Teka & Microsoft cloud to give life to its range of smart home appliances

Teka has recently launched its Teka home range of smart home appliances . The family is made up of different models of induction hobs, extractor hoods and smart ovens, which aim to make cooking easier, providing greater comfort, flexibility in control and saving time for its users.

Teka’s digital home proposal allows the control of its different models through voice, with the Alexa voice assistant, or through the mobile App for Android and iOS. With these two methods it is possible to turn it on, turn it off, control the cooking status, modify the temperature and cooking time, or even follow recipes step by step. In addition, the Teka Home range also enables intelligent scenarios to make life easier for the user, such as the automatic ignition and intensity adjustment of the extractor hood depending on the dish that is being cooked on the induction hob; or receiving notifications when it is necessary to clean the hood filters.

A secure cloud to connect the smart home

The group has opted for Microsoft Azure as a cloud for the safe and reliable interconnection of its Teka Home family, as well as its interaction with other platforms, such as the Alexa voice assistant or the Apps for Android and iOS available to users. .

The capabilities of the Microsoft Azure cloud, and its integration on Teka’s digital platform, have allowed the company to deploy a solid smart home ecosystem, with security and data protection measures so that users can innovate, share experiences and enjoy a connected home, but always keeping your privacy intact. In addition, Microsoft guarantees access to device technical support through the Azure SDK and also makes it possible to immediately add new features that are incorporated into Teka Home

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