SEB ECOdesign

Committed to minimizing the environmental impact of its products throughout their life cycle, Groupe SEB has created its “ECOdesign” label, enabling consumers to quickly identify the most high-performance products in terms of eco-design. The label has been certified by an independent third party with ISO14020 and ISO14021 standards. A packaging charter has also been created to identify products that meet the eco-design criteria within Groupe SEB brands. To be included among the most eco-friendly products, the company’s appliances must comply to five eco-design criteria: materials with a lower environmental impact, more energy efficiency, products designed to last and be repaired, increasingly recyclable products, packaging with a lower environmental impact.

«The creation of this label embodies Groupe SEB’s long-standing commitment to eco-design said Diane Folletet, Sustainable Innovation Product Director at Groupe SEB -. With this certified label, we inform consumers about products with a lower environmental impact, without any loss in their performance or the services provided in everyday life. The ECOdesign label allows us to cover the entire product spectrum of the Group’s brands, from small domestic appliances to cookware, and to gain a global vision of our products’ environmental impact».
Among the new low impact products, this autumn, Groupe SEB is launching a complete range of Moulinex-Tefal food preparation appliances in Europe, entirely manufactured in Lourdes, one of the 11 Groupe SEB factories in France. The products have a fresh and intuitive design and are made of up to 65% recycled plastic. «Recycled plastic is an essential part of the circular economy – the company explains – and can also reduce the CO2 impact by up to 70% compared to new plastic. The products are also up to 95% recyclable. To take the concept even further, the packaging is made from recycled cardboard and the printing is done with plant-based inks. The paper leaflets have been replaced by “picto” leaflets printed inside the packaging, while the plastic bags and polystyrene have been phased out»

US manufactures asks for Government action

coalition of four major manufacturing associations – the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) – are urging immediate action by the Biden administration to address supply chain challenges outlined in a newly released white paper.

The paper explains how supply chain disruptions, which are compounded by trade distortions and the Covid-19 pandemic, are hurting the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers and stalling the U.S. economic recovery. Combined with increased demand for appliances and equipment, supply chain bottlenecks have negative consequences, including increased costs, lost sales, delayed deliveries of critical products to consumers in the face of supply chain backlogs, and even shutting down manufacturing plants.

The paper acknowledges that many supply chain issues will require long-term solutions, but the coalition also requested immediate relief from policymakers through tariff removal and fair allocation of semiconductors to all industries. Quick implementation of these and other policy solutions outlined in the paper may help prevent a continued worsening of the availability of manufactured products in the U.S., while increasing productivity and stemming product cost inflation.

«The ability to produce and deliver home appliances to consumers has been dramatically hindered by the Covid-19 pandemic and other supply-related issues, creating hardships for consumers and for businesses at every step in the supply chain – said president and CEO of AHAM, Joe McGuire -. The result is ongoing shortages of products, materials, components and labor, leading to delays and increased costs. In some cases the supply chain timeline has doubled or tripled. This is at a time when consumers are spending more time in their homes and more dependent than ever on home appliances to keep their families healthy and their homes clean. The home appliance industry joins with other critical parts of the manufacturing sector to urge the Biden administration and congress to act to help alleviate this unprecedented damage to the global product supply chain».


Haier launches in Italy, and plans to launch in all European countries over the next few weeks – the first virtual showroom , overcoming the barrier of traditional photo showrooms with an immersive, real-time digital experience.

Thanks to the Haier virtual shoowroom, visitors will be able to experience – browsing from their PC, smartphone or tablet – the experience of moving freely and without limits in two different three-dimensional environments, in which to find and discover the products in the brand’s catalog.

Following the guide of the narrator, who welcomes and accompanies visitors in the experience, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a connected and personalized “home of the future”, in which videos, virtual catalogs, flyers and products such as ovens, refrigerators, wine cellars wine and washing machines are depicted with a very high degree of definition of every detail, finish and texture. 

Once you have clicked the flashing hotspot corresponding to each product available in the virtual showroom, it will be possible to receive all the information and technical details, as well as having the possibility – thanks to augmented reality – to import the products into your home environment, maintaining their colors and characteristics. and dimensions.

In this way, users can both view the appliances in the different spaces and change the products with other items available in the gallery, automatically displaying them in the virtual showroom.

The other distinctive feature of the experience is the possibility for consumers to view the latest top-of-the-range models and leading products available on the market, thanks to the constant updating of the virtual showroom and its ability to adapt to the needs of different markets: in fact , the content components, the language of the narrator and the range of products displayed will be customized according to the country from which access is made.

To build the architecture of this user experience, Haier used the Neosperience Reality Plus cloud platform, which, thanks to WebGL and gITF technologies, does not require the end user to install any app and allows you to replicate details, shapes, colors. and materials without affecting the speed of navigation

CIH new Yorkshire warehouse

CIH buying group has announced the opening of a new 125,000sq ft warehouse in Tankersley, South Yorkshire to facilitate product range growth and provide better stock availability for its members.Now they can better serve their agents and Offering even speedier deliveries and of course, ensuring the most popular product lines are held in stock.

Sharp new models

Sharp has unveiled a variety of of new product lines at its Sharp Xperience event. Its home appliances focus is on areas in which it already has expertise. The key product area is air treatment, and the watchword is affordability, with new appliances which includes a £109 air purifier, a £34.99 aroma diffuser, a portable air conditioner for £449 and two dehumidifiers priced at £229 and £279.
There will also be two accessible microwave ranges launched, with appliances beginning at £74.
The affordable air treatment appliances will appeal to the increased numbers of people working from home or newly engaged in a hybrid working model. During the earlier stages of the pandemic, consumers became increasingly concerned with home air quality and showed themselves willing to invest in products to improve their quality of life at home.
Meanwhile, workers used to their office’s air conditioning will likely be amenable to buying an inexpensive air conditioning unit for home use to get them through the more miserable days of summer. 
As a further buying incentive, some appliances will be available to buy with 5-year extended warranties.
The new products will be launching over the next few months in Europe and the UK.

Godrej Appliances reinforces commitment to keep India healthy

Godrej Appliance has launched a new television commercial to bring to light Godrej’s expert understanding of cooling and preservation technology which helps Indian consumers stay healthy. Not many Indians know the role of Godrej Appliances when it comes to the Covid Vaccination. One of the key challenges the world faced in the Covid-19 vaccination drive was the lack of proper vaccine storage facilities.

Like many other critical vaccines, both COVID vaccines prevalent in India must be preserved exactly between 2°C to 8°C, anything less or anything more – and the vaccine goes bad. Godrej’s advanced vaccine refrigerators address this challenge through precision cooling that maintains the optimal temperature at all times, with extended hold times to fight any power outages or such adversities.

The TVC highlights how Godrej makes advanced vaccine refrigerators that safeguard the COVID vaccines and preserves them, helping people stay healthy. These world-class, advanced refrigerators are made in the same factories that also make the brand’s domestic refrigerators – which preserve people’s foods every day, ensuring they eat and stay healthy.

LG is bringing gardening indoors by unveiling a plant growing appliance

LG is bringing gardening indoors by unveiling a plant growing appliance, which allows consumers to grow flowers, vegetables and herbs at home.

The South Korean home appliance giant said on Thursday Tiiun, the indoor plant cultivator, automates most of the plant cultivation process so that even beginners can easily grow plants.

By simply installing a seed kit in the inner shelf of the device and supplying water and nutrients, LG said users can grow their own plants in four to eight weeks, depending on the plant type.

The name of the device is Korean, meaning “sprouted,” according to the company.

The plant cultivator has two shelves and three kinds of seed kits for each shelf, which means that consumers can grow up to six plants at a time.

Regardless of the season, vegetables can be harvested in about four weeks, herbs in about six weeks and flowers bloom after around eight weeks, LG said.

The device is priced at 1.49 million won ($1,256) and LG will sell 20 kinds of seed kits, including three kinds of flowers, 12 vegetables and five herbs, through its mobile app or at LG Best Shop retail stores.

The development of Tiiun is the first project led by LG’s in-house company, Sprout Co., launched to lead new growth businesses.

According to the Korea Invention Promotion Association, the domestic plant cultivation device market is expected to grow to 500 billion won by 2023 from 10 billion won in 2019.

Haier I-Pro 7 washing machine

Haier I-Pro Series 7 contains the most advanced technologies developed by the company. The range is characterized by great efficiency, super-low noise levels thanks to the Direct Motion motor and a large capacity. Designed to be completely user-friendly, the intuitive digital display makes finding the right programme, while the pillow drum, driven by the robust and efficient Direct Motion motor, takes gentle care of even the softest fabrics.

The washing machines of the Haier I-Pro Series 7 (979) are equipped with I-Refresh, an innovative function that refreshes even the most delicate fabrics, including wool and silk, using micro vapour technology. This highly effective technology removes odours, fine dust and allergens, all while reducing creases and softening fabrics.

Thanks to their large capacity, up to 12kg, the I-Pro Series 7 (979) washing machine range provides the perfect laundry solution for large families or for bulk fabric washes. Moreover the Haier’s Direct Motion Motors, operating without a belt, is directly attached to the drum, vastly reducing noise and vibrations, increasing durability while also reducing energy and water consumption.


The i-Wall dispensing system, produced by the Italian brand Zerica, can help consumers to live in a more sustainable way, reducing the use of plastic bottles. It dispenses great-tasting, refreshing ambient, chilled and sparkling water. Thanks to this product the user can always have filtered water at hand both to prepare food and to drink. It is easy to use, quiet and designed to fit into a standard 60cm kitchen module. Easy also to fill up a jug or water bottle thanks to a spacious dispensing area. Besides, it’s simple to change the filter or CO2 canister. The appliance is user-friendly because high definition touchscreen interface, intuitive controls and clear icons help to change the target temperature, and fill up a glass or a jug with ease. The consumer can personalise settings such as carbonation levels for the sparkling water and can connect the product to the internet to access the remote monitoring and management system. For technical support, user can raise a request and let expert technicians troubleshoot remotely, modifying parameters for remote problem resolution. The appliance is available in glass, stainless steel or black skinplate.