users from set cooking rings and allows them to put saucepans anywhere on the surface.

By enabling the use of pots and pans of any shape or size alongside one another, Stoves’ revolutionary FreedomFLEXTM zoneless induction hotplates are expected to expand the options available to home chefs.

The new range cookers also have TrueTemp digital thermostats, which prevent temperature changes in the oven, pre-programmed settings for tasks like simmering or melting chocolate, and a management system.rom 900mm to 1100mm widths, the collection is launching in three distinct styles: the Richmond Deluxe, Sterling Deluxe, and Precision Deluxe.

Black+Decker launches new range of washing machines and ACs in India

Black+Decker washing machine and air conditioner range will be available online on Amazon.in and Flipkart and offline on authorised retail stores starting June 3. The price of the washing machines starts at Rs 24,999, whereas the ACs comes with a starting price tag of Rs 36,999.

The company has also announced that the large appliances will come with 10 years of warranty on motors and compressors of washing machines and air conditioners. The products will also come with a comprehensive warranty of 2 years and a warranty of 5 years on the main board.company has introduced two front load washing machine models in 6 kg and 8 kg capacities.the company has also launched the top load washing machine model with 7.5 kg capacity. The Black+Decker washing machines offer special features like BLDC motor with an advanced Tub on a Hex-Net Crystal Design and a Triple Velocity Jet system. The machines also feature a Built-in Heater, Fabric Specific Smart Wash Programs and Hygienic Drum Clean.The company has launched three models of the Black+Decker air conditioner models which include 1.5 Ton and 2.0 Ton. The 1.5 ton model will come in two variations. Along with this, the air conditioners also feature simple, minimalistic design. The air conditioners also include special features like Infinity Impeller, CAD Sensor, Quad-Convertible and R32 Eco Friendly Refrigerant.

Liebherr keeping it quiet

Liebherr now has the largest number of refrigeration appliances on the market certified by Quiet Mark.Featuring speed-controlled compressors operating between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm rather than the conventional 3,000rpm and speed-controlled fans, which operate on the lowest level, means the refrigeration causes less noise.

In addition, R600a Coolant which achieves the same temperature as previous coolants but at a lower pressure, also minimises noise. refrigerators also feature speed-controlled compressors operating between 1,000 and 1,600 rpm rather than the conventional 3,000rpm compressors found in traditional refrigerators. This helps create a quieter living space for you and your family.