Candy in 2022 was the most important brand in Italy in the washing segment with a volume share of 12.4%. The company acquired by the Haier group in 2019 thus consolidates its position in the Italian home appliance market, in which it has been an iconic brand for over seventy years.


They will lead sales and marketing strategies for the three brands Candy, Hoover and Haier

2023 for Haier Europe begins with two new names at the top of the commercial and marketing area. Sabrina Zara, former marketing director for Italy, is the new Haier sales director while Atena Manca, formerly Haier and IoT brand manager, will lead the marketing division as Marketing Leader Italy.

Both will report directly to Emiliano Garofalo, Italy country manager, and will be in charge of sales and marketing strategies, respectively, for the three brands Candy, Hoover and Haier with particular attention to the development of IoT ecosystems and the concept of ‘zero distance to consumer’.

The decision to focus on two managers already in the team – explains a note – underlines the commitment of the Italian branch in supporting the consolidation of internal growth paths.

Haier Europe financial officer

Nitin Gupta is the new Chief Financial Officer of Haier Europe
Join the Haier Europe Senior Leadership Team, reporting directly to CEO Yannick Fierling.
Web editorial by Web Editor January 12, 2023
Nitin Gupta is the new Chief Financial Officer of Haier Europe
Nitin Gupta, CFO of Haier Europe.
Haier Europe appoints Nitin Gupta as new Chief Financial Officer of the company. Gupta joins the Senior Leadership Team of Haier Europe, reporting directly to CEO Yannick Fierling and directly to Haier Overseas CFO, Yu Yingbo.

As CFO of Haier Europe, Nitin Gupta will assume financial leadership, support the setting of strategic priorities and lead the company’s administration, finance and control department. You will be responsible for accounting, financial planning and analysis (FP&A), treasury, tax and credit management. Gupta will play a key role in ensuring adequate profitability for the company’s growth, in line with Haier Europe’s vision to be consumers’ first choice in smart home solutions


With a 40M EUR investment, this milestone places Turkey as the company’s largest production and export center in Europe to serve European and global markets
Haier Dishwasher Factory opening ceremony
Haier Dishwasher Factory opening ceremony
With an investment of more than €40 million, the new factory will have full capacity of 1 million units per year. The new production facility strengthens Haier’s presence in Europe, where the company stands out for its product leadership across several categories and aims to become among the top three appliance manufacturers in the region.

The new factory – equipped with solar panels – features improved production capacity with high automation levels: operating robots and advanced production processes thanks to 100% automatic measuring systems, leakage detection and full traceability of critical components.

Haier Europe is further establishing its product leadership in the washing sectors in both freestanding and built-in segments for the three pan-European brands – Candy, Hoover and Haier. All products will offer advanced connectivity through the hOn app, the living ecosystem for smart appliances able to connect all products of Haier Europe brands.

“Haier Europe keeps overperforming the market in terms of products and brands leadership and it is the fastest growing company in Europe,” says Yannick Fierling, Chief Executive Officer at Haier Europe. “The expansion of our industrial park in Turkey marks another step in the Company’s growth strategy, and the investments are fully in line with our zero distance to consumers philosophy as they are aimed at providing users with rich and meaningful experiences.”

The new dishwater plant is located within Haier’s New Green Field Production Campus in Turkey where the company has been investing massively in the last two years, lately with the opening of a platform for all standard-sized tumble dryers in 2021. The extension of the washing platforms plays a pivotal role in the go-to-market and customer centricity strategy as the company will continue to invest into new best-in-class energy innovations and launch patented Haier Europe technologies.

Haier Greenhouse’ Laboratory

Haier pleased to announce that they have inaugurated the ‘Greenhouse’ Laboratory at the CNOS-FAP Lombardia – Salesiani Sesto San Giovanni School.

The aim of this new facility is to train new technicians and service specialists, through theory and practical lessons, and foster the acquisition of professional knowledge and skills.

Students of Salesiani School of Sesto San Giovanni will have the opportunity to practice their skills and participate in hands-on training sessions on products from Haier Europe’s three brands – #Candy, #Hoover and #Haier – and, upon completion, be qualified for employment as Field Service Engineers.

Nicola De Guida, Chief Operating Officer Haier Europe said: “The project we launched aims at encouraging the learning of technical knowledge in schools to train new generations on the skills that are mostly required by companies, and therefore promote a faster entry of young talents in the world of work.”

Haier tumble dryer factory

Haier new tumble dryer factory in Eskişehir, Turkey reached the one million units production milestone! The milestone dryer rolling out of the factory was the Hoover H-DRY 500, the new high-technology tumble dryer that guarantees outstanding results in terms of performance, care and durability. To celebrate the achievement,

Production team in Turkey joined together with , Nicola De Guida the Chief Operating Officer, and the Haier Europe Industrial Operations team.

Candy Hoover Hungary also strengthens with a new managing director.

As of August, Candy Hoover Hungary , which is considered one of the leading domestic appliance distributors, will be managed by a new managing director, Márton Rózsa , who previously headed Samsung Electronics Hungary’s consumer electronics business. The company’s first man set a very dynamic development path for the company. This is a prominent stop for the number one player in the American and Asian premium home appliance market,This is a very important period in the life of Candy Hoover Hungary, as we are laying the important pillars of long-term growth. This is a serious motivation for me, because I have always loved challenges where development and construction were the focus. Brand introduction is a rare task in the life of most companies, which is why it is a very important task. The economic situation is also challenging, so it is particularly important how we prepare and do this. Of course, we also want to support the parent company’s efforts to make the Haier brand among the Top 3 in the premium segment in Europe within the foreseeable future,” emphasized Márton Rózsa .

Diego Perrone new cooling product line leader for Haier Europe

Diego Perrone has been named new cooling product line leader of Haier Europe. He joins Haier Europe’s senior leadership team and will report directly to CEO Yannick Fierling. Diego Perrone will be responsible for all business decisions related to the cooling product line, executing Haier Europe’s long-term strategy focused on zero distance to customer, IoT & ecosystem and premiumness.

He will also manage the product leadership roadmap to reach all market segments and customers, in line with Haier Europe’s vision to be the first consumer choice in smart home solutions. «In his new role – the company explains – Perrone will coordinate the product line teams to provide the best consumer solutions for food management, thanks to efficient preservation technologies, disruptive design and full IoT integration and take the cooling category to leadership in Europe in the coming five years».

«I am extremely excited to join Haier Europe – Perrone commented -, an ambitious company focused on putting technology near to consumers to create the most attractive IoT ecosystems. I will put my knowledge of the industry at the service of the company to support its growth and to contribute to its ambition of becoming the first consumer choice for smart home solutions».

Perrone achieved a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Tor Vergata University of Rome and a Master of Business Administration at the IE Business School of Madrid. He has an extensive expertise in Corporate Strategy & Marketing, acquired by working across multiple industries and markets, such as Kearney and Whirlpool EMEA.


From 6 to 12 June – Haier Europe is again in the spotlight of Milan Design Week 2022 with Home Switch Home,
an immersive experiential installation that is among the most significant event of Milan Tortona Design Week
“Home Switch Home” will narrate smart home designed by Haier Europe for three international brands Candy,
Hoover and Haier; the result of a continuous attention to technological innovation, artificial intelligence, and
design. Three ecosystems that are shaped around people’s lives, adjust to personal taste and anticipate the
needs and desires, where appliances and services come together to provide a cutting-edge home experience.
Technology, connectivity, and design merge to create innovative solutions designed around values and targets
of each specific brand.
The exhibition area of over 1000 sq.m. is divided into three different macro-areas, dedicated to Candy, Hoover,
and Haier. Every exhibition is a real pathway that starts from an immersive and emotional experience through
the different characters and values of each brand; it follows on with a touch&feel area that provides an actual
interaction with the products, the connected solutions and home scenarios; and it ends with a product
showcase of the latest innovations, with a special focus on built-in products.
The three pathways share the hOn app, the Group’s digital platform, which not only allows an integrated,
intuitive and dynamic management of connected appliances, but also the best streamlined exploitation of
their potential. By adding exclusive functions and services to products, home management enhances and gets
easier, while meeting users’ daily needs. An example of the hOn app digital ecosystem is that dedicated to the
world of wine, which provides a virtual wine cellar for all wine lovers.
“Milan Design Week is for us one of the most important time of the year to tell the general public and the
insiders about our diversified approach for Candy, Hoover, and Haier, the continuous research into innovation
and the bond we have with the design world” – stated Gianpiero Morbello Haier Europe’s Head of Brands &
IOT. – “With Home Switch Home we talk about a change in people, in their habits and homes, as well as the
resulting constant evolution of our three brands and solutions. This is also why we selected Looking Ahead of
Super Design Show 2022 as a thematic framework, and we made it our own with increasingly innovative, quality
and customized applications, where products and services come together in a connected ecosystem that
enhances and facilitates users’ daily experience”.
Haier: Connect To Extraordinary
Following on with the concept presented during last MDW, Haier – the global No. 1 brand in the large
household appliances sector* – focuses its attention again on the person, on visitors in this case, who become
active main character in the space and in a history that perfectly describes their likings and selections. This is
when Internet of beings, artificial intelligence and premium technology find their best expression, which
materialize corporate mission. The whole ecosystem of Haier appliances and connected solutions form the
concept of an interactive and engaging game of mirrors, lights, and sounds, a smart system that perceives the
presence of the person, follows their movements and is shaped around them to provide a tailor-made experience. The holographic and olfactory synaesthesia of Touch&Feel installation engages visitorsin a unique
pathway and provides them with the chance of playing as actors in several home scenarios and in the
fascinating world of the smart home, while being guided by the hOn app. This is also the case with the area
dedicated to the digital ecosystem for wine lovers, developed in synergy with different major partners of the
wine world, Vivino, Tannico, Coravin, Compravini, Sommelier Winebox and Cantine.Wine. The hOn app offers
the chance to all enthusiasts to manage their collection of wines through their smartphones, just by scanning
the bottle label. Visitors can enjoy the experience, create their own virtual wine cellar and discover the first
ecosystem dedicated to their passion. In the exhibition area, technological innovation, quality and refined
design along with customized solutions represent Haier’s soul. Among the main products, CUBE 90 Series, the
fridge that can manage the whole house ecosystem connecting to any Haier appliance in the house: from the
wine cooler Wine Bank 60 Series 7 to I-PRO Series 7 plus washing machine and Superdrum Series 9 washer
dryer, from WASHLENS Series 7 dishwasher to Chef@home Series 6 oven.
Candy: Simplify your Day
This interactive wall developed over three home scenarios, namely Cooking, Washing or Cooling, brings the
visitor to a multisensory environment to discover Candy’s democratic connectivity, an integrated smart
solution system that simplifies your daily life. Through the interaction between the connected products on
display and the hOn app you will be surrounded by the daily routine and see that connectivity is fully accessible
and easy to use for everyone. Great attention was given also to design, with a dedicated space for iCase: the
big innovation to be premiered in a collection of four unique items made in cooperation with four major young
artists: Joey Guidone, Elisabetta Vedovato, No Curves and Scombinato (Antonio Colomboni). Related to iCase,
there will be a contest for the IED (the European Institute of Design) students: the best work will join the four
artists for a capsule collection to be put on display in September at the IFA 2022 in Berlin. To confirm the
brand’s zero distance to consumer approach, the product will be in the spotlight for an interactive installation
that allows visitors to become creative designers and directly decorate their own fridges. Major innovations
stand out, including the new RapidÓ Pro washer and dryer, the new range of RapidÓ dishwashers and Fresco
fridges, the DiVino wine bottle cooler, and the new connected ovens and hobs, among the others.
Hoover: Quality for Life
The whole offers a full immersion in the performances and connectivity of Hoover products through
augmented reality, which highlight the connection of brand with design and technology, which to Hoover
means “Quality for life”: a home experience that puts performance at the service of wellbeing and turns
appliances into a reliable ally that enhances the quality of life. Among the main products, the new wireless H￾Free 900 vacuum cleaner, H-WASH 700 washing machine, the new range of H-DISH dishwashers, the new 5
collection (H-OVEN 500 Steam Plus, H-HOB 500, H-INDUCTION HOB, H-HOOD 500), and H-FRIDGE 700 fridge.
Participation in the Milan Design Week perfectly matches the corporate strategy aimed at strengthening its
leading role in the IoT and connectivity and Haier Europe’s vision of being the first choice of consumers in the
Smart Home context and among the top three appliance manufacturers in Europe.